Author's Note: Well, I had intended for this to be a oneshot, but I thought I'd add a bit more. This is more of an epilogue than a second chapter.

As the Sun set there were only three souls left in the park. Two girls were lying on the ground side by side, holding each others' hands and watching the clouds go by. From atop the swing set, a pair of feline eyes watched them closely. One of them, the one with short hair and a pale blue dress, turned to look at the other. "So, Mika-chan..."

"Eh?" The one wearing a brown jacket and short skirt looked away from the sky to meet her gaze. "What is it?"

"Was that..." The blonde's gentle smile contorted, becoming sinister. "...a love confession?"

"Huh!?" A blush spread across Mika's face and she sat up, hiding her expression. She was silent for a long time, and Kana watched her red waves sway in the breeze. " what if it was?"

"Well then..." Kana sat up and smiled at Mika, brushing her hair back. "...if it was..." She leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek. "...I'd have to say I love you, too."

"Geez, do you always have to be so embarrassing?" Mika sighed, but she was smiling. Kana rested her head on her friend's shoulder, and they sat silently for a while. ", what about your work?"

"Well, you were upset! You're more important than being late for work." Kana replied, lifting her head and smiling.

"No, I mean now. Aren't you, like, seriously behind schedule?"

"" Kana froze as the reality dawned on her. Chief is going to kill me!

"You're so hopeless." Mika said, laughing. She stood up and looked down at the blonde. "Well, there's no helping it." She reached down and grabbed Kana's hand. "I'll just have to escort you."

"We're almost there!" Kana shouted as they neared the turn onto her street, but she stopped before they got there.

"What's the matter?" The red head asked between breaths. Man she can run...

"Ah, well, Chief is probably waiting outside, so I wanted to say goodbye here."

"O-oh." Mika replied lamely. Kana stared at her intently, causing a blush to crawl across her cheeks yet again. Finally the long haired girl relented and closed the distance between them, but she paused before their lips met. "Wait, Kana...what about Johnny?"

"I told you he'll be fine, I can feed him later." Kana answered, perplexed at Mika's thought process. Wait...could it breath smells like fish!?

"I'm not talking about feeding him! I mean...y' like me, right?"

"Of course I do!"

"T-then what are you going to do about him?"

"What do you mean?" Mika glared at Kana, and it dawned on her. "You want me to get rid of Johnny!?"

"Well yeah! You can't have both of us!"

"But..." Kana's smile faded, thinking of all the good times she'd had with Johnny. She noticed Mika was pouting, and it looked like she was on the verge of tears. "Mika-chan, could it hate fish?"


"Why didn't you say so earlier!"

"Sorry, sorry~" Kana smiled apologetically, and Mika's frown softened into a smile. Suddenly she moved forward and planted a kiss on Kana's cheek.

"There, that's all you get." Mika declared, closing her eyes and tilting her head up. "Be grateful." She opened them again to see Kana's smile had brightened more than ever, and it made her heart skip a beat. "N-now go to work before you get fired!"

"Okay, but...Mika-chan?"


"You have to let go of my hand first."

Author's note: The end~

- w - I didn't want to leave Johnny unresolved after all that, y'know?