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Previously on If Only…

"Come on." I whispered "We don't have much time…"

Mystery Girls POV
I hurried the kids out of the house. We ran to a bus stop about a mile and half away from the house. We hopped on the bus that was going to take us to the police station. "Why are you doing this?" Megan asked

"I have too…I lost my only daughter…I won't let another family suffer…" I hung my head

"Thank you…I appreciate that you really do care." Megan told me

"I know I just want you home…with your real family. We were never family to you…" I felt a tear trickle down my cheek…I was doing the right thing. I've lost my only chance to have a family and now I'm giving up my second chance.

"Mrs. Greybeck are you okay?" she asked

"Hey! That's my name!" Joey piped in

"Are you his mom?" Megan hesitantly asked

"No…and I'm not really related to you…Christian my husband his last name is Greybeck and I am trying to divorce him." I explained to them

We pulled up at the bus stop and put our hoods up and quickly hurried to the police station. I walked up to the desk. "Good afternoon." I greeted the man at the desk. He looked up and I got the surprise of my life "Harper?" he whispered

"Shhhh… you can't tell anyone I'm here…please. I found the two missing kids from the Greybeck case." I told him

"Joey? And Megan Greybeck?" he asked

I nodded and moved them to in front of me. I didn't know they're mom…or dad for that matter. Greybeck was a not a common name but I knew Christian had several brothers and sisters so…

"Thank you. I need to speak with you in the room right over there. Kids…please step over there with Sherriff Jake." They hurried over to him and he help them get cleaned up and sat down to talk to them

We walked into the room and sat down while he locked the door and sat across from me. "Were you involved in their disappearing?" he immediately asked me

The tears started coming… "It was Christian! I tried to talk him out of it, but anytime I tried that's when he…he hit me…it's how I lost the baby!" I sobbed into my hands "He still hits me…not as often because I took my place in the house…I belong behind the stove and in the laundry room and cleaning…not working…" I took my hand and wiped around my eye where the make-up was heavy. I saw his eyes widen as the make-up came off revealing a dark colored eye.

"Did he ever hit the kids?" he asked still shocked but focusing on one thing at a time

"No. When he would head to their room to I would block him out and take it for them…" I told him

"Where else did he hit you Harper?" he asked

"Everywhere!" I cried

He got up and came to me with a box of tissues and began comforting me. "Please…just take care of the kids…if I don't get back soon I…" I started

"No this is a crime you're not going home…" he told me as someone knocked on the door.

"Yes?" he opened the door to reveal the Sherriff. "Have you notified the parents?" he asked "I was on my way to do that now. Ms. Greybeck please come this way to wait in the lobby." He told me

Alex's POV

I was curled up in the couch crying my eyes out while everyone was out getting some lunch. Since Joey was taken I haven't felt like cooking…or cleaning…or living. I need my Joey bear back. I cried harder. Just then the phone started to ring; I jumped off the couch and gabbed it. "Hello!" I answered

"Mrs. Greybeck…I would like to inform you that a woman found your children and they are safe here at the station." He continued talking but I interjected "I'm on my way!" and ran out the door grabbing my purse and keys on the way

I drove as fast as I could without getting a ticket. I pulled in the parking lot and jumped out of the car and ran in. I looked around and ran to the desk. "Where are they!?" I cried

"Mommy!" I heard a crying Joey yell I turned to see him and I assume Megan running for me

I ran to them and grabbed them in a hug. "Baby! Oh kids I was so worried." I could feel the tears pouring down my face soaking their shirts and hair, but I could care less they were home. I saw someone coming towards me. "Thank you so much Zeke…thank you for calling." I told him releasing the kids so I could pick Joey up and hold Megan's hand.

"Don't thank me…thank her." He pointed to a woman how had her hood up so I couldn't see her eyes.

I walked up, and sat next to her. "Thank you." I whispered

"I'm so sorry Alex…I didn't know!" she started sobbing uncontrollably

"How do you know me?" I asked her. She removed her hood and lifted her eyes to mine "Harper." I gasped

I could see her eyes now. One was purple and blue and looked like it had just happened, but I could tell it was a few weeks old. "I'm so sorry! I didn't know it was you…I didn't want to do it, but he…I thought he loved me! I thought we loved each other…I—he wasn't always like this. He used to be nice!"

