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Game 19: Revenge.


{Porcelain Heart by City of the Fallen}

Two siblings were walking and jumping different obstacles until the eldest of them sensed the ground shaking and how the wind changed into dead cold. That's when he heard it. His fear of losing his sister, he jumped and grabbed her, who looked up at him in alarm and confusion; when he took a good grab for her, both of them dived down towards the opposite direction they came from to avoid a nasty yet heavy magical wave of energy that kept travelling down the forest.

Kurami kept questioning and asking her brother, Jason, about the wave. But she couldn't hear her own voice because of the wave passing by in front of her. Jason, however studied the magic and came into conclusion this is a fight towards the strongest.

In other words, S-class mages.

Seeing the direction it came from, he decided to make a mental note to not pass by back there. For two minutes the magic finally left their area, only to keep travelling down; tearing down any obstacles that was in front or its sides and leaving the ground burnt with a slight crater-like travel. The heat still radiating from it that made Jason and Kurami feel like they're leaning over the edge of a volcano. If that feels or sounds exaggerating, then try explain the sweat that formed in their skins as the drops never made it to the floor for it vaporized because of the heat.

"That's..." Jason has gone partly deaf because of the magical energy; after all, they were sitting right in front of it.

Kurami was also in the same state and both knew they were in no condition to fight. Having no choice, they decided to climb up in one of the trees and get some rest while Jason took the first watch. His mind turning and working and planning on how to avoid or, silently praying for it not to happen, having to end up fighting one of the S-class mages. He cursed silently, knowing he's no where in that level, but for his sister, he'll do anything.

Of course, those two weren't the only ones that experienced something fearsome yet breath-taking in front of them. However, not all of them were able to take a glimpse or awe the beauty of the caster. Some, were dissolved by the force itself by mages that were simply passing by or just didn't have any time to dodge the magical attack.

A young woman with a yellow bracelet walked around the forest with regret and sadness and a hint of vengeance. She is the famous heavy drinker of Fairy Tail, Cana Alberona. Said woman was holding onto an arm with a black bracelet, the meat perfectly sliced yet burned from the meat to the bone into a crisp of black. In her mind, a single scene continued to play over and over as the tears slowly fell from her eyes. Her posture could rival a zombie as she wanders around the forest, lost in her thoughts or memories as her body mindlessly carried her to nowhere. Unknown to her, two PLAYERS are currently following her.


{Wind Queen by Two Steps From Hell}

A single memory plays over and over. A single memory that leaves my body shaking in anger. A single memory that makes me feel weak and helpless. Much weak and helpless than the day I discovered my father and who he was... That time I was too scared to do anything. But now... Why didn't... Why didn't I see this coming? Was it because I was only focused on the PLAYERS itself and not the magic? Or did I forget that everyone here is an enemy and you can't trust no one at the moment? Or the magic itself that can be considered an S-class that can wipe or destroy an army?

Taking a slow glance at the arm that was currently in my hand; my grip tightening as the memory felt like a slap to the face; breaking my heart. Oh Evergreen...

Evergreen continued to check every single tree ever since we found camera's hidden in some branches and on the trees itself. I found it extremely ridiculous. But hey, a clue is better than worrying about PLAYERS trying to kill you, right?

A few leaves fell on me that made me stiffen and look up as my hand instinctively reached inside my purse to pull out my cards in case of a surprise attack, only to find nothing. I continued looking above me as I scanned carefully, seeing if our opponent can somehow turn itself invisible. A few leaves fell again, only this time from other trees in different directions. My eyes continued to scan carefully as the leaves continued to fall endlessly and the ground began to slightly hum softly.

Something bad is coming.

{Last Battle- Final Fantasy V: The Decisive Battle by Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Dungeon (Track 28)}

It wasn't my cards that told me. The air shook and died out as the humming turned to slight violent shakes and the leaves began to accumulate more on the floor; flooding the ground with leaves as if it was the season of Fall instead of Summer.

"Ever, let's call it quits?" I told her as I pulled out some cards, seeing that she paused in whatever she was doing as she began to look around with her eyes. The leaves that were in the floor began to shake as more leaves continued to fall; leaving the trees almost stripped from their branches. Taking a quick glimpse on my cards and seeing there was no PLAYERS near us... So... Why is everything shaking? "Ever?" I called again who looked up at me with an annoyed look until finally, she sighed and began to walk towards me slowly. Taking her time.

The ground began to shake violently until I saw what was making everything into utter chaos. Something was travelling towards here... Fast too. I looked over at Evergreen who looked in shock at what was coming towards her. Whatever it was, it was awfully large and wide; wide enough to fit three trucks and large enough as the small Fairy Tail building.

