Sequel to Art Class

"Yo, Deidara come here."

The blond looked up from his homework assignment and saw one of his friends waving him over. Kisame, a teen with a skin disorder that made him blue, also a pair of beady eyes, making him resemble a shark. Deidara had been friends with him ever since he started high school but that seemed like eons ago. He was almost at the end of his senior year, just three more months and he was out.

Deidara got up from his desk and walked over to the teen who was telling him to sit down in the desk next to him. "What, un? I want to get this paper done so I don't have homework after school." Deidara propped his elbow on the table and had his chin rest in his palm.

"I was actually going to ask you if you wanted to hang out after school. What do you have planned?" Kisame asked as he chewed on the eraser of his pencil.

The blond shrugged. "Just some projects is all." He eyed the older male. "Though it is none of your business, un," He said smirking.

Kisame frowned and put his pencil down. "You're spending more and more time away from your friends, Dei, you realize that, right?" He sighed thoughtfully and stared out the window by the blond's head. "It's your boyfriend, right?"

Deidara rolled his eyes. "Gee, how did you guess?" Word had went around the school that the super friendly, attractive and gay Deidara had gotten a boyfriend last month and some girls stopped talking to him, one saying that she felt awkward flirting with him, while others pestered him even more.

"Are you ever going to introduce us to him?" Kisame asked with a grin, showing off his freakishly sharp teeth.

Deidara shrugged and stood up. "Maybe later, but not now." He walked back to his seat and continued on with his Calculus homework.

Deidara Iwa. High School: Senior. Age: 18. Status: Dating. Hobby: Art. That's what most people saw of him, but they didn't see that he was more than just the 'nice gay.' His close friends knew that he could be arrogant and naive. They understood that he wasn't always nice and he had his moods. They knew that he wasn't a goody-goody type of guy but they barely knew him to that extent.

He had done things that he hadn't told anyone about except for the person he did things with obviously. His Junior year of high school was filled with the excitement of finally being an upperclassman but towards the end he had gotten into… Well he had gotten into some trouble with one of his teachers.

Out of all the three art teachers at the school, he was the most strict and the most harsh and that's what had drawn Deidara towards him. He wanted to know how someone could be so angry or impassive all the time. Though his curiosity got the better of him when he started asking questions. Personal ones.

Teachers never liked to talk about their personal life and if they did, it was rather vague, but Deidara wanted to know more about this man who talked in a monotone but was still able to make the girl students swoon just by looking at them.

Yes, Deidara was very curious about this new teacher.

He had arrived in the beginning of the school year but Deidara only got his class half-way through the year. He only taught the basic art class at the moment and Deidara was willing to take it again to learn more about this new man.

It was the second trimester when Deidara was sitting at table number four with three other students. The teacher had walked into class and everyone went silent as he went to the front to stand beside a podium. He held no expression on his face but Deidara detected a bit of sadism right away. Just the look he sent through his reading glasses as he looked down at all of his students. Yes, he liked control. That was the second thing Deidara noticed.

His attire was rather bland, but he pulled it off very well. He wore a white long-sleeved, button-up shirt with a black tie, black slacks and black shoes. You would think of him to work in a cubicle of some sorts but Deidara saw that everything about him screamed ingenious. But besides his clothes that made the blond want to throw up, he liked his teacher's flaming head of hair that looked like it hadn't been brushed a day in its life.

Before he even spoke, he gave a small smirk. He explained what the class would be about briefly and told them to get out their sketchbooks. Some students were confused and he said that he clearly marked the list of supplies students would need when signing up for classes.

Deidara found himself already admiring the man that he would think so far ahead just to ruin his student's grade and mark them down for the day. But Deidara was usually prepared and he took out his sketchbook, being the only one in the class.

The teacher noticed this and gave him a small glare. "Iwa, was it?"

Deidara remembered his crisp voice clearly and it made him shiver every time he said his name. The blond just gave a smug smirk and waved. Whatever this guy had to throw at him, he could throw right back.

"Hm… Aren't you an advanced art student? What would you be doing in a beginners class?" The teacher asked before having an elbow rest on his wooden podium.

The blond shrugged his shoulders and went into a recumbent position. "What are you doing teaching a beginners class, un? Aren't you an art prodigy yourself?"

The whole class was silent and gaping as they saw the junior talking to the very strict and very cruel art teacher like that. "Now I never called you a prodigy," He replied easily before taking off his glasses, revealing warm brown eyes.

Deidara narrowed his eyes, finding it interesting how one's personality could be so different from the emotions shown in their eyes. "No, but wasn't it implied, un?"

The teacher smirked. "You never answered my question. What is a regular art student like yourself doing in a beginner class? I'm guessing you forgot the basics." He set his glasses down on the podium and awaited his student's answer.

Deidara grinned back and it showed off his arrogance. "I am just curious. Is it a crime to want to join classes to see how different teachers teach?"

"Actually it is a waste of time." The teacher stood up properly and glared at him. "And you have wasted far too much." He turned his burning gaze to the other students. "For the moment if you have a piece of standard lined paper, college-rule preferred, then you will only lose half of your participation points for the day." He turned to the white board and took out a black marker. "Shall we begin?"

Deidara remembered the first day very clearly. Though in the future, the man acted differently towards him and he got to see the real Sasori Akasuna.

He was very organized, so unlike an art teacher, but so like one as well. He was one of a kind in Deidara's eyes.

