Title: The Influence of One

Full summary: AU. Things happened differently in this universe. The Hale Manor did in fact burn, Laura Hale did become the Alpha, and her uncle Peter Hale did in fact kill her to become Alpha. Afterwards things took a different track from what we know and the pack grew quickly. There have always been secrets in Beacon Hills, but there was one that was far more influential than any other. Stiles Stilinski soon finds out about this secret and soon his life and everyone else's changes dramatically. Sterek vs. Steter.

Warnings: M/M, slash, language, adult themes, rated M.


Story key: "Regular talking," "Emphasis/," Thoughts/flashbacks, 'speech in flashbacks,' POV change, instincts/inner beast.–The Influence of One- (page break, major setting/time change)

Notes (important! Please read!): Most of the story will most likely be in third person so when it doesn't state the POV just assume that it's in 3rd POV. This story is AU and it is a slash as well as a Sterek-centric fic so if you don't like it, don't read it, end of story. Also this does play with an idea of (slight spoiler) Stiles not being completely human and that he's not as weak as he really seems. If you like submissive Stiles then you might not like my Stiles in this fic. In this story he occasionally acts OOC for a fact. Even Derek might be OOC due to Stiles being OOC, so there. Please enjoy and remember to always review!

-The Influence of One-

A six year old Stiles Stilinski laughed, partially in confusion and partially in excitement, when he saw cake and an array of food placed out before the kitchen table, arranged to look like a buffet table for a king and his royal family. "Dad, what is this?" Stiles asked as he ran a hand through his short curly hair. Stiles chuckled as he passed the counter and saw that the cake lid said that it came from Publix. "Oh! This is an event." The young boy joked as he turned to finally face his father.

Glenn Stilinski sighed and nodded his head. The police officer sat down at the head of the table and motioned for his son to come to him. The boy skipped over and tossed himself into his father's lap, laughing when the older man grunted. "Yeah, your mother wanted to do this when the time came…"

At the mention of his mother both son and father remained quiet for a moment. Edina Stilinski had died when Stiles was born, she being too week from her sickness to continue living after she gave birth. But she desperately wanted to stay. Glenn remembers being with her as they took away their son and as she took her last breaths and hearing her say so.

'Oh how I wish I could stay Glenn.' Edina whimpered out, her Hungarian accent thick in her words.

'Then why don't you?' Glenn cried out as his grip on her hand tightened. 'Stay… fight it.'

She smiled sadly at him. 'I c-can't. I am too week. Oh but I wish I could Glenn. I wish I could-could see our little boy grow up to be such a great man—a man I know he will become.'

Glenn sighed and felt the tears slip from his eyes. 'We're not certain that he will—'

'No.' Edina sighed out, her eyes drifting shut. 'No… he will. I am sure of it.'

Meanwhile at the Hale Manor the Hales were all inside, save for Laura and Derek Hale who were out getting groceries for their parents. Inside the house was their father, Devon Hale, the Alpha of the pack, his werewolf mate Marta and his younger brother Peter. Also with them in the house were the Hale's human side of the family; Devon and Peter's youngest brother Dylan, his wife Jessica and their young son Cody, only eighteen months old.

They were all enjoying the night, the half moon hanging above the house, slowly turning to the next full moon in about a week or so. Outside the moon's dim light illuminated the movements of Kate Argent and her gang of other werewolf hunters, all planning to set the manor ablaze. They went around the house, being careful not to make too loud of a sound for the werewolves inside to hear. Kate moved to the window that showed the Hale's basement, this is where she would start the fire from wolfsbane. The fire would burn them to death and if not the smoke would.

As her gang made sure all the windows were shut tight and that no one would escape she carefully and as quietly as she could broke the small window and lit the wolfsbane, tossing it inside and onto the running washing machine.

Back at the Stilinski home Stiles looked at the table in wonder. "It isn't my birthday… it isn't yours either… is it?"

"No son." Glenn replied as he hugged his son closer to him, his heart racing as he thinks back to the conversation he had with his late wife during their honeymoon. She had this all planned, she was the one who was going to say the speech the two had written together. He was just always supposed to get the food. "But tonight is a very special night for you see, tonight marks the anniversary of an eon passed."

