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Hanabi had been happily contemplating how she could elude her grumpy cousin and her scatter-brained sister to escape the household for the evening, when the pair abruptly raced past her like bolts of lightning - Hinata fumbling rapidly past her with Neji close on her heels. Yet when Neji had reached the corner the young woman had just turned, he stopped suddenly, noticing a frozen Hanabi, wide eyed and frowning. Her mouth a small 'o' of confusion.

"I thought I told you to go get freshened up!?"

"I thought I told you to be nice!? You look ready to murder her!"

The man's flushed face scowled down at her; his gaze anxiously switching back and forth between the teenager and the direction in which Hinata had fled. "Go shower, and… visit a friend or something!"

Hanabi merely tilted her head somewhat "But Father told us to stay home this evening?"

"I won't tell if you don't!"

And with that, he dashed out of sight down another corridor, leaving the bewildered girl to stare after him. She stood there perplexed for a moment, considering the strange behaviour the two had shown. And yet, even as the tell-tale signs seemed to wave a flag and clatter a bell within her brain, she smiled, absorbed in her own success.

Wow… Must be my lucky day!

Hinata saw heaven when her bedroom door appeared before her – the gateway to total seclusion within sight at last; she felt a hearty sigh breeze through her. The feeling was short lived however, when she once again heard her pursuer rounding the corner she had just left behind.

Hysterically, she tore her door open, sliding it impulsively shut with a bang, holding it in place as if it were a shield. But as the pounding footsteps grew louder, closer, panic engulfed her, causing her to bolt for her final line of defence – her en suite bathroom.

At least that door had a lock!

It was as the said lock clicked triumphantly into place, did Neji burst through her bedroom door, almost taking it off all together. Hinata could hear his hurried steps into the centre of the room, and backed away from the door like a frightened mouse – her hip knocking into the sink behind her. She cursed softly, realising the major flaw in her plan of escaping the brutal stare and sensual hands of the man in her room. Her room lay in the centre of the manor; the bathroom walls consisted of solid white walls, resembling a tired looking marble. Her walk in shower on the far side of the elongated room sat perched like a vulture upon the far wall, eying her suspiciously, and the mirror above the painfully solid sink reflected the petrified, dumbfounded and incredibly flushed face of the Hyuuga Heir.

She was trapped. Cornered and held captive in her own home.

Strangely, that didn't seem totally out of the ordinary.

Finally, she heard the footsteps shuffle quietly towards the locked door – a light thump hit the hard wood, and Hinata wasn't too sure if it was his fist that had hit the hard oak, or his head.

"Open the door, Hinata"

She didn't move. Her chest merely heaved silently, desperately desiring fresh clean air.

"Hinata. Open the door"

And still she stood there, her hands gripping the sink behind her like an anchor, as she stared unblinking at the door. Terrified. Her heart causing such a ruckus she couldn't think straight. Her blood boiled within her veins as she ran a delicate tongue over the angry indents on her lip; her knees shaking as they attempted to keep her from falling.

"Please, Hinata…"

She blinked at the door, confused curiosity suddenly winning against panicked fear, as his painfully passive tone seeped past the door - she pushed herself gently forward, stopping only a few inches from the solid oak shield, and muttered a husky "Byakugan"

The world shifted before her eyes – everything solid, everything real, faded into a transparent imitation. She had always thought of it like walking through a sketchbook; reality becoming a montage of rough shapes and outlines, lacking detail. Lacking meaning. When she looked at people, on the other hand, it was the opposite – their souls became as clear to her as the nose on their face. The electric blue lines, which curved and jolted throughout people's bodies like fireworks dancing eagerly beneath their skin, had always been a thing of beauty to the young woman.

Yet now, as she stared past the door and into the sketchy beyond that was her room, she saw him. His forehead was resting pensively against the door – a single hand lay almost helplessly next to it. He didn't move; he simply stayed there, leaning against the door, waiting. Hinata could see the beautiful lines of chakra coursing through him; a shimmering display of raw power, yet he didn't even try to force his way through to her.

He was waiting, pleading for permission. Her permission.

She placed her own hand where his rested on the opposing side; her body slowly pressing against the wood as she watched him through dreamy half closed eyes; her cheek leaning upon the suddenly unwanted barrier between them. The surging blue shape of him also moved closer, as if to ghost her stance, and a shaky breath seemed to seep from him.

"Please, just let me in… Please"

A deep, unfathomable moan drifted through Hinata's swollen lips, as her other hand slowly reached for the lock, her fingers grazing the cold metal that trapped her; keeping them apart. Her head once again began to spin as desire overwhelmed her – she could still feel the impressions of his lean hands touching her, gripping her and holding her, making her ache and making her burn. All she had to do was open the door –

"Yes, yes just open the door… Open the door, Hinata"

With that she stopped. Lifting her head, she lifted a shaking frail hand to her open mouth, and choked back a horrified sob – a surge of blue had gathered where his eyes should have been, bubbling and churning under his control as he watched her weaken against his silvery tongue. He hadn't seemed to notice her reaction, as he continued with his honeyed words "Just unlock the door… Let me in…"

In her fury, she shoved herself away from his looming form, tears digging trenches into her now pale white cheeks; she could hardly feel the dull pain resonate through her as she slammed into the sink once again. She could hardly believe the strength in her words as she screamed.


Electric blue lines curled into a heavy fist, slamming abruptly against the door.

"You can't shut me out, Goddammit!"

The woman merely whimpered at the door, sluggishly lowering herself to her knees as reality returned to her, and all she could see was her small quivering hands upon the pale blue floor beneath her.

"I know what you want, Hinata. You cannot hide it. Not from me!"

If only the ground would swallow her up.

"And you cannot hide from me either, not in this house."

Take her away, find a nice, quiet cave in which she could cry herself sane and punch a few rocks shaped like a certain someone's stupidly handsome face. That would help, right?

"You want me"

Surely it would.

"And locking yourself in a bathroom is going to change nothing."

Or would it?

No, it wouldn't. And Hinata knew that; the tears flowing gracefully down her face were the second clue. The first being the persistently cruel voice on the other side of the door, of course, but the tears seemed to clarify it somehow. The tears silently admitted the truth of his words, and hated every minute of their inevitable humiliation and defeat. Why? They seemed to scream mutedly down her cheeks as they simply asked; Why?

Hinata was numb. Her fingers dragged against the floor as she pushed herself upwards and onto her feet; her hair covering her face like a mourning widow's veil. Her body ached as she mindlessly reached for the lock, slowly turning it until she heard that thunderous click echo sharply in her ears.


Throwing open the door, she shut her eyes tightly; her heart racing, bruising her already sore ribs further, and keeping her head bowed apprehensively, awaiting the onslaught ahead.