In the days that followed, Deidara got to see more of the cold exterior that he admired so much. He got to see him criticize student's work harshly while pointing out all of it's flaws. The man was a perfectionist and Deidara thought it was a stupid cause. Perfection.

Though later on into the class, around three weeks, he told his students his view on art, the only part of his personal life that he ever shared with them. He thought it was supposed to last forever. So don't make shit that nobody wants to look at forever.

Deidara sighed as he remembered those inspiring words.

But he couldn't disagree more on his view of art. Art was to be transient, ephemeral and his favorite, fleeting. Art was to be remembered forever, not seen forever. So when he spoke against his teacher's views the other students looked at him like he was crazy.

Going against Mr. Akasuna's word was like going against God. Well at least in his class. But Deidara didn't think he would be burned for being a heathen. He just spoke of his views and there was a very intense conversation the rest of the class.

The teacher had unknowingly spent the last half hour of class arguing with his student. Deidara left the class feeling very satisfied. He respected the man for being, well, a prodigy like he had said before. A man who knew so much depth but wouldn't show an ounce of it. He respected him for being calm and collected and he respected his teacher's view on art but he would not say it was art.

Their little tug-o-war continued on and on until the teacher asked him to stay after class one day for arguing too much. Deidara almost ginned at his plan working. He wanted to know more about this man, wanted to know what went on in his head, past the stone countenance he saw everyday. It was only two days before finals and most people just thought that the blond was going to be questioned on some of his work.

When his teacher told him to sit in the chair in front of his desk Deidara couldn't help but smirk before propping his feet on the older male's desk. The redhead glared at him through his glasses before taking them off and folding them before putting them in one of his desk drawers.

"So why am I here, un?" Deidara asked as he had his hands cradle the back of his head.

Mr. Akasuna didn't respond right away and it made the blond think of himself as once again, more superior. The new art teacher who didn't know what to say.

Though the teacher was obviously an introvert and he wouldn't speak his thoughts allowed. Who knew what dark curses would leave his mouth. Deidara almost laughed at the thought.

The man may seem like a cold, uncaring asshole, prick, bastard, jackass, you name it, but he saw past that. He saw a brilliant mind that hated things like having to try and make underlings understand what to do when you have a pencil and a sheet of paper.

Yes, Deidara had heard of Sasori Akasuna, a prodigy even at the age of five. That's why he joined the class. He wanted to know more about the man he admired so dearly. He wanted to know what went on in his mind. He wanted to be in his mind. Would he get lost in the chaos inside? Or would he finally be able to open his eyes and see what was really out there?

He didn't get his answer because his teacher walked across the desk and leaned against the edge so he was by the blond's feet. He crossed his arms and leered at him.

"Why do you think you're here, Iwa?"

Deidara continued to smirk as he stared at his teacher who held up his cold façade. Oh how much he wanted to tear it down. To make him snap! "You obviously invited me here so we can share our artistic views. You want to make amends," He explained easily.

The redhead narrowed his eyes and Deidara saw his fingers clenching at his sleeves. Almost, just another push. "No, it is because you disrupt class and cause a ruckus for me. You are just a thorn in my side."

Deidara bit his lip. "So I'm like a good pain, un?"

That did it. Another arrogant comment that made Deidara Iwa lose his virginity to his art teacher. The man had practically ripped it from him, even though the blond was more than willing to give it up to him. His idol. They had kissed roughly and in no way was their 'love making' gentle.

It was rough and brutal and Deidara remembered it as clearly as when he first learned how to ride a bike. He had been taken on his teacher's desk while the man bit his neck, chest even his shoulders. He reveled in the pain, making it his own inspiration for future purposes. Deidara finally saw the true Sasori Akasuna, during and after their brutal encounter.

During sex, he was a sadist, wanting to dominate every part of the blond but Deidara would only give him a peace to play with at first. But afterwards, after they had gotten cleaned up, a part of the cold shell broke and Deidara took that as a chance to see the real Sasori Akasuna.

A kind man at heart who only showed the kindness to those who deserved it. And it was an honor. Deidara would stay after school and he would have sex with the man willingly just to see more of him. But it became more after that. The kisses lasted longer and the sex wasn't as rough as to begin with. The teacher was now concerned if he majorly injured his student.

Deidara still loved the pleasurable pain, but things changed. They changed together. Deidara soon began telling Sasori about his problems, wether it be home-life or school. He listened and gave good suggestions. He let himself be more open with the blond and he took great satisfaction knowing that he was able to see Sasori fully for once.

But those weren't the only perks. Deidara loved the taboo of the relationship. It was forbidden but they were still doing it besides the possible consequences.

The next trimester the students realized that their teacher wasn't as cold as before. He showed his annoyed side more often but Deidara wasn't the only thing changing him. He was losing his job. The almighty Sasori Akasuna! And his lover asked him about it and he told him the truth.

They went through a rough patch and school ended for the Summer, but Deidara was in sorrows the whole time. The man he grew to love, but never admitted it, was gone from his life. People may question why he would still hang around him and they couldn't say because "they were just friends" even if the redhead was only his old teacher.

Deidara had tried to forget him that Summer, but that was like trying to forget your name. Though on a few occasions, Deidara would lie and say he was going to be with friends before driving to his lover's house for some reuniting. They would make love for hours until Deidara was sure he would never walk again, but by the time they rested in bed he was able to at least limp to his car.

But as they rested, they talked. Sasori would tell the blond about his problems, that even if you were well known, that didn't mean that you could get a job easily. Deidara wanted to do something for the man holding him, but what was he to do? In the end, Sasori told him not to worry about and they would fall asleep in each other's arm.

