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Alex's POV

I walked with Christian into the living room where Harper clung on to Zeke. "Oh, I see I've found my little Harperella." He purred walking over and wrapping his arms around Harpers shoulders. "Get away from me." She cried

"You're my wife, and I'll do what I want with you. Including making this guy leave. Get your hands off my wife!" Christian growled

"Christian stop this!" I told him "You're here to prove you can change, so you can know your daughter…or I will call the cops right now."

"Lexi…you wouldn't do that." He came to me and put his hand on my cheek. I slapped his so hard even Harper jerked. "Don't you EVER touch me again. Do I make that very clear?"

"Wow." He rubbed his bright red cheek "My brother surely toughened you up."

"No. I did." I growled

"Harper!" He snapped making her release he hold on Zeke "Come it's time for bed." She got up and mechanically walked with him up the stairs

"I can't let him treat her like this!" Zeke huffed

"I know…but I…we can't stop him, their married." I sighed and sat down

"Mom?" I saw a crying Kenzie enter the living room

"Hi, baby." I said moving over so she could sit

"I need to go!" Zeke sighed leaving

"Did you hear anything about dad?" she asked

"No…not yet. But Kenzie…I need to talk to you about something." I sighed

"What is it mom?" she asked

"A long time ago…not long after your father and I got married, we had a fight…a big fight; I left and found myself drunk and dancing with…your uncle. Basically we slept together and…he's your real father." I looked away from her

"So…Mason, isn't my dad!" she started to cry again

"No…he doesn't know either…I never saw Christian, until Joey was kidnapped, it was Christian, your father who did that. He's here…in this house…right now." I told her looking away

"How…how could you do this to me? You've been lying to me for 13 years!" she screamed grabbed her coat and ran out of the house

"Mackenzie Nicole!" I screamed opening the door only to see the pitch black of the nighttime sky

"KENZIE!" I screamed

Kenzie's POV

I heard my mother screaming for me, but I refused to turn back, she lied to me…she lied to my dad…or my uncle I guess. I found myself in the park and I grabbed my cell sitting down on a bench. I called the only person I knew too. Ben.

"Hello…" he answered sleepily

"Ben…" I cried

"Kenzie?" he was slightly more alert

"I need your help…and maybe a place to stay…" I told him holding back tears

"Kenz, where are you? I'll come and get you."

"I'm in a park near my house on a bench a little ways into the trees, but how are you going to come get me, I mean we're 13 we can't drive." I sighed

"My grandma can come get you, I'll be there in 10 minutes just stay there." He said hanging up

**10 Minutes later**

I heard someone walking…no running and I got scarred I hid behind the bench until I saw a flashlight revealing Ben. "Kenz?" he whispered

"Ben?" I asked

"Hey." He sighed. I ran into his arms and started to cry. "Please take me anywhere but home…have your grandma call my mom, but I can't go home…"

"Shhhh, baby…it'll be okay." He soothed me. Then I relied he called me 'baby' we weren't dating though I wanted to ask him out

He lead me to his grandmas waiting van and we climbed in the back where I cried on his shoulder and he just ran his fingers through my long curly brown hair…just like my mother's…

We got back to his apartment and I glanced across the hall to the old apartment… "Do you remember when I lived here?" I asked him

"Yeah. How could I forget?" he said

"We always hung out…now I barely see you except for school…my family has been through a lot lately…" I sighed walking into his apartment where his grandma went straight back to bed and we went to his room

I quickly texted my mom.

To: Mom

I'm fine. I went to a friend's house. Call you in the morning.

"What's been going on Kenz…I feel so left out of your life lately? I miss you so much." He whispered

"I miss you too Ben. I miss how everything used to be perfect, happy…safe." I told him snuggling up to him

"What happened?" he asked taking my hand

"Well for starters…my brothers and sister just died in a car accident and my dad who's not really my dad is in a coma!" I sighed

"Wait…Masons not your dad?" he asked

"No…my uncle I never knew about is my father!" I cried. He once again took me in his arms and kissed my head. "Ben?" I said

"Yeah." He whispered into my hair

"Do you feel something? I mean between us?" I whispered afraid of his response

"You feel it too?" he asked looking into my eyes

"I have…for a while now. I was afraid if I told you…we wouldn't be friends anymore." I told him. He leaned forward and kissed me. Not a simple kiss, but an amazing unforgettable kiss…one like no other.

He leaned back still kissing me and I was afraid of where this was heading…I mean I loved him I did, but my mom has had this talk with me before I didn't want to disappoint her…but she disappointed me…I don't care what she thinks anymore!

Ben's POV
I woke up to see Kenzie lying next to me, her lipstick was smeared slightly…then I remembered last night…I fell asleep with her lips on mine. I loved her…I really did. She was amazing, I guess this kind of made us boyfriend and girlfriend, but I wasn't going to rush her, I didn't want to scare her. I got up and went to make some breakfast, I saw my Grandma still wasn't up…that wasn't like her I went to her room to see her body completely still. "No…" I whispered

"Grandma!" I yelled and rushed to her side

She sat upright in bed startled. "What in the world? What's wrong Ben!" She looked around

"Are you okay? Usually by now you're up?"

