"If you don't eat your breakfast, Deidara, it's going to get cold."

Deidara looked up from the smoothie his mother made him and he eyed the woman. She was looking through some papers and Deidara assumed it was for the new class that she was going to be teaching at Konoha University soon. She was by the counter where she had left her papers to look through later when she had the time.

"It's a smoothie, Mom, it can't get any colder, un," He muttered wishing that it wasn't Saturday so he could see Sasori normally.

"Well drink it before it goes bad," She corrected as she looked over at her eldest. "Look, Akira is already done with his so drink yours before he gets to it." She looked down at her papers once more and sighed.

Deidara looked across the table to see his little brother staring at him with those big hazel eyes. He rolled his own blue ones before sliding the drink over to him and standing up. "I'm going to my room, don't bug me, un."

"Eat your breakfast, Deidara." Aya turned to her son once more but he was gone and she gave a tsk before looking at her youngest son who was happily drinking the smoothie before crying about a headache.

Deidara nearly slammed his door shut the moment he entered his room, but he didn't want his parents to question him over his angry behavior. What could he say? "Someone found out about my secret relationship that you aren't supposed to know about." They would totally understand.

He fell onto his bed and buried his face into his pillow. After a few seconds of holding his breath, he finally let it go, his back falling from the action. He wrapped his arm around the pillow as he grabbed his phone with his other hand and brought it to his face.

He flipped the obsolete device open before searching through some previous messages. He clicked on one that didn't have a contact created, the phone number being displayed there instead. He tapped a quick question to the number and closed his phone when he saw it had sent.

Deidara rested his head against his pillow as he waited for a reply even though he didn't expect one. He didn't want to do what Sasori told him to do. Wait. He wasn't going to wait for someone to blackmail him, he wanted to find them and make them wish that they hadn't stalked him and his lover in the first place.

After a minute his phone buzzed and he flipped it open to see he had received a message.

'Don't contact me.'

Deidara almost raised a brow and scoffed before texting back that they shouldn't have to act like someone was watching them the whole time.

He didn't receive any more messages after that and he frowned to himself before sitting up. He heard his parents calling him and he sighed before leaving his room and going up some stairs to get to the where his parents were. "Yeah, un?" He saw both of his parents sitting in the living room and he arched a thin brow in question.

"Can you sit down for a moment, Deidara?" His mother asked as she gestured to the seat across from her. Takao was sitting next to his wife, looking stern and the blond slowly went over to his chair, wanting to know why his parents looked so serious.

His sat down and his eyes widened. They couldn't have known. They would have done something right away not talk to him about it, that's how his parents were. He stared at them and his mother took a small breath.

"We've been noticing some things, Deidara," She started slowly before shaking her head, deciding to get to the point. "Where did you get those bruises?"

The blond almost sighed in relief once he realized his parents still didn't know but he wasn't off the hook yet. He had to make up a story for the hickeys on his neck even though they were barely visible by now. He had chided Sasori before to not mark him where people could see and the redhead said that was the point. Yeah, now he wouldn't even talk to him because of paranoia.


The blond snapped out of his daze and he looked at his parents. "Oh those, un? Well you know I'm a T.A. and when Mr. Akasuna is lazy he makes me teach the other students how to do things and this week he made me show them how to throw on the wheel. Some kid didn't have his clay stuck on and he turned it on full blast and I got hit in random spots, un." He shrugged and stood up. (A/N: This is practically impossible btw.)

"But we've been seeing these bruises for three weeks now," Takao said, looking skeptical.

Deidara rolled his eyes. "We don't have enough wheels for everyone to throw in just one day. We just started three weeks ago and all of the beginners suck at it so Mr. Akasuna and I usually get beat up. Even other kids throwing next to them get pelted with flying clay. If that's all then I'm just going back to my room, un." He stood up and Aya nodded.

"We're relieved to hear that it's not bullying but make sure that Mr. Akasuna goes easy on you all right?" Her eyebrows knitted in concern and Deidara almost laughed at the statement. "If he works you too hard just go to the office, okay? Or us for that matter."

