Dreaming of reality chapter 4

We stood in the field surrounded by … I don't even know what was here. The only thingy I instantly recognized were the dummy and the targets. They were similar to the ones I used back home.

I stood there blades in hand trying to get the simplest of turns Sebastian had taught me. But I couldn't do it.

This was a complete fail. I had no clue what I was doing.

"This is pointless."

Sebastian laughed. "You are a skilled rogue, Lealia. You were far better with blades then you were with a bow.

I cocked an eye brow. "Is that so?" whoever this Hawke was that he remembered must have been far different than me.

He nodded and smiled widely, remembering a distant memory I had no recollection of.

"Alright then." I dropped the strange encrusted blades where I stood and made my way to the equipment stand. Grabbing a very light colored longbow and a quiver of arrows, I hiked back to where he stood no more than sixty yards from the nearest target.

"How about a little challenge, then?"

Sebastian laughed lightly. "I do not wish to embarrass you, Lealia."

I laughed and grabbed his hand turning him to face his target. "Trust me, you won't."

I handed him the bow. "Go on. Show me your talents."

He took the bow, still smiling. "You're going to regret this. Are you sure?"

I rolled my eyes. Damien was the same way. Always claiming to show her up. It was amazing how much the man standing before her reminded her of her fiancé. "Shut your mouth and shoot."

Before I even finished the sentence, he had knocked his arrow and sent it flying. I watched it closely, squinting my eyes as it made contact with the target in front of us. "Not bad."

He handed the bow back and I nocked my arrow. "You're a bit off though."

Sebastian laughed more. "Says the women would couldn't even hold the bow straight."

I turned to him and gave a wicked grin. "Oh believe me I have my moments." Turning back I took my aim. Taking a deep slow breathe, I pulled the string back and let the arrow fly.

I claimed my mark, landing mere centimeters above his arrow. Lowering the bow, I smiled in satisfaction.

"This must be a dream." I turned to Sebastian and saw the shock in his face. "Never in my life did I think you of all people would beat me in archery."

"Why not? Was I not good?" genuine curiosity spread through me.

"You were skilled with blades, which is why I hope bringing you here to practice would help you remember." He paced back placing his hand on his head in concern. "Never in the four years that I have known Hawke you did I ever see you pick up a bow."


He shook his head. "I fear we may have a far worse case then amnesia here."

Amnesia? No this was a dream. It had to be. But if it was why would everything feel so real?

"You claim that I was different then how I am now. What else could these be aside from amnesia?"

My voice became scared and soft. If this wasn't a dream, what would happen to everything and everyone I remember?

I felt a hand thread to mine. "We will find out."

I looked into Sebastian's eyes. They seemed too familiar yet I haven't seen the expression in so long.

"Are you ok?" he asked. I nodded in response and hugged myself closer to his body. I was still shaking from the earlier episode but I was determined to forget.

That was the last time I saw those sympathetic eyes.

"I want to remember." I said softly squeezing the hand that was lending me stability.

"I will be there for you." he pulled me into his embrace holding me like I remember. Those select times.

They were faded but I remember.

"Thank you."

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