Sydney's POV

We made our way up to Art, pushing our way through the crowd of people going the opposite way. In fact, so focused were we on getting through we almost went straight past our class. Once we'd backtracked and actually got into the classroom we sat down at our group with Lysander and Iris. Mr McKernan looked up from the drawings he was grading.

"Alright, class. Today you will continue working on the piece you started yesterday, the one I issued for homework?"

People nodded their heads as they grabbed their books.

"Now, I don't mind you talking, but keep it fairly quiet, okay?"

After a chorus of yes's, sure's, and okay's the teacher went back to grading. I fished about in my bag until I found my sketch book, yanked it out and walked up to his desk.

"Sir? I've finished my drawing."

He glanced at me. "Already? Have you added colour or tone?" he asked.

I nodded. "Yep, what will I do today then?"

"Let me see."

I handed him the jotter and he looked at it. "Ah, so you decided to draw that? My favourite vase. I must say this is an excellent drawing." He gave me back my picture before continuing. "Today you can just draw whatever you want again, and if you don't finish it in class – which I doubt you will – you'll do that for homework."

I sat down next to Castiel again and contemplated over what I would draw.

I then decided I would draw...something.

Okay, yes, I was gonna draw Cas. Cue girlish squeal. Not from me, oh no, but probably from whoever is reading this little story.

Again I drew my picture so it was from the side view. My reason for that being that I [i]was[/i] seeing Cas from the side view, right?

I sketched carefully,trying to get every little detail. I only wanted to have from his shoulders up in the picture, so I had to try and space it out right. I drew in his hair, the way it curled slightly at the tips, before moving on to his face (I had already sketched out the shape of the collar of his leather jacket). His slate grey eyes, his straight nose, his soft mouth. I felt my eyes linger on his lips for a second.

I suddenly had the overwhelming urge to lean in closer to him, but instead I shot my hand up in the air and almost shouted across the class to the teacher.

"Sir, may I please be excused?!"

"Yes. Take this pass. Wait, let me sign it first...alright, here you go, Sydney."

I pretty much snatched the pass from his hand as I left the classroom and staggered down to the girls' bathroom.

Castiel's POV

Worry and concern laced my thoughts as I watched Sid hurry off. What was up with her? Was she okay? I ended up shrugging it off thinking it was probably just 'that time of the month'.

I noticed she'd left all her stuff behind, including her sketch book. It was lying open on her desk with her pencil sitting on the blank page next to the one that had her picture on it.

And the picture, it was

She'd drawn me as I was now, just sitting focusing on the page below me. It was an amazing drawing, but why did she choose to draw me? Of course, not that I didn't expect someone to draw me, what with my outrageously dashing good looks. Ha – not.

I sat there for the rest of the period, virtually twiddling my thumbs since Sidders wasn't there to joke around with. As soon as the bell went signalling end of class I shot out of my seat and raced out of the room, heading down to the girls' toilets. No, I'm not perverted. I wanted to just check if she was okay. The toilets I went to were the one in Gym. Or should I say, it wasn't the girls' toilets; more like the girls' toilet. There was one toilet for the girls and one for the boys in the P.E. base, and when I reached the girls' one I stopped, listening to make sure it was the right girl in there.

Sure enough, the quiet sound of someone hyperventilating on the other side of the door seemed familiar.

Was it weird I could tell it was her by the sound of her breathing? Yes. Did I care? Nope.


Suddenly the person in the bathroom held their breath, all sounds cutting off abruptly.


Thank God she was okay. I thought she'd maybe passed out from lack of air. I mean, she had been breathing pretty quickly, and it sounded as if her breaths were quite shallow too.

"Hey, Siddy. Can I come in?"

I heard a soft gulp, followed by an, "Okay."

There was a quiet click! as she unlocked the door. I pushed open the door, slipping round and closing it again behind me. It was then that I found out the girls' Gym toilet was even smaller than the boys'. It was about the size of a cubicle, maybe a couple of inches larger, and bearing in mind this had a sink in it? Yeah, it was tiny.

Sydney was sitting on the toilet with a red face, except she didn't look embarrassed. It looked more like slight panic. Now what would make her panic?

"You alright?" I asked.

"Yeah, I'm just not feeling too great."

I had a feeling that was a lie, and that was such a lame excuse.

"Come on, Sidders, you and I both know that isn't true." I raised one eyebrow at her questioningly.

Why won't she tell me what's up?!

Sydney's POV

What. The. H***. Is up with me?

One second I'm drawing, and the next I'm leaning in toward Castiel!

Bad Sid. Bad Sid!

He was the one who nicknamed me that. Wow, I never thought about that until now...

I'm getting off topic!

Okay, focus.

I heard quiet footsteps heading towards the door in front of me, stopping right outside it.


Oh God, speak of the devil.

I felt my breathing stop, cutting off completely.


I heard what sounded like a sigh of relief before he continued.

"Hey, Siddy. Can I come in?"

I gulped and quietly said, "Okay," unlocking the door as I did so. Castiel's scarlet head popped round the door. He slid in, closing the door behind him and leaning against it. He studied me for a minute before asking if I was okay.

"You alright?"

"Yeah, I'm just not feeling too great," I answered honestly. Okay, well maybe not totally honestly, but I wasn't feeling great. That didn't necessarily mean I felt ill, right?

"Come on, Sidders, you and I both know that isn't true," he said, looking at me, eyebrow raised and everything.


"Look, it's nothing, it doesn't matter. 'Kay?"

"Fine..." he said, sounding very unconvinced.

"Thanks." I let my breath out in a loud sigh, letting myself relax a little.

"Come on, you get cleaned up, or...whatever girls do, and I'll wait out in the courtyard, cool?"

I smiled. "Cool."

Once he'd left I rinsed my face with cold water, dried off and made my way up to the hallway leading out to the courtyard.

And bumped into – guess who? Yep, you're probably right – Amber, Li and Charlotte.

"Hey, look who's here," Amber sneered, "Well that's the word around here. Let's see, what do I have here in my locker?"

I watched as she yanked a photo out of her locker. And guess what? Bet you're right again.

It was my ID photo. And she'd decided to doodle on it, drawing on a moustache and a bunch of other scribbles.

"But...But that's me! That's the picture I got for my enrolment." I cursed in my head for sounding so wimpy.

"You don't seem to be very photogenic! Do you want another one? Hold on, we've got plenty."

She tossed a handful of pictures at me, a couple of them hitting my face. I watched with horror as they fell to the floor.

"...You did this?"

"By the way, now that you're enrolled, don't start going after Nathaniel!"

She shot me a glare before turning on her heel and flouncing off.

I stood there grumbling to myself for a little longer before heading out to see Cas.

He must've realised I was not in a very happy mood and grinned. Oh, so he was gonna try annoying me more?

Gee, I feel so loved.