In the time before time The Creator watched over the Earth. His name was Litha, and his powers were unmeasurable. He grew lonely, and created for himself four sons. These sons were named Eros, Chaos, Ymir, and Khepri. Khepri, first of the Earthlords, was immensely powerful and vicious. Ymir, first of the Archons, was wise and fair. Chaos, first of the Elders, was the weakest of the four. Seeing this, Litha gave his son the first aura, one of deep purple. Eros, first of the Ancients, learned from his father how to harness the power of the stars and use it in spells. Litha saw the strength of his sons and was filled with joy. One day however, he witnessed his sons quarreling and he came to a conclusion. That conclusion was this: his sons would never be able to live in harmony. So Litha used his powers to cast his sons forward in time, separating them forever.

It was cold outside when Eros awoke, he quickly channeled the power of the sun to start a fire. When the fire got out of hand he channeled the moon to use water to put it out. Eros existed like this for millenia, gradually learning the extent and nature of his powers. In moments of great accomplishment he would have no one to share his joy with, in times of failure no one could share his sorrow. Eventually he grew weary of his loneliness so he used his powers to create two healthy sons, Sol and Mani. Eros rejoiced and taught his sons all he knew. Sol channeled the power of the sun and became a mighty warrior, his brother channeled the moon and became a wise mage. As time went on, Eros grew old and passed away, but the act of his passing released tons of energy that created hundreds of others, and so the race of Ancients rose to power.

Sol and Mani became the rulers of the Ancients. They passed down all the knowledge that they received form their father. Under the leadership of the brothers, they created a magnificent city to house the Ancients. When the brothers argued over what to name the city, they decided that it should have no name, and so the Nameless City was formed. During the Time of Peace all the Ancients lived in harmony. When ever packs of wild beasts threatened the city, either Sol's sun warriors or Mani's moon wizards would protect the Ancients. As the Ancients grew stronger and spread across the globe, new powers were discovered, and soon the Ancients powers were unmatchable. The Animages were gifted with the power to transform into wolves. The Giants were given massive amounts of power in physical combat. The Sharpshooters never missed their targets. The 33 Disciples were gifted with magic spears and shields. They were heralded as undefeatable by all the Ancients. The Ancients were wrong.