Chapter 1

Her Dark Side

Lucy Heartfilia. 16. A second grader at Fairy Academy who captured of most of the boys' heart. Currently labeled as Miss Fairy Tail because of her beauty and sexiness. Heiress to the famous Heartfilia Konzern. As soon as she walked in the halls for the first time, she caught five boys literally drooling.

She was blessed with exceptional intelligence, getting 100 in almost all of her studies. She learned karate when she was little. Despite all that, she was very kind-hearted and caring towards her friends. Most of her friends went to her if they needed someone to talk to, and she'd comfort them and gave them a suitable advice. She was very polite and understanding when rejecting a confession. She never accepts one because she said she still want to focus on her studies first.

But unknown to all of them Lucy has a dark side like most people.

Lucy entered the Fairy Academy building, and like any other days causing all the boys and girls to stare at her when she walked to her locker. Honestly, she felt a little uncomfortable being like this.

"Morning Lu-chan!"

She looked to her right, to the source of the voice. She saw a girl with blue hair, tied up with a yellow polkadot bandanna. It was Levy McGarden, her best friend.

"Levy-chan! Good morning!"

"Lu-chan, the bookstore in the mall is opening a sale season. Wanna go?" she asked with sparkly eyes. They both liked books, so Lucy nodded with a big smile and they walked together to the class.

Lucy sat in her place. The homeroom teacher Mira-sensei had arranged the seats so that we'll get to know each other. Lucy sat in the second line from the back, occupying the seat in the furthest left chair. To her front, sat Cana Alberona, the class's party animal. To her back, sat Erza Scarlet, the beautiful but scary class president. And to her left was the infamous pink-haired delinquent Natsu Dragneel.

Natsu Dragneel was one of few guys who hadn't fell for Lucy. He always thought of her as "a weird, delicate, rich girl". She was too darn uncompatible with a rough guy like him. Although he admitted her body was quite nice, though.

Well, Lucy had to admit that Natsu was cheerful and easy going. But, he loved to involve himself in a fight, inside or outside the school. And there's one thing that bugged her this whole time. Why, even though he's a delinquent he still wore a scarf? What kind of delinquent will wear a freakin' scarf to school? Delinquents usually wear headbands, or studded choker and bracelets, or piercings, she thought.

Levy, who occupied Lisanna's seat earlier, went back to her seat after she saw Mira-sensei walked into the classroom.

"Morning, students!" she greeted her students cheerfully with a big grin. Everyone replied "Good morning, Mira-sensei!" with enthusiasm like Mira-sensei's.

The silver-haired teacher was about to speak when suddenly the door opened, revealing three boys. One of them was Natsu. The one with black hair and no shirt (yes, no shirt) is Gray Fullbuster. The other was also black-haired, but with a more bulky feature, Gajeel Redfox. He looked like a real delinquent with big build and piercings all over his face.

"Yo, Mira-sensei!" Natsu greeted her teacher merrily, oblivious that he was late.

"You're late again, Natsu. Gray, Gajeel." Mira-sensei put her hands on her hips. Yep. No one dared to talk back to the Demon Teacher Mirajane Strauss when she put her hands on her hips. They three had enough of 'that'. "You'll be cleaning the classroom as detention."

"O-okay..." the three trembled. When Mira-sensei put her hands down, they went back to their seats.

"I have an important announcement to make today!" she said excitedly with her hands tied to each other. "I have organized for us to have a camp in the Magnolia East Forest next month for three days!"

Everyone yelled happily that some had jumped out from their seats, like Natsu and Gray.

"I get to add a heck lotta tabasco into that stripper queen's food for three days..."

"Imagine that flamehead's face if I shoved some ice cubes into his ass..."

"Please be quiet, I'm not finished yet." She said with a smile. Everyone calmed down and sat on their seats. "I have a special announcement for all of you."

Everyone gulped.

"Principal Makarov has decided to host a couple obstacle race contest." She said. "And every class must send a pair of representative, one boy and one girl."

Gajeel and Levy looked at each other. Levy was about to raise her hand when Mira-sensei continued her explanation.

"But for it to be more fun, Principal Makarov has decided that this all has to be based from pure luck; meaning you'll take out a paper from one of these boxes—" she explained, pointing the one box with Boys written on it with her left finger and pointing the right finger to a box with Girls written on it, "—and whoever gets the red paper will be the representative."

Principal Makarov was one heck of a pervert and also, despite his old age, an ignorant prankster. He took pleasure in severely punishing his students. For example, he once forced some boys to wear a skirt for one week. But his worst punishment was when he ordered Natsu to eat a whole bucket of ice cream and Gray to eat a large super spicy ramen bowl. Both of them detested the food given to them respectively, and that's where the delinquency in Fairy Tail Academy decreased frantically.

The girls and boys lined up to take their papers. Lucy flipped open her paper, revealing the color red. She let out a small sigh from her lips. She walked over to Mira-sensei, showing her the red paper she had just drawn. Mira-sensei smiled and said, "Araaa, so it's you and Natsu then..."


"The representative for the boys is Natsu Dragneel."

Natsu walked over to her and swung his arm to Lucy's shoulder, to which the latter gasped out of shock. He grinned widely.

"Yo!" he greeted her.

"What are you doing?" she released herself from his arm.

"You're kinda scary, Luigi..."

"It's Lucy."


They're actually cute, Mirajane thought.

So that afternoon they had PE class, taught by Laxus-sensei, Principal Makarov's grandson. Today they got to play dodgeball. And of all things, why is it girls versus boys? Lucy thought as she changed into her sports uniform. Boys usually throw the balls quite hard, so it's quite painful if you get hit, she sighed.

She had just gotten out from the girls changing room when suddenly someone picked her up bridal-style and ran towards the field.

"H-hey! What do you think you're doing?" Lucy looked to her kidnapper's face, and it was Natsu.

"Duh. Practicing, of course."

"Practicing what?"

"God, you're a pain in the ass, Luce."

"You mean practicing for the race? And why the fuck are you calling me Luce—"

He suddenly stopped.

"Did I hear you saying why the fuck?"

Lucy slapped her own mouth. She jumped from Natsu's arms.

"Heeeh. You have a pretty dirty tongue there, Luce."

"You tell anybody and I'll rip ya to pieces, salmon bastard."

Natsu was shocked. The usual Lucy had warm smiles plastered over her face everyday. But now, her expression was like that of a devil's, reminding him of Mira-sensei. And her tongue was like a damn cleaver knife. So this is the kind and caring Lucy Heartfilia's dark side. A real devil inside, eh?

Natsu pinned her to the wall, his left arm above her head, pinning her two hands. His right arm was positioned in her waist. He somehow managed put a knee between her legs before she could kick his groins. Damn, this guy's strong! I can't get him off me!

"H-hey, get your hands off me! If you don't I'll scream!"

He put his right index finger on her lips, silencing her. He created a look in his face that could make girls swoon, lowered his right hand, and finally spoke.

"You want me to keep your pretty little secret, hm?" Natsu said with a flirtatious tone, while playing with her blonde locks. For a moment Lucy stopped struggling to get her hands off Natsu's.

"Y-yeah..." she nodded. Natsu stayed quiet for a while, and then looked at Lucy's eyes with a deep yet soothing stare.

"Fine. But I have conditions on my own."

Lucy gulped. "What is it?"

"Be my girlfriend."


Author's Notes

Hola, Fire is back with a side story!

I want to take a break from Matchmaker and Fortuneller for a while to look for ideas and instead of finding inspirations for GaLe I came up with this. Hope you like it:D