"What are you talking about?" I asked

"Christian…" she mumbled

"You—and him!" I looked back at the kids playing with Zeke. I couldn't breathe.

"I didn't know him! I'm so sorry! I didn't know it was you and I just! I'm sorry!" she cried

"Mommy! She helped us." Joey said

"Yeah she helped us and took care of us." Megan said

"Harper…I just don't understand…how could you even kidnapped kids anyway. That's not you!" I told her

"But do you see what he does to me!" she continued to cry

"Harper…I wish I could believe you…" I slowly walked away from her. Tears flowing freely falling from my eyes as I get the kids to the car. "Mommy don't cry!" Joey tried to tell me, but I couldn't hear him. My mind was everywhere… I picked up my cellphone about to call Mason when it beeped showing a message.

From: Christian

I know what she did…you and her better watch your backs. No I'm not after the kids anymore…or my brother it's you I want.

I closed my phone and set it down. Not now. I would deal with that later. I called Mason. "Hello love." He answered

"Mason…I am so happy to hear your voice." I told him "I got a call from the police." I told him

"What did they say?" he asked "Hang on." I put my hand over the phone so he wouldn't hear me. "Joey talk to daddy."

"Hi daddy!" my 6 year old said into the phone

"Joey!" I heard him say "I love you daddy." Joey said handing me the phone. "They found them." I cried

I continued to drive home after I hung up with Mason. I talked to Megan and got to know her even though she w asn't my daughter not blood or legally…I don't know what we are going to do about that…since in everybody else mind she's dead.

I pulled in the driveway to see the whole family waiting for us in the front yard…even Justin's family and Zoey and Ian. I helped them out of the car and Megan hid behind the car Joey ran to be with his brothers and sisters. "Megan…honey what's wrong?" I asked her

"I don't belong here." She cried "I'm not family."

"Yes you are." I kissed her head

"But I'm 'dead'." She rolled her eyes

"No…you're a sister to your brothers and sisters." I told her "Let me go first."

"Excuse me…everybody. I need to introduce someone…who is very special and dear to all of us. And now she's home again. Everyone this is Megan Elizabeth Greybeck." I knew Zoey was their but she is not Megan or Caleb or Joeys mother anymore.

I saw Zoey's face turn from shock to hatred to sadness all in 5 seconds as Megan came out from behind the car. "Hi." She whispered and everyone slowly came up and hugged her and told them who they were…When Caleb stepped up I stepped in

"Megan…this is your twin brother Caleb." I told them and they hugged and talked for a few minutes while I went and stood next to Mason. Zoey walked up and kissed her and hugged her telling her she was her aunt. Then when all the kids went inside Zoey came up to us and told us that she would let us adopt her so she could remain with her brothers and sisters.

Ian (Hearts for Ian) followed her home and lead her in the house to their family of 1 they're daughter Melissa she was 2 months old. (I know I didn't even mention that but I felt I owed Zoey something! Since I've like done so much to her haha)

Zoey and Ian got married a few months after Max died. I didn't attend I was heartbroken because he wasn't my brother…my little brother was dead…but he gave everything up for Zoey…his kids, his family…his wife…everything…(That was sooooooo overly dramatic)

When we went inside I told Mason what happened…all about Harper and Christian they only thing I didn't tell him was about the text…because even I forgot…

Later that night there was a knock on the door. Mason was tucking the kids in bed so I went to answer it. "Harper…what are you doing here?" I asked the woman on my door step

She pulled her hood down. I saw a busted lip and a bruise across her right cheek. "Please help me." She said shaking with fear

"Come in…" I said the words hoping I wouldn't regret them

A/N: Wow…that was a tough chapter to write…Harper returns with the kids…Alex is threatened…and Harper is in danger. What will happen next? Oh…wait I KNOW! Haha

Sorry for all the talking in this chapter I got a little talk happy! :) The next chapter will be Harpers story over the last 14 years. Enjoy!