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Emily Prentiss giggled into her coffee mug as Henry climbed up onto her bed to wake his mother. His bright blue eyes glanced at her one last time and with her nod of approval he jumped. "Oomph" was all she heard before a round of giggles let out from his mouth. Emily sauntered over to the edge of the bed and watched as sleepy eyes cracked open spotting the little boy.

"Momma up!" Henry demanded straddling his mother and bouncing just right to make his mother cringe.

A groan passed pink lips then a smiled stretched across Jennifer Jareau's face. "Five more minutes please?" she pleaded with the boy then closed her eyes and faked a loud snore.

"No Momma!" more giggles poured out as little fingers dug into closed eyes forcing them to open. "Gotta go!" he smiled.

Emily watched the exchange with a grin. Her heart fluttered as her eyes caught sight of the ring on her fiancé's finger, simple yet stunning on the blonde's hand. Fiancé was a new word for them but it felt amazing and completely natural to say when talking about JJ. Just two weeks ago Emily found the ring and decided to keep it for the perfect moment. But unknown to her JJ popped the question first.

Emily held onto the blonde as she turned in her arms. The warm spray from the shower hit them but neither seemed to notice. Their eyes were locked staring into the other's soul when Emily opened her mouth but closed it as JJ asked, "Will you marry me?"

Emily was stunned speechless but as her heart pounded in her chest and a shiver went through her body she smiled softly. "Yes" her voice cracked with emotion. Before she knew what was happening JJ jumped into her arms and captured her lips.

"Em, help!" JJ cried out pulling Emily from her retrieve and back into the bedroom where Henry was attacking his mother once again.

"Sorry babe, I can't help. I'm with Henry. You need to get up." she chucked at the glare she got but Henry's head popped up with a rewarding smile. Setting her mug down, she sat on the edge of the bed watching.

"Okay, okay. I'll get up!" JJ cried out stopping Henry from anymore bone crushing bounces.

"Momma we gotta go!" Henry said again sitting up.

"Where are we going?" JJ asked with wide eyes making him giggle again.

"Go see Pop!" he cheered.

"Are you packed?" his mother asked getting an enthusiastic nod in return. "Okay then, go get changed." Henry kissed his mother's cheek then with help from Emily he was off the bed and down the hall in just a second.

"Morning." Emily laughed leaning down to kiss JJ.

"Mmmm" JJ hummed wrapping her arms around her fiancé's neck deepening the kiss.

"We are going to miss our flight if you don't get up now." Emily pulled back and stood holding a hand out for the blonde.

"Fine," she grabbed the offered hand and sat up wiping at her still tired eyes. Staying up late packing the night before wasn't a good idea but she procrastinated. "Did you call my mom?" she asked the brunette.

"Yep, she'll pick us up at the airport. Do you think they know?" Emily wondered. For two weeks they kept their engagement a secret. JJ had wanted to tell her parents but not over the phone so they both took a few days off work and arranged to fly out to tell them in person. Emily delayed telling her parents due to the fact they weren't in the states but also she was somewhat scared of their reactions.

Their first time meeting JJ went okay even though her mother was a little stiff but then after Ian Doyle came busting into their lives and JJ left, Emily's parents didn't have the best opinion of the blonde. Emily tried telling them all was good but their newfound love of their daughter kept them from seeing JJ in a new light.

"I hope not. My mom probably thinks it but," she sighed "I want to see her face when I tell them." The thought of tell her mother thrilled her. JJ knew her mother adored Emily so she had no issue with their relationship but her father was another story. He had walked out when she told him she was dating a woman but to his credit he came back and they made amends but now she was going to tell him she was marrying a woman. This was a whole new ball game.

"What do you think your dad will say?" Emily bit her lip. That was her biggest worry. Daniel Jareau was a quiet, gentle man but Emily had never really been on his bad side. She wasn't there when JJ told him about herself and the only interaction they got was when she flew to their family home to see JJ after she was released from the hospital. And then he stayed his distance and so did she.

JJ shrugged. "Your guess is as good as mine." She kissed Emily in passing and went for the bathroom.

"What if he kills me?" Emily called in honestly scared.