Young Stiles shifted on his father's lap and looked at the man's face, his own little face twisted in confusion. Glenn couldn't help but chuckle quietly. "That doesn't make any sense."

"It's not supposed to… not yet anyways." Glenn replied quickly, all his answers to any of Stiles' questions already mapped out, memorized forever in his heart and soul. "You see son, tonight gives us the chance, as a family, to undergo through something so spectacular, so rare, that it can change the whole world."

Stiles squealed and squirmed happily on his father's lap before the movement caused the young boy to slip off the man's lap. "Are we superheroes?" The boy asked, a huge grin spreading across his face. "Like Batman!"

The father laughed and shook his head slowly at his son before placing large hands on the boy's small shoulders. "No son. We are not superheroes."

At the Manor the fire began to ignite the washing machine, the fumes coming from the machine spreading the flames quickly. Kate moved away from the house and pulled out her gun that contained silver bullets within it. If any wolf thought about escaping, she would fire without hesitation.

Inside the house Devon was searching discretely for the source of the sound of glass breaking. He didn't want to alarm his pack, his family, for something that might not even be anything. Thanks to being the Alpha, his hearing was more enhanced and more attuned than his wife and Peter. He wandered through the home and eventually began heading to the basement when his body tensed on its own accord. He began to sniff heavily at the air and the smell of smoke hit his nostrils but it burned him. He snorted and shook his head quickly. Wolfsbane.

The Alpha growled and eyes turned red. Someone was trying to smoke them out. He moved into the basement and saw in horror that a large fire had already started and the window above the washing and drying machine was broken. Devon moved closer but the smell of wolfsbane got stronger and with horror the Alpha realized that the fire was started with wolfsbane. This wasn't to smoke them out, this was to kill them. He turned and ran up the stairs; he had to get his family out. "Get out now!" He roared and automatically Marta and Peter moved to the door without question. "There's a wolfsbane fire in the basement." He quickly explained as he ushered Dylan and Jessica to their feet.

Peter pulled on the handle and it broke apart from the door in his hands, someone had removed the handle from the outside. Peter dropped the handle and began to run into the door in an attempt to break it. "Hurry Peter!" Marta said as she looked back and saw Dylan grab Jessica and move towards the door.

Jessica gasped and slammed on the brakes, turning quickly in her husband's arms to look back at the stairs. "Cody! He's upstairs! Devon!" Jessica yelled as she saw Devon near the stairs. "Devon, the baby!"

The Alpha growled in his throat and ran up the stairs to the room his youngest brother and his wife shared. He rushed to the crib and picked up Cody who was sleeping. The baby began to wake up and Devon rushed back down the stairs to hand his sister-in-law her son. "We need to get out. Peter!"

Peter growled and shook his head. "Devon, I think they placed something outside. I can't—"Peter tried again to bust open the door but failed again.

Devon growled in response. "This way! We'll try the back door!" By this time the flames had engulfed the basement and were now seeping their way through the first floor.

In the Stilinski home Stiles sighed, being heavily disappointed to find out that they were not in fact superheroes. The kid soon brightened up and smiled at his father. "But you're a hero! You save people and lives!"

Glenn smiled and ushered for his son to take a seat at the table which Stiles did quickly. "I do, don't I?" Glenn asked as he took one of the plates he had already placed on the table and began setting food onto it for his son. "But seriously, Stiles. Tonight is a very important night and we are going to celebrate it in style." Not exactly how his wife had said it but it was close enough.

The six year old boy laughed and clapped his hands happily. "Good 'cause I'm starving!" His father chuckled as he placed the full pate before his son.

"Good because I got a whole bunch of food."

"And cake!"

"Yes, of course, and cake." The two laughed together as Stiles began to eat and his father served himself.

The fire at the manor began to burn the walls when Kate and the other hunters began throwing Molotov cocktails into the home, also laced with wolfsbane. Windows shattered as the flaming bottles flew into the home and erupted, flames flying and hitting the family. Screams shattered the air as now flames completely tore away at the first floor. Devon moved quickly as he tried to usher his family up the stairs and away from the flames that were killing them. "Dylan! Jessica! Marta!" He called out their names.

