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Normal P.O.V

It won't take long he said. I'll only be gone for 2 weeks he said. You'll be okay he said. Damian thought to himself. Today was the day he finally turned 13. It was a big deal. It was enough wise cracks and enough teasing. Damian had gained in height over the years but he was still pretty short for his age. And of course Damian was happy that Lian, Irey and Jai had reverted back to their original age and height. So now Damian was better looking not as much as Dick though because he claimed the title of Pretty boy already but still good looking, in a couple years he would surpass Dick in height. Probably not if he gained his mother's height and because Dick's Father was Giant.

but never the less Damian was getting taller. He stood at a 5'1 now and is almost at Bruce's chin. He's still pretty small and probably won't hit Puberty until 15 or 16 but he was going to become a Teenager. Bruce wished to give Damian a childhood that he never had before because Talia basically ripped the kid out of him. And he lost his childhood so he doesn't want Damian to experience the same pain he went through. Though Damian probably went through worst in the league of assassins.

Bruce was running out of time. He had 2 years to give him a childhood and Dick could barely give it to him when he was dead for a year. And Dick was the most optimistic person Bruce knew!

Damian has really grown up during the years. Though he hasn't gotten his first kiss yet, Bruce hopes Damian gets his first kiss next year. Maybe then he will get over his Socially awkward state.

Damian tries running away from poison ivy's vines while they try to snatch his utility belt away from him and grab his legs. This was defiantly not how Damian wanted to spend his Birthday. Bruce had insisted on throwing Damian a Birthday Party this year, mostly because he had lots of friends now and he's never let Dick or him throw a party. It makes Bruce worry that his friends are only friends with him because of the Money, even though he has enough trust in Damian to pick friends and see who they really are. Can't a dad be overprotective?

Dick is starting his own Family now so they don't get to spend as much time together as they used to. Damian hadn't been happy about it the first time. Of course Damian doesn't want things to change because he's very new i the Family. Damian has only known Dick for 3 years. Dick is Basically his Father figure and he doesn't want Dick getting engaged to the Tamaranian Princess.

Damian's P.O.V

I dodge more vines. They just keep on coming. I wish i had my sword, then i could weed whack that stupid bitches face.

"Hey, Boy wonder!"

I snap my head up to see Poison ivy smirking in my direction. It wasn't much of a smirk, it looked more like a grin.

"what do you want whore!" her face turned into one of anger and rage

"Remember that time when you almost choked the living life out of me?" i smirk at the memory.

"ya, that was fun"

"well child, you're going to pay!"

"oh shut up, we know how this go's. You start talking about your diabolical plans while You try to kill me, i kick your ass then i go home and drink a hot chocolate."

"not today kiddo" a voice erupted out of nowhere. "were goin to have fun with you little one" the mysterious figure then cackled like a maniac

"ya, Mista J and I want a new play toy" those voices were no doubt Batman's arch Nemesis's.

"yes little one. You're going to regret this" and look who joined the party. Gotham's Riddler. I wish Batman was here. But he decides to beat up Bain. Poison ivy's not that tough he said. Well look what he's gotten me into!

"i'm not little" i sneered at his face. It's not my fault! I didn't ask to be a midget! It's mothers fault, i gained her genes while i got Bruce's eye's, chin, face and hips. At least my feet are normal. i wouldn't get much respect if i had clown feet and a small body.

Poison ivy was wearing a sluttish outfit where she was wearing only underwear and a braw where her breast was barely in. and Harley Quinn was being the attention whore and clinging onto Joker. The Joker himself was like his usual self but looked a little older, not by much though. I guess he heard about the legend where smiling expands your health. Maybe that's why Grayson smile's all the time. And the Riddler was pasty white as always and i wish i had a knife or scissors so i could cut his hair.

"whatever you say kid so anyways, where's Batman?"

"i don't have to answer to a freak like you" i tried dodging more vines but one of them wrapped around my leg and lifted me above the ground. I was hanging upside down in front of Poison ivy's face. She smiled while i frowned.

