Max's POV

I sat by my wife's hospital bed knowing this would be my last moments with her. "Zoey...I'm so sorry. I failed you and the kids. I am an awful father, I love you." I kissed her forehead and crawled into the bed with her.

"Mr. Russo." the doctor came in "It's time."

"I understand." I sat down is my wheelchair and they wheeled me away. Away from my wife, away from my family...
Alex's POV

I sat in the rocking chair holding a crying Rachel the eldest of the triplets; they were 6 months old and growing within a blink of an eye. I put my free hand on Rachel's forehead. She most definitely had a fever. The doctor prescribed her some antibiotics so I gave them to her and laid her in the crib. I walked out to be met my eldest daughter Kenzie "How is she?" she asked me

"Sick." I sighed "I've got to talk to your father. If you hear her come and get me immediately, understand and watch your cousins and brother." I told my daughter

I walked up to Mason and kissed his cheek. "How is she?" he asked

"I think she's better, but it's best to leave Taylor and Matthew out of there." I warned my husband

"Mommy!" Kenzie called "Rachel is crying!"

"I've got to go," I told Mason and headed upstairs to my crying daughter. I opened the nursery door and walked to Rachel's crib. I put my hand on her forehead, she was burning up. Worse than before, her eyes were a little swollen and her nose stuffy. I reached for my phone and called the doctor. "Dr. Joan." she answers

"Hi, Dr. Joan, it's Alex Greybeck, Rachel is worse...I'm really worried, her eyes are swollen, nose stuffy, and burning up." I explained

"Bring her in firs thing in the morning, but if she gets ANY worse, call me and I'll be there." She told me

"Okay will do thank you." I hung up still in deep concern about my baby girl

I heard someone outside the door. I looked up to see Mason. "What's wrong?" I asked seeing his worried expression

"She's sick. She's so pale she looks lifeless…" I could see his eyes were filled with anger "You promised me that she would be alright!" he yelled at me then stormed out of the room leaving me alone with Rachel

"Mason!" I called and stood to my feet. I heard our bedroom door slam and I slumped back in the rocking chair

Soon Rachel fell asleep once again and I laid her in her crib. I went downstairs to find that Mason had left Taylor and Matthew unattended in their playpen

I picked them up and took them to the kitchen and set them on their play mat in the corner, so I could start dinner. "Kenzie! Please come here!" I called

"Yeah mom." She bounded down the stairs and kissed her brother and sister on the head then turned to me

"Could you go get your father for me?" I asked not taking my eyes from the stew

"Daddy said he was taking a walk, he left while you were putting Rachel down." She told me. I sighed and told her, "Then please help your brothers wash up for dinner and get them sat at the table."

"Without dad?" she asked

"Yes…" I sighed…

If only he believed everything was going to be okay…

Zoey's POV

I sat in my wheelchair stunned at everything I had just been told. Max gave his heart to me? And he didn't make it out of the surgery, I was a widow. I single moth…I'm not a mother, my children and who knows where. There was a knock on the door. "Come in." I said

Ian walks in the door holding pink roses my favorite flower, in one hand and chocolates in the other. "How are you?" he questioned

"I'm okay…I just found out that my husband gave me his heart and I have been in a coma for like a year." I let out a nervous chuckle

"Well Zoey, I think that everything is going to be fine." He smiled at me

"You know…How do you know my names Zoey?" I asked I had always gone by Stephanie or Annie in the 'fake world'

"I talked to Max." he told me, "He talked about your sons and your life. It was nice…then he asked me…to take care of you." He whispered

"Can I admit something to you?" I asked him my eyes shining looking into his beautiful blues

"Anything." He sat in front of me

"I like you." I shyly said. "I know you don't know the 'real' me, but if you're willing t…" I felt lips being pressed against mine.

"I like you too…" he smiled

We kissed again and he said that he booked us flights to New York for Saturday morning. He then took me to his apartment where I would be staying until I got home.

Mason's POV

I walked past the house; I was coming back from my walk, but chose to keep on. I walked to our park about 3 miles from the house. I sat on a bench and rested my head on the back of it.

"Come on Daddy!" a little girl squealed and pulled my hand

"Where?" I asked

"Come on!" she pulled harder

"Sweetie, tell daddy where you want to go?" I laughed

"Everywhere! I want to explore the world with you daddy!" she stopped and looked at me "Daddy?" she asked looking into my eyes

"Yes, baby?"

"Don't leave me…okay?"

"Never baby…never." I softly kissed her head and we ran through the park hand in hand

I picked my head up from the bench and smiled…Alex is right everything will be okay. I got up and started walking back to the house. I heard someone behind me I turned to see "Christian…" I growled

There you go…Chapter one of Whatever it Takes sequel! Semi-Cliffhanger! Who is Christian? Who was the little girl in Masons 'dream' Was it Rachel? Or Taylor? Find out soon. I love y'all! Thank you for your reviews and support I hope you love this one as much as Whatever it takes!

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