"De-Devon!" Peter stuttered. "They're gone! Dylan, Jess and Cody, they're—"

"No! Why them? Goddamn it!" Devon cursed. "Marta, where is my mate?"

"Devon!" Marta's scream sounded.

"Marta!" Devon screamed as he rushed through the flames to her.

"No, wait!" Peter yelled after his brother. He was running into the kitchen where all the appliances were. A loud explosion came from the kitchen, tossing Peter into the wall, nearly going through it. "Devon! Marta!" Peter practically howled. By now the flames were eating away at the second floor and fire was everywhere, burning Peter severely. Peter screamed in agony as the flames burned his flesh off, his hair, all feeling in his body. Then he heard her.

Kate was laughing outside. Kate Argent, the woman who had begun to date his nephew Derek. A pang of anger reverted through Peter Hale's body. He had warned his nephew about her, told him to break it off, to end it.

Derek trusted Peter to no end. He liked him a lot, the best uncle ever. In all actuality Derek told Peter everything which made his uncle more of a father figure since his father very rarely focused on him. All of Devon's attention was devoted to Laura is next in line to become the Alpha. All Derek had was his mother who was teaching him how to be the best second-in-command he could be and Peter who was practically his wing man. Derek sat down with Peter in the living room in one of those rare moments were no one else was at home.

'So what did you want to talk to me about Derek?' Peter asked as he leaned back into the sofa, getting extremely comfortable.

'Well… Peter I… I—'

'Well spill it out Derek. I'm not getting any younger ya know.'

'I-I met someone.'

Peter raised a brow. 'Derek… are you talking about—'

'No… no not that. Her name's Kate.'

Peter sighed at the pup. 'Kate who Derek?'

'K-Kate Argent…'

'Are you insane?' Peter asked, his mouth clearly having no mouth filter at that moment. 'She's an Argent Derek. Not to mention that you already—'

Derek's scoff interrupted the elder. 'I can't wait Peter. I… I want someone.'

'That someone is—'

'No I can't wait!' Derek yelled as he stood up abruptly. 'I just want someone!' With that Derek began to leave the room.

Peter stood and yelled after him. 'She's no good Derek! She's an Argent! Nothing good ever comes from her family! Derek!'

"I can't believe it was this easy." Kate laughed out. "All thanks to Derek, that poor, stupid, boy."

Peter growled deeply. This woman would pay; pay for what she did to him, to his family, to Derek, his favorite nephew. They all will.

Back at the Stilinski's, the dinner was just beginning when Glenn's pager resonated to life on his waist. Glenn automatically reached for it and glanced at the screen. It read: Possible 187 in progress. House fire at Hale Manor.

"I've got to go." Officer Stilinski said as he rose from the table. "It's a fire. I'll be back as soon as possible, okay son?"

"Sure." Stiles replied as he watched his father run to the front door. "Be safe!" The boy called after his father as the officer left the house.

As soon as Kate Argent and her gang left Laura and Derek arrived to witness in horror as their home burned. The siblings climbed out of Laura's car. Derek watched the flames climb the outside of the house and reached the roof, the only sounds being the flames crackling. Laura sniffed the air and winced. "There's wolfsbane in the air… whoever did this knew that some of the family were werewolves."

Derek glanced at his nineteen year old sister. "Were? Just because there's no sounds coming from—"

Laura glanced at her brother, her eyes glowing red. "They're dead Derek." Derek internally collapsed.

"All of them?"

