Title: You Made Me Love You

Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance.

Pairing(s): ?/Viola, Falsetto/Jazz(One-sided), Jazz/Clave, Allegretto/Polka, & Salsa/Beat.

Length: 1,424 words. This is a series.

Rating: PG.

Summary: The gang is separated, and Viola is worried. She feels restless, and decides to stop trying to sleep to think about her worries.

Author's Note: This story occurs when the gang separates. I'm not sure about what pairing for Viola, I usually like her with Jazz, but we'll see where this story ends up. I hope everyone enjoys this! Read & Review.

You Made Me Love You - Prologue

You made me love you,

I didn't want to do it; I didn't want to do it.

You made me want you,

And all the time you wanted it,

I guess you always knew it.

You made me happy sometimes, you made me feel glad.

But there were times dear; you made me feel so bad.

You made me sigh for,

I didn't want to tell you, I didn't want to tell you,

I want some love, that's true,

Yes I do, 'deed I do, you know I do.

Give me; give me what I cry for,

You know you've got the brand of kisses that I'd die for,

You know you made me love you.

It was the first evening of their separation, and Viola had to admit she was more worried than she let Allegretto on. She shuffled on the ground, she couldn't sleep, what if something happened to them? She trusted Fredrick to take care of Polka and the others, but Salsa & Beat were just two kids, barely even 9 years old; and what would happen if they didn't make it, Allegretto would lose Beat, who was like his little brother, and March would never find her sister, and Allegretto could also lose Polka who seemed to be his first love, and losing that, Viola knew it would hurt.

She can't imagine one more day without Fredrick's calm voice reassuring them every time, or without Polka's kind smile and caring voice, Beat's cuteness, and Salsa's outgoing personality. It would be too much for her, she just didn't leave her house, and her herd of goats to make friends, and then suddenly lose them. She held back a sob and slowly stood up, it was no use anyway, she knew wouldn't be getting any sleep tonight. She made sure not to wake up any of the others, especially Arco, since his sensitive ears might hear her before she could even take some time off for herself.

As she stood up, she began walking away from the camp site, and headed to see the area behind the large tree. She took slow steps, and frowned as she gazed around the area, noticing all the surrounding monsters, she knew tomorrow would be quite tiring just by the amount of the monsters. She chose some place cleaner than the rest, and sat down gently, careful not to make any noise.

She heard some shuffling from the bushes and kept her hand on her bow, ready to attack in case of a surprise attack, she saw Falsetto coming out of the bushes and let out a sigh of relief. She whispered to Falsetto "What are you doing here?" and saw Falsetto raise her eyebrow before replying "Could ask you the same thing Viola" but her voice was quite soft that Viola merely raised both of her eyebrows in reply.

She heard Falsetto chuckle before replying "Fine, I'll talk, I just had some things on my mind, you?" Viola smirked to herself looking at her sandals, before replying sullenly "same here". Falsetto then asked "You're still worried, huh?" and then remained silent before pointing out "Funny how you try to make everyone relax and smile, but never do the same to yourself". Viola snorted in disbelief before telling Falsetto "Well, I could almost say the same for you, you love Jazz don't you Falsetto?" softening her tone a bit.

She saw Falsetto scowl, but it quickly disappeared as a shy smile was on her lips, and she blushed faintly and asked Viola "Is it that obvious?" Viola shrugged and told her "The way you're always looking at him, and glaring at Claves is almost too much" before allowing a small smile to grace her lips. She hugged her knees closer to herself as Falsetto spoke wistfully "I should've tried harder then, so I can hide it better. But that's not why I'm always glaring at her Viola". And remained silent before inquiring in a small voice "Viola, can I tell you a secret?"

Viola smiled at the younger woman, and told her softly "Of course, and I swear I won't tell a soul". Falsetto smiled back before telling Viola "I suspect that Claves is a spy, ever since she came, she was nice and all, but there's something odd about her. She always needs our mission plans repeated, and she's always too scared, and is sometimes too weak. I know its mean, but I've had this gut-feeling since I've met her that she's never been on our side".

Viola freezes as she realizes that Falsetto's suspicions don't seem exaggerated and waits for the younger to continue "But every time I try to tell Jazz, he tells me that I'm jealous, or being too suspicious. And I won't lie when I tell you this Viola, yes I am jealous; but I'm more worried if we're going to lose our lives because Jazz couldn't trust me. I've been his best friend since childhood, and Andantino is as important to me as it is to him, that's why I'm scared. It's like everything I had with Jazz can be thrown away because he's in love with Claves; what hurts even more is that he suspects me more than her". As tears streak down Falsetto's cheeks, Viola gets up, and pulls out her handkerchief, drying Falsetto's tears "I understand what you're saying, and it must hurt right, to have your childhood friend, and secret love question you just because you're not the love of his life" and embraces the younger girl in a hug, and wonders if this poor girl had anyone to be with all these years, because it hurts to lose something you thought you'd never lose.

And Viola bites her lips to keep her tears from coming, because she knows the feeling of being ditched, when she was once a mere 17-year-old girl who still wanted a prince charming, and a happily ever after. She remembers Marcus, her first love, and ignores the painful pangs in her heart. Marcus is the past, just like her parents and her village, and whatever happens in the past deserves to stay there. She embraces Falsetto tighter as the girl begins to sob softly, and wonders how many years has her love been unrequited, because she doesn't think Falsetto deserves this.

Viola bit her lower lip hard, to prevent any tears from falling, as she uttered comforting words to Falsetto, the girl was much too young to have joined a rebellion, and to be filled with so many conflicting emotions. She wish that there was no such thing as falling in love, if it brought more pain than joy, but she knows, deep inside the dark caverns of her closed-off heart that it was one of the most beautiful feelings in the world, only if your love was requited.

She hates how her heart breaks slowly, when she things of all the world's problems, and to think, she could have avoided it all by staying with her goats. She wishes that she lived a different life, because this wasn't the future she wanted 10 years ago. Her embrace tightened on the younger women, as if by bringing her closer she could erase all her fears and worries away.

And as Viola gazes at the bright moon, and starry sky, she knows this will be a long night. She slightly trembles when a strong gust of wind blows against her bare arms and tummy, and curses her choice of wardrobe sometimes, but the memories that come with the outfit aren't something she is willing to let go of so easily.

She hums a soft melody, one her mother used to sing to her. The melody is sweet, yet sad, but it calms Falsetto enough for her to drowse of to sleep. But Viola doesn't, instead she keeps her eyes wide open, in case a monster decides to sneak up on them. She moves Falsetto to her lap, so that she is more comfortable, as she glances wistfully at the dim sky. She already misses Beat's naivety, and Allegretto's need to be manly for Polka, the girl's innocence is contagious, and Salsa's rudeness. 'Goodness, I must be going mad...but I still miss them so much.' she thinks sadly.

And before her eyes close, she utters softly, 'God, if you're out there, just this once, please keep them safe for me', and as she glances at Falsetto, smiles sweetly and whispers "Please keep her from hurting anymore, none of them deserve such a sad fate~"

End of Prologue.