The whole time that Sasori was sitting there, trying to listen to the two adults in front of him, he had to keep one thought from his head. I fucked your son on the desk in front of you.

He was currently at the last conference for the day, talking to the Iwa parents about their son's progress in class. Deidara was sitting next to his mother who sat in the center, right beside her husband. The younger Iwa, who looked to be about six, was coloring at the back table, because Deidara left some crayons out for the boy.

The blond's mother, a woman by the name of Aya Iwa, was looking over her son's progress report with her husband. She had blond hair, a few shades darker than both of her son's and hazel eyes that was running over the page briefly. All in all, Sasori thought she was a nice person.

"Deidara's grades are great and all, but a few of his projects are marked with C's and D's." The woman showed the paper to the art teacher and Sasori nodded in agreement.

"Those assignments were handed in incomplete so I graded what was there but I could not give him full credit for something unfinished."

Deidara and Sasori's eyes met for a moment and it was like they shared a silent agreement, or memory. Sasori quickly broke the stare and continued talking to the blond's parents. It was really his fault that Deidara had turned in the assignments late, but the teen wouldn't leave him alone for an entire day while he should have been working on the art project due in a couple of days. Sasori soon caved and the next two days that he saw Deidara, they were very busy with after school… Activities.

But the blond never blamed him about it, knowing that it was his fault in the first place.

"Well this is boring, so I'm gonna go out for a walk," Deidara yawned as he stood up and stretched, his shirt rising so you could see just a few inches of his stomach. The naked skin caught Sasori's eyes and Deidara gave a crooked smirk when he saw his lover's gaze.

"We aren't done, Deidara," Aya scolded half-heartedly, snapping the art teacher out of his trance.

"It's fine, he isn't really needed here in the first place," Sasori said with a wave of his hand before adjusting his glasses to looked over the progress report once more.

Deidara shrugged and walked to the door leading outside so he could go on his walk. Deidara's Father sighed and looked back at the redhead apologetically. "I'm sorry for his behavior, but he's going through his own rebellious phase or something."

The art teacher looked over the frames of his glasses and shook his head. "Don't bother, I'm used to it by now."

"Well that's a shame," Aya muttered. "Can we look at some of Deidara's projects? He never brings them home anymore and we would like to see them."

Sasori nodded and stood up, taking off his glasses and placing them on his desk. He walked over to a closet to the right side of the room, away from his desk which was by the far left, his office behind it.

He got his keys out and unlocked the cupboard to see many paintings and drawing laying horizontally over each other but with everything still organized. He ran his fingers over the shelf in front of him and scanned at a few, trying to the find the blond's. He took out three of his works and brought them back to his parents.

"I keep some students old projects to use as examples, good or bad," He said shrugging before sitting down.

The parents took the artwork and Aya eyed them carefully but she seemed delighted with what she saw. Sasori did remember that the blond mentioned that his mother was an artist herself but she seemed to be one that admired anything that had effort put into it. It wasn't like that in Sasori's case.

"This is one that Deidara did last semester, where he had to chose an abstract picture and repaint it but using opposite colors." The teen struggled with that and Sasori remembered him asking for help but he refused to give any because he was grading papers. No sex for three weeks.

"It's done very nicely, especially the blend," Aya mused, running her fingers over the work. Her husband, whose name Sasori didn't know, was nodding in agreement but it seemed he would make a comment like "Pretty." He appeared to be a boring man in Sasori's opinion, with his greying black hair and light blue eyes.

"And Deidara didn't finish this one properly, so I use it as a bad example for rushing." The art teacher pointed to the next painting, one that looked like an attempt at Van Gogh but the lines were too sloppy and barely coordinated. It was supposed to be a lake and field but it looked like barf in Sasori's opinion.

"Well he could have done better." Aya looked at the other one painting and raised a brow. "What's this one supposed to be of?" She turned the thick paper to Sasori who put on his glasses so he could access everything quicker.

He remembered that painting very well. When the blond was still sixteen, just two months before his birthday, he was given the assignment to paint something that inspired him. The theme was supposed to be something with nature and Sasori remembered what the blond drew.

There was no nature. Everything was dead, the only living thing there was a small red scorpion, purple venom dripping off his tail dangerously. The dead thing laying beside it was a white bird, the venom dripping from his neck, mixing with it's blood. Everything else that was dead was just plants and the blond said it was nature.