"I don't know." Laura replied truthfully as she looked back at the house. In the distance her newly attuned ears picked up the sounds of sirens quickly approaching. "We have to get going. Come on." They climbed back into her Honda and the car quickly sped down the driveway and took the second road, the longer one, which led to the main road. As she turned onto the road the red and blue flashing lights were coming up a hill and she pulled over to allow them to pass. As they were pulled over Laura sighed and stared straight ahead, eyes shut as she said her next words. "Derek… there's more. I could smell Kate underneath the smell of wolfsbane." She felt the eyes of her brother stare at her. He didn't know that she knew about Kate but apparently she had, and she did. Peter had told her knowing that if he told Devon that the then-Alpha would have started a war and besides Peter, Laura was the only other soul that Derek truly trusted; he didn't even trust his own mother as much. "I think… I think she used you Derek." The now-Alpha finished before she pulled the car back onto the street and continued on her way out of Beacon Hills.

Derek could truly say that was the first time in his sixteen years alive that he truly cried and felt so heartbroken.

-The Influence of One-

Nearly a whole decade has passed since the Hale Manor fire and a twenty nine year old Laura was driving across the United States back to Beacon Hills. As she drove her mind drifted to her brother, a twenty six year old man who was constantly brooding and aloof. The man had graduated from New York University with high honors and yet didn't have a job. She felt sorry for him; sorry that he felt guilty over the death of his family when it really wasn't his fault—it was that Kate Argent's fault. Laura growled in her chest at the name and remembered what had happened when she told Derek that she would be returning back to their old home.

'I'm going back.'


'I don't know how to explain it but… something's off. I feel like its beckoning me to go back like something's been hanging around there.' Derek remained quiet, staring off into the distance. Laura sighed and sat beside her young brother, hands grasping his shoulders. 'Hey there, kiddo.' Derek growled at the nickname and Laura grinned. 'Chin up. I'll run down there and be back before you even have a chance to miss me.'

Derek scoffed and stood, shoving his hands deep into his leather jacket's pockets before he walked out of their apartment. Laura sighed once more. 'It wasn't your fault Derek. Stop beating yourself up for it.' She said hoping that her words reached her brother's ears. She stood and watched as the sun set in the distance and existed the apartment to begin her journey back home.

When she arrived in Beacon Hills she wasn't planning on staying long. She parked the car just outside the city limits and ran on foot to her old home. Once she arrived there at the Manor she stood and stared at the house. It was burned black, still standing and was a haunting emblem of death. Laura sighed and began to investigate, sniffing around for anything out of whack. Soon a smell passed through her nose and what shocked her most was that the smell was familiar. She began to follow the smell and stopped when she saw the robbed figure of what appeared to be her uncle. She looked around in shock. Last she heard of her uncle Peter was that he was comatose in a rehabilitation center in town. She began to walk to him, still looking around in confusion.

"Peter?" Peter turned his head and growled at her as he began to shift into a werewolf. Laura walked backwards away from her uncle. "Uncle… what's wrong? Peter?" His growl became louder and soon he lunged at her and pinned her to the ground. "Peter!" She yelled in shock as she tried to throw him off her. She didn't want to hurt him; he was her uncle for God's sake. His teeth tore into her throat and she screamed. "Peter! Stop! Please!" But it was too late. Just like that Peter dispatched the Alpha as he snapped her neck and then literally tore her torso in half.

Peter stood and sighed loudly as he rotated his shoulders, his eyes turning crimson he became the Alpha. He howled into the night, the sound traveling through the air until it hit the ears of Derek Hale all the way back in New York City. Derek froze as he walked down the sidewalk. That didn't sound like Laura. He turned and faced the direction of Beacon Hills and tried to listen for another howl. When he didn't get one he ran back to the apartment, packed up all some all of his things (which wasn't a lot, he wasn't materialistic at all) and grabbed his keys from the counter. He rushed to the parking garage and got into his car. Soon he would be following the same path as his sister as he too returned to the Hale Manor.

-The Influence of One-

A few nights later sixteen year olds Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski went trumping through the woods in search of the second half of a woman's body, again, this time in search of the upper half of a torso Scott had uncovered the night before when he got bit by some monster. They stumbled upon the old Hale Manor and uncovered a grave of sorts and came face-to-face with half of a wolf. "Ahh!" Stiles jumped back as Scott just flinched. "What in the hell…?"

