It was yet another night at the Western Air Temple when Sokka made a decision that would eventually bring Zuko and him closer together. Zuko was going around serving tea and noticed Sokka sitting alone in the dark. When the banished prince walked over to serve him tea (and cheer him up), Sokka immediately said, "Hey, can I talk to you for a second? Alone?"

Zuko felt his heart skip a beat and watched longingly as Sokka walked away before realizing he was supposed to follow. Sokka led him into a dark corner. This made Zuko excited. What was Sokka going to confess to him?

Unfortunately, Sokka did not say what Zuko wanted him to say. Instead, the manly man started to inquire about fire nation prisoners. Zuko became bored, but answered the questions regardless. However, as he began to walk away, he felt Sokka's hand on his shoulder and got excited again.

Unfortunately, again, Sokka continued talking about boring stuff that Zuko didn't care about. But, he attempted to show that he cared for Sokka's sake. Zuko got excited again when Sokka yawned seductively and caressed his shoulder before heading back to the group. The prince's throat became dry as he watched Sokka walk away in his manly clothes. He was overwhelmed with the seductiveness.

Later that night, Sokka climbed up onto Appa's back (he was going to rescue his father so Zuko could meet him). When he peered over the saddle, he was pleasantly surprised to see Zuko sitting in an extremely seductive pose with his legs splayed apart and a lustful look in his eyes. Sokka was so amazed by Zuko's manliness that he quickly clapped a hand over his nose to stop a nosebleed and fell off of Appa's back.

At first, Zuko was terrified that he had just possibly killed Sokka, but then, after realizing Sokka was okay, be became annoyed that the Water Tribe warrior had left him. When Sokka admitted to wanting to liberate the prison, he asked sarcastically if Zuko was happy.

"I'm never happy," Zuko replied bleakly, convinced that Sokka was disgusted by him.

Zuko leapt off of Appa angrily and landed with a thump. Now he felt bad, because Sokka had just admitted that he believed that it was his fault that his father had been captured.

"I have to regain my honor," Sokka stated firmly. Zuko was nearly speechless. Sokka had listened to him! And repeated his catchphrase!

"I'm going with you," Zuko responded. Then, he looked up. He couldn't help but stare at Sokka's butt as Sokka clambered onto Appa's saddle. Zuko said that he and Sokka should take Zuko's war balloon instead of Appa.

At first, it was awkward riding in the balloon together. Sokka was sitting in yet another seductive pose, but Zuko didn't want to comment on it. He wasn't sure if Sokka had meant to seduce him or not.

Many awkward moments later, they got on the topic of their past girlfriends, making both of them depressed and making things even more awkward.

Soon enough, Sokka decided to pretend to be asleep while still sitting in his seductive manner to see if Zuko would make a move. Unfortunately, Zuko was scared that if he did anything, Sokka would wake up and be very angry and punch his face. When Zuko finally gained enough courage to speak, he calmly called, "We're here," over his shoulder. In an instant, Sokka leapt up, and if Zuko had known him a bit better, he would've figured out within a second that Sokka had been pretending to be asleep. As all of us Avatar fans know, Sokka hates being woken up. It's obvious that he was faking it to see what Zuko would do.

The Water Tribe warrior rushed up beside his crush and leaned forward to get a better view. They were descending toward their destination (a prison surrounded by a lake of boiling water within a volcano...weird), but at a much faster rate. When their balloon skid over the water, some of it splashed up onto Sokka's hand and burned his finger. He inhaled sharply through his teeth at the pain and shook off any extra droplets.

Zuko wanted to give Sokka a comforting hug, but knew better than to go that far when he wasn't even sure if Sokka liked him in that way. The prince didn't have time to contemplate this any further when their balloon hit land roughly and sent them flying forward. This was both a good thing and a bad thing. Sokka had landed in a position with his butt high in the air for Zuko to get a better view, but the bad news was that their balloon had been torn apart.

Sokka decided the best course of action would be to shove the remains of the balloon into the boiling lake. Zuko was not happy about this, but he perked up considerably after they changed into their disguises. First of all, Sokka stripped down to his underwear before they began walking to the prison, because he knew he'd look suspicious in his normal blue outfit (and walking around in underwear is obviously not suspicious). Then, when they put on guard uniforms, Zuko was pleased to discover that the uniforms exposed Sokka's knees. Sokka was equally impressed by Zuko's knees, which were also not covered by the guard uniform. Then, they officially infiltrated the prison.

Soon enough, a prison fight broke out. Zuko was about to jump in and join it, but Sokka reached out and grabbed his arm just before he had a chance to. Sokka's grip wasn't tight, but Zuko liked his hand being there, so he restrained himself from joining the fight.

Later, Sokka found out that his dad wasn't actually at the prison, yet Suki, a "friend" of his, was. Zuko and Sokka found Suki's room. Zuko stood guard outside while Sokka visited his friend. Suki, being Sokka's cover story, was very happy to see him and kissed him. Sokka pretended to be ecstatic about this (even though he really wished it'd been Zuko who kissed him), and Zuko got horribly angry, since he was spying through the window in the cell door.

Then, a female guard walked up, requesting entrance into the cell. Zuko would not let her pass. He knew he had to protect Sokka, even if he was angry with him at the moment. The guard would not leave, and as she attempted to walk around Zuko, he used his manly skills to throw her lazily against the wall with a whap. She began yelling with shock and fought back, but Zuko was just too manly. Sokka took this chance to sneak out of the room, but the wimpy manly woman saw him and called for help. For a few moments, Sokka simply stared with confusion. He wasn't sure what to do. Should he rescue his love or maintain his image? Sokka didn't want to hurt Zuko, but he knew he had no choice.

The Water Tribe warrior calmly approached the situation and grabbed Zuko by the arm, shoving him at the ground. Zuko liked when Sokka was rough with him. Sokka then helped him up, pretending to have his arms secure behind his back, and whispered into his ear, "Don't worry. I'll figure it out." Zuko was suddenly reassured by Sokka's sexy voice.