That was the first time that Deidara really caught Sasori's attention and the teacher called him in the next day. That afternoon, they had sex for the first time and more meetings happened soon afterwards.

"Anything the student wanted to paint," Sasori lied smoothly.

"Hm? I just find it strange is all, but what isn't with Deidara anymore, right?" She asked with a laugh. "Actually… we wanted to ask you about something," Aya said, putting down the papers.

Sasori raised a brow and took the papers back. "Yes?"

"Well, Takao and I have been noticing… bruises on Deidara. Sometimes when he's changing in his room and leaves his door open we see the bruises and they're even on his neck," Aya said, motioning with her hand where she had seen the marks. "Do you know if he's being bullied, or have you seen anything?" She asked worriedly. "Because it's well known that he… Well he-"

"Likes men," Takao finished and Aya nodded.

"And we think that may cause him to be picked on."

Sasori hummed thoughtfully and shook his head. "I'm sorry but I haven't seen any bullying going around. Many people like Deidara and very few would harm him." He almost sighed in embarrassment, not that he was ashamed for making those marks, but the fact that the two adults didn't know what hickeys looked like. He almost suggested that the blond may have a partner that he hasn't mentioned but wouldn't that point all the attention towards him who suggested it?

"Well that's reassuring to hear but I don't know if something is happening and he's not telling us. He talks to you doesn't he?" Aya asked and Sasori gave her a questioning look. "Well he says that he is your teacher assistant and he is working on an art project with you, am I right?"

Sasori nodded and stood up. "We're about half-way done with it, if you would like to see," He said, motioning for the parents to get up. Aya and Takao nodded and they walked to the back table. Sasori's eyes widened when he saw that Deidara's little brother had moved to that table, crayons in hand. He walked over briskly and practically shoved the young boy out of the way to see the ruined art project.

He and Deidara had just got done with their light sketches and were planning on painting but they were covered by crude drawings by the blond's yougner brother. "Oh my," Takao said as he stood by the redhead who was glaring at the ruined canvas before turning to the older male.

"Please watch your son next time so he does not get into things that are not his," Sasori said sternly and the man looked shocked at the demand.

"Excuse me? If you didn't want your thins ruined then you shouldn't have given him the crayons."

"Your other son did that," Sasori corrected. He sighed harshly and ran a hand through his hair. At the moment, Deidara walked in and realized that everyone was by the back table. He saw his lover's pissed and annoyed expression and he blanched. He practically ran over to the table and saw that all of his, and his teacher's, work was ruined.

"What the hell, Akira, un?!" He turned to his little brother, who's big hazel eyes widened with tears. He began to whine before sobbing, causing Sasori to rub his eyes in irritation.

"Don't yell at your brother, Deidara," Aya scolded before picking up the crying six-year-old and placing him on her hip. "You should have been more careful and put away your work if you didn't want it to be touched."

"We shouldn't have to do that when this is my classroom. I don't mean to be rude, but please watch your son next time," Sasori requested before looking over the canvas once more. "We need to start over as soon as possible because it's due for the art show in two weeks."

"Wait, so Deidara has to stay after school some more?" Aya asked in disbelief.

"Yes, and it would help if we got a head start now," Sasori said smoothly and the blond practically shivered. He looked at his Danna, knowing that something bad was going to happen to him because of this ordeal.

"But we have a dinner to go to-"

"Talk about it amongst yourselves, but I should let you know that this project it worth half Deidara's overall grade this semester, so if he even gets a B on this, that will bring his grade down significantly." Sasori went back to his desk and found another paper for the parents. "A copy of his progress report," He said and Takao took the paper before folding it and putting it in his back pocket.

Deidara bit his lip and wondered if his Danna was lying. There was no art project in the class that was worth have of your grade for a whole semester. He saw his parents mulling it over and they agreed that the blond could stay at school to work. Deidara didn't decline in any way, knowing that punishment would come to him sooner or later.

"Be home by eight, Deidara, all right?" Aya shifted her son on her hip who was still clinging to her desperately.

"Yeah, yeah," The blond muttered.

The mother nodded and her family left leaving the teacher and student along. Sasori was staring at the canvas again and Deidara gave his best apologetic smile. "I'm sorry, Danna, un." He got behind the redhead and wrapped his arms around his waist, his face to the redhead's neck.

