Slight AU in which Tommy was discharged, not AWOL. Starts after they walk out of the ring. Drabble series, not all in chronological order.

His shoulder still hurts sometimes. He tries not to show Brendan, becuase he feels guilty enough about that anyway. He takes the painkillers the doctors gave him for bad days, becuase he's actually not an addict, and Brendan gets that, even if Paddy didn't. He makes Brendan keep him in their medicine cabinet anyway though, so he has to ask him or Tess for them. Brendan always gives him them with such an expression of remorse on his face that most of the time he'd rather ask Tess. She just gives him one then feels his forehead and makes sure he doesn't have a fever, and asks if he wants the heating pad. She tucks him in on the couch under the old Steelers blanket and turns the television on for him low, and the heat and the meds usually knock him out good. Sometimes he'll hear her and Brenden talking about him, in low voices. Something about trying long term meds again, or going to the doctor. He thinks he should have an opinion about this, but in all honesty, he doesn't know what to do. He's never really had anyone care about him being in pain before. Sometimes Brendan comes and sits on the edge of the couch, when he thinks he's still asleep. He'll put a hand on his forehead and whisper, "I'm sorry."
He never opens his eyes, but he wishes he could tell Brendan what an idiot he's being. The shoulder doesn't matter that much. His big brother just took him in, and put him up, and got him on his feet again. He didn't think that a bum shoulder was too high a price to pay for that.