Though a month before school was going to start, news began spreading. The art department wasn't going to be tossed out because the school found that they had enough money to keep going. Deidara, of course, had been ecstatic that the would be able to see his lover some more even though everything would be under wraps like before.

So when school started Deidara didn't have to take as many core classes and he chose elective classes, most of them art. Sasori had been able to teach other classes now like in the first trimester he taught painting and drawing. But the second trimester he taught ceramics and sculpting.

Though because Deidara had already taken those classes by the end of the second trimester he couldn't be in his class again because it would draw attention to himself. People wondered why the blond kept on getting in Mr. Akasuna's class because they argued so much and Deidara would usually get into trouble with him, so that was suspicious enough.

Deidara sighed at the thought of Sasori leaving. He had told him that maybe they should tell people about their relationship a few months after school got out because the blond wouldn't be a student at the high school anymore. If they were questioned they would say that their relationship started after the blond had graduated, but there was the obvious question about if they were going to tell anyone.

For the moment they had decided not to.

The bell rang and Deidara snapped out of his daze. He had spent the rest of the class period thinking about the past. He almost laughed at himself for being like the typical high school girl who obsessed over their boyfriend. He packed up his things and walked out of the classroom. He left the building and went to the other side of the school where the art center was. He walked into the building and walked past the green lockers before turning right to see the walls decorated with different students work.

The year before, when they were protesting some students had gotten together and got large sheets of black paper to cover all of the art. The vice principal had been so pissed that he tore it off in front of them and told them to stop fooling around.

Deidara was one of those students and he would look to Sasori who said that this was life and it didn't matter how much they tried, nothing would change. Their effort hadn't changed the school's mind, some miscalculations had happened and they saw that they would still be able to keep the art teachers.

The blond walked by the display case and stopped to see his lover's latest creation. To the left there was a painting of an abandoned marionette with all of it's strings broken. It was lying on the ground with materialistic things around it. Sasori never told Deidara what it was about but he guessed it was about how even though you're broken you'll try to fix it with useless comfort.

To the right the drawing was his own art. It wasn't a clay sculpture like he usually did because his teacher wanted something different to add to the display case. So Deidara also made a painting but it was of a girl holding a wilted flower in her hand. It only showed her shoulders up with her thin fingers holding a red flower that withered at her touch, but she wasn't sad. She gave an eery smile as she watched it die and Sasori said that he was too obsessed with death.

The spot in the center was empty and Deidara knew what was going there. He walked away from the display case and walked ahead before turning into a small doorway to get to class.

He did have a project to work on after school and it was with his teacher. When he walked in, he saw the man was already at the table working on it.

"You're late," He said loudly and Deidara rolled his eyes and smiled before setting his bag down at the a random table before going over to his lover.

"No hello kiss, un?"

Sasori didn't bother looking up from the large canvas that he was sketching on. He held the pencil in his hands steady and Deidara remembered how good it felt to to roam his body the day before. The redhead seemed to have sense his student's thoughts and he looked up irritably. "No, we have work to do."

They had started the project two days ago and they hadn't gotten far because of Deidara who was being more needy than usual. The blond pouted and sat down at the table. "Fine, but I get to paint all of it, un."

Sasori narrowed his eyes and he straightened up to looked at the blond clearly. "We have already agreed that I draw your part, you draw mine and I paint my own and you paint your own."

Deidara sighed and brushed his hair away from his shoulder to see how far his Danna had gotten. "You've barely started," He muttered as he picked up a pencil.

Sasori rolled his eyes and took the writing utensil away from the blond. "I couldn't get started before because someone was trying to get into my pants yesterday."

Deidara put a finger to his lips and gave him an innocent look. "Now who was that, un?" He snatched his pencil back and shoved Sasori away by bumping their hips together. "If you're so upset then let me work," He said before sticking his tongue out at the redhead. Deidara was glad that they were together even though they had little spats every once a while... Which was basically every day.

They had ended up working on it for two hours when Deidara got a call on his cell. They were currently on a small break, Sasori getting some coffee and doughnuts to snack on while resting. The blond took a quick sip of Sasori's coffee before answering his phone. "Hello, un?" Sasori heard some yelling on the other line and Deidara's eyes widened before he handed the coffee cup back to his lover. "Shit, I'm sorry I forgot!" The blond began packing up his things as he held his phone between his ear and shoulder. "I'll be right there, un!" He quickly hung up and swung his backpack over his shoulder. "I forgot that my little brother had one of his mock basketball games today." He went up to the redhead quickly before giving him a chaste kiss on the lips. "I'll be back tomorrow, okay?"

The teacher seemed upset about having their plans ruined and that the blond couldn't remember the plans that he made but he just sighed and nodded. "I'll just wrap it up today." Deidara smiled and kissed him again.

"See you, un!" He called as he left the room.

Sasori began cleaning up all the things they used which was just pencil's and putty erasers. He looked at the canvas and knew that it was around half-way done, the sketching at least. When he was done with the clean up, the easel in the back closet, he left the art room, sure to lock the door behind him. He left the art center and went over to the empty parking lot in back, his car being the only one there.

He unlocked it with the small remote and got in before starting the engine and driving away. His home was only a forty-five minute drive away from the school and he wished that he lived closer at times.

When he got home, he did the usual thing of looking at his laptop to see new events coming up, as well as updating grades which he did regularly. He received an email saying the conferences were coming up in two days and an apology letter attached to it saying sorry for the late email. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair, not even wanting to alert his students the next day. These conferences were for the students to go to any of their classes, not just to their adviser.

