*The Future of the Sárkány*

"Your Majesty, I will be on guard." Rozsa said as they all finished descending the stairs, adding a bow before she turned and walked away, disappearing into the large crowd of supernaturals and some humans and even a lesser number of half breeds (with humans).

Stiles sighed and turned to his daughter, the one he had most concern for. "Act gracefully please, you are a princess and do not talk to anyone who might be suspicious." And remember, you're pretending to just be human. His eyes translated to her.

She bowed her head and curtsied lightly to her papa. "Yes, Your Majesty. Father." She added nodding to Derek before walking away into the crowd to enjoy the party.

It wasn't a moment afterward when a dark skinned woman, with red hair cut in a bob haircut, beading hanging from her hair accessory (a beaded headband) and off the side of her face, dangling in the air on the right side of her face. Her matching red eyes were bright and smiling and that smile in her eyes was copied onto her mouth, her pink lips opened in a wide-mouthed smile. Around her neck sat a white lace collar and she wore matching arm bands that came up past her elbow (they weren't gloves for they didn't cover her hands at all), her black tattoo on the very top of her right arm plain to see (it looked like a dragon with three lines coming from the head and curling into a crescent moon shape, the tail waving downwards with several lines coming from the tip, the wings looked just like one and looked to have a feather pattern). Her dress was pink, ankle length, with the skirt from mid-thigh being see-through white with fluff at the bottom hem and at this boundary. The dress itself had white and dark pink (light purple) lines on it coming in swirls. As if there wasn't enough pink, her stockings she wore were also light, baby pink and her shoes were raspberry sherbet colored and her eye shadow was pink as well. "Well, if it isn't Your Majesty!" She cooed as she bowed deeply before him, her arms jutting out dramatically. "I have been wanting to see you for ages." She continued when she straightened. "I am Aminah Dutka, fairy descendant of Atalik's forest family, the Leleana Tribe, at your service."

The sárkány blinked quickly in shock. "A descendant from Atalik's fairy family?"

"Yes, Your Majesty." Giggling, for she read Stiles' thoughts in his facial expression, she added… "My mother was African but my father had the blood of the Leleana Tribe."

"Ah, I see. Let me introduce you to my mate, Derek Hale."

Aminah bowed her head at him before turning her gazes back to Stiles. "Oh, Your Majesty! There are justsome people that you have to meet! Please follow me!" Turning on her heals the fairy began to walk away, her hips swinging as she walked.

Derek growled at the flirtation. Stiles chuckled and placed a hand on his arm. "It's fine, my love. It's harmless." Together they began to walk after the fairy who was currently calling for them; she stopped in her journey to wait for them. All the while the two felt the eyes of almost everyone in the room on them.

Since they were all mostly supernatural, most of them had superb hearing and everything that the royal family says would most likely be heard, even in this crowded room so they must always be on their guard. That also goes for their actions for if something were to go wrong then Stiles could be criticized for the rest of Stiles' rule and that would simply not be good.

Aminah lead the King and his mate straight to a couple, male and female, both of which who were surrounded by many people, both supernatural and human alike. Though the female woman stood behind her supernatural husband in an obvious show of inferiority to her husband, she had a sweet smile on her face that made her radiate. Her stunning dress also added to the affect. It was a purple ballroom dress, not to wide out but just enough to give it that flair, with golden roses printed onto the skirt and golden butterflies on the bodice. Two golden, sparkly straps came from her bust and crossed on her chest before coming around to cross on her back. Yellow waves came up and down on her bodice, coming to a horizontal cross hash that synched her waist. When she moved one could see her shoes which were also golden in color and sparkly as well. She wore a simple, purple chocker with a diamond bracelet, matching earing and of course her wedding ring, one that looked extremely expensive. Her deep brown hair was put up in a fancy bun, tuffs of hair coming around her face, her blue eyes popping out against the purple of her dress.

Beside her the man was just as elegant. He had medium, light brown hair that was jelled and curled back; he almost looked like Spider Man (Toby Maguire) with dark brown, almost black eyes and square jaw. He wore an expensive medium gray, stripped suit with a dark gray tie and a white undershirt and shiny black dress shoes. A twenty-four carrot golden watch wrapped around his wrist and on his hand was a simple, but then again expensive looking, platinum wedding band. The man was obviously a supernatural, a powerful one at that, and was about eight to ten years older than Stiles. Upon coming up to the group they all scattered, leaving the five there in their own mini circle of socializing. Aminah smiled greatly and turned to Stiles and Derek. "Your Majesty, Mr. Hale, may I present Mr. Joseph Estrada and his wife Marlie Estrada? Mr. Estrada was the last King of All Supernaturals, Your Majesty."

"Yes, I am quite aware of his old position. Fifteen years ago he and I had a bit of a conflict for one of his dragon brethren nearly tried to kill me and my guardian." Stiles said with a tense tone.

"And it was such a shame that he failed." Joseph responded back with the same, but more sarcastic tone.

"You watch your mouth you—"Derek began when Stiles placed a hand on his arm, shaking his head as he did so. Translation: Don't you even dare. We're being watched.

Joseph smirked in response. Aminah looked between both pairs and chuckled softly. "Right, well, enjoy the party. I shall see you four around. Ta-ta!" With that the fairy turned around and escaped the high tension zone.

