This is my second chapter of Loonatics Unleashed episode 27 Part 2

Rated: M

Pairings: Rip/Rev, Tech/Rev, Tech/Rip (Slash)

Tech and Rev are a couple again but what dangers awaits them ahead?

Rip was outside, kicking a ball against the tree, he did this for 20 seconds until be got bored and when the ball came back to him he caught it and put it in his pocket. "I should go check on Rev...see if he's ready" He said before turning and walked to the roof, climbed up trough the window.

"I hear something" Tech said. "Maybe-my-brother-...-stay-here...-I'll-cheak" Rev said before kissing Tech and got off of the bed then went to the window. He saw Rip trying to get in so he offered him a hand.

Rip saw the hand, took in and Rev pulled him in, he fell on him. Tech got out of his pose, got off of the bed and ran to the window. Rip got off of him and stood up. Tech helped Rev up and dusted him off plus asked if he was okay, he was.

He then whispered something in Tech's ear. When he finished, Tech giggled and agreed. He walked to Rip who didn't know why he was walked to him.

Tech took his hand in his then Rev walked over and took the other. They guided him to the bed. "I don't know what's going on but I like it so far" He said smiling ever-so graceful.

When they got him to the bed, they got in front of him and pushed his down. "What's this about?" He said while giggling. "Just relax Rip...your in for a big surprise" The coyote said smiling.

Rev turned to Tech. "Tech...get-the-legs, I'll-get-the-shirt" He ordered. Tech nodded then down to his knees, readying to undo his pants. Rev climbed on the bed and crawled over.

He got to Rip's forehead, put his hands on the bottom of his shirt and gently rolled it up revealing his black chest and throwing it across the room. Tech pulled down his pants leaving him in his underwear, he then licked up his leg.

Rip moaned and Rev crawled on top of him then stopped when he was face to face with his member, he put his mouth on it and started sucking. Rip looked at Rev and he licked his lips and started sucking too.

They both tasted so good. Tech wanted a piece of the action so he crawled passed Rip and went behind Rev then he sat up and went on top of his back. He slowly wrapped his brown furry arms around Rev's chest then he grabbed a hold of his own member and stuck it in his tailhold, he started to move.

While Rev was sucking Rip's member, he felt the feeling and Tech relaxed his head on his back plus feeling his chest which made him moan. Rip reached out his arms and wrapped then around Rev's blue chest, feeling Tech's soft brown fur which made him grunted at the feeling.

After 25 minutes they got off one by one then layed down on the bed, holding hands and looking up at the ceiling plus they were sweating and panting hard. Suddenly they all heard a knock on the door, it was Rev and Rip's mom.

" Harriet said. Rev tried to speak the best way he could. "No,...thats-okay-ma-I'm-okay" He called out.

"You-sure? She said hoping that he's hungry. Rev sighed. "Yeah"...I'm-sure" He said. "Alright-if-you-need-something-just-call-...We'll be back in 7 hours" She said. "I-will" The older brother said.

"Okay" She said before turning around and walked down the hall then downstairs along with her husband. After he heard his mom and dad open the garage and closed it when they drove out, he sighed.

"We're finally alone" He said sighing in relief. "Yeah" He said smiling again. "So what you wanna do?" Rip said. "Well-...we could go downstairs and watch T.V" Rev suggested. "That's perfect...we don't wanna mess up the house" He said smirking. "Great, but we should get dressed first" Rip said looking at their naked bodies including his own.

Tech and Rev nodded then went to their closet and Rev found a black shirt and gray pants, Tech found a orange shirt and dark blue pants, they pulled them out and put then on.

As for Rip, he got a yellow shirt and light blue pants to wear. 45 seconds passed and they were all dressed up, they took each another's hand and walked down the hall then downstairs.

Once they were in the living room, they walked all to the couch and plumed down on it. Rip reached for the remote, grabbed and pointed it towards the T.V. He clicked the button in the middle and he surfed though every channel, everything was not to their liking at all.

Rip turned it off. Tech sighed and put his arms around Rip and Rev. "Nothing on anything else?" The coyote said bored as hell. Rip thought of an idea. "We could make-out" He suggested.

Tech blushed and smiled, Rev did the same. "You read my mind" He said getting ready. He then turned, put one leg over him, Rev did the same and pretty soon he was in his lap.

Rip began to slowly take off his pants, then Tech was slipping his hand under his shirt to feel his back. Rip moaned "Tech. He did the same to him, he then tongued-kissed Tech.

He then pushed forward which allow his tongue to go in his mouth. While Tech and Rip was busy, Rev got up tiptoed upstairs. He grabbed his I pod that was on the nightstand and went back downstairs.. He then found a boom box that was sitting in front on the T.V, he then put his IPod in the slot. He went to main menu then music and songs.

He choice the three song he could think of; Lay it on me, Keep It between us By Kelly Rowland and Could You Believe By ATB plus he put them on repeat then he pressed play, The first on was ATB.

It started to play and Rev began to take him shirt off leaving his underwear on.

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