He closed his laptop and saw it was six o'clock, time for some art. He got up from his table only to hear his phone buzz beside him. He picked it up to see a string of numbers, already knowing who it was. He pushed the big green button and held the phone to his ear. "What?"

"The basketball game is over, un. Would you mind if I came over?"

"And what do you plan on doing once you are over here?" He asked as he closed his laptop and picked it up to put back in it's bag.

"Well, you know..."

"We've been having sex for the past three days, Deidara. I really don't want to make it four." Sasori moved to his workroom to see what he should continue working on.

He almost heard the blond pout on the other line. "But we always have awesome conversations after sex. It's like you're high or something and you speak your mind freely."

"Okay, I'll speak my mind now. I'm not going to have sex with you tonight. If you want to come over and hang out, sure why not."

"Fine, fine," Deidara chuckled. "I'll just tell my parents that I'm going to be at a friends place for a few hours. See you soon."

Sasori sighed. "Yeah, see you."

It was almost a regular occurrence to have Deidara over and he was surprised that the blond actually asked this time. One Saturday Sasori woke up to have Deidara in bed cuddling with him naked. You could guess how they spent their morning. But even though Sasori loved having sex with the blond, he didn't want that to be the only reason to even talk to each other.

Sasori put his phone down on his desk and went to see what he could continue working on. The one thing that he was best at was making were puppets but the school wouldn't allow him to teach a class about it because there was already a wood-shop class and he thought that was unfair. He created art, while they made step-stools and shacks.

He had complained about it once and Deidara told him he looked cute when he didn't get his way. Then Sasori told the blond that he looked like a brat when he didn't get his. Silent treatment for him.

Sasori looked at a small marionette resting on the desk and remembered that he had been working on it last week. He shook his head and sat down. He really had to get more time to do the things he liked. He picked up one of its arms and saw it was only half-way done. Sighing, he began carving it again.

Thirty minutes later he heard a knock on the door and he got up from his seat to go to the door. He opened it to see his grinning lover with two cups of coffee in his hand. "Hey, baby~!" Sasori rolled his eyes and Deidara leaned up to kiss his lips gently, Sasori replying softly as he took one of the cups. He walked back inside and Deidara put his free hand on his hip. "I see that I am not needed then, un."

"Get in here, brat," Sasori called as he turned into the kitchen.

"Yay!" Deidara cheered and ran inside, closing the front door with his foot. He went to the kitchen to see Sasori sipping on his coffee before looking in the fridge.

"Do you want anything to eat? You usually complain about hunger pains around this time," The redhead said as he opened up a draw to see that he mainly had vegetables. "Want some carrots?"

Deidara shrugged and sat down at the table. "I don't really want anything now. I got some fast food while at the game, un." He gave a small but exhausted sigh. "My brother's a freaking idiot. He tried to throw the ball into his own team's hoop."

"Sounds like something you would do," Sasori said as he took out some carrots for him to snack on. "I'm going to be in my workroom and I would offer you to go with me, but if have a feeling that you'll break one of my puppets again."

"Hey, I tripped," Deidara said defensively. "It was dark," He mumbled.

Sasori sat down at the table with the bag of carrots and he took one out before chomping down on it. "You should've been more careful."

The blond shrugged. "Why don't we do something else. I heard that there was a new art gallery a few blocks away from here. It's fucking awesome that you live in this big city so you can go wherever you want and it's just there, un."

Sasori rolled his eyes as he swallowed the carrot. "I guess we could do that, I just don't think it's a good idea to be seen with you, my student."

Deidara raised a brow and sipped his coffee in thought. "Why, un? I don't even live around here?"

The older male shrugged. "If I go to an art gallery, people usually know who I am and word would spread quickly about the loudmouthed teen I was with. The school will hear about it and see it was you. Then I will get questioned, we'll be found out and I will lose my job while also going to jail for being with a minor. I'm sure that you want that." Sasori stared at Deidara before eating another baby carrot.

The blond gave his Danna a skeptical look. "How about you stop being so paranoid and just go?" He smiled and leaned over to kiss the redhead reassuringly. "I'm just a fellow artist, right? People know we are working on an art project together so we can just say we're going for inspiration." He moved back in his chair and crossed his legs. "And I am not a minor."

Sasori ate his carrot and drank some of his coffee. "Well you were when we first started going out. If you can even call it that."

Deidara scratched his head in thought. "Friends with benefits?"

The redhead almost smirked. "We weren't even friends, brat. I practically hated you and your punk ass attitude."

Deidara grinned back. "Hated. Obviously past tense, un. So you love me now, right?" He expected the redhead to reply right away with a snide remark, but he said nothing. He just stared at the the teen and Deidara began feeling uncomfortable. "Okay, okay sorry I didn't mean it."

Sasori rolled his eyes and put down his coffee. "Okay, so we'll go to the art gallery but it's about a ten minute walk from here. Then you're going to have to go home because of school tomorrow."

Deidara groaned. "What are you, my mom, un? I can just tell my parents that I'm spending the night at a friends house and they won't question anything."

The redhead sighed and shook his head. "No, you are not spending the night here, brat because the last time that happened I woke up to you giving me a blow job."

Deidara gave the redhead a look. "I'm sorry, but how is that bad?"

The teacher chuckled lightly and stood up. "Let's get heading out, the gallery will close in an hour or so." The blond nodded and finished the rest of his coffee before getting up and throwing it away in the redhead's trash.