For a while there was a bit of silence that was soon broken by the only female and human in the group. "Please excuse my husband," Marlie started, "he didn't mean—"

"Oh, but I did, Marlie, and I did not say that you could speak." Marlie nodded her head and casted her eyes downward. Stiles had to refrain from narrowing his eyes in hatred. Here they were, adults, full grown adults, and this man was reprimanding his wife for trying to apologize for his actions? Still he could say nothing. If there was anything he learned, Stiles learned to remain out of family issues, issues in which he had no say in. "So, Your Majesty, how are you enjoying the party I threw you?"

"Yes I am. Though I only just got here."

"I must say, it is a shame you didn't want my castle."

"With all due respect I see nothing wrong with your castle. In fact it has been used by the past Kings for quite a few decades, but I simply could not leave my home to move here. But in saying that this caste is no longer yours… it is the country's."

"Oh, do forgive me. It's a habit… but really, what a waste this is. If this castle remained in my possession it would have been prevented from being turned into a museum and tourist attraction."

"Let the Hungarian government do with the building as they please. The leader understands fully that this belongs in fact to the supernatural community, in fact he himself is a supernatural—a griffin if I do remember."

"Your memory is serving you well. Sadly he could not join us for he had other business in Romania."

"Quite a shame. I have talked with him on the phone but have not seen him in person as off yet."

"He is a busy man."

"As I would hope."


With that the conversation died off and the tension was higher than ever. Derek and Marlie exchanged glances, they understanding truly the hatred that runs between their spouses' species. Derek spoke up then, if only to draw the conversation away from power. "Did you bring anyone else with you two or did you come alone? You live in Andorra correct?"

"We brought our only child, our son, with us." Joseph responded, glancing at the werewolf. "And yes, we live in Andorra now, my home country."

"I see. We brought our only child too, our daughter."

"Ah yes, the Princess of All Supernaturals… how old is she again? Sixteen, seventeen?"

"Fifteen." Stiles answered then, not liking the fact that the conversation is on his daughter.

"Tch." The dragon clicked his tongue. "So young… granted my son was born a Prince as well but is your girl ready for all the responsibility she will receive on her sixteenth birthday? Her birthday is coming up correct?"

"In two months… and for your information, my confidants and I have been training her personally all her life."

"Confidants. So you have more than one."

"Yes. Though my daughter uses one of my confidants for her own and my mate has his own as well but Dr. Deaton doesn't associate with me."

"A strong force behind you then."

"Yes. Very. Not to mention that my mate's pack, the hunters, my father and the other supernaturals in my home all support me fully, with no questions asked. In fact since I became the sárkány my mate's pack has tripled, to the point where he had to promote three other werewolves to be his second-in-commands."

Joseph's eyes narrowed at that in scorn. Since his title as King was taken away he had lost more than eighty percent of his support, his dragon clan the only ones supporting him now. Meanwhile Stiles spoke the truth. When word got out that a sárkány was truly in existence, many supernaturals and their families flocked to Beacon Hills and quadrupled the population of Beacon Hills. The small town in result boomed into a medium sized city and expanded outwards with the exception of Stiles' woods for no one was going to step onto his private property (becoming the King when he was twenty gave him many riches and he bought the preserve to prevent the government from destroying his woods for construction). As for the three werewolves that were promoted, they were Scott, Jackson and Isaac and the three of them each manage a mini pack of a max of twenty wolves with Derek ruling over the mass pack of nearly sixty wolves. Along with the werewolves other supernaturals, such as centaurs (Rozsa's family all picked up and moved to Beacon Hills), elves, sirens, mermaids, fairies and other lesser known creatures came with their families, most with human counterparts. This attracted confidants from around the world due to the mass concentration of many different species of supernaturals. Not only that, even hunters who were tired of their lifestyle came to Beacon Hills to live in peace beside all these supernatural beings, the Argents acting as the reigning family.

Needless to say it was definitely a mass movement of beings, human and supernatural.

Marlie sounded impressed. "That's really impressive. And when you're away the second-in-commands take over for you?"

"Yes and I personally trained the three of them on how to take care of a pack. My daughter, Mira is also being trained to be a second-in-command and eventually an Alpha."

"She's a werewolf."


"Yes." Stiles interrupted. "Born a werewolf."

Derek glanced down at his mate but quickly understood the reason why. Mira being the first ever true half-breed (not to mention being half sárkány), her true form needed to be kept a secret. That raised a thought in the Alpha's head. "Speaking of which… where is Mira?"

"And where's my son?" Marlie posed the question at the two looked around for their respective children while the erdőben sárkány and the dragon glared daggers at each other.

*The Future of the Sárkány*

Mira was casually walking around the ballroom, smiling sweetly at passer-byers and fellow party-goers who were saying hello to her, they all knowing who she was. She ended up finding a crowded bench with other females sitting down by a wall and she took the last small space on the corner, she being ignored by the other teenaged girls giggling and gossiping. Geez… you would think that because I'm a Princess I wouldn't be ignored… like usual. Mira was usually ignored by her fellow classmates; not only did she have two dads, but one of her dads has an incredibly large posse (of course the humans not knowing the reason why) and the other bought the whole preserve at age twenty. On the other hand, supernatural children ignored her in fear of upsetting her and thus the erdőben sárkány and his all-powerful Alpha mate. Not a good thing and the parents would definitely hear about a pair of upset parents if the child was the Princess of All Supernaturals.

