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A pov

"Hey, guys!?" I yelled breathless from running to the house, I only found Jas with Wyatt, Rose and Emmett sitting on the couch.

But the parents or Renee and Phil weren't there.

"Yes Alice what's wrong babe?" Jas ask walking to me as Wyatt slept in his arms. He was just a month and a half old, so small litte thing.

"Where is the parent's I ask?" Rose and Em looked worried at me "They all decided to go out for dinner and we wanted to stay and hang out" Em explain

"Why? what's wrong? what's with this pink box?" Rose, always the most alerted one ask.

I sigh, it bother me worrying them with this, but I had to tell them.

"I found it on the door step of the cottage, at first I thought it was forgotten by B and Ed, but it had a note attached to it" I whisper the last sentence.

"Let me see that" Rose took the box and read the note outloud, and they all gasp at what it said.

"Who would write this? is horrible, who wants to hurt our friends?" Emmett hiss madly.

"I don't know, but apparantly they don't know that Ed and B have left, do you think we should tell them?" I ask worried fidgeting with my hands.

"No, we have to open the box first and see what is in there" Jasper said, I took Wyatt from him and watched as he and Rose open the box.

Em whistle as he peeked in, I steped up and gasp as I saw pictures.

And not any pictures, but recent one. . .

"The wedding?" Rose whisper as she holded a picture of Esme, Renee and me heading to the forest following Bella.

There was one of Edward and Bella kissing for the first time as husband and wife.

"The honeymoon?" I whisper, but there was only pictures of them boarding the plane in Seattle, not from Italy.

"When they came back?" Jas looked at the next pictures of them arriving, of all of us at dinner, and me coming out of the hospital with the whole gang.

Bella going inside the hospital with the bag of food, and a last one of Bella and Edward with all of us outside of this house.

I felt a shiver run down my spine. . .as the door bell rang. . .

B pov

"Where here love" I groan and shifted uncomfortable in the car seat.

"Come on love, let's go in" Edward nudge my arm, I open my eyes to see the sun setting behind the clouds.

I smile at Edward as he help me out of the car, he was always the gentlemen but specially now that I was pregnat he would help more.

I was just a month and three weeks along, and my hormones were starting to kick in but not like Alice's which I was glad for.

"I'm so tired, all I wanna do is sleep" Edward yawn, I giggle as he pouted "okay hon, we can sleep and tomorrow will start putting the stuff inside the house" I explain.

He grin and nodded, as he carried me to our house, yes as soon as Edward had found I was pregnat he decided to buy a house instead of an apartment.

I didn't find out until yesterday, we had been driving for Six days from Forks to New Yorks. [A/N: Idk how long it will take so bear with me plz]

We went inside of our medium two story house and headed to the room Esme had told us was ours. They had done the favor of coming in and decorating the house before we arrived.

Meaning we had bed, sofa and other furniture except our belongings.

As Edward and me laid on the bed and wrapped me in his arms, I felt him put a hand on my small nudger "This is the beegining of a new life" he kissed my temple and soon he was asleep.

He was right, this was the beggining of a new life. . .

I smiled closing my eyes and fading into uncosiousness. . .

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