Chapter 5: The Winner Is...

Leafos was surrounded by angry syrupents waiting for the announcement to be made. She just hoped she had made a good impression on the judges. She didn't think anyone else had read the rulebook, and therefore had no idea that they were still being judged. Misbehaving pinatas got marked down. Leafos was constantly feeding Bones apples, which he really seemed to like.

As Dastardos took the stage, getting ready to announce the winner, a syrupent went crazy and bit the strings hanging off of his cloak. The crowd laughed as he tugged the cloak off, sending Dastardos into blushes that were hidden behind his mask. He covered up his kittyfloss undergarments as best as he could while running offstage. Leafos chuckled a bit then straightened her face.

Storkos decided she could do the announcement by herself and took the stage. She used the envelope as defense against the attacking syrupents. "Well," she began, "now that that is hopefully over, we will announce the winner. You may check your judging sheets in the hall to see how you got your scores if you are not happy. We do not want a repeat of last year."

Leafos walked to her mailbox outside of her garden and found something tied to the Langston Pinata Party invitation she got every year. It was some sort of origami note. She opened it up and found a news story about a rogue pinata being let loose at the Pennyworth Games of 2011. She gasped at the picture of her older sister trying to fight off several Roarios at one time with only an envelope. She read further, and it said she had to get fourteen stitches.

The envelope seemed to be opened in slow motion to Leafos. The rips and tears were too, how should she say it, "nice". When the envelope finally was open, everyone was shocked by the results. "The winner is..." *dramatic pause* "...Sandy and her syrupent Scales!"

Leafos felt like crying. Her own pet, her favorite pet, was worth nothing but a penny. Even then, she didn't own any syrupents (she avoided it by blocking them on her Ban Board). Now all of her pinatas, at least until next year, would be worth a penny! She knew she shouldn't have used her barkbark.

The line pushed out the door and Leafos picked up her score sheets. She had already read everything but the last competition, so she skipped everything else and read that.

Seedos' Scoring

Trick: 9 1/2

Looks: 10

Judge's Comments: Very unfortunate you lost your animal! Pretty hard competing against a bunch of syrupents. Good luck!

Storkos' Scoring

Trick: 7.9

Looks: 9

Judge's Comments: I wish the best to you! Hopefully you win otherwise I'll be booked up at every garden delivering syrupent eggs!

Dastardos' Scoring



Judge's Comments:

"Wait!" Leafos exclaimed. "I didn't get judged by Dastardos!"

"Hold up everybody!" Storkos yelled over everyone. "Dastardos, what do you give Leafos?"

Dastardos yanked the paper from Leafos' hands and wrote down some numbers. "Oh," Seedos said, examining the paper. "This changes everything. Ladies and gentlemen, the real winner of the Pennyworth Games is Leafos and her barkbark, Bones!"