Mira sat on the wall, watching as others gossiped and socialized and danced. Eventually the other females at the bench left to go dance with some boys and other friends and Mira sighed pathetically to herself, her chin falling into her hand. As the seconds rolled by the Princess closed her eyes and just listened to the orchestra play music, both classical and their renditions of modern songs. She sat like this for a bit when she suddenly felt the space beside her dip down with the weight of another wallflower. Opening one eye lazily, expecting a girl that was going to ignore her, she saw instead the profile of a gorgeous teenaged boy. He was blonde, his hair gelled back but still retaining plenty of curls; his eyes being a light green color, his suit a medium brown suit with a white undershirt, a maroon tie tied around his neck, and his shoes being like 20's oxfords, being white and black. While she was staring at his facial features he turned his head towards her, a small yet sexy smile on his lips. "Hey." He said simply.

She blinked once or twice before straightening. "Hey." She mimicked back, her hands passing up and down her calves in a nervous twitch.

"It's a shame you're here by yourself…"

"Oh, yeah, but it's no big deal. I can't bond with most of these girls my age anyways." Which was the truth because of all her Princess training she was more mature than children her age and she would prefer to hang out with adults over twenty-seven than a bunch of teenagers. In fact she usually says that she hates teenagers… another fact.

"Yeah, I know what you mean. These ladies—if I should even call them that—have really no intellectual value at all. All they worry about is their appearance and crushes and who did what and with whom."

Mira, feeling a bit more at ease since it appeared that she and this gorgeous boy have something in common, smiled and leaned in closer, whispering to him… "Shh. You shouldn't say that for they're still in the room. That's something you say later when they're all gone."

The male chuckled out then before nodding in agreement. "So true." He added before extending a hand out to her. "I'm Theodor but friends call me Theo."

"Hello Theodor, I'm Mira." She extended her own hand out and was expecting a hand shake when he took her hand, his fingers curling around hers, before raising her hand up to his lips and placing a small peck on the back of her hand.

"Please, call me Theo, Mira." Theo smiled at her and she blushed slightly.

He released her hand and she brought it back down onto her lap. "Theo…" She said softly, testing the name on her lips. "Um… how old are you?"

"Seventeen. And you, if you don't mind me asking?"


He smiled widely. "I thought you were older with the way you act. You're very mature for your age."

"So are you."

He shrugged his shoulders when a sole piano and cello began to play their version of Christina Perri's A Thousand Years, a slower and more beautiful version of it. Mira looked in the direction of the music with a smile. She loved this song; it was one of her favorites. Theo stood then and extended his hand towards her again. She looked at the hand and then up at his face. "May I have this dance, Mira?"

The half breed Princess smiled whilst blushing slightly before giving a nod and placing her hand in his once more. The moment her hand touched his, he pulled her up to her feet and lead her out into the balcony where there was no one there and the night sky sparkled over them, the distant lights of the town faintly illuminating across the lake. She giggled softly to herself, thinking that this was just like a romance movie when he placed his other hand on the small of her back and pulled her close, the hand holding her gently grasping it at bust height (her free hand was holding her dress). Mira realized then that he was at least five to seven inches taller that her and she in her three inch heals came at just five feet one—meaning that he was really tall. Theo began to lead her around the balcony in a slow waltz. She thanked God then, mentally, that her papa taught her how to ballroom dance for she was easily able to keep up with Theo—and he obviously took lessons as well.

"You dance beautifully Mira." He commented, his green eyes looking down into her brown ones.

"Thank you. My papa taught me." He nodded at her and his smile grew slightly. "You dance beautifully as well Theo."

"Thank you. I had teachers." He grinned at her then. "I'm afraid it's not as personal as your papa teaching you."

She chuckled and shook her head. "It's fine. All that matters is that you learned something."

"Isn't that the truth?" He asked her and with that rhetorical question the conversation died off as the two danced in the balcony till the end of the song where the two still held their bodies close, both of their hands coming up to hold each other's hands. Silently he led her to a bench out on the balcony and the two sat closely together, their hands still clasped together. They stayed like that for a bit when Theo made a sound that was like a small chuckle. "Here I am with you but… but I'm supposed to be with the Princess."

"Princess?" Mira asked stupidly.

"Yes. The Princess of All Supernaturals."

"Um, uh, you mean you don't know how she looks like? You weren't here when they introduced her and her family?"

"No. My phone was dying so I went up to my room to put it to charge and when I came back I heard from my friends that she was already here but none of them could point me out to her."

"Oh…" Mira sounded. She didn't know if she was disappointed or not—because he didn't know who she was that is—and for some reason something was telling her not to correct him… she didn't.

She didn't say a word—neither of them did—that is until Theo spoke again, he staring out into the distance with a small hue of pink on his cheeks. "I never did believe is love at first sight, Mira… I always thought it was made up and never happened in real life but… but when I saw you sitting there by yourself you just…" He sighed and looked at her. Their eyes met and she could see that he was being dead serious right now. "I fell in love with you. I'm not sure..." His words faded off for it seemed he didn't know what else to say. After a few seconds he finally spoke again. "This is going to sound weird but… you have like some… regal air about you. You're not like other girls in fact you're special, and I can feel that from you… I like that—the uniqueness I mean. You're… we have a lot in common I feel and I know we've only been with each other for like five minutes but I want to keep in touch with you. How long are you staying in Hungary?"