"Evergreen, run!" She obeyed as she ran as fast as her legs could carry her towards me. I saw her coming closer, less than a mile. Why did she want to scout so far away when she could've scouted near me?

Then realization began to dawn on me as I saw the condense amount of magical energy travelling much closer to us now.

She won't make it.

A sheer of panic ran through my veins as my heart pounded against my chest in fear. She was close, 12 feet away from me. Her hand outstretched towards me as I took a grab on her arm as I tried to pull her close... But then everything went into slow motion. The wave of heavy magical energy was only a feet away from Evergreen. Her eyes wide as the tears fell in terror and disbelief.

Everything... Was playing in slow motion...

Each step she took, it inched closer...

Each time it inched closer... I felt helpless.

All I could do was stare.

I can hear her screaming out to me, but my body was paralyzed and rooted to the ground as I was seeing the events fold in front of me.

I finally snapped out when the blast hit her. The arm in my hand, the magical force passing by and down into the forest... I was only an inch apart from the blast. Feeling the heat burning me alive as the air itself died, but I still couldn't move because of my shock.

For two minutes did it fade... And for two minutes I stared at the ground, only to find nothing but the ground burnt to tar.

Her arm is evidence of my failure in protecting her. My grip tightening as the memory continued to play in my head.

It was the first time I truly felt broken and helpless. All I could do was walk away from the scene, carry the arm that my mind won't let go of, let my legs carry me anywhere were I can drown myself in sorrow.

{Destruction by Foreground Eclipse}

No. Sorrow isn't the correct term. I felt anger and deep regret for not being able to do anything.

I don't want to drown myself anymore. What I want... What I want is to kill that son a bitch who killed Evergreen! I want him or her to feel the same pain that Ever felt. I want them to put the same terror and beg for their life down at my feet; almost in worship posture to feel what it feels like to carry a heavy burden and emotional ripping from the core of your very soul.

Heh... Look at me. Talking like a villain.

But what can I do? Become a victim to the game or be part of it and play its rules?



{Orochimaru's Attack Theme by Naruto OST}

My head jerked towards the location to the sound to see a man who stood paralyzed then smiled as his partner appeared from behind him. My eyes narrowed as I realized I was being followed all this time. Followed... My hand gripping tighter the arm as my knuckles turned white and slightly glared at them as I felt my body shake; anger trying to pour out of my system, but I kept it back.

Wait... Why am I holding it back? I took a good look at the two men. Both seemed to be in their mid-thirties and seem pretty confident in their abilities. I have no need to look at their faces. Why look when they'll disappear pretty soon. I can feel the anger adding adrenaline in my veins and pumping my magic as the rain fell on me. Wetting my hair and tapping my skin with its cold embrace.

A ghost of a smile spread in my lips as the men took their stance. But I didn't want to play.

I was not in the mood to play.

Throwing them five cards as the cards slowly form a pentagon, trapping them inside. They banged the walls as I felt the dark desire in what I wanted to do. My blood and magic danced inside me in anticipation as my heart sang in the thrill of my mind wanting to do. The ice cold water poured onto me in anger; matching my rhythm of heat that I feel inside me. Licking my lips and throwing a single card that landed above them; floating in mid-air as they attacked the barriers with their magic. But none working.

A complete smile and a giggle escaped from my lips that sent a shiver down my spine, but loving the feeling instead of rejecting it. "Jolt of Fate!" I literally yelled out in a sweet song as my throat hummed in happiness. Almost dancing to the sparks of electricity engulfing my vision and feeling so alive as their screams sent a shiver of delight inside my system; anxiety striking my nervs and feeling the moment for just a second before my being shut down into complete oblivion.

{Friendship to Last by Thomas Bergersen}

What have I done?

The joyful feeling vanished as I slumped to the ground. Did I not hear the speaker went off while I was lost in my world? My mind came into a halt as I took a glimpse on my bracelet. Surprisingly, the sight didn't disgust me. I was actually relived and happy that I will be one step closer into finding the murder. The beautiful glow that will make many PLAYERS stop following me... And it will give me enough time to find the goal.

"Together... We'll destroy that bastard together, Ever." I whispered to the sky as I hugged Ever's arm to my chest tightly. My blue bracelet overlapping with Ever's black glow... "We will kill him together..." Anger again welled inside me as I glared at no one in particular and the smile of revenge lingered deep inside my soul.

"That's a promise."


{Memories of a Bygone day- Final Fantasy V: My Home, Sweet Home by Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Dungeon (Track 12)}

I felt much better after apologizing to Natsu and the others. It was just a bad nightmare after all and I just couldn't help myself, but take it seriously. Silly me! We were currently sitting in a circle; Natsu, Happy, Gray, Sting, Levy, Erza, and me. Not knowing what to do, I couldn't help, but occasionally glance at the place were we woke up. I wonder if he's alright back there...

