Chapter 7

Time: May 5th 1:32 pm

Place: Prosecutor's office: Franziska's Office

Thankfully we weren't supposed to meat at Phoenix Wright's place until 3:00. Apparently they have to fill out some applications for Pearl or something. I couldn't get much sleep last night. I kept thinking about Miles Edgeworth. I couldn't face up to him like this. The last time I felt this so confused started with him caring for my last wound.

One year earlier

"That foolishly foolish fool. How could he give that information to him," the young woman said. "Well it doesn't matter. Mark my words Miles Edgeworth I will-"


Everything went blank for Franziska. She was shot. As she fell too the ground her sight was on the shadowy figure approaching her.

Miles Edgeworth has just walked out of car when he heard a gunshot. He was shocked for a second. When he came too, he ran toward where the gunshot was heard. When he got there he looked all around. He couldn't find anything for a few seconds. Then he found some feet in the bushes. He ran to them. In a second he found his 'sister' on the ground while blood poured out of her right shoulder.

"FRANZISKA!" he screamed. The young woman was still not waking up. He took her in his arms. He wrapped up her shoulder with his cravat. He remembered he had a water bottle. He poured it over her face to wake her up. She moaned.

"Oh thank goodness," he said as she woke up.

"Miles," she quietly said. Miles nodded. "What happened? And where's your cravat?"

"You were shot," Miles answered pointing to her shoulder. "Are you ok?"

"Of course I'm ok," Franziska exclaimed standing back up. She cringed as she did so. "Now if you excuse me I have to get that Engarde guilty."

"Franziska!" He said. She whipped him. Luckily she was left-handed. "Franziska you need help."

"No I don't!" Franziska yelled. She tried walking to the courthouse but stumbled as she did so. Miles grabbed her left arm. "Let go of me!" she screamed.

"Franziska. You are just going to make matters worse. If you go in there like that not only would your wound get worse but you could slip up."

"I don't slip up!" she screeched.

"I don't care!" Miles yelled. "I'm taking you to a hospital before you do something you'll regret." Miles pulled her to his car and drove to the closest clinic.


She looked at the clock. 1:42. She still had time to sort things out.

"Maybe I should tell him. Or at least tell him that I feel uncomfortable." She took her bag and went to Miles Edgeworth's office. She decided that he would understand. Or at least she hoped he would. When she got there she found the door open. She looked inside to find something she didn't expect. Miles kissing another woman.