Mira could hear her heartbeat ringing in her ears she was so nervous. It was her first love confession and it came from a downright beautiful, and mature young man. "Until the end of the festival…" She replied simply, she being careful not to say anything else.

"Can I see you tomorrow then? In the garden at noon? There's going to be a tea party there and I'm going with my parents."

"Sure." She responded, that feeling of unsteadiness building up in the pit of her stomach.

"Great. I have to go now but I guess I'll see you around." She only nodded in response. He stood and released her hands slowly and before he walked away he leaned forward and placed a kiss to her forehead. He smiled at her and walked away back into the ballroom.

Mira released a breath she didn't know she was holding and closed her eyes. She wrapped her arms around herself and realized that she too fell in love with Theo at first sight… this would not turn out well.

*The Future of the Sárkány*

Mira awoke the next day with a headache. The party ended at around three in the morning but she personally left after Theo left her in the balcony. She wasn't feeling all that well and of course her papa couldn't leave the party to comfort her for it was his party, her father didn't want to leave his mate's side (though he did come up to her room two times to check up on her) and Rozsa was too busy managing security for Stiles' protection. She looked around her room and saw her papa in her room dressed and ready to go for the day. Today was a more semi-formal day and he wore a lightly colored red button up, black slacks, tie and shoes. The sleeves on his shirt were rolled up to his elbow, in fact he was rolling them up currently. Stiles noticed soon after he finished rolling up his second sleeve that his daughter had awoken. "Mira, darling, are you feeling better?"

"Yes I am. Thanks." She threw her legs over the side and looked at the sleeveless, floral-print high-low dress with spaghetti straps that she would wear today with a pair of brown wedge heals, again three inches in length. "I guess I'll get ready then." She said before grabbing her things and heading to the bathroom that was attached to her room.

"Please do, Mira. Just remember that if you feel unwell again you can just come up here whenever you want…" After a pause Stiles added… "I guess you could also go to the towns as long as you bring someone with you."

Mira smiled and nodded at her papa before disappearing into the bathroom, closing the door behind her. At that moment Derek walked into the room, he wearing something similar to Stiles (a light blue shirt and the pants being gray was the only difference; even the sleeves were rolled up as well). Stiles scanned his mate with a smile. Derek smiled back at him. "What? It's semi-formal and it's hot outside."

"But still, the exact same outfit?"

"It's not the same. I have a blue shirt, you have a red one; I have gray pants you have black..."

Stiles scoffed and shook his head. "Please get me my black vest from our room. I can't do this."

Derek rolled his eyes but turned right back around and out of the room. Mira came out of the bathroom then, wearing her dress (but no shoes). She was putting away her pajamas and getting her makeup bag that she left in her room. "Was that daddy that I heard?"

"Yes and daddy wore the exact same thing as me, save for the colors, but still… I asked him to get a vest so we don't look exactly alike."

Mira giggled. "But you guys are cute when you wear the same outfits since you both have similar tastes."

"As cute as we look, we are in Hungary before a bunch of important families and looking cute is not in the book… also we do not have similar tastes."

Derek walked into the room and handed Stiles a black vest. Stiles took one look at his and groaned. "This is yours. It won't fit me."

"But this looks like the one you wear."

"This is yours Derek. Get me the other one. It should have been right next to this one."

"Oh my God." Derek snatched the vest back and left the room again, giving Mira a disgruntled 'Good morning' as he left.

Mira laughed and pointed at the door with a thumb. "See? The same tastes." Stiles only sighed and smiled.

*The Future of the Sárkány*

At noon the garden was used to hold a high tea party. Amongst the roses, flowers, fountains and the arches, the scene looked like something from The Princess Diaries (the second one). Of course everyone was already there at the party when Rozsa came to pick up the guests of honor once more, she leading them through the castle and outside to the gardens where they were welcomed with the warm sun, the soft sounds of music playing and the smell of the nature around them. Stiles stepped onto the land and because the land in this location wasn't used to his presence, it once again flourished suddenly (for it had faded away a bit during the party when Stiles was not outside physically). This sign alerted the others of Stiles' presence and everything faded to a stop as the other guests rose from their seats and watched as the four walked through the middle aisle, Rozsa standing aside from their rectangular table looking out onto the other round ones that they just walked past. The three took their seats with Stiles in the middle, Mira to his right and Derek to his left. Rozsa then went to stand behind them in the background, watching from a far enough distance to watch the whole party scene and the royal family.