Deidara felt the pair of hands touch his own before they were grabbed roughly so the blond would let go. Sasori walked over to his desk leaving Deidara there confused. The teen was sure that he was going to be "taught a lesson" by the teacher but he was ignoring him. "Danna?"

"You're going to go get a canvas from the art store in Iwagakure because your little brother destroyed this one," Sasori said as he sat down in his desk chair before putting on his glasses. "And while you're there, you're going to buy some art supplies that I am low on. I'm printing the list up right now." He began tapping away at his laptop and Deidara just stood by the back table dumbfounded.

"What, un?"

"Oh and take the ruined canvas to the dumpster outback; I have no use for it anymore," Sasori finished before the printing started to whirr to life. He twirled his chair around and picked up the paper from his own personal printer. "Here you go." He held out the paper and Deidara stared at it before taking a few cautious steps forward.

Taking the paper into his hand he read it and his eyes widened. "Holy shit, you need all of this?"

"There's another side as well," Sasori said in a monotonous tone as he began tapping away at his laptop again. "I need all of that as soon as possible to prepare for the activities tomorrow so get to it."

"Uh, okay, where's the money?"

The redhead looked up coldly. "Well it's in your wallet. If not, then go get some, I don't care."

"Wait, so you expect me to buy all of this, un?" Deidara held the paper in the art teacher's face and Sasori scoffed before pushing it away.

"Yes, I've already said that. It's your punishment, but if you want to atone for your actions in some other way… I'd be glad to help."

Deidara gulped as Sasori had a predatory look in his eyes. Options: Buy a shit load of art stuff, or get raped. "Fine, God dammit," He muttered. He pat his pockets to make sure that he had his keys and nodded once he heard the small chink. "Can I have a goodbye kiss, un?" Sasori didn't look up from his laptop and Deidara pouted. "Fine, I'll be back soon."

"Canvas," Sasori called and the blond moved to the back table to get rid of the said object.

"Bye, un."

The teacher sighed as the teen was finally gone and he could get to work. It was bad enough that their artwork was now ruined, but now they had to start over.

He had gotten out his grade book to enter in grades that he had gotten behind on due to his constant attention towards his lover and he wished that he wasn't so clingy. Though they hadn't been able to have another "lesson" because he was trying to catch up on grading.

He had to look at all of the ceramics students exposed coil pots and the painting students lessons on different painting techniques. It was a pain but it had to get done. Unfortunately he had to teach the classes again and Deidara seemed happy to help out with students who wanted to stay after school.

A lot of time when clay could not be reused even with a days of soaking Sasori let the blond blow it up with a few students. He had learned over many years that most people who worked with ceramics were pyromaniacs. (A/N: My art teacher likes to blow up unusably clay.)

Sasori quickly snapped out of his daze and began entering grades into the school system. After two hours of grading and doing things around the classroom, Deidara kicked open the door and practically stomped to the table in front of Sasori's desk.

The blond glared at the art teacher as he set down four bags of art supplies onto the table. "Are you going to pay me back at all?"

"Nope," Sasori replied as he sat back down at his desk so he could check over his schedule for the next day. "Now you know how I feel after the school cut out a major part of the art budget. I have to pay for everything myself."

"Well do I get something for going through that hell?"

"Why would I give you something if you took two hours to get a few art supplies. Iwagakure is only a half-hour away."

"I'll freaking tell you why I was late, un," Deidara snapped as he stood in front of his teachers desk, both hands on it so he could lean forward. "The whole store was packed and it took forever to find a parking spot. I had to fight for the yarn you needed so badly with old ladies which almost caused me to get stabbed by knitting needles. The checkout lines were moving a mile an hour and I got pulled over for speeding on the way back. You wanna know by how much I was speeding, un? Two fucking miles," Deidara growled. "So now I have to pay off not only your art bill which is nearly three hundred dollars, but a speeding ticket as well, un."

Sasori stared at the blond and held open his hand for the blond to see. "Do you see anything in my hand?"

Deidara's expression fell and he shook his head. "No…"

"Behold, the amount of fucks I give. Now you either have a choice of wedging some clay for class tomorrow or starting on the project again."

Deidara scowled and got off the desk. "The canvas is in my car," He muttered before stepping out again.

Sasori sighed and watched to blond leave. He honestly didn't want to make him mad all the time but he had to expect this by how badly he screwed up.