"Why do you keep looking back there?" I looked over at Sting as he waited patiently for my response. This grabbed the rest of my friends attention as they also waited, their eyes demanding answers.

"I'm just wondering if Night is okay back there." I smiled half-heartedly at them.

"Night? Who's Night?" Gray asked, curiosity evident in his voice.

"Please do tell us about this person, Lucy." Erza asked in her high authority voice that made me slightly giggle at her for no apparent reason.

"He's the guy who made me get back into reason."

"Then I guess we owe him a thank you." Levy said as Erza nodded and both started to get up.

I nodded at them. "Thanks to him, I calmed down and promised me to be his partner."

"Partner? But we're your partners." Happy hummed as Natsu agreed.

"Yeah, but... I thought it'll be nice to get a partner who knows what's going on." I smiled at them, seeing none of my friends were buying it. I sighed, "I offered it to him without even thinking... And I guess in some way, I also cheered him up. Sorry guys." I told Natsu and Happy in which both shrugged sheepishly. "Maybe they'll offer a three man crew team?"

"Hey! What about me?" Happy exclaimed as we all laughed.

"Looks like you don't count." Sting patted his head as Happy pouted.

Natsu got up and stretched then gave his signature grin, "Let's go meet him and see if he wants to join us."

Smiling, I nodded at him. "Sure."

"Wait for me, I also want to go." Gray said as he began to get up.

"I'll stay here." Sting said as Levy frowned at him while Erza was dealing with Gray and Natsu that started another fight after Natsu's little insult.

"How come?" I asked him as he shrugged.

"I want to stretch my legs. I'll meet him later." He waved us off as Levy kicked his leg. "Lazy!" She huffed and walked away, grabbing my hand in the process and dragging me away from Sting.

Once we were far enough and seeing Erza walking behind Gray and Natsu as they began to follow us a couple of feet away from us, I turned to look at Levy. "What was all that about?"

"He needs to be motivated! He's been very lazy and laid back ever since we woke up from this place!" She huffed again as her voice began to bounce on the cement walls. The light beginning to envelope with darkness as the hollow ceiling began to shade us from the suns warmth.

"But what I don't get is why are you so mad? Did something happened?"

She paused then sighed. "I guess Gajeel's habit is starting rub off on me."

"Ahh..." I began to feel a sly smile spreading on my lips as I stared at her mischievously.

"What?" She asked, somehow getting the vibe as she took a few steps away from me.

"You miss him! Because of that, you're doing the things he will do if he was here." Levy gasped in shock at me as the realization began to dawn on her. "Aww... That's so cute, Levy~" I cooed at her as she began to spill gibberish with a flustered face.

"What's cute?" Levy jumped almost four feet in the air as I yelled in surprise to find Gray standing right behind us.

"NOTHING!" We both screamed nervously.

Gray stared at us as his eyes scanned each of us, finding at least something. "Hm. Doesn't look like nothing, but I won't force you guys."

Both of us breathed a sigh of relief then I began to scan my surroundings. Everything was the same: the walls all made in cement and a lacrima hanging just above us; glowing like there's no tomorrow.

Just when I was about to say 'where's Night?', a loud crack that sounded quite painful and a low grunt that with a hint of anger was heard from a masculine voice.

There was Night, pounding his bleeding fist in the cement wall as he kicked and thrashed angrily. "Fuck this game! I won't fall for your stupid rules!" His violet hair messy and sweaty as his pale face looked quite unhealthy. His cat like hazel eyes narrowing down into a painful glare at the lacrima, then became startled when he saw us staring at him.

"Are you okay?" Gray asked slowly, not sure if he was sane.

Night continued to look at us as he grunted. Then he pointed at the lacrima, "Someone else fucking Advanced."

My gaze continued to hold onto him as he began to pace around the room, biting his lower lip; deep in thought.

"Whoot! I knew Cana would make it!" Natsu cheered as Happy gave out his famous: "Aye, Sir!"

"But why is Evergreen 'Eliminated'?" Gray questioned to himself.

"Based on your reaction, is there something you're not telling us?" Erza observed as Night stopped his pacing and stared at her. He was about to open his mouth till Butterfly came in with Jinx, her partner, wrapped in bandages from head to toe; almost resembling a mummy.

"Advancing is defeating five opponents. Seems that girl defeated her own partner to advance." Butterfly calmly explained the situation as Night rose an eyebrow. At that moment, I knew something was going on and both of them are hiding something from all of us.

"What? Cana would never do that!" Natsu exclaimed as he crossed his arms.