The guests sat back down and tea was beginning to be served—there would be nor formalities with this party. It was merely a little get together before those who wanted to could go and enjoy the festivities in town. After the first round of tea was served, Joseph, Marlie and Theo came to their table, Joseph standing before Stiles, Marlie before Derek and Theo before Mira, who could not look up to meet his eyes. Joseph wore a gray pinstripe shirt, with a dark blue tie and black slacks and shoes; Marlie wore a navy colored, sleeved lace dress that came to a stop at her knees and black pumps and Theo wore a lilac colored shirt, with gray pants and tie and black shoes. "Your Majesty," Joseph began, "this is my son, Theodore Estrada." Stiles glanced over at the boy who was staring at Mira intently but glanced at him when his name was mentioned. His face had a scowl on it and he bowed his head to Stiles in a brisk manner. Stiles wondered slightly if the boy was just rude or if something was the matter with him but that quickly passed when Joseph spoke again. "And I assume this is your daughter? Princess Mira, was it?"

"Yes she is. Mira." Mira looked up to Joseph and down casted her eyes and tipped her chin slightly in her bow of acknowledgement to him.

"She is gorgeous." Marlie spoke up then, casting a smile at her. "She has His Majesty's face and body form but her father's eyes."

"And his temper." Stiles added jokingly.

"Apa." Mira said briskly, she just wanting the three of them to leave, her bad feeling in her stomach worsening.

"You didn't tell me you were the Princess." Theo spoke to Mira then, his voice clipped.

Mira met his eyes then and Derek from the end of the table leaned forward. "You two have met before?"

"Last night at the party." Theo replied but offered no more than that.

Joseph scoffed. "So the Princess keeps secrets." Mira broke her eye contact with Theo and looked at Joseph who was staring thickly at her. "And her apa tells lies."

Stiles rose from his seat then. "What are you insinuating?"

"You can't trick me, Your Majesty." Joseph said glancing at him. "She's not just a being with two bloods in her… she's fully a mix between werewolf and sárkány. I can smell the woods on her—it's faint, fainter than your smell—but it's there, burning my nose along with your stench."

With that line the party chatter stopped almost suddenly as the air became so thick and tense that it put a pause to everything—the wind stopped blowing, the flowers began to shrink down and there was absolutely no movement at all except for the six around the rectangular table. "Why is it that your resentment towards me is much more than any other dragon I have met, Mr. Estrada?" Stiles inquired, and at that Derek rose from his seat and Rozsa stepped a few paces closer. Joseph said nothing but just glared dagger at the sárkány.

Mira and Theo were looking at their parents in a growing sense of horror. Mira stood and placed a hand on her papa. "Apa, we should get going, please."

Joseph then turned his gaze to her and his eyes shined a really bright red, like the stare of an Alpha's eyes. Mira gasped and walked a pace backwards. Theo glanced at Mira and then back to his father, his worry increasing. "Father," Theo started, "please, Mira has nothing to do—"

Joseph roared at his son and Theo stumbled backwards away from his father. Joseph stared back at Stiles who was pushed behind Rozsa and Derek when Joseph roared loudly. Marlie on the other hand backed away from her husband with a hand covering her mouth; she hadn't expected him to lose it so easily. Joseph glared into Stiles' eyes, which were now shining their bright chartreuse color. Claws on both men began to grow; Joseph's being a deep red on his hands and on Stiles' white. The silence lingered on when suddenly Stiles said… "You are the direct descendent form Zoran, the leader of the dragon clan in which Atalik, my ancestor, broke apart from."

"Well aren't you smart." Joseph erupted into flames then and the guests began to scream and run away from the gardens, all except for the seven that remained. Rozsa reached for her radio to get back up when it spontaneously combusted in her hand, burning her. The centaur fell to the ground and Mira went down to the ground with her, staring at the black burn mark in Rozsa's palm. "They'll be none of that. This is between Genim and myself—the end of a long and tiring feud between two supernatural beings."

Derek stepped before Stiles. "You're going to have to—"

Stiles placed a hand on his shoulder and stepped aside from him. "No Derek. Joseph is right. This is just between the both of us." With that Stiles' eyes shined brightly once and wings erupted from his back. "My kind doesn't fight, but we will when we have to."

"How brave of you Genim." Joseph commented before his own pair of wings erupted from his back. "Let's take this out of the gardens, shall we?"

"With pleasure."

The two beings launched into the air and shifted in the sky before flying away from each other at a good distance away. In one side, the erdőben sárkány gracefully hung in the air, his feathered wings keeping him up; while on the other side, a bronze, velvet-like skin, spiked (going down his back, down his chest and at the end of his tail) dragon beat his larger, membrane-spanned wings. The two creatures roared at each other with their ancestors in mind, one with a graceful evergreen colored sárkány whom protected and served his followers and the other with a brightly colored red dragon who spread chaos and death across the Hungarian landscape. The two then launched themselves forward towards the other, claws, wings, and teeth scratching and hitting on the other in an angry frenzy.

"Papa!" Mira sounded as Rozsa turned around and watched the fight between the two winged creatures.

Derek glared down at the guardian. "What are you going to do to protect him Rozsa?!" He yelled at her, demanding to know why she hasn't done anything yet. Marlie came up to the group then and also went to the floor, she beginning to wrap a damp clothed napkin around the burnt hand.

"It's too late now. His Majesty was right when he said that it was just between the both of them… a long time ago when Zoran and Atalik fought over the life of a mortal girl, the legend was created and that legend states that, yes, a sárkány will rise that will rival of Atalik but at the same time a dragon will rise that will challenge the sárkány to a duel over power. It just so happens that just as before, Zoran's descendent was in a position of great power, a power that Stiles, the descendent of Atalik, took away from him, just as Atalik took it away from Zoran. Once Atalik became the sárkány, so many of Zoran dragons from his clan left him to be with the sárkány, it really smothered out his power, so much so that he was no longer the most feared creature but it was the sárkány instead (remarkably). Atalik had grown such a great ally system, much like Stiles has today only smaller, that he was truly to be feared."