A few minutes passed by and Deidara walked in with the blank canvas. He got out his own drawing utensils and began working as Sasori began turning off his laptop. Afterwards he moved to the four shopping bags and looked inside to see if the blond had gotten everything. He did and the redhead was beginning to feel just a little guilty for making his boyfriend go shopping for his classes.

Sasori began putting everything away before going over to the canvas to see Deidara quickly sketching his part of the project again. "You know what I'm going to be drawing right?"

"Yes, un." Deidara didn't bother to look up as he concentrated on the canvas.

"Well since I'm already drawing your part and you're drawing mine why don't we go ahead and paint them as well."

"Why're you changing your mind?" Deidara asked, now looking up.

The teacher shrugged and got a pencil from the blond's art-kit. "I wanted to try something new. So basically we're going to be doing all the work ourselves but it's not going to be our idea."

Deidara looked back at the canvas and began sketching again. "Sure," He huffed out.

Sasori frowned just barely and looked at what the blond was working on. He placed a hand on his lower back but the teen didn't even react. "If you push any harder the lines will be visible when you paint over them," Sasori advised.

Deidara rolled his eyes and loosened up his hand before drawing again. "Thanks, but shouldn't you get working as well, un?"

"Yes, but I wanted to see how you were doing." Sasori took his hand off the blond and got to work on his side.

Two hours later it was time for the both of them to get home and they had almost got done with the first sketches. Deidara had groaned as he put his hands on his back and arched forwards, a pop sounding through the quiet room. "Damn, we need to get an easel for this or something, un."

Sasori, who had been rubbing his shoulder sighed in agreement. "Yeah and we totally have the money for that." He moved to the table to put the canvas away but Deidara was already walking out of the room. "Fine, see you later, brat."

"Whatever, Danna, un." Deidara walked out of the classroom and went to his car. The classroom had three exits, one that led to the hall to get to the rest of the Art Center and one that led straight outside. The other exit was actually the clay room where there was a kiln, a few throwing wheels, and a wedging table. There were other tables as well like clay projects in progress or a greenware table. The clay room had an exit that went outside, and an exit that led to another art room which wasn't Sasori's.

The art teacher put the canvas away and began to lock everything up in the room. Afterwards, he made sure that all exits were locked before leaving through the one that led straight outside. It was already eight-thirty but it wasn't too dark due to Summer rolling around soon. He walked over to his car to see Deidara leaning against it nonchalantly.

"Yes, Iwa?" Sasori asked as he got to the drivers side to unlock the door. Deidara rolled and pulled the teacher towards him by his shirt. He pulled him down for a kiss and Sasori exhaled through his nose before pulling away. "Brat, we're in public, someone can see us," He scolded.

The blond smoothed the redhead's shirt by running his hands down his chest. "No one is at school this late."

"Yes, so it can attract more attention."

Deidara pouted and crossed his arms. "It's been two days since you haven't payed any special attention to me, so sorry if I wanted a kiss."

Sasori sighed and gave the blond a chaste but strong kiss. "There, now get home before I get a call from your parents saying that I work you too hard." The blond slowly began to smirk and the art teacher just rolled his eyes. "Go home, brat."

"'Kay, see you, Danna, un!" Deidara practically skipped to his car which was in another parking lot and Sasori shook his head.



Deidara practically ran to his first period class, mentally yelling at himself for trying to get in last minute homework. He had completely forgotten about his history test in the morning because he had been so preoccupied with his collaboration with his teacher.

He ran into the classroom and sat down in his seat, the bell ringing only a few moments later. The teacher began to pass out tests and Deidara sighed in relief, but stopped once he realized that he barely got to study.

Even though this was his last semester in high school it didn't mean that he was going to have easy and laid back classes the whole time. As he worked on the test, he chewed on the tip of his eraser, an old habit that Sasori thought was disgusting.

An hour later, mostly everyone was done with the test but Deidara was stuck on the last essay question. As he rubbed his head in irritation he heard two girls a few desks over talking above a whisper.

"Did you know that Mr. Akasuna has a girlfriend?"

The blond's interest was almost immediately piqued and he leaned a little closer to the girls. "Like I'm going to believe that. This is another rumor, like the choir teacher going out with one of his students."

"Well yeah that was a a lie because it was a student. Any teacher who goes out with their student is just stupid- but whatever," The first girl snapped hastily. "But I swear that I saw Akasuna walking through Sunagakure with a girl last week. They were out getting coffee and but I only got a glimpse of them."

