A light bloomed inside though its nature could not have been darker.

Everything had died. Their hopes, the rebellion, the followers they had gathered… All in vain!
The death of Major Swift was the death of the Revolution. Logan's men had broken through the Resistance's head-quarters, slashing their way in until Page and her men had no choice but to surrender.
Page, Ben Finn, Walter Beck. Locked down in the darkest, gloomiest cell in the royal prisons, they knew all too well what fateful doom awaited them. They would pay for the horrendous crime of treason with their life. The only thing that was left uncertain was the fate of the one who had united them.
"It's because of you we're here!" Page groaned, leaning against the dark, wet wall of the dungeon. "The resistance had never caught eye of your brother before you showed up! A few more months and we would have been ready."
"Leave her alone" Ben sighed, stepping in between the two women. "You almost sound like she was the one who gave us away!"
"Why not!" Page snapped in return. "The events keep proving me we cannot trust royalty!"
"To put the blame on each other is not what will help us get away from here!", Walter's deep voice cut. "We'd better use our remaining strengths to achieve more useful tasks!"
"To find a way out, for instance." Ben told.
"I highly doubt Logan will leave us the time to break out." Page noticed, taking seat on one of the straw mattress.
The Captain ignored her and turned to the one who had known how to convince Swift and Walter before himself.
"Princess. You must know every corner, every dead-end and every secret of this castle. Is there any escape?"
She blinked, unable to stand the sight of hope fading in Ben's eyes.
"There's… no way." she croaked. "The cells are carved in the stone. Whatever lies ahead of us, we can't escape our fate…"
"Easy for you to say that!" Page yelled. "You'll have to suffer nor torture, nor execution."
"Enough, Page!", Walter groaned. "I wish you were right but-…"
The old soldier was cut in his speech by the tapping noise of steps coming closer. Two elite guards stood on each side of the door while a third opened the cell.
"The king asks for the leader."
Page took a deep breath and walked to them resigned, but the soldier just laughed at her.
"Your time will come. Not you either, old fool!", he snapped at Walter. "Her."
The rogue princess straightened. Her breathing was unsteady, she was pale as death. They shackled her with a heavy pair of cuffs and pushed her outside of the cell.
She was to face the wrath of the King and the bitter disappointment of her brother.

This is the translation of my Fable 3 story "Tout ira bien". English is not my first language so there might be a few gramatical mistakes. I hope you'll like my writting and my story!