"So you're not going to do anything?" Derek asked, exasperated. "Stiles could die and you're just going to sit here?"

"There was something I could do before the two started to fight… but now… it's pointless to even try. Atalik and Zoran fought until they were both close to death… it'll happen again today." Rozsa looked to Mira then. "Mira, you have some of the sárkány's memories since you are a pure half… did anything else happen that we don't know in that fight thousands of years ago."

Mira shook her head. "I have the memories of the first Mira. All I can see is Atalik close to death, stumbling back to her. But I can see someone—"

A pain filled screech broke the sentence and the group turned to the fight to see the sárkány crash to the ground and the dragon landing a few yards away and begin to approach the downed being, his mouth opening and sparks beginning to start… Joseph was planning on burning Stiles just as Zoran did to Atalik.

"Papa!" Mira yelled as she stood and began to run out towards Stiles.

"Mira, no!" Derek called out to her as he stood and was about to run out after her when he was stopped by Marlie.

"No Derek! He'll kill you too!"

"If they both die then I'd rather die!"

"Derek, no!" Rozsa scolded him. "Think if your pack! And Stiles' father who is in that retirement home! You can't just leave them all!"

Mira shifted as she ran, her four paws pounding the earth in a quicken matter, the ground springing to life with bright green grass where ever she touched. She leaped before her papa who was not unconscious but in severe pain. He yelled at her to move by screeching at her and she ignored him to roar at Joseph… a warning to stop. Joseph didn't though. Instead he thought he was going to get two for the price of one—there would be no successor to the throne and he could have it again once more once he eliminated Stiles and his daughter. A fireball formed before his snout as he stopped before the two and was getting ready to fire. Theo started to run out to them in a panicked manner, his mother calling after him but he didn't hear her at all. "Father stop! It isn't worth it! Stop!"

In the next second there was a large flash of light and when the light faded Mira was huddled up with Stiles, she pressed against his side, their faces together as they prepared for pain that never came. When they looked before them, there, to their amazement and shock stood another sárkány. He was a deep purple in color, his long snake-like body standing erect before Stiles and Mira. The tops and tips of his wings, his chest, the tips of his tail feathers and his crown feathers were all a light shade of green, one could say chartreuse in color, while his claws were a deep evergreen. The tips of his ears and his beak were a dark shade of pink and clear blue eyes glared up at the dragon. A deep rumble came from the sárkány before them, another warning telling Joseph to stop.

Joseph stumbled back and ended up shifting back to a human, his clothing torn around his body. After a few moments of shocked staring Joseph finally muttered one word… "Theodore?"

The purple sárkány rumbled again in affirmation. Behind him Stiles and Mira shifted back, their clothing also torn around their bodies. Mira stood and walked towards Theo, whose back was still turned to them. "Stiles!" Derek called out to him as the Alpha went to his mate and fell before him onto the ground. "Are you alright?"

"I'm in pain, yeah, but right now I'm just concerned about the second erdőben sárkány before me."

Theo, upon hearing the words 'second erdőben sárkány' turned around and looked at Stiles, his facial expression reading confusion. "It looks like he doesn't know papa." Mira commented as she stared up at him. Theo looked down at her and his eyes widened. She looked more beautiful than before to him, now that he had the sárkány's vision he could see the glow of her skin, the light reflecting in her eyes and hair, and everything just seemed brighter when he saw her and he could smell the woods smell that his father had mentioned when before he couldn't (he was half human after all, he couldn't even shift into a dragon before).

That's how my Mira looked to me whenever I looked at her too… man how she glowed.

Theo jumped up in shock, and grunted, he looking around for the source of the melodious, deep, and resounding voice. Stiles laughed and motioned for Derek to help him up which the werewolf did carefully (at this time Rozsa and Marlie joined the group, as did the other guests who began to crowd around the group). "That's how I acted too when I first heard the voice of the inner sárkány. Don't worry about him. He'll help you out a bit." Won't you distant-father? Stiles thought out to Atalik. In his mind's eye Stiles could see Atalik standing beside Theo in the same misty form as before on the night of Peter's and Derek's fight. Atalik nodded towards Stiles, a smile gracing his features.

Theo shook his head and Mira chuckled at him which attracted the teen's attention. "This is amazing. There hasn't been more than one sárkány in the world at the same time since Atalik's clan." Theo still looked unconvinced and Rozsa rolled her eyes and pulled out her phone, holding it up to Theo so he can see his reflection. Theo looked in the tiny screen's reflection and saw a sárkány's face—his face.

Now would be the time to shift back, Theodor.

Without willing it to, Theo shifted back to a human and was met with the smiling faces of Stiles, Mira and Marlie, the expressionless faces of Derek and Rozsa, the shocked expressions of Joseph and the other guests. "Well, Theodore," Stiles began as he reached out and placed a hand on his shoulder, "it looks to me that just like Atalik, I seem to have stolen a member of your father's clan. You're going to be coming with me so you can get some training from me as well as your inner sárkány."

