Harry Potter has many different faces on fanfiction. We (MoonlitWalk13 and I) now present a battle between what we deem the 5 most deserving (with cannon Harry thrown in for fun). Warning: due to the nature of this story, it would make a LOT more sense if you have read the other stories first. However, if you are lazy and don't want to, we're providing a character sheet. WARNING: WILL INCLUDE SPOILERS FOR OTHER FANFICTION. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
Harry James Potter- from: Harry Potter Series; by: JK Rowling; age: 17; nickname: Harry
Background: Harry has defeated Voldemort. Now, he spends his days tracking down any remnants of the Death Eaters as an Auror and spending time with Ginny. Harry brings with him his wand and his limited experience from the war.
Harveste Addams- from: Harveste Addams series; by: Kyaru-chan; age: 15; nickname: Harveste
Background: Taken from our favorite Addams Family/Harry Potter crossover, Harry killed the Dursleys at the age of 5, and was adopted by the Addams Family. Having discovered women's clothes better hides weapons, Harveste crossdresses in wonderful (often handmade) outfits. His favorite weapons are his senbon, needle-like knives hidden in his folded fan.
Harry James Potter- from: Harry Potter and the Alien Reality; by: Pwn Master Paladin; age: 15; nickname: Stargate Potter
Background: Taken from a really excellent Harry Potter/Stargate SG1 crossover, when Harry faces Voldemort in the graveyard, instead of dueling him, Voldemort banishes Harry to a universe without magic to keep the prophecy forever in play. Before doing so, he forcibly removes the Horcrux. Harry's body naturally fights, essentially downloading all the information Voldemort had when he created the Horcrux into Harry's brain. Now stranded in a universe without magic, Harry uses Voldemort's knowledge to assist the Stargate Command in any way he can while trying to find a way home. Voldemort's knowledge gave Harry the ability to perform wandless and silent casting, along with a variety of spells lost to the ages-some with good reason.
Harry James Potter- from: Nightmares of Futures Past; by: S'tarKan/Viridian; age: 13; nickname: Mr. Potter
Background: From one of the best time-travel Harry Potter Fanfictions around. The war went on for decades, and in the end, everyone was dead. Harry finally got Voldemort, but it had been all for naught. In order to send his spirit back in time, Harry used the killing curse to merge with his 11 year old self and do it all again. Using the physical and magical skills he's honed over decades, Harry has immense power and skill.
Captain Harry James Potter- from: Isis' Bane Tar'Chell's Wrath/Goblet of Fire; by: Althor42; age 14; nickname: Captain Potter
Background: At age of 9, Harry was kidnapped by the goa'uld and made a host. After being forced to kill a young boy, Harry's natural magic rebels, forcing the goa'uld out while also giving him all the episodic memory of the creature. Feeling unable to ever fit in again on Earth, Harry makes it his life mission to destroy the goa'uld. Harry's entirely instinctual and scientific approach to magic gives him a very unique view on it and a very different method (he uses no spells). He also had a goa'uld hand device melted into his hand that he uses to focus his magic.
Dr. Harry James Potter- from Isis's Bane, a New Home; by: Althor42; age 14; nickname: Dr. Potter
Background: Branched off by the same author as Captain Potter, Harry was also kidnapped by goa'uld at 9 and made a host. However, having forced the goa'uld out, he decides to stay with SG-1 (Jack O'Neill specifically) and make a place for himself. Immersing himself in science and knowledge, Harry overcomes many challenges, emerging strong and vastly intelligent. We extrapolated a little beyond the original, allowing him to get his Doctorate in Astro-physics. He has an amazing control over magic as a science, and is also able to focus his self-taught magic through the golden hand device merged with his right hand.