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Killing Loneliness

Chapter 22: Tell Ourselves We Are Misunderstood

They stood there in complete silence for what seemed like an eternity. It was as if they were waiting to see what the other was going to say before they spoke.

Loki opens his mouth, only to shut it a few seconds later. He gets a small playful smile on his lips, "You know… most people would think you stalking my phone is a bit obsessive."

Tony gets a smile of his own before he starts laughing. "Weeks of silence… And that is how you greet me!" The man of iron walks forward and latches onto Loki. Tony's arms wrapping tightly, almost painfully, around the god.

"Anthony…" Loki says, cringing slightly at the feeling. "This is not the most comfortable hugs I have received." He mutters out.

Tony finally realizing what he did released the god. "Sorry. I just… I wanted to see you."

Loki gets small smile on his lips, "And I you." He answers honestly. "Your hug was not the worst. You should attempt to hug Thor in his entire battle armor. It is as if you were hugging a statue."

Tony grins widely, "I wouldn't doubt it. He is large enough for that."

They stand there once more, silence engulfing them.

Tony shifts awkwardly in his suit, "I really did have a speech prepared for when you returned."

"Oh…?" Loki asks, raising an eyebrow. "And what would that entail?"

"Nothing much. Just… stuff… things." Tony scratches the back of his head, though it was covered by his helmet, and looking away from the god quickly. "I doubt you would want to hear it anyways."

"I believe you would be wrong in that assumption, Anthony. Please do tell." Loki gets a smirk on his face that he couldn't remember having on since being away from Tony. Loki leans forward putting his arm around the chilled metal. "I would love to hear it."

Tony looks like he is about to say something, instead his lips move forward and crash against Loki's. The kiss was anything but clean. Teeth nipping and tongues clashing. It only lasts a moment but Tony pulls away.

"I think make-up sex is a much better idea." Tony says trying to get out of speaking an apology.

Loki chuckles but shakes his head, "Do not think I will let it go that easily Anthony." His smile changing to a bit more of a serious expression.

"As much as I do not wish to speak about … it," Loki's face become dark, "We cannot just ignore what happened."

Tony sighs and nods his head, moving back from Loki. "I know, I was hoping we didn't have to." He answers honestly. His own expression appearing tired from the time away. "I… I haven't been able to fix it. I have been trying, but I am just missing one thing."

Loki lets the information sink in. A small part of his heart feeling dread at the idea. "But you must have a bit more time? Then you would not have warn that suit correct?"

A look of reluctant shows on the engineers face.

"Anthony." Loki says, his tone being one of warning. "Do not tell me you are wearing that when it could be killing you!"

"But you… I had to come find you!" Tony says, trying to make it appear he was alright. "It will be fine of course. I just shouldn't wear it too often. I already did once, but you know, was attacked had to protect myself and Pepper." He starts to ramble as an attempt to make an excuse.

"We are going to your house and taking that suit of right now." Loki turns in the direction from where Tony came from.

"If you wanted me out of my clothes you just had to ask." Tony responds in a light tone.

Loki raises an eyebrow before motioning Tony forward. "Let us go. We mustn't waste time."

"No need to tell me twice!" The man grabs onto Loki before shooting up into the sky. He heads towards his home.


It isn't long before they land in Tony's home. Loki landing gracefully on the side as Tony walks over and gets his suit taken off. Loki watching as the mechanics move around the suit, ejecting it from the man's body.

"I still cannot fathom how you created such things." Loki murmurs, still unable to get past the mechanic's work.

"Lots of practice." The words come off jokingly as Tony takes a step forward, his clothing showing off a Black Sabbath t-shirt.

The god's piercing eyes tracing around the garage, noticing how… messy it looked. It was as if Tony had just stopped caring and dropped everything. It was scattered along the room from empty boxes of Chinese to pizza. His tools, which were normally organizes, tossed around. One of them appeared to be broken even, possible from being thrown at the wall not too far away where it was. His eyes slowly making their way back to Tony.

Tony himself didn't look much better. Just underneath his eyes were dark from lack of sleep, his skin paler than normal. Not only that but it seemed the blue streams coming from the arc reactor were now forming lines along his neck.

Loki walks forward right next to the smaller man. His eyes trailing down them, only to be stopped by the clothing.

Tony gives him a sad look, "I will fix it. I promised didn't I? I won't leave you." The words were meant to be encouraging. "That… That has been what I've been working on." He motions around the room. "From stabilizers to drinking some awful concoction that is supposed to help. I was able to at least make it so I have a bit more time."

Loki stays silent as Tony spoke. "I understand…"

"You… What?" Tony looks a bit in shock, not knowing what to do. His eyebrows furrow together as he attempts to understand. "Not even a month ago you were saying that you… hated me because I didn't tell you about… well this."

"I never said I hated you." Loki looks absolutely offended by the thought. He could never hate Tony. He had been the one and only good thing that he had received in his lifetime.

"Maybe hate isn't the best word… I mean." Tony sighs, "You didn't like that I omitted the truth." He corrects.

"As would anyone else." A hard glare is pointed towards Tony. "Have you even told Pepper about it?"


"You should. She would like to know." His voice comes with a bit of an edge.

"I didn't mean…" Tony gets a frustrated noise to form. "See what I mean! I am awful at this. I can't talk about my feelings, I can't tell you how I am sick, I can't seem to do much right at all." He sounded angry. "And it isn't even your fault. I am the idiot that keeps messing things up."

