Hello! And thanks for giving this story a shot. I feel that there are not nearly enough Push fanfictions out there and don't understand why this movie wasn't more popular. I love the chemistry between Nick and Cassie and have decided to create a fic to satisfy my own needs about their relationship. The first chapters will be moving faster in time to have Cassie at a more appropriate age (sorry guys, I'm old school) before the ultimate storyline about them finally finding Cassies mom. I'm not a writer by any means and this is mostly for my own gratification, but if anyone has ideas for the story or would like to offer input, reviews are more than welcomed.


"Chicken again?" Cassie sighed. She could swear she was going to barf if she had to see chicken breasts on her plate one more time.

"Sorry Cass, that corner store doesn't really have anything else." replied Nick, quickly shuffling down in his own chair across from her, already digging in. Cassie was fairly certain that Nick could eat anything as long as he had hoisin sauce to smother it in. She let her fork move around her plate, never actually bringing any of the sautéed chicken to her mouth. She looked across the table at Nick disapprovingly. What were they doing here? She thought. It had been almost a two months since the Division incident and Cassie was hoping that Nick would have come up with an idea about how to save her mother by now. Wasn't that the whole reason she was sticking with him?

Noticing her glazed look, Nick stopped shoving his face.

"You okay?" He said, swallowing hard before grabbing his beer.

Cassie just stared at him.

"What? You're really going to give me the silent treatment for not getting shrimp?" Nick said

Cassie stood up and moved angrily towards her bed in the cramped motel apartment.

"For someone who keeps reminding me that they're thirteen and not ten, you sure act like your six." Nick remarked

"Its not the shrimp you moron!" she shouted suddenly, anger etched across her face. Nick was taken aback by the sudden explosion of emotions coming from her. There had only been a few times Nick got to really see what Cassie was feeling. For someone so young, she'd already learned to put up a wall around herself and her emotions. Nick figured it must have been her way of survival when her mom was taken. He also knew that despite what she thought she was, she was still a thirteen-year-old girl who could be just as naïve and hurt as anyone else.

"What are we doing?" she asked desperately

"What do you mean?" Nick replied still in shock

" I mean, why aren't we out looking for a way to get my mom back!? We've lived in like three motels within the last month and not once have you talked to me about what were going to do next. I'm sick of waiting, Nick."

Nick just stared. She had a point about her mother. He hadn't talked about it, because he hadn't really thought about it. He had always known that he'd help her get her mother out of Divisions hands, but recently he had been so consumed with the thoughts of Kira returning and the contentment of having Cassie live with him. Although Nick had yet to admit it, he had found a sort of surrogate family in Cassies sudden appearance in his life. It was a strange transition from the life he had been leading before Cassie knocked on his door, but it had given him an emotion he hadn't felt in a long time.

Nick was happy.

The combination of Cassie, Kiras reappearance, and the success of evading Division had put new meaning his in life and he liked it. He would probably never tell Cassie, but he enjoyed her moody and sometimes frustrating company. He hadn't thought of leaving Hong Kong because he was still waiting for Kira to find them, the last piece to his new family.

" Cassie…I know how you fee-" Nick started

" No! No you don't. You sit around here without a care in the world because you KNOW Kira is coming back. I never know about my mom! Her future with me is never consistent. Visions of her and my future are always changing the fastest. Sometimes shes dead, sometimes I'm dead, and worse even is when I don't SEE anything about her at all! So don't start on me about how you know how I feel."

"Hey! You know I care about getting your mom back. I promised to help you didn't I?"

"You've sure lived up to your promises about it." Cassie replied coldly

"That's not fair Cassie." Nick said, hurt in his voice

Cassie looked up at him. Deep down she knew he cared and it wasn't fair to throw hurtful words his way just because she was frustrated. He probably cared more about her than anyone else. Except maybe her mom. After all he'd done to keep them alive, she knew that he wasn't going to abandon her. She was also sure that despite all her threatening, she'd never leave the one person who tried to look after her.

"I have to get her back." was all she said in reply

"We will get her back Cas. I said we would, and we will." Nick had moved over to where she sat on the bed. He had an urge to put an arm around her shoulder but he was certain Cassie would shrug him off, making sure to show no sign of weakness in front of him. Except for her hugging him once before the confrontation with Division, Cassie kept a no-human contact radius around her. He was pretty sure the only reason Cassie held him then was because she had lost hope that she would live through the ordeal. She probably thought that he would die as well. Surprisingly, she even shed some silent tears for the both of them then. Nick had been touched by her openness and realized then that he cared more about this girl than anyone.

"We're just waiting for Kira to find us. She'll have a better idea of the Division and what they're capable of. Once we have her, there will be nothing stopping us from finding your mom."

