So, everyone seemed to really like this story, and that's awesome! I really appreciate all the reviews and hugely nice things you guys have said! I do have another Kogan angel fic in the works, but it won't be finished for a little while. And I was reading through some reviews today because I was taking a break from leveling my hunter in WoW (yes, I'm a nerd...and I took four days off for the release of the new expansion...) and I suddenly got inspired!

So this is for all of you who reviewed this story and made it one of my most loved fics! A little snippet from their lives after chapter one, with implied mPreg.

Timeline is relative. There is no clear indication of when this is taking place, so you may use your imaginations and determine where you would LIKE it to take place. Immediately after part one, a few years later, etc. It's all in your hands as the reader! Love you guys!

And I gotta send out some love to my soul sister. I didn't even say anything in the first part, but she's the whole reason these angel fics have been written. She loves SPN and got me into the series, without her, there would be no awesome winged Logan...or possibly Kendall...foreshadowinggggggg...:P

Logan lay in the hospital bed, sweat drying to his forehead and his breathing still a little labored. Splitting ones grace off to create a new being while at the same time pushing that being from your body was definitely not a simple task.

He traced a finger down the side of the newborn babies face, watching the soft skin ripple as muscles contracted at the touch. Logan would go through the pain all over again if it gave him this perfect little being every time.

Kendall lowered himself behind him on the small hospital bed, his arm gingerly resting over his hip so he could play with the sleeping babe's toes. Logan could feel his lips curve up into a smile on the back of his shoulder.

"He's beautiful, Logan." Kendall stated, and Logan made a soft noise of agreement, still so wrapped up in watching this part of him sleep.

It took another few minutes of silence before Logan could actually look back at his mate. The glow only his eyes could see coming from the child firmly in place in the baby's chest assured him that things would be alright.

"Thank you, Kendall." Logan whispered hoarsely, his voice had yet to recover from all the pained screams that had torn out of him. "Thank you for our miracle." Kendall smiled in a lop-sided fashion, something he had obviously picked up from the brunette angel over the years.

"No, thank you. For giving me everything I never knew I wanted and more." And then the blonde dipped down and kissed Logan on the lips before he could make a remark about how cheesy he was being.

Logan rolled his eyes once Kendall had pulled away so the blonde could see it and turned back to the baby cradled to his side on the bed.

"So you ready for this? Angel fledglings are much different than human babies." Logan smoothed a hand over the baby's patch of downy soft blonde hair. Kendall kissed the back of Logan's shoulder once again.

"Isn't he half human anyway?" Logan shook his head softly.

"No, he's all angel. Even with part of your soul within him, he has a grace inside. Not his own soul. When he moves on, our great father will call upon him to be part of heaven's army and he will mate, not fall in and out of love." Logan smiled softly, he was particularly fond of that last part. It meant he would never have to see his son suffer the trials and tribulations of heartache at the hands of another. Only himself if he couldn't convince his grace-mate of their inevitability.

"So, one day you'll be called into heaven and I won't ever see you again?" Kendall's voice wavered slightly on the question and Logan's eyebrows furrowed as he turned his head slightly to look him in his sad green eyes.

"Kendall, you are my mate. I will never be without for as long as my grace remains whole. Be that here on earth or up in heaven. Your soul will become one with my grace when you pass on and I will not remain here on earth once you have. I may have been born here, but heaven is our true home." The conviction in his voice had Kendall smiling, a hand smoothing down a large black wing that pressed against his body. Logan released the tension in his shoulders almost involuntarily as his wing was massaged in a completely nonsexual way.

"That's good. Because I don't think I ever want to be without you. We've been a team for so long, I don't think I would know what to do by myself anymore." Logan laughed at the incredulous look on Kendall's face, a quick shout that he ceased as soon as he realized what he had done.

And apparently the suddenly squirming bundle resting against his side heard it too. Whines of protest began softly until they turned into full out crying. Logan picked up the newborn and bounced him slightly, his eyes wide in fear.

"Why isn't he stopping?" The brunette angel asked loud enough to be heard over the wailing. Kendall shook his head and shrugged.

"How am I supposed to know?" He pulled himself off the bed and stood up to pace, much like he had while Logan was giving birth. It was his tell, his habit for when he was working through solutions in his head. Logan shushed the babe as softly as he could, bouncing him slightly.

Kendall paused in his pacing and walked over to Logan, grabbing hold of one of his wings and bring it to the front around the newborns back. The wailing calmed to whimpering as tiny hands touch soft feathers. Logan gasped at the completely different feeling of his son finding comfort in his wings. It was almost as if he could read his mind.

"He's hungry." Logan stated with zero question as to if he were correct. Kendall wasted no time calling for a nurse to bring them a bottle as Logan was once again in wonder of this child they had created together.

"How did you know?" Logan asked Kendall, watching the blonde watch them closely. He shrugged.

"You act like you can hear even the most hidden thought in my head when I'm folded in your wings. I figured a piece of you would feel that ten-fold." He shrugged again, a pink hue coming to his cheeks as if he were embarrassed to have said something so profound.

"Well, that makes zero sense." Logan winked at him and went back to watching and listening to the baby gurgle and rustle around in his wings in impatience. Thankfully the nurse came quickly with a four ounce bottle and left the family to it.

"What are we going to name him?" Kendall asked, rubbing a hand over the baby's head and down his soft back. Logan shrugged, not fully prepared to answer that question quite yet.

"It's not uncommon for a fledgling to go a week or so without a name. The name has to be perfect and suit the grace within. We'll figure it out soon enough. Won't we little boy?" He cooed at the lazy looking bundle in his arms, the newborns dark blue eyes starting to droop as the nipple started sliding from his mouth. Logan caught a slip of drool before it could hit his wings. "Yep, you're just like your daddy. Falling asleep after you've eaten." Kendall laughed as Logan talked about the blonde father to the baby.

"When will his wings grow?" He had so many questions, and while Logan was still in a good mood, he was going to ask them. He'd get yelled at later for not reading everything Logan had bough him to read.

Logan slowly transferred the sleeping babe over to the blonde's arms, pushing the fluffy blonde hair back once he was settled so it stood straight up. "It won't be until he's about two or three. When he walks more. It's going to be like teething, lots of scratching, lots of whining. I wonder what color they will be. I can't wait until his eyes finally turn to their color." He was just excited about the whole thing.

"Let's just get him home first. Your brother is coming to see us in a few weeks so he can bond with his new nephew, and Dean is coming with him. So hopefully he'll be sleeping through the night by then." Kendall leaned down and kissed the baby's forehead softly, and Logan felt his heart melt all over again. "And hopefully we'll have a name for you by then, mister. Can't go around calling you 'baby' all the time. My name is not Justin Bieber. You hear that?" The blonde nuzzled the baby's cheek as he spoke quietly, making Logan chuckle.

He wasn't sure how his life could get any better.