"Aye!" Happy raised a paw with his eyes closed.

"It is the second day. There's a time to advance and reach the goal within five days." Butterfly stated as Levy and Erza frowned at her. "It is normal if 'players' start to get desperate." She air quoted around the word players.

"What happens when time runs out?" I asked her as Gray shut his mouth; I guess he was going to ask the same question.

"Everyone will be classified eliminated and won't advance to the next round." Night explained to me as he sighed and rubbed the back of his neck, pinching the bridge of his nose slightly.

"That sounds easy." Natsu cracked his knuckles as if he was getting ready for a fight. Gray doing the same as he began to strip... Again.

"Nomph reewelly." We all looked at Jinx who looked annoyed with the bandages wrapped on her mouth and forehead, leaving her eyes free.

"She said, 'Not really.'" Butterfly slightly sighed, closing her eyes briefly before looking back at us.

"It's just fight your own like the Grand Magic Games, right?" Levy asked her, Jinx, and Night; looking between them.

"Don't tell me it's like the tag battle?" Gray asked slightly annoyed as he recalled the memory.

"Something like that." Butterfly sighed.

"Are you all separated and have to find each other?" I asked this time, remembering the S-class trials in Tenrou Island.

"Let's just say that seven groups are led into tunnels in different directions every thirty minutes. In those minutes you have time to spread out before the next group arrives." Night explained.


"Tunnels? Is this a large battle ground?" I was about to ask another question till Erza interrupted me as she stared intensely at Night.

"Ers a warje forrbwst." We all looked, once again, at Jinx who began to stomp on the floor angrily as she kept saying bunch of gibberish.

"I think she said it's a large forest. Am I correct?" I asked Butterfly who nodded.

"How large is it?" Gray asked Butterfly.

"Large enough to believe it's a complete continent."

That much space? But why? Normally a battle field should be enough to as the Grand Magic Games stadium, but a complete forest? Free to run around and a time limit to fight and find the goal? Something isn't right here. "It doesn't makes sense."

"What doesn't?" I jumped when Butterfly asked, her eyes curious and searching for any hints. Hints of what?

I looked at Jinx, Butterfly, and Night carefully. They're hiding something. But what? Could it be a cover up of what they said and hiding the true reason that's going on behind the scenes? "Why such a large land should be made for a simple fight? It's sounds too fishy to me."

Butterfly shifted her weight as Erza looked at the three of them carefully.

"Who cares! The more space the better!" Natsu happily said.

"It really doesn't make sense if they leave so much land just for a fight." Gray stated.

"And for the fact of having a deadline, doesn't sound so friendly." Levy pointed as Natsu scratched the back of his head, clearly confused.

"Some things are better left alone."

We turned to look at the retreating Butterfly as Jinx looked at her hands then fisted them as determination was set on her features and followed Butterfly.

They're not going to tell us...

I looked at Night who was looking at the floor in sadness and guilt.

"You'll tell us, right?" I nearly begged as he look up at me with a blank yet distant stare. Then he sighed and began to walk past me.

Erza and everyone were about to exclaim to him what's really going on (excluding Natsu who was still confused about everything), until Night spoke, silencing everyone. "We're not lying over the round... But... It's best you don't know about what's going on." He glanced back to look at me with determination and a strong resolve in his eyes. "I swear, if there's another round, I will protect you." Then he looked back in front. "Keep yourselves sane inside this game. It will make you get desperate."

Erza, Levy, and Natsu not understanding what's going on, both followed him out.

While Gray and I stood here in the same spot. I didn't need to turn around to feel Gray staring at me as I continued to look at the place were Night once was.

Something bad is going on and it seems Fairy Tail is being ignorant at the Game's true persona. Sylvia said someone died here, these guys came here very beaten badly as if they were fighting for their lives, and bracelets? Why are they carrying bracelets? Why aren't they telling us anything!

Mavis... Please don't tell me this very heavy gut feeling I'm feeling is this ugly truth about the Game's true face.

This shall conclude the end of this chapter. Also, since I'm still getting OC's, I will state this now:


Thanks for hearing me out!^^ Anyways, if you didn't understand or just doesn't explain much for Jellal's situation. Ahem. Remember he let out a heavy condensed magic that the dead bunny girl dodged and that magic continued to go on forever inside the forest? Will, his magic massacred a couple of PLAYERS instead of five.

So, Cana wants revenge? If you think about peoples physiological when facing a heavy situation, Cana is obviously breaking down and is struggling if she should or not follow the Game's rules. She wants to keep her humanity, but knows she's breaking and can't or won't leave her thirst for revenge which leaves her in a state were she is confused of her emotions and mentally. In case ya'll didn't get that.

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