"Let's go!"

They left Sasori's house with the redhead locking the door and he made some very clear boundary lines for when they went out. No touching whatsoever, no affectionate words, or words that held an ulterior meaning. There may be people around the city that they knew and it was suspicious enough that they were together in the first place so they had to act casual.

On the way to the art gallery, Deidara wanted to stop by stores filled with junk and Sasori had to pull him away. The blond pouted and mentioned the no touching rule so Sasori suggested a leash. Then the teen complained that those words held an ulterior motive, also breaking the rules.

It took twenty minutes to get to the gallery, what with Deidara window shopping and all but at least they got there. Once Sasori and Deidara entered the blond ran around, wanting to see all the new art.

"Hey, Danna- Ow!" Deidara cried as he rubbed the top of his head.

"Don't call me that, brat," Sasori hissed. The blond pouted but continued to rub the spot where Sasori punched him.

"Fine, Mr. Akasuna." Sasori narrowed his eyes as his lover continued to speak. "What do you think of this, un?" Deidara pointed to an canvas on the wall covered in broken glass, with different colors with the background consisting of cool colors. The easel must have been tilted upward to have the colors run down in drops and Sasori saw it an messy but inspirational. This person seemed to just let the colors run for fun, not caring which way they went and he didn't approve of someone working with no plan. The glass looked like they came from beer or wine bottles, so that meant this was supposed to be an art piece made from frustration and sorrow, meaning the colors.

Deidara looked at his Danna as the man stared at the easel critically. He put a hand to cover his mouth and had his elbow rest on his other arm which was across his body. "Okaaay~" Deidara said before tiptoeing away. "You be in your introvert way and I will just… Go look at other stuff."

Sasori didn't respond as he continued to critique the artwork. And Deidara thought he was going to have fun with the redhead to go see some other people's work. Seems he had forgotten how narrow-minded he was.

After a few minutes Deidara found a sculpture made of wire. He gave a hum and examined it, seeing it was just a person holding something that looked like a gold club in their hand. They were about to hit what looked like a ball and he eyed the person again and then the gold club. The club looked weird and he realized it was a bird, maybe a flamingo. He grinned when he realized it was Alice in Wonderland. It seemed that without the identity of the dress and colors you really didn't know who it was so it made people think. He gave a hum of admiration and applauded the artist in his head.

He liked to see what other people created, actual professionals instead of what students made. The only stuff he saw around school that was considered professional was Sasori's art but he barely displayed it, or showed it off. Deidara had asked him about it and the redhead said that some people didn't deserve to see his work.

Deidara rolled his eyes at the memory before moving on. He saw a painting on the wall and he grinned. It looked like they used watercolor with oil paints and he began thinking about how that would work when someone walked up beside him.

"You're new here."

Deidara turned his head and saw a woman with short blue hair and amber eyes. There was an origami flower in her hair which was in a bun. "Yeah, this is my first time at this gallery, un. It's different from most."

She nodded and smiled before turning to the painting the blond was looking at. "You walked in with Akasuna though. Do you know him?"

The blond barely turned his head as he continued to stare at the art. "Hm? Oh, yeah he's my teacher."

The woman raised a brow. "Really? I heard that he was teaching at a high school but to have a student with him?"

"Yeah." Deidara turned and shrugged. "We're working on a project together to show the class how two art styles can mix into harmony, un. We're here for inspiration, or at least I am. He's being a freaking teacher over there," Deidara said before pointing a thumb behind him.

The woman looked to where the thumb was pointing to see the redhead glaring at the Alice in Wonderland sculpture. "It's not even original," He muttered.

Deidara rolled his eyes and continued to stare at the painting. It was supposed to be the Earth but in the center there was some dark oil pants with the water colors spreading outside, creating color. "You would think the colors would be the other way around," He said with a sigh.

"Hm? Why?"

"Well if it's about modern lifestyle killing the Earth, or some shit like that, then wouldn't the center be all colorful, un?" He shrugged and moved on, not wanting to hear the woman's answer.

He walked around some, also taking in what other people created only to bump into Sasori. "Find something you like~?" Deidara asked with friskiness in his voice. He stared up at Sasori, smirking and the redhead stared impassively back. He had a sudden urge to kiss the blond forcibly until he realized where they were. Deidara's eyes narrowed and he licked his lips. "You were thinking of doing something to me, weren't you, un?" He hummed and Sasori walked by him before he actually did.

He hated it when Deidara would tease him and he couldn't do anything about it; it even happened in class. Though Sasori unintentionally touched the blond as well; it was almost like second-nature. Deidara would help the younger students when he was done with the assignment and Sasori would come over, touching the blond's arm or lower back.

Sasori rubbed his eyebrow, wanting those thoughts gone for the moment. He could fantasize later.

He saw someone walk up to him and he gave a sideways glance before looking at a cello. Why someone would just put a random instrument in the center of the room, he had no idea. "Why is this there?" He asked and the woman shrugged.

"To confuse people like you, Sasori."

The redhead gave a small glare and the woman grinned. "Not everything has to have a reason, Sasori." And she her grin turned sheepish. "Except that boy you're with." She wiggled her eyebrows. "Saso, you scandal~"

The redhead's eye twitched and he forced a smile. "I'm working on an art project with him and he wanted to go here to look at…" He waved to the cello, "This for inspiration. Don't get the wrong idea, Konan."

The woman just nudged him. "You can tell me the truth, Sasori, I won't tell no one."

"Anyone," The redhead corrected before walking off.