Things were getting weird. Just that day the two boys ran into Derek Hale, a guy who was supposedly out of town and the supposed murder of his whole family. Then as the days progressed Stiles realized that all the weird things Scott has been going through, great sport skills, super hearing, could all be due to a werewolf. His best friend was most likely a werewolf! He tried to warn Scott but the boy wouldn't allow the other teen to continue.

Then everyone else was becoming werewolves. Stiles and then later on Scott were starting to become aware of the whole thing. Derek Hale himself even approached the two teens, confirming that there are in fact werewolves and warning them of a rouge Alpha going around biting people to form a pack.

Isaac Lahey was the second to become a teen werewolf behind Scott, followed by a girl named Erica Reyes, then another boy named Boyd. Jackson Whittemore was next. The two noticed his being a werewolf when the co-captain's eyes flashed yellow in the hallway when he passed the two boys.

Lydia Martin was the next one but instead of becoming a werewolf she was hospitalized and was in a coma for a whole week. When Stiles confronted her in the hallway on her first day back at school she was still very much human though now she knew the existence of werewolves. Derek had explained to him (well to Scott, Stiles was just there) that it was rare but perhaps Lydia was immune to the bite.

Then the rouge Alpha introduced himself to Stiles. "You must be Stiles." Peter Hale grinned toothily at the teen. Stiles stuttered in the rehabilitation center. He just came over to prove or disprove an idea of his and his idea was totally proven. Peter Hale was the Alpha. "You know Stiles…" Peter continued, half of his face gnarly looking from the skin having partially regenerated. "I already have a big enough pack and well… I could have more but there's really only two that I want." Stiles began to back up and was then stopped by a hand. Turning he saw Peter's nurse, yellow eyes glowing as she shoved him back towards Peter. "I have a plan and it includes you Stiles." Peter finished, not offering any more information about his plan.

"Am I going to die?" Stiles heard himself say and Peter began to advance.

Suddenly the sound of a body collapsing to the floor was sounded and Stiles spun around to see Derek standing in front of the downed body of the nurse. Stiles soon realized that she was dead. "Run." Derek commanded.

"Don't need to tell me twice." Stiles mumbled and he ran out of the center without looking back.

That night Derek submitted to the Alpha and became his second-in-command. A few nights later with some death threats to both his mom and his girlfriend, Scott too joined the pack and the third highest ranked werewolf in the pack Isaac following for fourth and remarkably Jackson as fifth even though he was changed last and then Erica and Boyd.

Following that night the status quo was changed. Lydia became good friends with Stiles due to the fact that they were the only two humans, besides Dr. Deaton, the Argents (including Allison) and other hunters, which knew of werewolf existence.

All of this happened in a matter of months, starting in September and ending in the middle of November. The town of Beacon Hills was struck with werewolf politics as the Alpha was once again changed out and a new pack was formed. Peter was beginning to prove to be a malicious Alpha who had "just took a break from changing teenagers" to pull together his pack and assert his leadership amongst the other wolves. From this a rebellion group formed being created off Derek, Scott, Stiles, Lydia at times and eventually Jackson after the Alpha had put him in his place one too many times.

Stiles thought that things couldn't get worse than they already are—any more complicated. Not only was he dealing with the whole werewolf thing but personally his love life has been taking a weird turn. After months of dealing with Derek and his brooding, threatening self, Stiles has begun to find himself having some sort of a man-crush on him. And while this was going on Jackson and Lydia are remarkably still going strong despite all that they have been through, in fact, it had pulled them closer together of all things. And not to mention the teen still had high school to deal with as well as lacrosse which he still has no idea how in the hell he was able to get on the team.

Stiles groaned of the thought of it all. Another month has passed with Peter as the Alpha and now it was nearing the New Year's as well as his birthday a week after. His mind pounded within his skull and the teen cried out in his room in frustration.

This whole unfortunate series of events was making his brain hurt.

Well there we are chapter 1. And before you say anything, yes I know that the way the Hale family perished was differently than what I wrote. I did that on purpose because I wanted to add my own spin to it and make it a bit more dramatic than it already was. This whole chapter was pretty much an introduction if you haven't noticed by now but whatever; things as they say always get more entertaining.