"why the frown child? Do you need a kiss?" she smirked at the thought while i shudder. She moves closer to my face. I could feel my cheeks burn in embarrassment. How could i tell these buffoons that I haven't even had my first kiss yet?

"Ivy! Don't kiss him! You might contaminate the project!" Joker finally cut in before she touched my lips.

"i thought you wanted Batman?" i looked at Joker suspiciously.

"That's too hard when you're around. So if we get rid of the midget then it brings us one step closer to the Bat. Do i need to spell it now?" Joker looked mildly bored at the moment. I narrowed my eyes slightly. What was he going to do with me? i tried searching in his crazed eye's for an answer but they gave me plain crazy.

"you're never going to win. Batman is going to save me and you can't do anything about it" i smirk in his direction. Before i knew it i was getting lifted from my upside down position and strapped to a table.

"so let me tell you something kid. When i was your age, I didn't have anyone to 'save' me. In my city, it was kill or be killed." Tt, like he knows what he's talking about. Of course i know this rule, I lived by it because mother would never accept a failure for a son and Grandfather needed me as heir to the throne.

"why don't you get some therapy you crazy Bastard!" i was a bit surprised when he laughed

"i did! They all sucked. Until i came passed Harley, she was an angel"

"got that right puddin" what an attention whore (A/N don't get me wrong, i love Harley but why she going for a nut job like Joker?)

"oh shut up you harlot"

"What the hell does that mean?" living with the Joker has really dumb herself down. She used to be a successful therapist.

"i'm tired and haven't slept for like 2 days so let's get this over with. You can let me go and turn yourself in to arkham asylum and i promise not to paralyze you for life." Everyone burst out laughing. I could feel my cheeks getting a tad red. I hated feeling like a child. Though i wish i could have been a normal kid it's the vulnerability i could live without. And the stupid nicknames were 1 reason why I didn't like being a child. First of all who came up with 'Little D" and 'Dami' those are just horrible not to mention 'Baby bird (or Bat)' 'kiddo' 'squirt' etc i could literally fill a paper with these nicknames though if we had to pick a nickname i like Dami or champ better because it makes me seem tougher. Well at least out of the other stupid nicknames Grayson gave me. But of course, i would never admit to that.

They finally all stop laughing long enough so i can properly glare at their ugly mugs. Though Poison ivy is pretty good looking I could go without her being green.

"awwww look, he has the Bats Batglare. Thats just pricless!" the joker was deliberately mocking me! if i could I would just knock that phony smile off that psychos face. I kept on Glaring. I hope that my glares hurt him. "okay you can stop now kid you're not as scary as the big ole B-man"

The table i was on was being lifted. I didn't know where i was going because my hands were bind together by vines but it seemed i was being lowered now. Slowly i saw a dome. A green dome? The vines loosened and I was falling. I was immediately caught by a vine. It quickly snatched away my utility belt before i could do anything.

"You're never going to win! Batman will stop you!" Batman better stop him. Or else he will have it in for him when I get home. I Tapped my com link because I know they forgot to take it.

"Hello Batman?" just static Great

"we blocked off your communication to the Batman!" just Batman? I tapped my com link once again.

"hello oracle?"

"yes, what is it Robin?" i can't help but give a sigh of relief.

"Where's Batman?"

"still probably beating up bane. Why?"

"Well I am stuck with Crazy pants, Attention whore, No friends and Slut bag. Can you send in Fatgirl or something?"

"sure. Don't get yourself into trouble now"

"well that's the thing. I'm stuck inside a green dome so can you send her Fast? Because i don't want to stick around to find out what this thing does"

"Can't you climb out of there?" I wanted to face palm because this conversation was getting annoying

"i seem to have forgotten my suction cup gloves at home" i try not to make my voice too annoyed or irritated

"whatever, I'll send her in" (A/N i don't know who's Batgirl at this time so I'll put Stephanie as Batgirl Cassandra as Black bat and Barbra as Oracle)

"You idiot Harley! I thought you disabled all connections!"