"You're not an English teacher, prick."

The redhead replied with flipping off the bluenette above his head, causing her to laugh. Sasori found Deidara and took his arm before pulling him out of the gallery.

"Ey, no touching~" Deidara complained. "Wait, I wasn't done looking!"

"Well I think you've got enough inspiration," He said as he let go of his lover. "Now when we get back, I want you to leave."

Deidara looked hurt. "Why can I stay a little longer, un?" Sasori didn't answer as he began walking down the sidewalk. "Hey, listen to me." Deidara ran up to the redhead and pouted. "You let me in before, un."

"Yes and Konan didn't have to see that to know something was up between us." Sasori sneered at the ground strongly. "We shouldn't see each other out of school."

The blond put his hands in his pockets and scoffed while flipping his hair out of his face. "You're just being paranoid. I'm not leaving," He said as he looked away from his Danna who just rolled his eyes. The rest of the walk back was silent and Sasori stood by the blond's car, waiting for him to go.

"I will even send you off, but I think it's best if you go now."

Deidara glared at the redhead and crossed his arms. "I'm not going anywhere, un. You never want to spend time with me, you only want sex," The blond complained.

Sasori almost face-palmed. "Brat, that's what you want nowadays." He sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose before looking at the blond. "Fine, you can come inside for a cup of soda or whatever, but then you have to leave, I'm serious." Deidara cheered as his Danna went to unlock the front door before letting him in.

Deidara went straight to the older male's fridge while the redhead tossed his keys on the counter and went to the top cupboards to get two cups for the drinks. "You have bourbon, un?"

Sasori turned around and put his arms down from reaching the cups. He saw Deidara holding a medium sized bottle of the alcohol. "Yes, I am old enough to drink," He said before placing two glasses on the counter. "Now put that back and get the pop. Be lucky I bought some for you." Deidara ignored his lover's instructions and opened the glass bottle before giving a sniff.

"Smells good," He mumbled. A moment went by and Sasori leaned against the counter, waiting for the blond to put the alcohol away. Another moment passed by and Deidara tossed his head back before taking a large swig of the bourbon.

"Ay!" Sasori ran over to him and took the bottle away before he could drink anymore. "You are not old enough to drink, brat!" He smacked him on the side of the head while the blond was coughing from the strong alcohol.

He gave a dazed smile, some of the liquid running down the sides of his mouth. "Tastes good, too. Why do you have it anyway?"

Sasori narrowed his eyes and closed the bottle up before putting it in the fridge. He filled up a large glass of water and told the blond to drink it as he went to the pantry to get some crackers. He was not about to have the brat get drunk on him. Deidara was taking small sips when Sasori shoved the snacks into his hands. "I have it because I'm a teacher." Deidara raised a brow. "You have no idea how stressed I get from all of you."

Deidara smirked and had another sip. "Love you too, babe."

"Eat," Sasori demanded as he shoved a cracker into the teen's mouth, causing him to cough some up some crumbs. Deidara nodded and drank some water.

Sasori shook his head and went to get some water for himself. He used the fridge to get the water even though he made Deidara drink tap water. He gulped down the whole cup while the blond was slowly eating his crackers.

"Can we watch some t.v.?

Sasori narrowed his eyes and put the cup in the sink. "I told you to come in for a drink then leave. You've had enough to drink-"

"I can't drive home, un," Deidara said quickly. "I already drank the bourbon." He shrugged and Sasori glared.

"You only had a sip and what do you think the crackers are for?"

Deidara pouted and put the food down. "Can I please watch t.v.? There's only one at my house and my brother watches his cartoons all day, un!"

Sasori rubbed his temples, feeling a headache coming on from the blond complaining. "Okay, fine but keep on eating the crackers and drink more water."

The blond grinned and nodded before picking up the food and moving to the living room to watch his shows. "Come on, Danna, un," He called as he sat down on the couch.

The redhead sighed deeply and walked to the couch to see Deidara taking up the whole sofa. He stood there with his hands in his pockets and Deidara pat his lap as he turned on the t.v. with the remote. Sasori rolled his eyes and bent down to pick up his feet and move them away before sitting down. Deidara didn't take the hint and put his feet in his Danna's lap as he watched the screen.

Sasori's eyes twitched when he realized Spongebob was on. "I thought you said that you didn't want to watch cartoons."

Deidara smiled and shrugged. "Not my brother's cartoons, Danna. Pay attention next time." He shook his head and laughed. "He likes watching the stupid cartoons like Dora the Explorer or some shit. Though he then claims that he likes Go Diego Go more and then rants on how they're different, un."

Sasori put his elbow on the arm of the couch and his head fell into his palm. "I cannot see how you can put up with him," He drawled out.

The blond gave a humorless chuckle as he ate more crackers. After a few minutes of hearing the sponge's annoying laugh, Sasori wanted to throw a brick at his expensive television set. How the sponge's neighbor didn't shoot himself, he didn't know.

The show went on commercial and Sasori sighed in relief before wiping a hand over his face. "Can I have some bourbon?" Sasori moved his hand so it was over his mouth and he didn't even bother taking the blond seriously. "I won't get into trouble because I'll just drink it. It won't be your fault."

He put his hand down and shook his head. "Yeah right, brat. You're going to be sitting right next to me in jail."

Deidara raised a brow and grinned. "I'll only drink it with your supervision, okay?"

"No," Sasori answered sharply. Deidara suddenly stopped smiling and he became dead serious. He sat up and stared at his Danna intensely. The two males had a stare off, neither of them blinking, just waiting to see what would happen.

