So, this is set somewhere in the future where Vincent's lost all of his biots and has, basically, lost it completely. I realize this whole thing is incredibly stylized and probably makes no sense. So.

it's like someone's tearing shreds of his memory slowly and discarding them somewhere far away. incinerating them so there's no proof they existed except for a hollow space that should be filled.

Somedays are better than others.

Sometimes he can hold a coherent

Maybe two, if he's lucky.

Because he can feel it going- sanity, he can feel himself slipping and god dammnit if he wants to stop this somehow but

he tried, earlier. tried using that one long kitchen knife but his hands shook too hard and the only thing that came out of it was a pleasant ready prepared stunned jin who had

and then he'd begged later on just like that once to make it death because nothing could be better similar worsethanthisandhewantsittos topbuttheyrefused and he thought maybe it hurt them as much as it did them

so then he lay screaming in his room for hours because he swore he saw the bugs on the walls and on his body and everywhere swarming until he ran out of blood air and ended up just wheezing

He knows he's f






g but there's everything nothing he can do about it

and he can just

maybe he'll have a spontaneous heart attack and die before he ended up like renfield keats wilkes nijinsky kerouac screaming nonsense at the walls of a mental hospital

yes that's it.

That's his future.

his future that's funny right isn't that what they call funny right that deserves a laugh for whaterver reasons they do that

Because he knew, didn't he? He knew when he was getting into this that there was no going back, because the only outcomes were madness and dea


And he knew it would be madness, right from the start. He'd had a feeling. And he was right.

godthey'redeadwhyaretheydeadhowdidth athap

what's my name again i can't

help, what am i

can someone hear me?


i'm screaming

It was how they always ended. Screaming, with all aspects of what they once were stripped from them. The shattered remains of a once beautiful glass statue.

help me i'm drowning i