Deidara waved his hand and he walked back to his room. "Yeah yeah, un."

When he walked back down the stairs where his bedroom was he was stopped by his little brother who was leaving his room. "Can you make me another coloring book, onii-san?" He stayed by his door almost fearing the blond due to the events the day before.

Deidara sighed and ran a hand through his fringe. "I suppose, but when I have the time," He answered before going to his room. Really it was all of his fault that his and Sasori's collaboration got destroyed. He would usually sketch out things for Akira to draw on and when he saw the project he probably saw his work on it. Why not draw on it?

He fell back onto his bed and began considering doing any homework and decided it would be a good idea so he didn't get behind in school again.

He grabbed his backpack and got off his bed before going over to his desk. He set his books and his binder down on the desktop and sat down in his chair before turning on his lamp to get to work. He opened up his math book and stared down at the page before closing it and turning off his light. It seemed he couldn't get work done unless he was either pushed by a deadline or he wanted to do it himself.

He stood up and went back to his phone that was lying on his bed. He picked it up and texted his art teacher once more and began waiting for a reply. He knew that one wasn't going to come but just wanted to bug Sasori until he did reply back.

For the rest of the morning he tried working on homework while waiting for Sasori to reply. He never did and Deidara was getting pissed off because of his stand off behavior. It wasn't like this person was tapped into their phones.

He gave an irritated scoff and began texting friends, wanting to hang out. After a half hour of waiting he left his house, telling his parents goodbye briefly.

It wasn't out of the ordinary for him to call a random meeting and they usually got together at a restaurant to talk and hang out before going somewhere else like the mall. Though when he met up with his friends he didn't feel any better from being ignored.

All six of them were in a large booth and Deidara was getting annoyed rather quickly as Tobi, an immature freak, kept on blowing his milkshake up with his straw. "Why does Senpai look so mad? Did Senpai want some of Tobi's milkshake?" He held the large cup in front of the blond's face and Deidara sneered at seeing the chocolate and whipped cream roll down the sides. He shoved the younger teen's hand away before the chocolate landed in his lap and he shook his head.

"No, Tobi, I don't want your damn food, un. Just leave me alone."

Pein, his friend who had graduated two years before raised a brow. "You're the one who called us here, Deidara. If you're going to be upset the whole time, don't take offense if we want to leave."

Deidara scowled lightly but then frowned. He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "I'm just bored, un."

"And pissed too. I haven't seen you this fucking mad since Tobi ate your homework."

The blond ignored his friend who had the mouth dirtier than a porta potty. "Yes, I'm also pissed because I am being ignored." He turned to smile sarcastically at the older teen who just ate a curly fry slowly.

"What do you want us to do about it, it's Saturday," Kisame muttered as he messed with a strand of his boyfriend's hair. Deidara looked over at them, seeing Itachi, the teen's boyfriend, glaring at him and Deidara returned the look mockingly before sticking his tongue out at him.

"You can go beat up my boyfriend for being a freaking prick," He answered once his little fit was done.

"Why are you dragging us into your personal life, Deidara? Before you wanted us out of it." Itachi swatted at Kisame's hand and narrowed his eyes at him dangerously.

Deidara scoffed. "I'm not telling you to actually do it, Uchiha."

"So when do we actually get to meat your BF?" Kisame asked now looking at the blond who just scoffed and crossed his arms. He was trying to avoid eye contact which was a given considering the answer.

"Never, un."

"What's so bad about knowing, Senpai? Is he really ugly?" Tobi had his chin in his hands and was kicking his legs under the table petulantly which was really getting on Deidara's nerves.

"No, he's not ugly, Tobi."

"Then why is he so secret?"

"Because Deidara's not supposed to be with him." The blond turned and glared at the other Uchiha, his showing eye narrowed in anger. "Leave it up to him to not follow the rules."

Deidara rolled his eyes and uncrossed his arms. "Butt out, Uchiha, no one asked you."