After a few moments, Deidara screamed but the older male didn't even flinch. He pouted and crossed his arms before moving back into his seat. "That's unhealthy, Danna. You're supposed to flinch; it's human nature."

The redhead didn't even blink. "I'll flinch when there's something dangerous in front of me."

Deidara smirked and licked his lips. "You know I'm getting fucking tired of your seme attitude."

Sasori turned and stared at Deidara like he was an idiot. "Oh, really? Maybe it's your shitty bratty teen attitude that makes you so irritable?"

The blond narrowed his eyes and got up to crawl over to his Danna. "Or you're just a prick who wants to be in control because of low self-esteem, un?" He leaned in closer and Sasori bared his teeth lightly.

"Or that you are just a kid who tries to be an adult when you're still so fucking immature?" They were now staring into each other's eyes deeply, Deidara still crouched beside the older male. "You can't just grow up, Deidara."

The blond shrugged and his gaze suddenly turned seductive. "Really, Danna~?" Deidara ran his hands over the redhead's chest. "You know I am legally an adult. So why don't you teach this brat a lesson or two on how to be a grown up, un." He leaned in and bit the older's males ear. "Make me an adult, Danna~"

Sasori clenched his fists, not wanting to give into the blond. If he did, it would be like going submissive all the way and letting the younger male fuck him. No, when he wanted to have sex, it was going to be his way. He suddenly shoved the teen off him by his shoulders and pushed him onto the couch.

Deidara was still smirking as Sasori leaned in close to him, whispering in his ear, "You don't know what you're getting yourself into, Dei-chan~ Do you really want to get treated like an adult?"

The blond only answered with a lick on his Danna's cheek. Sasori almost smirked and he tossed the blond onto the ground, his head almost hitting the coffee table. "Ow, you fucker!" Deidara rubbed the arm that he landed on and Sasori sat back on the couch with a cold expression.

"Want to get treated like an adult, then get to work," He said spreading his legs and Deidara's eyes widened before an angry looked came over his beautiful face.

"How is this going to help."

Sasori didn't even blink as he leaned over his elbows on his knees. "Who's the teacher here, brat?"

Deidara glared and got on his knees, before pushing his Danna's arms away. Sasori raised a brow and leaned back on the couch, knowing what the blond was going to do. Yes, he had done it before but this time he was going to be in control. Deidara placed his hands on his Danna's thighs and moved upwards, till his hands rested on his hips. Sasori narrowed his eyes as he had an arm rest on the back of the couch. Even though it was a dick move, he was going to grade the blond on his performance.

Deidara moved his hands back to rest on his knees as he leaned forward, still staring at his Danna's face. His tongue poked out from between his lips as he reached out to get the zipper of the redhead's slacks. He moved closer and put his mouth over the button, undoing it easily. Though Deidara was probably going to get a good grade because he had done this many times before. He pulled the zipper down with his teeth and Sasori already had the expectation that he was going to do the whole shebang without using his hands. That would be impressive.

Unfortunately, Deidara moved his hands to unbutton the redhead's boxers to get his semi-hard member out. Deidara was going to make a joke, but just the look on the older male's face meant that none of this was a joke. After a few moments, Deidara licked the underside of the member slowly, expecting a reaction from his teacher, who didn't even flinch. Human nature, his ass.

He licked all the way to the tip before running his tongue over the head of cock, barely tasting the pre-cum. He hummed lightly, still looking at his Danna before sucking on the head. Again, no reaction. He moved to the side of the member, now sucking lightly.

"I can barely feel a thing, brat. Do you need instructions on how to suck a cock properly as well?"

Deidara glared lightly before turning his attention back on the blow job he was giving. He moved away, now just licking. He licked the underside of the cock again before engulfing the whole thing in his mouth. He sucked lightly while he moved his tongue around the large organ, almost having him all the way inside. He tried to get past his gag reflex but he almost couldn't. He choked lightly and closed one eye in concentration, seeing Sasori's disgruntled expression.

"That's not a sound I like to hear, Iwa."

Deidara groaned, sending vibrations through the teacher's member. He groaned because he was in teacher mode, which made him twice as hard to deal with. He tried his best to concentrate, now closing his eyes. He began to bob his head back and forth slowly, using his tongue to run across the cock most of the time. His cheeks hollowed as he began sucking, but he still hadn't heard a reaction from the redhead.

He opened his eyes to see that he was still staring down at him, but his lips were slightly parted, letting soft pants through. He used the hand on the couch to run through the blond's hair, before taking out his ponytail. Deidara hummed in irritation but Sasori smirked.

"That's good," He purred. "But I'm sure you can do better than that."

Deidara narrowed his eyes and slipped the rock hard member out of his mouth, a string of saliva connecting himself to it. He kissed the head, now tasting the pre-cum forming at the top. He breathed in deeply as he licked a vein protruding near the bottom of his lover's shaft. He sucked, feeling the redhead's pubic hair by his lips, before moving to the tip again. He slowly took in the cock again, now using as much tongue as possible.

Sasori stared down impassively as the blond began to bob his head back and forth and he rolled his eyes before pushing the teen's head down, making him stay. "It doesn't always feel nice to have the warmth gone so suddenly. Stay in one place and work," He instructed, almost making his lover choke.

Deidara closed one eye as he tried to do what Sasori told him. Stay in place? How the hell was he supposed to do that and breathe? He obviously wasn't trained which is what his teacher had planned on doing to him. He took a deep breath through his nose before continuing again.

