*Hero Hill
They reached Millfields by dawn. Above the small town, Bowerstone's light were slowly fading as the sky changed from purple to pink, then to gold, ending up revealing the purest and brightest azure.
Yesterday again, they were condemned to death. They savored this sunrise like there was no tomorrow, like if the light was never to touch their faces again.
But as the first mansions came in sight, a much darker reality caught them off-guard. On every wall, every pillar, every tree appeared descriptions of wanted criminals, of them.
"We must hurry!", Walter urged as got near the Lake's shore.
"How can we be sure this is actually gonna work?", Page worried.
"Trust her.", Walter answered. "She's her mother's daughter!"
The truth was Rachel was far less secure than she appeared. Their only chance of survival remained in blurry memories of bed-time stories her mother used to tell her. However, as the Hero Hill came in sight, proudly towering Bower Lake and the surrounding woods, the rogue princess felt her strength restored!
"We're nearly there!", she said, her voice trembling with hope.
"At last!", Ben sighed. "I could kill for a bowl of soup and a hot bath!"
"My point, exactly!", Walter laughed.
They headed through the woods and reached the bottom of the hill. Rachel walking a few steps ahead of them, they climbed not too easily the few meters till the top where they found, surrounded by three bas-reliefs, a well-known device.
"A Cullis Gate!", Ben exclaimed. "I never imagined I'd live old enough to see one!"
"Does it work?", Page immediately asked with a tired voice.
"I… don't know… But there's only one way to be sure! I'll go first. Should I not come back, you'll have the woods to hide into."
The heroin walked resigned. She gave a quick look to the other three bas-reliefs, took place in the center, just like her mother did before her, seized the Seal and cast a spell.

I had a little translation problem, I didn't know how to describe the three... medals? on which the three heroes take place during the ritual to defeat Lucien... so I went with the word "bas-relief", I hope it's good... If you have another translation to summit, PM me ;)