"I didn't sleep well last night…I'm sorry I frightened you hon." She sighed

"I sorry I scarred you." I sighed

"Ben?" I heard Kenzie call out my name

"We are going to go for a quick walk is that okay grandma?" I asked

"Have fun, don't be gone long." She told me as I left her to get ready. I walked out to see Kenzie nervously waiting. "Want to go for a walk?" I asked her

"Y-yeah." She says

"Come on." I grabbed our coats and we headed to a park on the apartment complex. We went to the swings we always we on when we were younger and sat on them. "So…about last night…I shouldn't have kissed you I'm sorry." I lied unable to think of what to say

"No…I wanted you to kiss me…it's just…what does this make us?" she questioned looking up at me brushing the hair out of her face

"Mackenzie Greybeck, would you like to go on a date with me?" I asked her

"I would be delighted!" she squealed

I got up and picked her up spinning us in a circle. She laughed and I kissed her cheek. "I should call my mom." She said after pulling away and walking away to a bench and I sat down on the swing once again…looking towards the woman I was going to marry

Kenzie's POV
I dialed my mom's number and it rang only once before her panicked voice came on. "Kenzie! Baby where are you?"

"Mom! I'm fine. I stayed with Ben, his Grandma picked me up last night, I'll be home soon…but first I'm going to the hospital." Then I hung up

"Let me go talk to my grandma and I think we can get you there to see your dad." Ben said from behind me

"Okay." I whispered

We have a quick breakfast and then headed to the hospital. I walked to the nurses' station and asked for Mason Greybeck room number.

"I'm his…daughter." I explained

"You don't seem so sure."

"I am…I'm just scared to see him, I just want my daddy back." I pulled out the tears and Ben (who knew I was faking) Wrapped his arms around me "Shhhh, can she see him or not?" he asked

"Room 478" she pointed down a hall

I whispered a 'thank you' then hurried along to his room. I stopped in front of the closed door and slowly opened it Ben right behind me. I looked at my dad laying there motionless…

"Hi daddy." I said sitting in the chair next to the bed

"I know you can hear me daddy, I need you to come home, we miss you daddy…Mom and I can't live without you…I need you daddy please." My voice broke and the tears cascaded down my cheeks. Ben wrapped his arms gently around my neck and kissed me head…I love when he does that

"Daddy, the doctors don't believe that you're going to be okay…but you have to be okay…for me daddy…I know you're going to get better…you just have to prove that you are." I sighed laying my head back against Ben

All of the sudden I saw his fingers twitch. "Did you?"

"Yeah." Ben said

"Daddy? Come back to us. I know you're in there…please daddy." I begged and saw his leg move, not just twitch but move

"Ben, go get the doctor now." I said hoping not to sound to bossy right then

"Mmmm." My dad muttered turning his head

He slowly blinked clearing his eyes. "Kenzie?" he said barely loud enough to hear

"Shhhh, daddy the doctors coming." I was crying, just then the doctor came in and pushed me and Ben to the corner of the room. Ben wrapped his arms around my waist and let me stand there with teary eyes staring at my father…he was my dad; I refused to believe anything else.

"What's your name?"

"Mason…Greybeck." My dad struggled to get out because of how dry his throat is

"When's your birthday?"

"July 15th 1981." (I really just made up a date. I don't really know. Sorry)

"What's your wife's name?"

"Alex…Alex Greybeck." He said looking around as if he thought she was here

"Do you remember what happened?"

"An accident…A big truck and the kids!" he said

"Well it looks like you are going to make a fine recovery Mr. Greybeck…I will get the nurse to bring you some tea to sooth your throat." The doctor then left

I pulled away from Ben and went to where my father has now sat up in the bed. "Daddy!" I cried and carefully gave him a hug

"Kenzie…where's your…mother?" he asked

"At home…with Joey and the triplets." I told him

"Where are Caleb and Noah?" he asked taking a drink of water

"They didn't make it daddy, Megan didn't either." I whispered

"Oh no…I tried to save them…" he said

"Daddy don't blame yourself…it wasn't your fault it was your brothers." I said

"How do you know about him?"

