A/N: Yeah, this is another one I wanted to record but I deiced, nah, I'll just upload some the lyrics. And, yes, I'm making a series with this. Same is going from Sonic the Hedgehog and I'm thinking about making a new parody for Easy Ways to Annoy Dimentio to kick start a Mario one. But enough of this! Song!

A parody of "Back in the USSR" by The Beatles (Lennon-McCartney)
New lyrics by That Gamer!
BANNED FROM EQUESTRIA (DAILY) belongs to Pokehidden
MY LITTLE PONY belongs to Hasbro and one Ms. Lauren Faust
Tell BeatleBrony he can't have "Back in the USSR"

Woke up one morning and I saw Trixie
She turned me into a pony
She said, "Find the mane six and knock 'em up"
Consider that done
I'm banned from Equestria
You don't know how happy I am boy
Banned from Equestria

I went to Pinkie's and I gave her a ball
Then I went to Applejack
I cleared her trees, yes, I cleared 'em all
I also did Big Mac
I'm banned from Equestria
There's some Derpy graffiti
Banned from Equestri-
Banned from Equestri-
Banned from Equestria

Well that Trixie girl really knocks me out
But I can't get her tonight
So I'll go and see Vinyl Scratch
And I'll go on a dr-dr-dr-dr-dr-drug filled ride

(Oh, come, Dash!)

I'm banned from Equestria
I got to race Rainbow Dash boy
Banned from Equestria

Well I found Spike and I helped him out
And I saw Lyra, too
Went to Pinkie's and I had a bout
And scarecrow dancing's something I-I-I-I-I-I-I can do

Ate a muffin and I felt a lot stronger
Used a spell on Trixie
Yeah, I broke her shield, that surprised her
Wait, why's she sucking me?
I'm banned from Equestria hey
I didn't see Celestia! Boy...
Banned from Equestria

(Oh, let me tell you Berry!
Hey, I'm banned! I'm banned from Equestria!
I'm banned every day, girl!
Eh! Banned from Equestria!)

A/N: I don't know why it took so long for me to write this. Not actually writing it, no, I procrastinated so long on this idea! And it was either this, or I make it "Blacked Equestria", the theme song for How Beatallica Blackened Equestria. But if you just take "Blackened the USSR" and replace "the USSR" with "Equestria", you got it. Also, this is my first musical to not focus on a FanFiction! *Fluttershy-esque "woo-hoo"* Next up, I'm sure to make a parody of "Ballroom Blitz"! Bonum nocte et fortuna, everypony!.. Did I really just type that?