As soon as Sokka's father had been thrown into a cell, Sokka went to visit him. He had to tell him about Zuko (and rescue him of course, but the Zuko part was more important). At first, Hakoda had no idea that it was his own son that had walked into his cell since Sokka was wearing a scandalous guard uniform, so he almost punched the teen in the gut. Sokka lifted up his mask to reveal his face just in time-it would've led to an incredibly awkward relationship if Hakoda had beat up his own son.

After a teary reunion, Sokka immediately got down to business. At first, he casually asked about what happened to the other prisoners from the invasion, then mentioned that Suki would be escaping with them. This conveniently led to the subject of Zuko, the real reason Sokka wanted to talk to his dad.

"And you know Prince Zuko?" Sokka inquired with the same, nonchalant tone.

"The son of the Fire Lord?" Hakoda asked. "I don't know him, but I know of him."

A satisfied smile curled at Sokka's lips before he continued. "Well, he's here, too."

"Sounds like a major problem," his father replied while crossing his arms thoughtfully.

"Actually," Sokka grinned, "he's on our side, now."

Hakoda raised his eyebrow suspiciously at his son, making Sokka's heart sink. How was he supposed to confess his love if his father already seemed very disapproving? In order to break the awkward silence, Sokka made up a lie that went with Hakoda's thoughts.

"I know. I had the same reaction. After all he's done, it was hard to trust him."

In an instant, an idea hit him that would help lead to what he was actually trying to confess. "But he's really proven himself, and I never would've found you without his help."

At these words, Hakoda dipped his head and Sokka's stomach flipped excitedly. He opened his mouth to continue, but before he could, his father spoke over him.

"So, do you have a plan?"

Sokka's excitement immediately washed away at the subject change, but he explained the previous escape plan (that failed) anyway. Hakoda slapped a hand on Sokka's back reassuringly, and the two spent the rest of the time devising a new plan of escape.

After coming up with the plan, Sokka left his dad so that he could tell Zuko about it. All Sokka got to say though was that they now had a plan, not what it was. He was rudely interrupted by two other guards needing to take Zuko with them on the warden's orders. Sokka had to think fast in order to get out of this situation.

"Can I just have ten more seconds to rough him up a bit?!" Sokka asked. Inside the cell, Zuko became excited after hearing Sokka say something so sexy. Lucky for the both of them, the guards agreed to let Sokka have just one more minute inside Zuko's cell. Once in the cell, Sokka and Zuko knew they had to pretend to be beating each other up, so Zuko rolled up a blanket and held it in front of him for Sokka to punch.

While Sokka was punching the blanket, Zuko couldn't help but get more excited by the violence, and kept giving Sokka his most seductive look. Sokka almost got a nosebleed, but the two guards interrupted again. They had only had enough time for Sokka to tell Zuko to meet him in the courtyard in an hour.

When they heard the cell door open, Sokka's first reflex was to shove the blanket away, grab Zuko under the arms, and give him a very violent hug. To the guards, it looked like the two were fighting, but they both knew that Sokka was just telling Zuko good bye for the moment.

The guards dragged Zuko away and threw him in a room with just one wooden chair. He was a bit scared at first without Sokka there to protect him, but then he heard a gravelly voice, and a girl stepped out from the shadows.

It was his ex-"girlfriend" Mai! She was there to discuss her anger about the letter Zuko had given her upon his leaving. In said letter, Zuko had explained that he had never loved her, and she was only a cover story so that no one would suspect that his true love was a boy from the Southern Water Tribe. Knowing the truth didn't make Mai happy at all, though it did help to accept the fact that she never really liked Zuko either, and that her friend Ty Lee was always her true love. However, she wasn't ready for the world to know about this, so she had to continue acting as if she was angry at Zuko and the fact that he loves Sokka.

Meanwhile, Sokka went to visit Suki in order to tell her their new escape plan. As he explained that they were going to escape on the gondola, the Kyoshi warrior looked at him skeptically. Sokka had to fight to hide his irritation at this, for he knew that Zuko always had faith in him. By the time he had finished telling her that they'd take the warden as a prisoner to avoid having the lines cut as they escaped, Suki seemed to be a little more hopeful about the plan. That was when Sokka announced that he had to leave, but before he could walk out the door, she had thrown her arms around him. He reluctantly returned the hug, then stepped out of the cell.

Right when Sokka left, he was confronted by a few guards telling him that the warden wished to see him. The teen attempted to avoid it by asking if he could talk to the warden later, but he was soon grabbed by the arms and taken to the roof of the prison. This was where several other guards were standing in a line, all being accused of helping the Random Plot-Device Character escape. Fortunately for Sokka, the Plot-Device Character didn't rat him out, and instead accused some other guard. The warden fell for it, and Sokka was saved.

Sokka took this opportunity to continue with the new escape plan. He went to a guard controlling the cell doors of the prisoners and told him to let the prisoners out. The guard was very reluctant at first, with the prison being in a lock-down and all, but Sokka was amazingly smart and threatened to tell the warden that the guard wasn't following orders. With that, the prisoners were immediately released into the courtyard.