Loki listens, a bit stunted at first. He had never known Tony to admit such a fault. For the words to being coming out of the other was such a surprise, Loki's eyes widened.

Tony continues his tangent, his body starting to pace back and forth. He only stops as his words come to an end. "And all I can try and do is keep my promise to you."

Loki takes a deep breath, his body stiff from the confession. His mind wrapping around the thoughts Tony had just dumped on him. "Anthony…Tony." He corrects himself. "You try too hard." He whispers, "I have never had anyone try so hard for me… for themselves before. You are, and always will be the strongest person I have ever met."

The god watches Tony closely, his posture standing slightly taller. The heaviness in his eyes a bit brighter after he spoke. He still appeared tired, but it seemed like a weight had been lifted off of his shoulders.

"Not that you need to be even more egotistical." The joke is an attempt to lighten the mood once more. He gets a small crack of a smile from Tony.

"I couldn't get to egotistical with Pepper and you around." The joke is much like one that they had shared after first meeting.

The earlier worries seem to melt away, not completely, but enough to make them comfortable. Loki nods his head towards Tony, glad the other was trying to help lighten the mood as well.

"You know… You should be nice to me. It is still my birthday." Tony says back, his voice still a bit strained but not as much as before.

Loki chuckles softly, "That is indeed true. Perhaps I should attempt to be kinder. Though, it is not really in my nature." He slyly says back.

"I wouldn't like you much that way." Tony shrugs his shoulders, shaking his head as he spoke. "It would be a lot less fun after all."

"How about I get you your birthday present then." Loki purrs moving closer to Tony.

The mechanic gets a large grin on his face, "And what would that include?"

"Nothing much, follow me and I shall show you." The god motions to him as he turns to exit the room. He does not go where Tony actually expects him to. Instead he leaves through the garage door. Tony can't help but feel a bit interested. His feet moving to follow after the god.

"Loki…?" Tony questions not really getting a response.


Once a fair distance away from the home, Loki stops and turns back around. "Your hand please." Loki says, putting his own up. "It is the best way to travel really."

"Travel whe-."

Tony gets cut off as Loki yells to the sky, "Heimdall, open the Bifrost!" A bright light engulfs both of them shooting them off into the sky. The spot they had originally been standing on now having a symbol on it.

The world changes around them as they are warped through space. Loki lands with ease on the ground, Tony falling a bit forward with the motion. "That was… strange." Tony seems to try and shake the feeling of the Bifrost from him.

"Welcome to Asgard, Anthony Stark." Heimdall speaks in a straight tone. "I have seen much of you lately."

Tony shifts uncomfortably, "Uh… Not to be rude but… What is that supposed to mean?"

"I keep an eye on everyone within my sight. That includes you as well. Loki has also spoken many words of you." Heimdall doesn't seem to grasp what Tony meant exactly.

"Well that isn't creepy at all… Hey wait a minute, does that mean you can see everyone?" Tony pauses, getting a strange look of humor on his face. "Can you tell me is Ashton Kutcher planning on Punking me? Because I am still waiting for that bastard to show up."

Loki rolls his eyes as he starts to pull Tony away from the seer. "Not now Anthony. You do not need to question him." He does find Tony's remark entertaining none the less. He pulls Tony through the halls of Asgard.

Tony appearing to look at it all in awe, "Why did you bring me here? Am I even allowed to be here?" he questions, not knowing how to take all the architecture and everything else. His eyes watching to see if he can tell the difference between the magic and mechanics of the place.

"I have never been one to follow rules." Was Loki's only responses, a grin thrown at Tony. "I brought you here so you can see my world. You allowed me into yours; I only wished to do the same for you. I do hope you like this gift."

Tony nods his head quickly, "It is… I was not expecting it." He pulls at Loki's hand, making the god turn around to face him. Just as Loki was about to question why, Tony plants a light peck on his lips. "It is a great gift."

Loki shifts slightly, suddenly feeling a bit self-conscious, "I… I am glad you enjoy it." They end up stopping at one of the doors. Loki opens it and motions Tony inside. "This is a lounge. I must run and get someone really quick. Do make yourself at home. I promise I shall be back in very little time."

With that Loki turns around, leaving Tony standing there in the door way. Tony's eyes glance around the room, not knowing what he could touch and not. Instead he decided to touch everything. His fingers running down the side of the table, his eyes looking at a large fire in the main area.

He was quite intrigued by how they even managed to make everything so refined. Suddenly the door opens once more, causing Tony to jump in surprise. He thought Loki had been back already, however instead he was greeted by 4 gods.

One Asian, one with red hair, another with an awful mustache, and the last was a woman. They had their weapons drawn and pointing at Tony within seconds. Well this meeting could have been better.

"A bit old fashioned in weapons I see. Guess that hasn't changed from the books." Tony remarks knowing it probably hadn't been the best thing to say.

The woman's eyes narrow, "Who are you, and how did you get here."

Alrighty! I had been debating on having this chapter go in two different ways, one where Tony stays on earth, and the other is well.. this. I ended up going with bringing Tony to Asgard due to the fact that we haven't really had them interact with the people here. I really have been wanting to bring Tony to Asgard for awhile now so yeah! I do hope it didn't feel to rushes. Normally I don't like putting three different scenes in one chapter... but oh well!