Deidara saw the other girl looked skeptical, her lips slightly pouted. "I still don't buy it. How do you even know it was him?"

"What other guy has flaming red hair? Plus he's my cousin so I think I know what he looks like."

"He probably dyes it," The skeptical one said and Deidara almost smirked. No he did not die his hair, that was for sure.

"That's not the point, I know it was him and he was with some girl. I bet you anything that she was his girlfriend."

"You forget that no one would go out with someone that mean."

Deidara rubbed the back of his neck and gave a stressed smirk. Sometimes he wondered how he got attracted to such a bastard as well but in the end it didn't even matter.

"Well he can be nice, he just doesn't like to show it. I've seen people like that."

"Okay, if this person really exists what does she look like?" The girl crossed her arms and leaned back in her chair as her friend stumbled over her words.

"W-well I was kinda far away, but she looked… Uh, she had long blond hair, that was all I could tell but they seemed to be talking like friends or something-"

"Yeah, friends."

"Shut up! They looked like a couple so I bet they are!"

"Yamanaka-san, Sabaku-san, please be quiet. Students are still taking the test."

Deidara's eyes widened and he looked at the clock on the wall to see that he had five minutes left to finish the test. He panicked and quickly scrawled down his best answer before looking it over for any mistakes but in no time the bell rang and he had to turn in his test the way it was.

"How'd you do, Deidara?"

The blond turned to his right to see Ino and Temari about to walk out of the door and he gave a sheepish grin before rubbing the back of his neck. "Not so good, un," He admitted.

Ino sighed and looked at the blond harshly. "Well maybe you should have studied," She said in a scolding tone.

"Yeah, but I barely have time for that anymore." He looked at his cousin's skeptical face and shrugged.

"Oh, you're Sasori's T.A., right? Do you know if he's going out with anyone?" Temari asked enthusiastically.

Deidara gave a thoughtful look and shrugged once more. "Just because I'm his teacher assistant doesn't mean that he'll spill his life story. Guy doesn't talk much about his life, but that's obvious, un."

Temari pouted in annoyance and crossed her arms. "Whatever, I know what I saw." She looked at the clock and swore, "Shit, I'm late for my next class. Let's go, Ino." She grabbed her friend's wrist and dragged her away.

Deidara smiled softly and walked to his next period which was being Sasori's T.A.

He moved to the other part of the school where the art center was and got to his favorite teacher's class. As he stepped in he saw students talking normally and he unconsciously wondered when the student's stopped being so afraid. He saw Sasori sitting at his desk tapping away at his laptop and he walked up to his grinning.

"What do you need me to do today, Da-"

"The students suck at wedging clay so when class starts, show them how to do it properly."

Deidara's grin fell and he sighed before putting his backpack next to the desk assigned to the T.A. The desk was really just a foot away from Sasori's but when Deidara annoyed him (which was most times) he would literally kick it away and Deidara was stuck by the art student's lockers.

"You know I'm not supposed to be teaching them, un." He sat down in his seat and Sasori cast him a sideways glance before looking back at his laptop.

"I don't want to risk getting this shirt dirty. Clay stains are a pain to get out of white."

Deidara scoffed. "Just roll up your sleeves and give the demo. Is there anything else you actually need me to do, un?"

Sasori sighed and leaned back in his chair before looking at the blond. "Go get me some coffee-"

"And we've already discussed that I can't go off compass unless it's lunch time or you get me a town pass. I got in trouble last time I got you coffee."

"Good, as long as I didn't, there's nothing to worry about."

Deidara shook his head and put one foot up onto his desk. "Do you need me to fill up pallets for the painting class, un?"

"They can do it themselves," Sasori sighed.

"You say that they waste too much paint." The blond stood up and stretched lightly just as the bell rang. "I'll show them how to wedge clay again but you're giving them the demo for their pots and that's that, un." Deidara got out a spare ponytail and tied his hair into a bun along with his bang. He began walking to the clay room and Sasori continued to watch him, mostly paying attention to how his hips swayed.

"Danna needs to pay attention to his work, not his brat," Deidara muttered loud enough for the art teacher to hear. He had turned to get something out of a shelf as he cast Sasori a sideways glance, a seductive smirk plastered on his lips.

Sasori leered at him before turning back to his laptop to get a specific demo out.

