Lion VS. Wolf

The long black mane,

The evil glare in his eye,

both the same,

but somehow,

I am unable to fear him.

I love him.

He is not Scar, as he seems,

but Aslan, keeping me safe from the


He stands there, a brick wall,

impossible to penetrate,

I stumble, clinging to him

for strength .

His shoulders, strong and wide,

as a grizzly bear's.

He reassures me with a smile.

The werewolf lunges, wild, and fierce.

The Lion stands in front of me,

protecting me.

Taking the slash of claw and fang

in my place.

He winces, wounded, a slash on his shoulder.

He throws the werewolf,

into the underbrush,

and carries me,

in his strong arms,

to the safety of the castle.

in his strong arms.

My Aslan.

Never Evil.