This Morning:

Sam took the shower he hadn't taken the night before, had a shave and brushed his teeth. As he took care of his normal morning routine, he paid attention to his body, mind, and soul, looking for any sign of anything.

He wasn't having any hardline, full-blown hallucinations, and he didn't remember having any at the diner last night. The headache he'd had yesterday wasn't totally gone, but was more of just a dull reminder behind his eyes. No muscle aches, no tingles, no odd sensations.

Maybe it was nothing. Maybe like Dean said it was just exhaustion combined with the headache combined with – whatever he'd said. Maybe it was nothing.

And maybe when Sam left the motel, he'd have to dodge those pigs that were sure to be flying around today.

He went back out to the room and tucked away his pajamas and shaving kit, while Dean was apparently trying to see into his soul through the back of his head.

"Dean, I'm okay."

"Let's see if we can keep it that way." Dean said, and Sam knew it was more of a promise than a request.

Just like Dean said, they went somewhere else for breakfast. He didn't even drive them down the same street as last night's diner. He picked an old-fashioned looking coffee shop and led the way to the first empty booth closest to the door.

Slouched down at the table, Sam leaned his head back against the high back the of the old wooden bench seat. He'd apparently gotten a sound sleep last night but he felt exhausted right now, and his headache was starting to pulse again near the corner of his eye.

"It was a new moon last night." He said.

"Yeah?" Dean answered over his menu.

Sam shrugged.

"Maybe it's tied to the moon. Maybe it'll get worse as the lunar cycle progresses."

"And maybe it's a one-time thing."

"And our lives would suddenly become that easy because?" Sam asked and Dean didn't answer as the waitress came to their table for their order.

Dean ordered his usual, something-something, lots of grease, and coffee, black. The waitress turned to Sam then and he didn't even straighten up in his seat. He just gestured to Dean.

"I'll have whatever he's having."

When the waitress left, Dean said, "You're having what I'm having? Sammy, what happened last night is a problem, but no reason for you to become suicidal."

Sam wanted to smile, but he was just too tired.

"Easier than trying to look at a menu."

Dean gave him that assessing look then, looking for whatever Sam didn't realize or wasn't admitting to.

"Your headache's coming back."


"Yes, it is. Your eye's doing that thing."

Sam was never sure what 'that thing' was, but Dean could always see it. He rubbed his eyes.

"I'm tired. That's all."

"Mmm hmm." Dean said, obviously not believing him one bit. "Why don't you just take the pill now and have over with it, rather than wait until it's full blown? I'm gonna go change your order."

Sam grumbled but pulled the bottle out of his pocket. It was an Alleve bottle, but that's not what was inside. It was some prescription pills Dean had scored off of that dental hygienist down in Orlando. Jasmine, or Aurora, or Nala, or Lilo or whatever her Disneyesque name was. He popped a pill before Dean came back, and fought the urge to rest his head in his arms on the table.

"So – research?" He asked when Dean sat down again. He figured talking would keep him awake and keep his mind off his 'little problem'. "Where do we start? Curses? Spells?"

"Yeah, but we haven't run into anyone lately who fits the bill. Unless we've suddenly run into a skeeve who doesn't monologue all their evil plans to us. And they're sure few and far between."

"Brain tumor." Sam said, after rummaging around his mind for other options. And Dean got that pinched look around his eyes like he just spotted a favorite enemy, but then his expression cleared.

"And our lives would suddenly become that easy because?" He asked.

Sam thought about it, but didn't have a comeback.

"I don't know." He sighed out.

"So – we'll eat, we'll go back and do some research. We'll call Bobby and between us all, we'll figure it out." He paused a significant moment. "You okay with calling Bobby today?"

Sam hesitated and shrugged a nod.

"What about your car?" he asked. "You didn't get the parts for the brakes yet."

"Don't you think this is a little more important?" '

"What if we have to hightail it away from some small town sheriff?"

"Maybe we could just avoid small town sheriffs?" Dean offered and Sam did manage a smile that time.

"That would be a nice change."

to be continued