A/N: First of all, this is a parody. So, crazy, weird things happen, the fourth wall is broken, first person is randomly used at points, etc. It's not really meant to be taken completely seriously, so if any comments are given on "bad writing style" or something (unless they are comments that make it clear they realize it's a parody and are correcting something in that realm) probably won't be listened to. Other than that though, we'd absolutely love feedback. :) Also, since this is indeed a parody, strange pairings will occur. Boyxboy and girlxgirl pairings included, just to warn you. A few examples of "scandalous" pairings that will be included in some form are SokkaxZuko (which is the main pairing...The entire story focuses on these two), Ty LeexAzula, and HakodaxSuki (yes, total crack pairing). Umm...I think that's about it. Basically, every chapter is going through one or two episodes with our own humorous (or at least we hope it's humorous) take on the show. Enjoy. :)

A banished prince by the name of Zuko was on his intimidating ship (of doom), when he saw a bright light flash through the sky. At once, he knew it was the Avatar (a 112 year old boy who will eventually take out the Fire Nation and save the world), and, being a banished prince, Zuko wanted to capture the Avatar to regain his honor.

After stalking the Avatar-Aang-through a telescope, Zuko soon figured out that he was hiding in a small Water Tribe village. The village looked rather pathetic, to be honest, so the prince knew how easy it would be.

In an instant, Zuko steered his ship toward the village, causing chaos when his ship tore through the ice and came close to running straight through the Water Tribe homes. When the front of his ship opened awkwardly, Zuko strolled out wearing a super cool helmet to conceal his ridiculous ponytail.

Since the prince was obviously not a wimp, he had several guards walking around him for protection. That was when his life changed.

Amongst the crowd of women and children, a young man stood with defiance on his face. His hair was pulled back in a ponytail that was ten times manlier than Zuko's, and his face was covered with war paint. He was the most beautiful creature Zuko had ever seen.

The Water Tribe warrior rushed at Zuko to give him a hug (or at least, that's what Zuko thought), but Zuko quickly knocked him aside to keep his manliness. He couldn't let anyone know about his newly developed crush. Instead, he kidnapped Aang, making the excuse that he wanted to regain his honor when he only wanted to find a way to get closer to the beautiful young man.

Aang easily escaped once on the ship and beat up Zuko, but he had no way to actually get off the ship. Luckily, the Water Tribe siblings, Sokka (the manly boy Zuko fell for) and Katara the water bender had come to the rescue on Aang's flying bison Appa! Hooray!

Aang jumped on Appa after he and the Water Tribe kids took out pretty much every single person on the ship, but Sokka wasn't done yet. He saw that poor Prince Zuko had fallen off of the deck of the ship and was hanging on to the side of it for his life.

Sokka helped him onto the ship with a long stick (Aang's airbending staff), but before he was completely on the boat, Sokka realized that he shouldn't be rescuing the enemy and instead hit him in the head with the stick until he let go. Zuko was very sad that his love had just pushed him into the ocean surrounding Antarctica, but not mad enough to stop his plan to stalk him all the way around the world.