An old man with grey hair and a bandana smiled down at a young boy with Tri-colored hair.

He was proud of his grandson for taking charge of the shop for a bit while he was gone. To his understanding, his grandson had had several sales while he was gone, which was amazing considering no one ever came by anymore.

Nevertheless, he was grateful, but it was already starting to get dark. He'd have to reward the boy later.

"Off to bed Yugi, It's late and you have school tomorrow," He said, a smile on his face, as he ushered the boy to the staircase leading up to Yugi's room.

"Ok Grandpa," Yugi said, smiling slightly, and laughing a little as he was pushed.

Before Yugi went up the staircase, he turned to his grandfather, "Don't forget that I'm going on that picnic with Joey, Tristan and Tea after school tomorrow." He reminded.

His grandfather laughed and nodded, "Of course. And when you get back, I'll have a little something for you..."

"Oh, Grandpa, you don't have to give me anything," Yugi said quickly.

"Goodnight, Yugi," His grandfather urged, ignoring Yugi's statement.

Yugi sighed, "Alright... I'm going... I'll see you in the morning Grandpa."

"See you in the morning..." His grandfather replied.

Yugi turned and made his way up the staircase, this time managing to not trip on a step, like he always did.

Once he made it to his bedroom door, he made a fist and squeezed his eyes shut, while whispering to himself, "Yes!"

He opened the door to his bedroom, the millennium puzzle dangling from his neck as he swept in, and immediately closed the door behind him. With a quick acknowledgement of the darkness from outside his window, he got into his dresser, and pulled out a green top, and green pajama pants. He quickly slipped on both, pausing to close the drawer. He then made his way over to his bed, and plopped down on it. He already felt the effects of his hard work starting to kick in, and drain him of his excitement for the next day.

As he sat on the bed, he began to imagine what the picnic with his friends would be like. He'd never had the chance to go on one before, so this would be very interesting... he would also get a chance to taste Tea's cooking... which he was sure was spectacular, like always.

He sighed, his eyelids becoming more heavy by the minute.

"I heard that," a familiar voice spoke. Yugi immediately became alert, surprised by the voice, but not panicked by it.

"Yami! I thought you were asleep already!" Yugi said, confusion beginning to overtake him.

Yami shook his head, "I don't sleep, Yugi. You should know this by now..."

"True..." Yugi agreed.

A moment of silence passed between them before Yugi sighed, and closed his eyes again, falling back until his back hit the wall.

"Yugi, I can feel there's something wrong..." Yami started, his spirit wheeling Yugi's desk chair to the side of Yugi's bed, "Would you please talk to me?" He asked, as he plopped down.

Yami was right, there was something bothering him, but he wasn't about to say. He'd been pushing it to the back of his mind for weeks now, and he didn't want to bring it up. It was a mistake that he had made so long ago now, and the memory of this mistake made him shiver every time he saw it in his mind.

He shivered; and Yami caught this.

"Yugi, please, I'm here for you... and I'd really like to know whats going on..."

Once again, Yugi was brought up brief flashes of the events, but immediately pushed them aside. No, it was best that Yami didn't know what was going on.

He wanted to tell the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle what was wrong, but he didn't want him to worry. Yugi opened his eyes and gave a light smile.

"Nothing's wrong." he said cheerfully.

Yami didn't look too convinced by his answer, and Yugi gave a half-assed smile.

Yami sighed, disappointed,

"Yugi, I know there's something bothering you; you don't have to tell me if you don't want to, but I'm here for you if you need me... I just hate seeing you like this."

Yugi fell silent, almost willing to rethink telling him, but immediately shoved the thought away. If it plagued his mind for this long, it might do the same to Yami, and the spirit already had enough on his plate as it is...

"I'm just tired Yami, really. Anyway, we're going to have fun tomorrow so we should get some sleep." he said, trying to veer off topic.

Yami nodded reluctantly, and watched Yugi slide down from the wall, and onto his side.

Yami rolled his eyes; he would help Yugi with the pulling the blankets up and over him, but he was very limited to what he could do in his spirit form.

"Your right," Yami went on, "Get some sleep Yugi. I'll see you tomorrow morning." And with that, he disappeared back into the Millennium Puzzle.

Yugi smiled. It's nice to know that Yami's a little concerned... but at the same time, he might be up all night worrying about me, and that's the last thing I want him to be doing right now. Well, I guess for now I can think about telling him tomorrow... he might find out sooner or later, and if he finds out for himself... there's no telling what he'd do if I didn't explain.

He thought.

He reached over and turned off the lamp that was on, all the while trying to pull the blankets up and over his body. Once he was settled, he turned on his side, and let his eyes flutter shut.

It didn't take long for him to fall asleep, but memories still continued to plague him even in his dreams.

Once he was sure that Yugi was fast asleep, Yami reappeared from his place inside the Millennium Puzzle, and sat back down on the chair. He had noticed that every so often Yugi would forget to put the Millennium Puzzle around him, after all, it wasn't a necessity, and he had a tendency to lose or misplace it... but even so. Yami missed those times he was able to walk around with the boy, and he often did.

Yami had wanted to remind Yugi to grab the Puzzle, but he may come across as pushy, which he knew that Yugi didn't particularly enjoy, even if he didn't show it.

These past few weeks, though, he'd noticed that Yugi had been pretty good at remembering, ever since he started putting it on his dresser instead of his desk.

The Pharaoh, as quietly as he could, slid the chair over near Yugi's bed. Yugi stirred a little, but didn't wake. He sat back down in it; and instantly knew that it was much easier to think outside the Millennium Puzzle than it was inside it.

He let his mind wander back to Yugi's earlier words, and let his thoughts drift off towards Yugi.

Yugi, he thought, I may not know exactly whats going on in your mind, but i know you. I know that you would only keep things from me if they were serious. This worries me Yugi.

Yami looked down at Yugi.

He's so innocent, but yet, he's been through a lot more than anyone would ever think. No one would ever have guessed that he was the one to solve the Millennium Puzzle, when not even an adult could. Yami sighed, he was beginning to dwell even further into the past, and his head was getting foggy. He wasn't sure why, since he'd never had that sensation while he was a spirit, but maybe... maybe he should rest his mind for just this night, and things would get better in the morning.

He wanted to know what was on Yugi's mind, but he wasn't going to pry. He would retire early into the Millennium Puzzle, and skip his small watch on the boy while he slept.

Yugi was always to be safe, and Yami could usually sense when something evil was near... so he could let it slide this one time.

Sleep well Yugi. I hope that whatever is bothering you will be pushed to the back of your mind so that you can have a peaceful night.

he thought, for once directing it towards Yugi's mind.

Then Yami, once more, retreated to the Millennium Puzzle that lay on Yugi's dresser, anxious for the rest he needed.