"Oh, splendid." Marlie said, clasping her hands together. "I will miss you my son." She said as she came up and gave her son a hug. "But you will get far more support and better knowledge from His Majesty rather than stay here with your father and mother."

At that moment Joseph broke from his shocked stupor and his anger rose again but this time he was detained by three centaurs (who were shifted as centaurs), two to hold him back and one pointing a gun at him with liquid nitrogen bullets, one hit from this and his inner flame would die out, it wouldn't kill him but it would sure make the dragon numb. The third centaur with the gun then spoke. "Joseph Estrada, for endangering His Majesty as well as Her Highness, not to mention the lives of the other guests, you are now being detained by the centaur clan of Kuruk until further notification."

"What?! No!"

"Good job little brother." Rozsa said to the third centaur. "Take him away."

As the centaurs took him away, Joseph struggling all the way, Stiles and Derek turned to Marlie to discuss the arrangements for her son and to help her with the sudden knowledge of her only child going to leave her. Mira came up to Theo and smiled at him softly. "I'm sorry I couldn't tell you who I was. But I was getting a feeling that I shouldn't have told you."

"… It was good that you didn't… father told me to try to seduce the Princess so that we could detain her and kill her so we could be the ruling family again."

Mira placed her hands on her waist and shook her head at him. "And you were upset that I didn't tell you."

"I told you that I fell in love with you. I would have protected you—I protected you now didn't I?"

"First of all, it could have been a trick; second of all your method of protection lacked in any actual protection."

"But the fireball! I deterred it… somehow…"

Mira felt the wind blow and in it carried a message just for her. It was I my daughter… do not fret. I will always be with you. Mira smiled and knew then who the message arose from. Glancing down she saw a mass collection of two flower species, one being the red camellias and the other being tea clovers. Mira bent down and picked up one of each flower species. She handed the red camellia to Theo and added… "This is your flower. This is the flower that represents you as the sárkány. My father's is the trillium kurabayashii, Atalik's was the amaryllis."

"And this one?" Theo asked after he inspected his flower, his finger pointing to the white, tiny flowers of the tea clover.

"Oh, this one?" Mira said in a childlike manner. "This is Mira's."

"Yours… you mean."

"No… Lady Mira's." Mira glanced at Stiles and he looked at her. Together they glanced into the distance towards the castle and in their mind's eye; together they saw the forms of Atalik and the first Mira, standing beside each other with a smile on their faces before fading away into the mist.

*The Future of the Sárkány*

"So this is Beacon Hills, huh?" Theo asked as he glanced around the city through the car's windows. "It actually looks pretty cool."

"I called an emergency egység ülés meeting. I know we just got home but I think it is necessary." Stiles said as he glanced back in the review mirror to look back at Derek, Mira and Theo. Rozsa, who was driving the SUV, glanced back in the rear view mirror as well, as she has been for the whole ride, keeping a close and watchful eye on the teens in the car.

"Do you think Lydia will be Theo's confidant? I could just be under Arella with you papa."

"We'll see. We do have other confidants in the area which are being trained to handle sárkány but I would rather have an experienced confidant handle Theo. I believe that what I will do, for the time being, is have Theodore be under Arella while I be under Lydia… just until another suitable confidant is ready for him."

"Good idea papa."

The SUV turned down onto a road that lead to the preserve but then just as suddenly as they turned onto the road they turned again onto a dirt path that looked like it lead to nowhere but it was heading into the preserve. Theo looked around at the woods they were driving through. He was excited to be in woods, he was now a sárkány after all, but he knew these woods were not his and they were not even responding to his presence, only to Stiles', and that was evident as the difference between day and night. "Um, where are we going, may I ask?"

No one responded to him, instead the woods then cleared up and Theo's mouth dropped at what he saw. A huge brick residence, a one story mansion, stood before him, with a cobblestone circle driveway, spiral topiary decorating the driveway and the front of the mansion and in the middle of the circle driveway in a grassy patch of land there was a soapstone statue of a sárkány rearing up with his tail wrapping before him, deer, rabbits, foxes and other woods animals a surrounding it. As the dirt road turned into cobblestone Theo noticed cars lined up at the sides of the road leading all the way to the back of the mansion. Questions were being raised but he found no voice to ask them aloud. Instead the SUV came to a stop before the front door and they all unloaded from the car and headed to the door. Rozsa opened the door and Theo, expecting a house on the inside saw only a large ballroom with many maple wood tables lined up and down the room with one table going perpendicular to them all facing towards the door. Hundreds of people were sitting at these tables. Theo glanced around as they walked through the one room in the house and he noticed the whole pack of sixty something wolves were sitting to his left, to his right there were the hunters and the smaller factions of many other different typed of supernaturals (they also were on the werewolf side but if was mostly just filled with werewolves). Theo also noticed that there were many confidants and most sat with their own respective groups, except for those who didn't have a group who sat to a table all to themselves.

"Hey Stiles!" A voice erupted from the werewolf side. It was a dark haired man with a goofy grin we all know as Scott McCall. "How was Hungary?"

"Never… again."

"That's what you always say." A strawberry blonde woman spoke out from the confidant's table.

"And what does he do?" A blonde werewolf asked then. "He does right on back to that country."