"I'm sorry mista J!" Harley started crying hysterically. She was indeed a bad actor.

"anyways, let's get this show on the road!" a giant pipe thing was inserted through the top of the dome and sealed tight. It had a dial at the top which looked like something from a board game. I knew this was not good. I didn't even know it but my face was getting pale.

"Don't worry little Robin. We're not going to kill you!" i wish they did kill me! Their voices are just so annoying! Maybe even more annoying then Drake.

"let's see" Riddler starts typing in some stuff into the computer connected to the pipe.

"your 10 right?" he suddenly ask me

"no! I'm thirteen you idiot!" i see him type 13 into the computer and presses enter. Suddenly the wheel fills up with numbers from 12-0. They were all randomized on the wheel.

"Would you like to do the honors?" Riddler gestures towards the machine.

"Why thank you" that smirk gave me chills. Joker brushed his hands over the wheel before grabbing it. The wheel reminded me of the one in the price is right. And yes i did watch it once with Grayson. Joker took the wheel and spun it with all his might. It spun fast and the numbers were a blur. "round and round the wheel goes." I glare at the contraption. The circle slowed down. The numbers were now visible but i ran up to the glass because I didn't want to see what it landed on. i started punching the glass rapidly. It didn't even make a dent. I saw that above me the Wheel stopped. I couldn't see what number because as soon as it stopped the pipe started injecting the dome with a green gas.

"where's Fatgirl when you need her?" i slurred the last part because i was getting drowsy. And I simply got knocked out.

Stephanie's P.O.V

I started swinging roof top to roof top trying to find the building I was looking for. Apparently Damian got himself into a big mess again so it's up to me to clean up everyone's mess! I finally found a building that was overflowing with vines. I sneaked up close to the building to look through window and I know this is the right building when I see Joker, Harley, Riddler and Ivy. I was about to bust in but the Window was pretty shiny. I look into it and see my reflection. Does this suit make me look fat? I start checking out my butt. Hmmm maybe i need a diet. I open the window slowly and crawl through.

"we can see you!" I almost jump 5 feet into the air. Oh well there's no use hiding. I drop down.

"What gave me away?"

"We saw you checking out your Butt" my cheeks turn red. That diet is a yes for sure.

"okay let's make this quick. Give me robin and no one gets hurt." They busted out laughing. My Temper was flaring up.

"Sais the Fat one!" Joker exclaims. A vain just popped out of my forehead. Harley and Ivy stop laughing and glare at the guys

"What are ya going to do? Sit on us?" joker and Riddler laugh again.

"Don't you know how to treat a lady?" Poison Ivy ask

"ya! You don't ever call a girl Fat! Even if it's true!" oh that's it! I crack my knuckles. They stare at me suspiciously. I give them a cold angry glare. One that could make Batman Shudder.

"what the Fuck did you just say?" I felt like i was in a cartoon where my eyes were glowing red and the background was on fire. "you should run" and they did. They stumbled over each other claiming it was every 'villain' for them self. I snap my head to the machine remembering why i was here in the first place. I quickly shut off the machine. And lift the pipe off the dome so there was an opening to the dome. I used my grapple to lower myself slowly.

"Dami? Are you here?" i look around a little. It wasn't hard to find the costume of Damian. But one problem. It was empty! Oh no this was not good...I'm probably not going to get my allowance from Bruce! I spot something moving a bit. It looked like a lump? Like a horror movie a walked slowly like one of those idiots. I mean seriously, if people listened to me in horror movies they would still be alive. I go to lift the cape but something pops out making me jump. It was a head? The head belonged to a male that was for sure. The boy had pitch black hair and wide blue eyes. He looked almost innocent. Wait a minute? Damian? That's impossible. He stared at me like he was expecting me to say something.

"Fatty" he suddenly sais.

"you got to be kidding me"

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