Chapter 8

Kanda's POV

Allen woke the next morning and morning and stretched as he yawned.

I slowly opened my eyes and smiled as I watched him wake up. I gently pet his soft white hair.

Allen laid back down against my chest and nuzzled my neck.

I gave him a sad look, which I knew he couldn't see. Nuzzling my neck had always been his sign for he wanted sex. I gave a silent sigh and kissed his cheek and slowly shook my head no.

Allen's facial expression turned from loving to sad, even a little crushed.

I kissed Allen again, this time square on the lips. I sat up and pulled Allen onto my lap. I kissed him until I heard something down the hall.

Allen 'looked' up at me hearing it too. "What is going on?"

I wanted to tell him, but I knew I couldn't. My cell door unlocked and some men came in. I held Allen closer, not wanting them to take my little Moyashi.

The men grabbed Allen and dragged him, against his will, out. "Kanda!" He cried, scared.

I ran up and placed a kiss on his lips. I took his hand and placed it against my lips. I love you.

"I love you too." Allen whispered as they dragged him away, leaving Kanda alone.

Kanda felt his lips and begin to wonder if it was just him or was Allen's temperature was higher than last night.