i woke up in a shad, its messy, and its cloudy outside... i ware a cap said: Q/CB
this means nothing yet, i just don't know who i am... i went out and saw moon stones! lots of them! and nothing greater, its starting to rain...

i must hurry back to that sad shed, then i look at the window and saw my reflection... me!

im a little girl with black hair, and a blue shirt. then i look at a foot prints on a floor, so i must follow it until i end up in an other shad. its dark, cold, and then i saw a shining object on a floor. its stopped raining i picked it up and i run away back form a scary shad, until i slid down from a wet grass a hill and hit a ground!


i got up, and then a blond boy got up. he looked like a red shirt, blue pants, blue cap: DASH 001, he's a same age as me. he looked around me said: "you... look different?" he's surprized by my cap, he shouted "WOW! you-your one of the team?! im DASH! whats yours?" i tried to talk, but... i just can't...

dash said: "WHATS YOUR NAME?"


"can't speak?" he replied, "what are you doing here? its dangers, i think..." i don't know how i get here, or where i came from. then i showed him a shining object that i found in an old shed, hes surprized that i found a- GUN?! i cant use it! i don't know how! also whats a "GUN" anyway?!

"wow ,you don't have proof that you're a lost robot? im a robot! but what kind of robot are you?" im shocked by his words, im starting to cry. im a ROBOT!? i ran away from him to hide, but i cant run away for what i am... i refused to admit i have fears!

meanwhile dash turn back a front said: "hey i like you sande-?" he realize im gone.

dash shout my name to find me, "GIRL!? HIPPIE GIRL?! HELLO?! WHERE ARE YOU? HELLO!?"

then i fell in some sort of cave, filled with crystals. in my mind (how did i get here? an i lost?) there are two paths, left and right. (i think it's this way.) i go to the left.

meanwhile, dash spend his walks searching for me, then he found foot prints that go to a cave that i fell in. "OOOoooh NOOOOoooo..." he dropped himself in then looked around a crystal cave, "*WOOOooot* nice view!" he didn't look at my foot prints first, so he took a right...

i got in a room where there is a big chair with a red gem on a top. (must be a king of crystals?) i look back the exit is magically blocked. (IM TRAPPED!)

there is a mist of red paddles its turning in to a glowing ghost man! looked like a coated person, with a helmet, and one eye, it looked at me then he growled at me. in my mind (i need to get OUT OF HERE!) i tried to run away from that thing, but there's no use. until the ghost spoke with a raging voice, "YOU! I LOST EVERYTHING! NO THANKS TO YOU!" he stared at me with eyes of revenge, im scared trying to step back. he hissed, "YOU DESTROY THE CORE! NOW I WILL DESTROY YOU!" i nodded no in horror! (ME?! BUT I DIDNT DO ENEYTHING!) he didn't listen, im doomed!

until i saw DASH dropped from a ceiling! and hit the floor flat, i shook him to wake him up! dash jumped then said "AH! THERE YOU ARE IM WORRIED SICK DONT RAN AWAY FORM-" then he notice there's a ghost be hind him. "-me... so, t-theres th-that t-t-t-thing r-r-right b-behind me?" i nodded, so he turn back and scream...

turn back! TURN BACK PLEASE! dash screamed, (i don't know what to do...) until the sword magically appeared affront of me! i grab it, then it glows white. ("im amazed!") so i used it to protect dash from a ghost, i ran affront of a ghost then a swing around him. ghost kick me out with his blast, i got up and throw a sword at a ghost, it just stab him good. a ghost fade away from us into a surface, (it's over...)

i think i saved dash from it, hes unconscious about a ghost part. then i notice a gem glow brighter and turn into a rainbow crystal, then it fell and break into 7 pieces. after that a bright light from a crystal flashed at me! i screamed untill i fainted...

(in a dream: a voice of another girl talk to me)

"are you a hero im looking?"

"you... your different..."

"a time has come..."

(there's an other dream about a scary cave, and there's two of a robots look like me and dash.)

"you know a red ghost you saw, his name is doctor date."

"hes the bad guy who is using an innocent bunny-like hybrid's called mimigas."

"he wore a scary artifact called a MASTER CROWN."

"legends said: it has maximum power to control monsters..."

"until a boy with a red cap, defeated doctor date, and a core..."

"a core is a being that makes the island float, to prevent the island to fall, to prevent the creator of the crown to make more scariest chaos to the world..."

"a creators name is-"

(untill i here a voice from dash)


coming soon