Deidara chuckled and moved to the art room. They were working with red clay that day so he got some clay out of a bag and began wedging it. Most students were already at the wedging table working on their clay but Deidara had to show them once more and how to do it properly.

He began kneading the clay expertly, something that he had started practicing four years ago and he considered himself an expert now.

He saw some confused kid eyeing the crowded table and moved to the white side but Deidara quickly corrected him and told him that that side was only for the white clay. "Wait your turn to wedge your clay, un. It should only take people two minutes to warm up the clay, but after that, leave so other people can work."

"Eh, Deidara, I can't get it right," A girl, two years his junior whined as he forearms were covered in the wet substance. "It's already been two weeks since we've been doing this but I'm no good." She pouted and Deidara gave a reassuring smile.

"Don't worry, I'm sure that you will get better. Would you like me to show you how to do it exactly, un?" He suggested as he moved out of the way for a boy waiting to wedge his own clay.

"Y-yes please!" Her face was flushed deeply, but she looked determined to get better.

Deidara continued to smile as he moved to the girls spot so he could show her how to knead the clay correctly. After a minute he let her have a go at it and he grinned. "That's better. Keep on working at it and you'll be better than Mr. Akasuna," He motivated.

The girl raised a brow and looked skeptical. "I thought he doesn't like working with clay."

"Exactly, so anyone is better than him," Deidara teased with a rude grin as he stared at the doorway. The other kids laughed along with the blond, most of them making more comments.

"I like to see arrogant students who think they know what they're doing. It's easier to put them in their place." The teens stopped laughing and paled as they saw the art teacher walking into the room. He was rolling up his sleeves, his usual aloof expression plastered onto his face.

"W-we didn't mean it," A boy said, holding up his dirtied hands in defense.

Deidara was still grinning as he looked at the redhead. "I did, but I was really just testing you guys. You would really look down on your own teacher? That's harsh," He sighed before walking away to clean up his hands.

"D-Deidara," The girl from before whined.

"Stop with your conversations and get back to your seats so I can show you your next project," Sasori ordered and all of the kids tried to scramble out of the clay room at once. Deidara chuckled as he washed his hands under the lukewarm water. "You would purposely sabotage those kids, brat? Isn't that harsh?" Sasori asked as he grabbed a ball of red clay about two times bigger than his fist.

"Yeah, they need to learn their place, un." Deidara looked at his Danna and grinned once more. "I'm helping you, aren't I?"

"Not needed," Sasori said as he left the room.

Deidara chuckled and wiped his hands on some paper towels before grabbing a small piece of white clay. It wasn't enough to get his hands dirty again so he wasn't too worried about any mess. He walked back into the class room and fell back into his chair, putting his feet up onto his desk.

He watched his redheaded teacher work on the clay and it seemed that they would be making a type of pot or vase but they were starting off with coils before smoothing them out. He worked fluently while also being efficient when rolling out the coils and Deidara saw the same girl struggling to make the first coil to roll up for the base.

The blond messed with his clay a little in his hands, squeezing it every once and a while as he contemplated on what to make. After Sasori had done three coils in under five minutes he wiped his hands on a nearby cloth before staring at his students. "Get to work, this is due in five days. Iwa-san, clean this up."

Deidara rolled his eyes and set his clay down onto his desk. He moved to the front of the classroom where the art teacher would do his clay demos on a small desk. He picked up the clay used and moved to the clay room to put it back in the bag for someone to reuse before going to clean the desk.

After a minute he was back in his chair and now turning his clay into a small bird. "Need me to do anything else?" He looked at his Danna who was looking at his computer seriously. Deidara realized he was looking at different art projects for them to do and rolled his eyes. "Do you have any other lessons planned out yet or are you going to ignore me, un?"

"Brat, you have school to think about. I've been thinking about limiting you to once a week so your grades don't go down again." Sasori didn't even bother to look away from the screen and Deidara scoffed before turning back to his clay.

"Well I'm not the one who is going to break, just letting you know that."

"Sure, says the idiot who comes to my house wanting to have sex the whole time." Sasori closed his computer and stood up to get something unknown by the blond. "Since I don't want to grade total shit, walk around and help students who need it."

"Aw, you think that with my help it won't be shit?" Deidara stood up and smirked up at the older male who walked around his desk to go back to the clay room.

"I said total shit, don't flatter yourself, brat."

