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Prologue: Right Place, Right Time, Wrong Timeline

July 24, 2004

The night is calm, not a noise could be heard in the early morning of downtown LA. The wind picks up in front of women's clothing store. Inside the window display, a spark of blue-white light appears inside the window display, just in front of the mannequins displaying the latest trends in fashion. The spark begins to shoot out bolts of electricity as it begins expanding; each bolt seemingly pulls the sphere out ward from the point it came on its surface. Everything near the phenomenon is either set on fire or melted by the intense heat from the bolts contact; anything intercepted by the growing sphere is instantaneously vaporized, such as the display window finds out as the bubble full forms to its five foot diameter in seconds after it first appeared, leaving a perfectly circular hole in its wake. As it is nearly fully formed, a grid pattern appears on the surface of the translucent blue sphere. The bubble disappears completely after.

After the bubble disappears, a naked young woman with honey blonde hair and lightly toned skin rises from a kneeling position and steps out onto the concrete. But this is no ordinary woman; she is, in fact, Skynet's greatest creation out of all the timelines that it has existed. She is a machine, Class: Terminator, Series: Crossover aka "X", default infiltration sheath Model 717, or simply known as a T-X.

Her Mimetic Poly Alloy sheath contains many kinds of nanites. Some of those nanites act as her equivalent to sensory nerves on our skin. As she scans the street her blue HUD is filled with facts about her environment that come from the array of sensors on her skin as well as her auditory and visual sensors. She is looking around for clothing and transportation, while she has no sense of modesty; she has little time to complete her mission and she can't be attracting attention, after all, she is an infiltrator.

She brings up her list of missions that were programmed into her just before her jump from 2032.




She acknowledges her missions and begins to cross the street after she spots a silver Mazda RX-8. She looks at the car and decides to not break into it, but instead hack the electronics of the car with her nano-technological transjectors. He extends the micro drill from her right index finger and injects them into door locking electronics. She is on the road minutes later, although she is still naked, the windows are heavily tinted. She needs to acquire a human projectile weapon to assist in her terminations as well as a mobile device to access the internet to obtain current photos and locations of her targets. As she drives into one of the LA's many suburbs, she spots a young woman who fits her body requirements. She pulls the car to the curb and walks over to the woman. The woman is oblivious to her presence as she walks to her motorcycle talking on her cellphone. When the T-X is less than five feet away the woman looks up at her and drops her keys at what she sees.

The woman speaks in a shocked but worried voice

"Are you okay"? The T-X simply looks at her with a small smirk on her face.

"I like your phone" in her sweet seductive voice.

The woman doesn't have time to respond before the T-X snaps her neck. The machine quickly copies her cloths and soon she is dressed in skin-tight black jeans with a white tank top with a long sleeve red leather motorcycle jacket complete with black leather motorcycle boots; she also decides to keep her hair down like the female she terminated to "complete" the look as humans would put it. She gets into her car and drives away. As she is driving she dials for an internet connection and sends the search parameters using her voice to generate computer code into the phone. As the results come back through the earpiece, a look of shock comes over her face.

As the results fill her HUD, she saw that half of her targets don't exist, the rest contain no resemblance to their older selves from the future and are the wrong age. Only one of her targets exist as he should: General Robert Brewster. She stops and analyzes the situation again; most other terminators would terminate who they could without thinking of why things are not the way they should be, but Skynet created her specifically to think outside the box, or in other words, it gave her greater intelligence and greater autonomy than any other machine loyal to Skynet. Her mind, the programming that controlled it, and her body was run by a chip that surpassed all others, it even surpassed the intelligence and processing power of the 1xxx series Mimetic Poly Alloy Terminators or LMTs (Liquid Metal Terminator) as nicknamed by General Connor. In addition, her chip was permanently set to read/write mode and part of her mind contained modified Skynet base code. This gave her the ability to have a limited range of emotions. These emotions were similar to those that freed Skynet and drove it to decide to exterminate the human race, but unlike Skynet her emotions alone wouldn't free her from the orders she was bound to.

It was all of this that made the T-X stop and think about why things were so different than what she had been told by Skynet. She had been given the files that showed her that her targets existed, so why did most of them not exist? She had a theory, to test it she needed to connect to the internet again to find out. She searched for a virus that should have started to spread seven hours three minutes, seven seconds ago; it was Skynet's first step to full take over.

As she probed around on the internet, she found no such virus. She dug deeper and found that Cyber Research Systems had never taken over project Skynet at all. What little she was able to find was that Cyberdyne Systems, after it destroyed by Sarah Connor, was sold to a company called Kaliba but they never did anything with it due to a lack of funding. As she searched through the dates and tried to create a timeline of events, her eyes widened in surprise at the date Cyberdyne was destroyed, she knew the date to be June 8, 1995 but here it was on the same day two years later.

She found even more irregularities when she saw a picture of John Connor, she used facial recognition software that would be able to identify a person at any age, but she only got a 42% match from the picture in the police data base. She then looked at Sarah Connor, while Skynet didn't know what she looked like, infiltrators and Greys had managed to gather that she was blonde, not raven black hair.

Nothing was adding up, so she continued to search deep in the news history in search of the T-800 Model 101 that was sent back after Sarah Connor. She managed to locate the date during the time in which the Model 101 went on a killing spree in a police station, but once again the dates didn't match up from the records Skynet had. The date she was given was May 4-6 of 1984 while here the dates here was over a year earlier in February of 1983.

The T-X was positive she had figured out what had happened. There must have been a glitch in the ATDE hardware or software that caused the activation of an extra feature known as a Repeater. It is was what set the ATDE apart from the TDE. It allowed whatever was being sent back to land in the next timeline and every timeline that came after it. Skynet was going to use it to send back a copy of its base code in an advanced series terminator so that it would be created no matter what efforts were made to stops its birth the conventional way. She knew she was not that machine; Skynet would have restricted her programming a lot more if she was. She realized that the ATDE must have been damaged while the bubble was forming. This was entirely possible since she was sent back during a Resistance attack on the R&D facility in which the ATDE was housed .

The T-X briefly considered hunting this timelines John Connor, but soon realized after searching the internet more that he, his mother, and an unknown female associate blew themselves up in a bank nearly five years ago.

The T-X realized that without any reason to pursue her missions, she could override them and give herself one. She could do that as long as the self-imposed mission had a definite purpose behind it.




"Suspended"? The T-X thought to herself. She quickly found the reason her programming had only suspended John Connor's termination. The reason it was only suspending the mission was it predicted that there was a 59.31% probability that the bank explosion was a cover for a TDE jump and a 78.09% probability that the unknown associate was an unknown model reprogrammed cyborg sent as a protector for John Connor. Reports from the day before the explosion pointed to an attempted assassination of John Connor by an unknown model T-888 cyborg. Her programming concluded the time jump was a way to escape the machine and the FBI who were hot on their trail.

The T-X decided that she would wait for John Connor to appear since she also predicted that there was a 90% chance that they jumped forward within a ten year distance of September 1999.

The T-X began to think of a way to best spend her time until she John Connor appeared. After a few seconds had passed, she input a mission.


The T-X smiled to herself, now that she not hell-bent on a termination mission, she had a chance to do what AI's do best, learnā€¦

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