Chapter 9

Komui did all he could, Kanda knew that, but he couldn't control Allen's fever.

Kanda hated them, every single last one of them. Kanda wore a black suit and tie, but he was still in shackles, with Crows at his sides so he couldn't escape. In Kanda's hand, he held a single white lotus.

Everyone gathered into the room, they were all silent, showing respect. The only sound was rain pattering on the roof.

It was raining pretty hard that day, making it perfect for a funeral.

A few sniffling people could be heard amongst the crowd.

Kanda spotted Lenalee crying, her brother holding her for comfort.

After everyone said their goodbyes, Kanda was allowed to approach the casket. He slowly looked inside and saw him.

Allen looked like he was just sleeping. He looked so peaceful. He wore a white dress shirt with black pants. His hands were clasped over his chest.

Kanda gently set the flower in his clasped hands. A tear slipped down Kanda's cheek. He gently kissed Allen's lips, they were so cold. Tears streamed down Kanda's cheeks.

The Crows grabbed Kanda's shoulders; they needed to return Kanda to his cell. They forcefully pulled Kanda away from Allen.

Anger grew in Kanda, First they take him away from me. Then they blinded him. They are the reason he got sick. They are the reason why he DIED! Kanda lashed out and struck the Crows, knocking them unconscious. He ran over and held Allen's body in his arms, crying. He wished he could scream, to yell, to curse, to wish them all to go to hell. He held Allen in his arms and rocked him. I'm so sorry, Allen. You never deserved this.

More Crows ran in.

Kanda pulled out a cuff link on his suit and broke it, making it sharp. Kanda took the cuff and raked it down both of his wrists. Please, let me die. I am tired of living for so long. He bleed heavily, but the cuts were healing.

Crows tried to bind him, but he resisted, punching, biting, kicking, anything.

Please, let me join him! Kanda begged.

The Crows tackled him and covered his wounds.

Tears ran down Kanda's face. No! Stop it!

Everyone paused when they heard something shatter. They all turned around and saw a pile of broken glass at General Tiedoll's feet.

Kanda felt himself weakening.

Link ordered that the Crows stand down.

Kanda staggered to Allen's casket, barely able to walk. He held Allen's innocence hand and kissed it. I'm sorry, but you won't be lonely anymore. We can be together forever now, like how you wanted. Kanda kissed Allen gently and closed his eyes, resting his head on Allen's chest.

Everyone was silent for a moment.

"Chief Komuiā€¦," Tiedoll said and cleared his voice. "I have one request for my pupil."

"What is it?"

"Please cremate my pupil and his love."

"Yes of course." Komui nodded.

"They deserve to be together. Even if it is in death."

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