The teen shrugged and walked around the classroom, still messing with the clay in his hands. Most students just raised their hands for help but a few would just call the blond from across the classroom if they had to. The coiled pots were to be smoothed after each circle was added on and Deidara pitied the kids who had Sasori for ceramics. The redhead was malicious when it came to grading and if each coil was not even and uniform then the best grade the student could get would be a C.

"Deidara," A student called and the blond looked over to see the same girl from before. He couldn't necessarily remember her name and she looked nondescript so he didn't know her very well.

He walked over and smiled. "What's up, un?"

"Uh… I can't get the base right, the clay keeps on breaking," She said as she pointed to the mess of clay on her area of the desk. The other three people at her table weren't even bothering to help and Deidara sent them a small scowl.

"Well there's probably not enough water in there so you can go back and wedge it again once you've got some water on it. Or you can add water on it now but you'll just make a mess, un." The girl bit her lip and stood up with a kind smile.

"I'll just get up and do it. Thanks, Deidara," She said enthusiastically and Deidara returned the countenance.

"No problem." He moved out of the way and let the young teen go wedge her clay once more. She smiled back at him just as Sasori walked out of the clay room with different types of handmade creations in his arms.

She realized that someone was in front of her and quickly stuck her hands, which were full of clay, to brace herself. Sasori had already stopped by this point, now irritated, but she had not and had taken another step, actually shoving the teacher with her dirtied hands.

The redhead almost dropped the two pots in his arms and the teen looked up at the art teacher who was glaring daggers at her. "Please watch where you are going, Suzuki-san and especially if you are carrying something."

She had already paled when she saw the taller person but when she looked in front of herself, she saw her hands had gotten red clay all over the male's white shirt. The excess clay that fell from her hands actually fell onto his black slacks before sliding to the floor. The girl then turned white and moved away slowly.

"I-I-I am so, so, so, so sorry," She stuttered, a string of apologies spilling from her lips, making Sasori's eye twitch in irritation.

"Get more clay and get back to work," He ordered before moving to the front of the room to set the vases down. The whole class was silent even Deidara was staring at his lover, wondering what he was going to do next. The redhead turned his head sharply and glared at all of them. "I don't think I told any of you to stop working."

All of the students looked down at their desks and began working once more. Deidara sighed and moved back to his desk, now setting down a half-finished bird.

"I'm guessing you're going to change, un?"

Sasori turned to the student, his expression still threatening. "Yes, I am not going to be wearing this for the rest of the day."

Deidara shrugged and sat down in his swirly chair. "Do you want me to help?" He murmured and Sasori ignored it as he left to his shared office where Deidara guessed he had some spare clothes.

The door closed and the whole room stayed silent. After a few moments whispered conversations began to spark up and Deidara watched in amusement as all of the students began talking about Suzuki-san and what Sasori was going to do to her.

A few minutes passed by and the office door suddenly opened up. All of the students shut up immediately and gawked at the teacher.

Sasori scowled at all of them and they looked at their projects once more. Deidara smirked as he watched the redhead walk to his desk. "I haven't seen you in real clothes for a while. How does it feel to wear something besides cardboard, un?"

The art teacher didn't answer as he put on his glasses to read over something. "Go into my office and get the stack of papers on my desk. File that."

Deidara sighed and checked out his teacher once more. He actually looked normal wearing jeans and a regular t-shirt. All that needed to be taken away was the glasses and perfect posture. Minus his evil glare, he would look like the average teen.

"Get to work, brat," Sasori called out and the blond rolled his eyes before getting up to go to the office.


Deidara scratched his head in irritation, not realizing that he was messing up his hair. He was having more problem with his Calculus homework than usual and he began wondering when it got so confusing. He couldn't study much anymore due to him being busy with art but it was affecting his grade.

When he was going to ask the teacher a question the bell rang and the blond sighed in annoyance before packing up all of his things. Luckily it was Friday so he could work on it over the weekend, if Sasori didn't force him to work on their project.

Deidara quickly packed up his things and said a farewell to his friends before going to the art building. He saw students practically running from Sasori's classroom and Deidara wondered if Sasori was still upset about the clay. None of the students bothered to use any exit other than the one that led straight outside so the eighteen-year-old went into the building to get to his lover's classroom.

When he entered it was empty except for the teachers sitting at his desk, typing away at his laptop like usual but with almost enough force to start breaking the keys.


"Don't," Sasori snapped, not bothering to look up but he did pause his typing. "Do not call me that."