JJ chuckled. "I'll be sure you have a nice funeral."

Plane rides sucked, especially with a three year old. Henry was up and down every few minutes but by the time the plane touched down he tuckered himself out in Emily's arms. She carefully stood up letting other passengers go ahead of her then followed JJ through the walkway and into the busy airport.

"Want me to take him?" JJ asked setting her carryon bag down while pulling her hair back into a loose ponytail.

"No I'm good." Emily smiled rubbing circles on the boy's back. She still worried constantly that Henry would be frightened of her because of that night but as they grew closer he showed no signs of it. He still asked her to carry him and she even started tucking him in at night if he asked. "Let's find your mom."

Right on cue Mary Jareau ran across the packed airport and wrapped her daughter in a tight hug raving about computer screens and eye sight. JJ grinned from ear to ear as her mother took her hands in her own. She waited patiently for the woman to feel it and when she did many patrons turned to look at the commotion.

"Jennifer, is this what I think this is?" Mary darted her eyes from the ring to her daughter's eyes to Emily's.

"It is. We're getting married." JJ said calmly trying hard not to cry.

"Oh my heavens" the woman embraced her again then with open arms motioned for Emily. The brunette gave her a one armed hug then backed off so Henry wouldn't wake. "It was about time." The other woman grinned with tears running down her cheeks.

"Mom!" JJ laughed grabbing the bags and leading the reunion out of the way of others.

"Well it is. I knew the moment Emily swooped into your apartment after you told us about the two of you that you were meant to be. And now you're getting married." She placed her hand on her heart getting her emotions in check so they could make it out of the airport and back home without her making much more of a scene.

JJ glanced at Emily and melted from the smile the brunette was wearing. It was true. They were meant to be. She took Emily's free hand in hers and followed her mother out of the arrival area and down to baggage claim, all the while hoping her father would feel the same.

Her parent's house was just the same as they drove up the driveway. JJ loved coming home. The memories of her childhood, of her sister, were always the strongest in her childhood home. The white picket fence that lined the front yard made her think of the time her father had to replace it and JJ and her sister secretly wrote their names on one of the boards. To this day her eyes always find that one board and a smile pulls at her lips.

"Ready?" Emily asked nervously as the car stopped pulling JJ out of her memories.

JJ grinned and took her hand. "Are you ready?" she countered but kissed Emily softly on the cheek for encouragement then climbed out of the car.

"Ready as I'll ever be." Emily mumbled getting Henry from his car seat. "Here buddy go get your Pop in a good mood so he won't kill me." She let the boy go and watched him run up to the house with his grandmother right behind him.

Emily grabbed their luggage and slowly made her way to the front door. She stepped in and paused at the door. JJ was in her father's arms and Henry was beside them jumping up and down squealing for his Pop. Relieve washed over her as Daniel Jareau looked up and gave her a gentle smile.

"Emily" he greeted walking over to her.

Now or never she told herself as she smiled back. "Mr. Jareau"

"I think Daniel will be fine." He shook her hand. "So what are you and Jennifer here to tell us?"

Emily's face paled and her stomach knotted. It wasn't that Daniel wasn't a nice man, he was, but Emily wants to marry his daughter. She wasn't so sure how he would react.

"Um, Dad…" JJ came up behind him and grabbed Emily's hand. "I-I asked Emily to marry me."

They both looked up to see his expression. He blinked but his face was just the same. Emily scowled at herself for her so called profiling skills. This man wasn't giving her anything to work with.

Daniel pressed his lips together and clenched his jaw slightly before looking Emily dead on and asked "I take it you said yes?" at her nod he looked at the door. "Come with me please." He moved to the door and turned waiting for the brunette to follow.

"Dad?" JJ didn't let Emily's hand go. "What are you doing?"

"Emily, please come with me." He repeated opening the door and stepping onto the porch.

"You don't have to." JJ whispered as Emily pulled away.

Emily looked at the door then back at her fiancé. "Come get me in ten just in case?" she gave a weak smile. All of a sudden she was feeling sick to her stomach.

"I will." JJ promised as Emily walked out the door.

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