" please! I just want to help kaoru! Can't you just...I don't know knife 'em ornsomething?" I begged my 4 gang members

They all stared at me, mori, passive as always, kyoya analyzing ( the words scheming bastard come to mind) tamaki confused and hikaru...he looks...upset to say it simply

"y-you know kaoru?" asked hikaru

" he's my best friend at school...he doesnt try and make a move on me he's funny smart creative all in all amazing...but...I'm the only one that knows...he can't even walk to his seat with out someone hitting him! He wont make eye contact with anyone but me! Just make it better! Help him! Hell that boy stands up for me but he can't for himself! Make it better! Please! For me?!" haruhi was frantic and had tears streaming down her face

" what do you mean? He was always so popular when we were all in school with him"

" well he's not anymore! He's hurting, those people are so mean to him they are worse than all the other bullies at school..."

" how do you know?" hika said snappily

" 'cause they do it to me too you asshole!"

They all stare at me in astonishment, unable to grasp that I, haruhi fujioka #1 badass in the worst part of town...was a victim. And she was hurting.

" I'll do what I can..." whispered hikaru

" what will I gain out of helping?" kyoya said in disinterest

" I'll do one thing that you all want, bastard"

" anything?"

" yeah anything"

" then I'm in he answered"

Tamaki nodded in agreement, mori looked a bit skeptical, so I decided to put on my little girl charm. I looked down and snapped my hair tie letting my waist long hair fall, the boys, having never seen her hair down, gasped. She looked derectly at mori right into his eyes, with little tears at the corners of her eyes and jutted out her bottom lip, successfully pulling of THE cutest most irresistible puppy dog pout ever.

He froze on spot loosing his mask and blushed ' awwwwww' he thought

His voice failed him so he just nodded his head. She right away popped up and hugged them all showing her true strength as she squeezed them all

" I knew being friends with a boy Lolita would come in handy. I gotta remember to thank mitsu for those lessons he gave me. She pulled out her iPhone, the boys all looked at her confused

" who you snatch that off of?"

" huh? Oh this? I didn't kao got it for me" she giggled and started to dial mitsu's number" hello its haruhi...yeah...uh huh...thanks yuki!" she was talking to someone ' probably the help...' they all thought all the sudden she held her phone away from her at arms length and the heard a childish voice scream out

" haaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrruuuuuuu uuuuuuu-chaaaaaaaann! I missed you! You should call more! I wanna see you! Are you with the guys you told us about! Are they being nice to you? Do I need to whoop some ass for yah?! When are we ganna spar some more?! The advanced class misses you! Oh oh! Sato wants to talk to you!" there was a small pause when a younge but not childlike voice came through " haruhi!" " hey satoshi! I missed you" " I haven't seen you science forever ago! You should come by and spar with me and chicka and mitsukuni tommarow!" " I can do that, what time?" " how bout...6 am?" "Kay I gotta go but tell. Mitsu I said thank for the cute lessons he gave me they came ideal handy!" " BYE BYE HARU-CHAN!" when she hung up the boys all stared at her

" what?" she asked

" advanced class? Sparring? 6am training? What's going on?" asked tamaki

" and who are satoshi mitsukuni and chicka?" questioned

" Takashi, you didn't tell them?" he shook his head no" do you want to?" he looked at her and said " go ahead"

" Okay well satoshi is takas brother, and mitsukuni and yasuchica are his cousins. I go to school with them...we compete in competitions as a team."