Deidara narrowed his eyes and stood in front of his teacher's desk. "What the hell did I do to piss you off, un? I can leave if you're going to be a prick about a little mess."

Sasori then looked up and glared at the blond, but there was something else hidden behind the brown orbs. Doubt, uncertainty? Deidara almost saw worry but the older male quickly covered it up with rage.

"Tell me the truth." Deidara looked confused but the teacher just got out his keys and unlocked a drawer in his desk. He took out a large yellow envelope and held it in his hand. "Have you told anyone?" He looked threatening but serious and Deidara almost shivered from the stare.

"What? Don't be stupid, I didn't tell anyone, un. What're you-?" Sasori tossed the envelope on the desk and over two dozen papers fell out. Deidara eyed them and picked one up, his eyes widening. "The hell…?"

The blond was staring at a picture of him and his lover kissing by the redhead's car. He moved to the next paper to see the both of them on the teacher's couch cuddling. He moved through the pictures rapidly, his shock fading but his rage rising. The pictures led from a kiss to something more and more and Deidara quickly threw the pictures onto the desk.

"Do you have people watching us or something, un? Is this some sick fetish of yours or something because if it is- Ow! Bastard, un!"

Sasori had hit the blond with a rolled up newspaper and he was glaring even fiercer. "I did not do any of those things," He growled between clenched teeth. "I found this envelope on my desk when I left for my lunch break. I even locked the room but someone got in put that on my desk." He put his hands on the desk, almost to keep himself up.

Deidara was rubbing the sore spot on his head but he stopped when he saw his lover's countenance. He was trying to not let it show but he was worried, he was afraid. "Is there a note or anything, un?"

"No, just the pictures," Sasori answered before clenching his hands into fists.

Deidara glanced down at the remainder of the photos and saw one of him on Sasori's desk with the redhead over him. He had to bite his tongue to keep from screaming and swearing but there was no use even if he did do that.

"Well who in the hell would do this then?"

Sasori shook his head and began putting all of the papers back into the envelope. "No idea, but they've obviously been doing this for a while. Some of these pictures aren't even from this year."

Deidara tried taking a deep breath but he couldn't find himself doing anything but standing there, hating whoever it was who had watched him and his lover. Sasori had put the envelope into his laptop bag, which also acted as a briefcase, before looking at the blond. Deidara's face was set to a scowl of disgust but a blush was spread across his cheeks and Sasori was sure that he was embarrassed. He was staring at the floor, not wanting to meet his gaze and Sasori sighed before walking around the desk to get the teen's attention.

"Don't get too upset over this. This person obviously wants something from us to be showing us this, so just-"

"This is sick," Deidara spat viciously now looking up at his Danna. "Whatever this creep wants, it's not going to be good so why don't we just find him and beat him up or something?"

Sasori looked unamused and he ran a hand through his hair slowly. "Of course you would be the one to want to do something rash. One, we're not going to beat up this person because they probably have more photos of us and can use it against us like they are trying to do now. Be calm and think rationally." He looked down at his student who was staring back for a few moments, his angered expression falling.

"What am I supposed to do then, un? I can think all I want but that won't do shit," He muttered now looking down.

Sasori frowned lightly and grabbed his student's chin so he would look at him. "No, we will do something. We will wait and I am sure they will come forward because they obviously want something. We may not be able to give it to them but we may find out what to do next."

Deidara looked dejected but he nodded anyway. "... This friggin' sucks," He groused.

The redhead nodded his head in agreement and moved away from his student. "Yes, it does but what I think would help right now is to stay away from each other." Deidara looked shocked and Sasori sighed. "It'll just be for a little while but I think it would be best if you just went home right now."

"What about the project, un? We have to get that done as soon as possible and-"

"I know that but we can't really be seen together anymore." Sasori moved to his desk and sat down. "Just go home and do what you would usually do, all right?"

Deidara clenched his fists and glared at the ground. "I'm not that useless," He muttered.

Sasori almost rolled his eyes but he realized a sigh instead. "Well right now you are. We have to be patient and wait."

"Yes, because that is totally your motto," Deidara mocked as he looked at his Danna, a half-smirk on his lips. "I guess I'll see you later then. Bye, Danna, un." The blond gave a slight wave and left the classroom.

The art teacher let out a large breath and leaned back into his chair, exhausted. Whoever was doing was was seriously messed up.

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