"It is his homeland. The place of his ancestors." A dark skinned werewolf said.

"Could you guys shut up?" A curly haired male werewolf spoke then. "This is an egység ülés meeting, not a gossip hall."

Stiles spoke up then. "Thank you Isaac." At that time they had reached the table looking out to all the others and Theo found himself with his own seat beside Mira. They all took their seats (Stiles sitting next to Mira and Derek to his other side). Theo glanced over on either side of the table and say a dark skinned woman on the side closest to Derek, standing, and another tanner skinned woman with black hair standing beside him. Theo was about to ask a question when the King of All Supernaturals spoke as he stood up once more. "You are all probably wondering why I had called an egység ülés meeting so suddenly. When I was in Hungary a teenage boy from a dragon clan broke apart from his family and stood on his own. Somehow—and before you ask, yes I know the reason why but I will not disclose it to any of you, not even to him—this boy turned into an erdőben sárkány." Muttering and chatter arose amongst the tables and after they had quieted down again Stiles continued. "Theodor Estrada here is now an erdőben sárkány. I remind you that there has not been more than one erdőben sárkány in the world since the sárkány clan thousands of years ago."

Mira beside him elbowed Theo. "Stand up." She whispered sharply.

Theo rose to his feet and bowed his head. Stiles soon continued. "I am personally taking him under my wing and training him so that he can rule over his own land in the near future so I expect you all to treat him just as you would treat me and my family." Stiles saw a few nods throughout the groups before him. "Except obviously not as well for I am the King." There he received nods from every member of the meeting before him.

"Whoo." Allison sounded out from the hunters' side. "I was just wondering there for a moment…"

"Obviously your marriage to Scott has made you become a goof as well. Please prevent that from furthering in the future." The room erupted into laughter and Scott rolled his eyes. "Also in the future," Stiles continued, "I will be expecting my daughter and this young man to wed so let's begin preparations for the ceremony now since it will be the marriage of the Princess of All Supernaturals."

"What?!" Theo sounded in shock as he fell back into his seat. Mira giggled at her father's straightforwardness. "I mean, don't get me wrong, I love Mira, but I just met her!"

"And you'll have at least three years to get to know her better, Theodor." Stiles commented. "At age twenty, though, you will have to be leaving to seek your own lands. I can't possibly have a contending sárkány in my territory, you understand. So you have to marry her before you leave so she can go with you (not that I want to let my daughter marry and leave me at eighteen but there's no other choice)." Theo only gaped up at him. "Of course that is, unless you decide to back out…"

"No!" Theo sounded then, he hearing the chuckles from the large crowd before them. "No, I-I want to marry her…"

"Then propose to me." Mira said with a huge grin.


"That's right." Arella spoke up beside Theo. "Just because the King says you will marry his daughter doesn't mean you don't have to propose."

"I'm still very much single." Mira stated.

Brooke from the other end of the table sighed. "Let's hope he starts looking for a ring soon. I heard from the male teenagers in the community that they were going to try to get together with the Princess."

"Oh, really? I thought they all feared me because of my rank."

"Mira," Derek intervened, "though a rank is something to fear, that would hardly stop a person. Look at me, I had to fight and kill my own uncle for your papa and it was due to his rank… also, some of the males seeking for you are in this room so drop the subject."


"What?" Theo sounded again, he looking out in the crowds possessively for the guys who are interested in Mira.

"No look at what you started." Jackson groaned aloud. "Now we're gonna have some problems between the male population and Mr. Second-Sárkány."

"It should be interesting to say the least." Alan Deaton commented on Jackson's proposal.

"There will always be competition." Stiles added. "Even if I didn't raise the awareness of Theodor's marriage to Mira, she would still be fought over."

Derek scoffed. "It looks like our future is going to become very complicated."

"It was always complicated!" Scott yelled as he jumped up to his feet. "The moment your damn uncle turned me into a werewolf!"

"Before that." Jackson mumbled. "Your conception was a complication."


Laughter arose and the conversations began between the groups. Theo sat back down and Mira placed her hand in his and he smiled at her, knowing that he really had nothing to worry about; Mira was already his for the keeping.

Stiles too sat down and he and Derek together placed their hands together and held each other's hands under the table. Stiles sighed and leaned his body closer to his mate's. Derek turned his head and nuzzled Stiles' head with his nose. "You know, Stiles, that our future will become more complicated now because of Theodor."

"Yes." Stiles sighed out. "Having another sárkány in the world will surely cause complications, not only to the nature but to our personal family as well. I'll probably have to fight Theodor when he's twenty to keep my title as King."

"That is if you still want it."

"… I like being King. I like the responsibilities and the feeling it gives me. But I wouldn't be upset if I lost my position. It would give me more time to be with you, my mate, and I'm sure Theodor will be a great King. He was training to become King before since he was born."

"So I guess our future will be bright, regardless… that is if everything goes according to plan."

"Even if it doesn't Derek… as long as we're together my future will always be bright to me. Besides, my future isn't just mine, it's yours, Mira's, Theodor's… everyone's. It a future the we will form together…" Stiles glanced over at Theo and Mira and watched their interaction with a bittersweet feeling. "It's the future of the influence of one… it is the future of the sárkány."

*The Future of the Sárkány*

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