Something happens... Something goes very wrong... Master is missing... Everyone is here... Half of the members are gone... Cheers are heard yet no one is here other than us. Trapped in four walls, no windows, no doors... Just a giant Lacrima floating above our heads, marking each "PLAYER" or member "ELIMINATED" or "ADVANCED".

Each tick, each beat, each breath... the bell rings, bouncing on each wall we hear an ugly voice echo throughout the tight closed-in room, "Round 1 is over! Let us now began Round 2!"

tick, tick, tick.. My name is Lucy Heartfilia. We just entered his game.

Hi Guys! Before I start writing this story I need a lot of OC's! Like a darn loads of OC's! At least 40-50 OC. Please don't feel scared or anything (I promise I won't bite!) but feel free to write in your ideal OC and its magic too! You'll understand why I need lots of OC's for this story. :)

Oh! This story starts after the Grand Magic Games. For any questions, please feel free to message me. ^^