"Mom invited him to stay with us…even after everything he did to us…"

"Your mother wouldn't do that…she hates Christian." He was confused

"He's my father." I quickly said

"What? Kenzie how could you say that?" my dad looked hurt

"Because it's true!" I started to sob "Mom slept with him! And lied to you about it! I'm not really your daughter!" I sobbed

"Shhhh, Kenzie…you will ALWAYS be my daughter. Do you understand?" he asked

I nodded and then heard Ben come up behind me. "Hey, Ben. How are you?" my dad asked

"Fine…Mr. Greybeck." He said

"What about you and mom?" I asked

"We will be fine…but we need to have a talk…but I am not going to say anything until she herself brings it up." He said

"MASON!" I heard my mother scream from down the hall. Before she could enter the room, me and Ben pushed into the darkest corner of the room, so my mom wouldn't see us. Ben grabbed my hand and gave it a small squeeze telling me everything would be okay…

"Alex…" My dad sighed as she entered

"Oh Mason! I'm so glad you're okay…" she cried

"Where are the triplets and Joey?" he asked

"Harper and…Zeke and watching them." She said

"In other words Harper and Christian are watching them." I mumbled under my breath

"Did you hear that?" Alex asked

"No, what?" My dad tried to cover up

"KENZIE!" my mom shrieked running over and wrapping her arms around me

"Let go!" I said pulling away and going back into Bens arms

"You scarred me half to death Mackenzie you are grounded for 3 months." She firmly said

"But mom! I had every right to run. You told me that Mason wasn't my dad!" I screamed

"Kenzie! How could you ever say such a thing! Mason is absolut—"I know." My dad cut her off

"What?" she turned to face me

"I know about you and Christian." He stated. I took this opportunity to sneak out of the room…

Mason's POV

"How…how do you know?" my wife looked heartbroken

"Kenzie told me…she's heartbroken…and not the only one hurt by this Alex." I told her "Why didn't you tell me? I'm your husband! I would've killed Christian knowing he made you sleep with him."

"He didn't exactly…make me." She whispered

"What?" I growled

"We had that huge fight about my parents a year after we got married…I went out to a bar and I saw him…we got drunk and well…he took me to his hotel." She looked away from me

"I should have NEVER invited him to the wedding." I said anger in my tone

"I'd been with him before Mason…"


"We were on a break and he'd hit on me before…so I called him at that moment I didn't know who he was…"

"Alex…how could you do this to me?" I asked her

"Mason…I didn't mean for any of this to happen! Please forgive me." She cried

"Alex…my brother…really? Now my daughter. MY daughter!" I yelled

"Mason please…" she begged

"Just get me out of here. We will talk about this at another time." I felt myself go cold

"Okay…" she whispered wiping her tears and leaving the room

"I love you…" I whispered

"I know you do…I love you too." She said peeking her head back in

She left and I quietly thought to myself…What did I do to deserve this…

The love of my life broke my heart…I was sure not to show it, but it was there…the hurt…the pain…the rejection…

**2 Months later**

Alex's POV
Mason was home now…we haven't talked since he came…Christian and Harper left and went to live in an apartment where I'm sure he was torturing her but I couldn't focus on her right now…Kenzie refuses to come home so has been staying at Bens for months…My family is falling apart, Joey, Rachel, Taylor and Matt have no idea what's going on…probably best but…

"Alex?" It was my husband

"Mason?" I asked turing around

"It's time we talk." He said "Everyone in the house is asleep, so it's now or never."

"Okay." We went into the living room and sat on the couch away from each other

"Why did you do it Alex?" the first thing out of his mouth

"I don't know Mason…I was drunk, I was young…we were just starting our marriage and I was scared, about Justin and my parents and I just…I needed to feel free for a night, but I didn't want that to happen!" I told him

"Then you should've stayed home and worked it out with me." He sighed. He was hurt…I could tell.

"If only you would've come to me. I would've helped you…and we wouldn't be here in this situation today." He sighed

"Mason I'm sorry…please know that! I don't love Christian! I hadn't seen him in almost 14 years, you know I love you! We had 4 beautiful children together!" I cried

"We should've had 5! Kenzie is supposed to be MINE!" I could tell he was getting upset

"She is! She is yours even if not biologically she wouldn't call anyone else daddy! Not for anything!" I begged him

"Please forgive me Mason…You don't know how much I love you…and the kids…this family is falling apart without you…we need you back…we need my…" I started "We need my New…British Guy back…" The tears rolling faster and faster down my cheeks

"Oh, Brown Eyes…" he came closer to me "Mason?" I looked into his eyes and for the first time since the accident I saw him…the man I fell in love with

Kenzie's POV

"Thanks for letting me stay for so long Ben…but I need to come home." I said to my boyfriend standing in front of my house

"You're welcome anytime…but you knew that." He kissed me "Goodnight Kenz."

I opened the door and walked inside while he went back to his Grandmas waiting car. "Mom! I'm home!" I called

I walked into the living room to see my Mom and Dad hugging and crying in each other's arms. "Hello?" I said getting their attention

"Your home?" my mom said

"Yeah…I need you guys…I need my daddy." I walked over and sat in between them. They shared a glance and began tickling me…like when I was little…

When they finished they kissed each other. "Ewwww…" I mumbled. In return I got tickled twice as much.

"Mom?" I said when breath finally returned to me

"Yeah?" she said

"Can we be tested? I need to know if he really is my dad or not…" I asked her

"Yes…we can." She kissed my head and grabbed my dad's hand

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