Hey guys! I hope you enjoy! I know it's a little slow at first, but once the adventure starts it's going to be awesome :) Just as a little reference in my head I picture Phoebe as Mandy Moore with really dark hair and Alejandro as Enrique Iglesias.

"You know the rules, Phoebe. No long distance traveling without Mason." My father practically hisses at me, his grey eyes blazing with anger, warning me to quit my attempts at defying him.

"Dad, I'm eighteen years old, I'm not a child anymore! I don't have to follow your stupid rules!" I shout back, my blood boiling in anger in the heat of the moment. I am an adult, dammit, and I don't need Daddy's bodyguards to protect me. I resist the urge to stomp my foot because I know it certainly won't help my case.

"My rules aren't stupid. They're for your protection." He replies, his voice almost pleading. He runs his fingers through his copper hair, the hair my brother Teddy inherited. I know when he does this is means he is seriously stressed. I just don't understand him- if he let me go where I wanted to go and do what I wanted to do, we would all be happy and we could all go on our merry way. I'm perfectly capable of taking care of myself.

"I don't need protection, you are absolutely ridiculous!" I reply, and I know I'm very close to crossing the line. I hate seeing my dad angry, and what pisses him off more than me defying him is when I'm disrespectful. I should know better, I know I should, but right now I'm far too angry to hold my tongue.

"Phoebe Alexandra, the answer is no. If you want to go to New York so badly, Mason will have to go with you."

"Dad, come on. I want to do something on my own. Just once! I'll bring Al with me!" I beg, batting my long lashes and making the saddest puppy-dog face I can muster.
My father practically growls with annoyance at the mention of my best friend, Alejandro Rodriquez. He hates the idea of me spending any amount of time with the opposite sex. It's the same thing with my mother; he gets visibly tense whenever Al's dad, Jose is around.

"Saying that that boy is coming is not helping your case, Phoebe. He looks at you like you're a piece of meat."

"That's not true!" I resist the urge to stamp my foot once more.

"The answer is, and will be no. That is final." He says the last word with such force and finality that I realize I've lost this argument once again. Angry tears spill out of my grey eyes, as I turn and stalk out of my dad's office and up the brass staircase to my room, where I slam the door out of habit.

Annoyed, I wipe the tears away with the back of my hand, smearing my eyeliner as I do so. I'm not crying because I didn't get my own way, I'm not that much of a spoiled brat, despite what some people might think. The tears come from anger. It's a reaction that I can't control, first comes anger, and then come the tears. It's extremely frustrating. I despise looking weak. Taking a deep breath, I try to calm myself down. Deep down I knew he would never let me go without Mason, the man who has been my bodyguard for as long as I can remember. This is probably the fifth time we've had this fight, ever since my eighteenth birthday last week. It's really simple; I've always wanted to go to New York City and see Broadway and Times Square. My parent's own property there, so naturally I've had many opportunities to go. But I made a promise to myself that when I go to the city, I want to go alone; free from security and bodyguards and especially my parents. Sort of a symbolic coming-of-age adventure all to myself, and my best friend Al of course.

There's a soft knock on the door, and I know it's my mother. Hastily I wipe at my eyes trying to remove the eyeliner remnants. But it's no use, my mom will know I've been crying, she always does. She knows me better than anyone. Dressed in a blue fluffy bathrobe and slippers, she saunters into my room and sits delicately on the foot of my bed. We have the same hair; long, dark, and silky. Mine has more of a curl than hers does though, inherited from himself.

"Phoebe." She says gently, comforting.

"Mom, he just doesn't listen to me. I'm eighteen now. I'm an adult. Going on a road trip is not that big of a deal."

"I agree. But you know how he is. He only wants to protect you."

"I don't get how you can be married to him." I regret it immediately after I say it. But I just can't help it; I say what I feel without thinking of the consequences. Which of course gets me in trouble frequently. Surprisingly, my mother laughs at my comment.

"It's difficult, believe me. But he loves you. You're his baby girl. I think he's just having trouble dealing with it all. You graduating and turning eighteen and starting college in the fall."

Suddenly, I no longer want to be in my mother's presence; she's only going to make me feel bad. I shrug her off and thank her, and tell her that she's right. She gives me a gentle kiss on the forehead, and with that, we say goodnight. The second she's out of the room, I dash over to where my cell phone is plugged into it's charger. A rush of adrenaline courses through my veins as the reality of what I'm going to do kicks in. I can't take it any longer, I'm going to New York City whether or not Mr. Overprotective approves. I quickly dial Al's number.

"Hey Bee." He greets me, and I know he's smiling.

"Alejandro Louis Rodriquez." I reply with a giggle.

"Sup chica?" He asks in an over-the-top fake Spanish accent. I laugh again.

"We're leaving for New York. Tonight."

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