"Use more tongue and don't suck so hard. Nobody wants to feel like their dick is in a vacuum, Iwa." Deidara almost growled at being instructed again and swiveled his tongue around the cock slowly, making sure to not suck so hard like his Danna told him. He looked up to see his expression and he saw the man still smirking, but he seemed to be enjoying himself more. "Now alternate between moving and staying."

Deidara nodded to himself mentally before bobbing his head up and down again, still keeping eye contact with the older male. He was still using his tongue but he had a feeling it wasn't to his Danna's liking still though that would come with time. Practice makes perfect, but nobody's perfect so why practice?

"Don't get sidetracked, Iwa," Sasori said before tightening his grip on the blond's hair.

Deidara quickly got his mind off other topics and concentrated on making his teacher feel good. He still wasn't reacting how he wanted but maybe he was holding himself back. Giving a hum, Deidara continued to move faster before stopping at the bottom of the shaft and licking there like he was told to do. He could now easily taste the salty tang of his teacher's semen on his tongue now, but the older male still looked at him mockingly.

Deidara almost growled. It felt good yet he wouldn't show it. Bastard. He chewed lightly on the shaft in his mouth and Sasori suddenly pulled the blond's mouth off but yanking his hair back. The blond cried and bared his teeth as he glared at Sasori through strained eyes.

His Danna came face-to-face with him, his glare beating Deidara's by a mile. "If you do that, Iwa then that it an automatic fail. You don't want to displease your seme now, do you?" He shook his head and clicked his tongue lightly before loosening his grip. "Being an adult is hard, Dei-chan," He cooed, before petting his lover's head, his features relaxing as Deidara's stayed the same, an angry glare. "I want to help, but you have to do your job properly or else someone is going to be pissed. It's like the real world." He sat back again and released Deidara's hair. "Would you like to try again?"

Deidara wanted to tell the man to fuck off and just leave, but that would mean he would win. He may be seme but he could be man enough as him. He sighed and gave a seductive smile even though his face was threatening. Sasori chuckled. "That's right, give me a reason to flinch~"

Deidara took the shaft back into his hands before licking the tip again. He soon took the cock into his mouth now sucking lightly. He gave a moan every few moments, wanting his Danna to think he was into it. He had a feeling the older male liked it because it meant that they were both feeling good, or that he just thought he was a whore, but either way he liked it. He began bobbing his head again and Sasori found his hand back in the teen's hair. He gave a huff, not wanting to show how good it felt.

Giving a little moan he let his head fall back, not caring that he wasn't holding back. Why not reward the blond for staying? He smiled and tangled his hands into the long locks, wanting the blond to go faster. Deidara did just that and Sasori closed his eyes, wanting to just feel the blond doing it to him.

After a few moments Deidara felt the hand on his head tighten and he braced himself for the hot liquid that would come rushing down his throat. He pushed his mouth all the way down, his lips now touching his teacher's pubic hair. Sasori groaned and came into the blond's hot mouth, wanting him to take it all. Deidara held back all choking and swallowed all of the salty, but strangely sweet, liquid. He moaned and moved his mouth back and forth, wanting to milk him dry.

A few seconds passed and Sasori let go of Deidara's hair, now looking at him. He gave an almost kind smirk as he leaned down to talk to him. "Good job, but next time I shouldn't have to talk so much, okay?" Deidara nodded as he panted along with his Danna. The redhead kissed his lips softly and chuckled. "I'm sorry to say that I have to fail you though." The blond's eyes widened and his mouth opened in a gape.

"Then I did all that for nothing, un?" He asked as he stood up.

Sasori shook his head while ticking his tongue. He pulled the blond into his lap so he was straddling him. "Of course not, brat. You got to learn, but you also got to see how it's like being an adult." His smile slowly went away. "In the real world you can and will most likely mess up. Your boss isn't going to take that lightly and you will get lectured or deducted pay." He gave a thoughtful expression as he stared up at the blond. "So I am just preparing you for life and that is lesson enough."

Deidara hummed, putting his hand on his chin. "So let's see. I learned that from giving a blow job that being an adult sucks."

Sasori chuckled and smiled. "Exactly," He purred before pulling him down to kiss the blond's lips. "Now I don't think we have enough time to do it all the way today but come by tomorrow and I'll give you another lesson."

The blond pouted. "Why are there no more lessons at school?"

Sasori shrugged. "Too risky. If we wanted a quick one at school, sure why not. But with a lesson, we need time and anyone can come in a request to do make-up work or do something to interrupt us. It's happened before."

Deidara nodded, remembering how they were almost caught by the principal who wanted to talk about the new art show coming up. Sasori had to shove Deidara under his desk as he sat down and hoped that the principal didn't see the naked student sitting there.

"Well I guess… But I liked doing it at school," Deidara complained.

Sasori bit the blond's neck softly. "Yes I know how much you love kink but it's getting a hassle to clean and arrange my desk everyday. Even though coming here is just as risky I think that it's better. I feel more at home."

Deidara rolled his eyes. "I wonder why, un."

The redhead shrugged and motioned for Deidara to get up so he could get himself arranged before seeing him out. They walked to the front door and the redhead kissed his lover before opening the door for him. "We're working on the project tomorrow even if you have plans."

Deidara nodded and looked at his phone seeing how much time had passed. "Okay," He said a little distracted. He looked up at his Danna and grinned. "See you later, Mr. Akasuna, un."

Sasori waved and closed the door after the blond left.

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