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Applejack's hooves gave the last fruit-bearing apple tree a good smack, causing its delicious cargo to tumble into the baskets waiting below.

"Ahh, looks like that was the last one," she said, looking at the field of already-bucked trees. Looking above them, she noticed several pegasi arriving with numerous large, black clouds. "Just in time, too," she mumbled.

Carrying the baskets of apples behind her in a cart, she set off at a hurried pace, though she was careful not to go too fast and lose anything. She arrived at the barn only slightly out of breath.

After stacking the baskets in the apple cellar, she hurried into the house, eyeing the storm clouds above.

"Big Mac?" she shouted into the house, closing the door behind her with her hind leg.

"Eeyup?" came the expected reply.

"You brought in Winona, right?"


"And Apple Bloom ain't still out with her friends? She's home safe an' sound too? Y'know how she likes to stay at Zecora's, helpin'er with all that potion mumbo-jumbo..."


"All right," she said, yawning. She trudged upstairs, totally exhausted from a good day's work. She loved that feeling; the feeling when it's just getting dark outside, and you've been working all day, and you know that you've done all you can for today. When you can lay in bed and get to sleep straightaway without any tossing and turning, because you're so beat from the day's chores.

Climbing into bed, she pulled the covers over herself and, after adjusting her position several times for maximum comfort, fell asleep within minutes.