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For Linus, Alana, and June. Abby

Wedding Planners

"All right, let's do this," Mike said jokingly, as he and Connie sat down at the kitchen table at their apartment to start planning their wedding.

Connie chuckled.

"I feel like we're having one of our strategy meetings," she joked.

"In a way, we kind of are," Mike said with a small smile. "And let me just say, I've got big ideas for our wedding."

"Oh really?" Connie asked, knowing he was joking and keeping up the banter.

"Yes. First, I think we should call up your reality show friend—the one who works on Family Showdown with Larry and Septomom—and make a huge two-part reality TV special."

"Okay," Connie said, trying really hard to suppress a grin.

"Then we need to sell all the pictures to the tabloids for a ridiculously large sum of money."

"All right," Connie said, chuckling. "Is all that going to foot our two million dollar budget?"

"Absolutely," Mike said, smirking.

"I like it," Connie said, no longer able to prevent herself from grinning.

"And for our grand finale, we should wait seventy-two days and then file for divorce, so that the proceedings will last longer than our marriage."

"Oh I'll do you one better: not seventy-two days—seventy-two hours," Connie bantered slyly.

"I like the way you think," Mike joked. "So yeah, I think we need to make this one big publicity stunt."

"Right on," Connie joked, chuckling.

Mike chuckled.

The two of them then exchanged glances and smiles.

Connie gently took hold of his hand, and he tenderly grasped her hand in return.

"In all seriousness, though, Mike, I'm not a fan of extravagance," she said.

"Oh me, neither," said Mike. "It's superficial."

"Right!" said Connie. "I feel like weddings nowadays have become all about keeping up with the Joneses and impressing your guests and keeping them entertained and satisfied. I feel like they've become all about the glitz factor instead of the bride and groom. In my opinion, as a society, we've lost sight of what weddings are really about. I don't want our wedding to be about anyone or anything but us."

"I completely agree," Mike said, giving her hand a gentle squeeze.