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"What?" My voice stuttered out as I stared at the new face in awe. Caramel curls wrapped around his forehead, curving over an angled jaw that could cut glass. His almond eyes stared into mine, green with mischief. Soon her rolled his eyes and stood straight, crossing his arms.

"Yes yes, it is me," he said boredly. "I do grow tired of your dumbness, which I know isn't real." I stared in confusion, his pitiful words escaping through my ear, the new, smooth voice sending a chill down my spine. I slowly backed away, trying to stand up. He sighed slightly and pulled me up by my hand, returning me close to his body. "Now… if I am correct, I asked you a question and I intend it to be answered." He said viciously. I gulped softly as his tongue delicately rolled along my jaw. "Why did you leave?" he asked almost solemnly, before his hand grabbed my hair and forced me to look at him. "I could've given you everything…" his eyes were tired. "I would have done anything to make you happy."

"You're a fucking creep." He softly shook his head, clicking his tongue.

"Language, dear. Wouldn't want to come off as rude now would you." He said, pushing me back to the wall, pinning me there. His presence startled me, but when I would attempt to look away, his hand would go to my jaw and turn it toward him. "I understand what you may think, but really I control the time here, I can do whatever I want with the...development of your body." His hand slithered down my side, causing me to squirm, but I couldn't escape.

"Leave her alone!" Garry shouts across the room, slowly and steadily standing up.

"You are of no more use to me pest." He waved his hand, and the blood puddles formed spears that pierced through Garry's hand, wrapping around and pulling him to the ground. He let out an agonizing screech that made me wince, tears stinging my eyes. I had mixed emotions, unsure of what to take. Anger at Garry who led me to this monster, fear of Guertena, who may very well be the death of me, longing of home, where I can lay in bed and blast Fall Out Boy without the fear of men, and the company of my painting. And, strangely enough, the joy of being reunited with my friend, and being able to finally apologize for leaving him to die.

"Guertena stop!" I shouted, pushing him away. He looks at me with surprise, before softly chuckling.

"My my, she isn't as defenseless as I first pegged." He snickered once more. "What do you plan to do, my dear? You can't save him. Perhaps I should shed some light on the situation, hm?"

"No… please… Ib, I'm sorry…" My heart ached and I didn't even know what was going on, but my voice was silent, and I wanted to hear.

"I planned your return to this world, to me. The nightmare's, the paintings, the headaches… all my doing. I was able to use Garry here to contact you between this glorious Fabricated World and your world. This is the psychology that convinced you to return to the gallery, and finally come to me. I'll be perfectly honest with you, Garry here is a fantastic actor" My brow narrowed as I looked passed Guertena to Garry, whose head was hung low. "Yes yes, you did meet him, not me, when you first came here. And again in the torture chamber. Quite the illusionist, isn't he? My plan was for you to grow a hatred for me, that way, when I told you that you can't leave again, my revenge would be sweeter."

"Revenge?" I asked, his words sticking to me viciously

"Yes, we'll get to that in a minute, please, don't interrupt me. Now where was I- Ah yes. As I was saying, I had made a deal with your precious Garry, that if he led you to me then to the exit, I would allow him his freedom. However, the idea of the one he loves killing him sounds much more fun, doesn't it?" I couldn't speak, and the metallic feeling of a long sword rested in my hand, and the urge to move ran across my legs. I began to walk towards Garry, unable to control my movements. No, Garry! Get away! Tears ran down my cheeks as I held up the blade over my head. His eyes peered up at me, his eyes painted with an apology. If I kill him, I won't be able to hear the thousands of stories he hides away, I won't be able to try macarons for the first time with him. I won't be able to tell him how much I really love him. I gritted my teeth and my eyes shut.

"I...can't…" I whispered. Soon Guertena was behind me, his hands caressing my arms as he kissed my neck.

"You can… and you will… when it's over you will be mine… and I will be yours," the words almost returned me to the unknown trance, my hands shaking around the blade. An eternity beside Guertena, a life without Garry. I'd be eternally sent to my personal Hell.

No. I can't let that happen. Garry promised me, long ago, that we would find a way out together, and we would try macarons. I can't do that without him beside me. I need him to know that I need him beside me. We need to get out. I need to kill Guertena… he's right behind me, all I need to do is…

"I can't!" my voice echoed throughout the chamber as I slammed the blade through my stomach and into the man behind me. The pain was heavy and sharp, but I didn't make anymore noise then a gap. The man's voice hitched as he stepped back, the sword leaving the both of us. My hand covered the wound as I watched his eyes empty, and his body fade into red dust. I watched him disappear, and the battle was over.

I can finally tell Garry I love him.

I hear faint words shout my name, as if someone was calling me from down a hall. The voice was desperate, and the floor became closer than before.

My stomach feels wet, and the room is darker than before.

Garry… I persistently tried to say, but no words came out. I love you.

With my final breath, the world went black.

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