Seeking home

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Chapter 1 ?

? pov

I wake up rubbing my head. All I can remember is hanging around my friends and having a fun time, drinking punch, and eating snacks. Next I don't know I must of passed out. I rub my eyes and realize there something on them. I open my eyes and see blood all over my head. My eyes widen as I look up and see so many dead bodies around me. I throw up on myself and the blood pool I was sitting in.

The doors, or I think the doors, blasts open and different colored people rush in the room pushing me to the ground yelling, pointing, and mrmering. I felt the them hit me. Repeaditly. Over and over and over… I couldn't take it. I lost myself. I heard screams… the blood… o yes the blood was so interesting… spewing… slushing… slinking out there body adding to the dead pile… so much blood… I couldn't believe it… so much yelling so much hurt… I just wanted it to stop… please let it stop…


? pov

"Did you hear they're bringing in a new one today?"

"Foreal? God I wonder what they'll call this one."

"Who knows but if it's anything like the latest ones you can bet we going to have a hell of a time getting out of here faster."

I walked past the group of dead men half listening to what they were saying. All I care about is getting some damn candy, surviving, and getting my dog. I lean against the wall outside of the newly installed cafeteria and watched as the boy around fifteen with black hair streaked with different shades of gray be pushed by.

"Fresh meat…" I murmur to myself.

I turn and walk down the hallway to my room which is just a little bit down from the cafeteria. Apparently after the huge full out brawling couple of mouths back the head honcho managed to regain control over the lot of us and pin us against one another again. They still try to escape that's for sure but they need to realize that trying won't do anything. The door opens to my room and I see the hammock cobbled with webs and posters of dogs around the room with words like don't be the runt of the pack, hang in there, and always keep up.

"Hey isn't that spider…" I hear someone whisper behind me.

Yea that's right the name I go by in this place is spider. They ran out of bird names so they've gone to the other animals and insect and based each name off their power or branch of sin as people call it. I ignore them and walk into my room enjoy the dim lighting as it helps my eyes. Tomorrow I had a match against a man named song bird. Something about his power is used though talking. I don't really care. I've lost around five matches and won seven. I've been in here for about five months. I've lost my upper lip, my right ear, and three teeth. I still remember the first day I lost the immense pain I felt of having my right ear cut off.

"Hmph… No need to worry about it now…"

I turn on the T.V. just across the hammock to see who's fighting tonight.

Humming bird versus black bird

I frown at the name black bird. The damn lousy cheat is the reason I lost my right ear. His power is to send flying needle at u like feathers. I lean against the wall and watch the fight to entertain myself. It doesn't last long and Humming bird is decided the winner.

"Serves him right…" I mumble to myself.

I yawn and close my eyes knowing I'm going to need to train in the morning. I turn off the T.V and slowly fall asleep.


I stare at the ceiling of the unknown building. I don't know where I am and I barely have memory of what happened. All I really know is that my so called friends must of set me up… or did I really kill those people. I remember the blood lust… was that really me? Am I a monster? I pull my shaking right hand in front of my face slowly and just stare at it. Did I really kill those guys? I sit up slowly placing my right hand on the side of the bed. I look around the bleak room.

I notice the doors and stare at them a while. Someone walks in wearing a white coat over a tight white shirt and a white skirt. Must be the nurse... am I in a hospital? If I am this is one of the bleakest hospitals I have ever been in. She walks over to me and smiles at me before squatting in front of me.

"Hi there can I have your name?"

"Teyokiyoma." (Tea-yoke-e-yo-ma) I say shaking a little.

She continues to smile that sweet smile but I guess all sweet things can turn out to be bad. Than a man wearing a black tight shirt and black jeans walk in. I don't really notice much of anything of the two but I figured that the man was her assistance and that I have nothing to worry about. The man pulls out a long tube with a long needle attached to it in his right hand. In the left seemed to be a collar of some sort.

"What are they for?" I ask eyes the objects.

"Don't worry It'll all be over soon. Your first match is in three days."

I look at her shocked and ask, "What do u mean by first match? What are you talking about? Where the fuck am I?" I feel something snap around my throat and feel the man inject the needle into my spine.

"Ah!" I yell but the woman holds me tight in my place.

She says with that same smile, "Don't forget to have your candy every three days or you will die you got that?"

I stared at her tears running down my eyes. Where the hell am I? Is this hell? What did I do to deserve this? I started feeling so groggy and sleepy all of a sudden. What the hell that man injects into me. All I really know now is that I really want to sleep…

Well guys I really hoped you enjoy my fanfic for this I see many chapter of this in the future flames are welcome truly they are and if you have an idea for a branch of sin they are quite welcome and make sure there not too over powered because if they are I might have to dim them down some or a lot just depends anyway see you next time!

Chpater 2 First day