Cassie closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She was dreading telling Nick what she should have told him a week ago. It wasn't unnoticed to Cassie that Nick had taken a lighter tune on life since they tricked the Division into thinking he was dead. He teased with her more, tussled her hair, joked and laughed more. Everytime they had checked into a motel Cassie could swear that Nick thoroughly enjoyed calling her his little sister. She was starting to think he actually believed the lie. Hell, she was starting to believe it herself. Which was why when the flashes starting changing from Kira returning the way she looked before she left them, to Kira returning when her hair is much longer and dressed in a professional suit, Cassie hid the assumptions to herself. Truth be told, she didn't want to knock Nick out of his happy zone. She didn't want to hurt him.

"Nick, shes not coming back for a long time." Cassie said slowly, with her eyes still closed. She dreaded looking at his face.

There was only silence between them as she let her words sink in to Nicks head. She waiting for the questions it would start, possibly even anger. He was in love with Kira, that was for sure and Cassie had heard that love can make people crazy.

After what seemed like forever Cassie finally opened her eyes and looked up to see if he was still sitting next to her. He was. His face was grim as he stared straight ahead of them at the wall. Cassie felt an overwhelming surge of guilt.

Shit, she thought.

She should have told him right away or maybe not at all. Cautiously she allowed her hand to touch his arm trying in a stiff way to reassure him. The touch was strange and slightly awkward. She'd never tried to comfort anyone before. The last time she touched Nick she was trying to say good-bye. As in, good-bye see you in hell, kind of good-bye. Despite the desperation and terrible feelings running through her at that time, she remembers the hug fondly. She hadn't hugged anyone in years and Nicks arms had made her feel safe. A feeling she wasn't use to.

Her hand seemed to awaken him from his thoughts. He looked down at her fondly.

"How long?"

" I don't know." She replied. " A year? Maybe two?"

He grimaced at the answer. A year? He thought

" Why? What happened?" he asked

" I'm not sure. When I see her, shes older. She has longer hair and shes dressed in a suit."

He looked at her hopeful for a minute. "Well, that doesn't have to be a year Cas, that could be a few months even."

"No." she replied shortly, making sure not to let him hold on to hope for too long. " We're older too. You have a scruff and I have boobs." She looked up at him, determination in her voice.

He sighed and moved his hands through his hair before cupping his face into them. Cassie removed her hand and quietly sat next to him.

"I'm sorry." was all she could muster

He lifted his head up and looked at her.

" You have boobs?" He said quizzically

Cassie sighed. Was it really that hard for him to see her as a grown up one day?

"YES, Nick. I'll have boobs one day. I know its hard to believe…"

"Jeez…" he replied. His face had more hurt written across it than from her initial news.

"What?" she asked confused.

" That's going to be at least ten years, Cassie." He smirked as he placed his hand on the top of her head and shook it.

"Hey! You asshole!" Cassie cried trying to remove his hand. She stood up in a huff. "I'm glad you find this funny!"

"I never said I thought it was funny." He said as he stood up heading back towards the kitchenette. "And watch your language."

Cassie rolled her eyes. He really thinks hes my brother, she thought.

"Well, what are we going to do?"

"You said she finds us, right? Just not right now?"


"And shes not captured or anything is she?"

"I'm fairly certainly shes not? From what I can SEE shes working with Division, but on her own accord. I think she might be trying to work as a double agent or something. I don't know for sure."

"Well, we'll have to try and contact her somehow. I thought she was okay once before and she had been taken. I don't want to leave her again. Plus the futures always changing. We just have to find her first. You understand, right Cassie?"

Cassie nodded her head. "Yea, yea, you're in love blah blah blah."

Nick smiled at her response. "You're so enlightened for a thirteen year old you know that?"

"Fourteen." Cassie glared

"Since when?" Nick scoffed

"Since yesterday." Cassie shrugged and moved to her bed. She crashed onto it, while opening up a magazine.

"It was your birthday?" Nick asked suddenly

"Yea, yesterday. I'm officially fourteen. Which I guess for you means I'm seven instead of six now." She joked.

"Why didn't you say anything?" Nick seemed horrorstruck. How could he not know her birthday yet?

"Oh jeez…I don't know, maybe I just thought we had more pressing issues at hand." She replied sarcastically.

"Get up." He commanded walking over to her and grabbing her shirt.

"Ow! What are you doing?"

"We're going out for your damn birthday." He replied

"You're kidding." She looked flabbergasted.

"Nope." He said as he threw her knee high boots at her. She watched him smile as he went to go grab his wallet off the nightstand.

I guess I didn't knock him completely out of his happy zone, she thought to herself. She couldn't help but smile as he gestured her out the door.

"Maybe we can get you some more color for your hair. I don't think pink suits a seven year old anymore." He said smirking.