Hidan groaned loudly and banged his head on the table. "Gee, this sure is fucking entertaining. Why don't I slit my wrists and see if I bleed out before you bitches stop…bitching."

Pein who had been flipping through one of the papers on the table raised a brow. "How many calories does it take to bang your head against a wall? Hidan, I'm sure you know the answer?"

"Fuck off, pincushion, I'm never in the freaking mood for you and your bullshit."

The older male rolled his eyes and turned towards the two teens fighting in front of him. "If you just called us here to complain then you're wasting our times, Deidara. What do you want?"

The blond turned to the graduate and calmed down enough to at least give a proper answer. "I just have nothing to do now. I can't go buy clay or art supplies because I got a speeding ticket and I had to buy other stuff which pissed my parents off. So they cut me off and now I barely have enough money for gas, un." He suddenly scowled. "And my freaking boyfriend is ignoring me now," He growled, his countenance turning to one of anger and frustration.

Kisame nodded and put his arms around the large booth so he almost touched Itachi's shoulders and the Uchiha gave him a warning look. "So why is that? Did you piss him off?"

Deidara scoffed and looked over at the strangely colored male. "No, I do that every day, un." He stopped and bit his lip for a moment. Should he tell them the problem? He shook his head at even questioning it. Who would they tell in the first place? They were witnesses to him burning trees and littering explosive clay on his enemies lawn. If they didn't tell anyone about that, why would they care about his situation. "Someone found out about our relationship so now he's taking all precautions and he's not even texting me back, the bastard, un." He looked at his phone and realized he still didn't have any messages. Growling, he slammed it on the table making Tobi jump, almost dropping his milkshake on the blond in the process.

"So I'm guessing he's really old if this relationship is so secret," Itachi said with knowing eyes and Deidara narrowed his own blue ones.

"No, he's twenty-four, that's not old. Though he acts like a fucking forty-year-old so that's probably why he's ignoring me."

"Or he may have gotten tired of your relationship."

Deidara's eyes widened in surprise and anger and he grabbed Tobi's milkshake, the plastic (he refused to get an adult cup and requested a child's instead) slick with chocolate and whipped cream, before throwing it at the weasels shirt. The drink splattered onto Kisame as well and he swore loudly before grabbing some napkins to clean up the mess as the cup bounced to the floor.

Hidan stopped banging his head on the table to burst out into laughter while pointing at the red-eyed teen. "Ha! Looks like you got shit on, Uchiha!" The teen just glared darkly and he leaped over Tobi, nails clawing for the blond who yowled in pain before returning the gesture. "Oh fuck yeah! Cat fight!"

"Senpai!" Topi cried as he got stuck between the two males.

Pein's eyebrow twitched and he looked out at the restaurant to see the other customers staring at them. He looked back to see the two males baring teeth while pulling each others' long hair and his brow gave another twitch. He leaned across the table and pulled both of the ponytails upwards, causing both of them to yowl in pain but shut up afterwards.

"You two are behaving sniveling children," He accused and Deidara pouted lightly while rubbing his aching scalp while Itachi smoothed down his ebony locks which looked like it had been devoured by a lawnmower and spat back out. Pein glared at the blond with cold metallic eyes. "You should not be offended so easily when you know Itachi is only stating the possibilities of your relationship that you seem to hate." The blond sneered lightly but crossed his arms as he looked away. Pein then turned his attention to the Uchiha who was being comforted by his boyfriend. "And you should not be surprised if you get attacked when you insult people like that."

Hidan stared at the man confused. "But you just fucking said to Blondie that it was okay for him to do that."

Pein narrowed his eyes at the albino who shut his mouth after that. "No, I did not I said he could state an opinion but told him not to be shocked when attacked. Listen, Hidan." The teen rolled his magenta eyes and began messing with a knife.

"Whatever, I don't care about Uchiha's opinions. They're full of shit anyway, un," He grumbled before standing up and kicking Hidan in the leg. "Let me out I'm going home," He ordered, his voice deep in authority. Sasori would talk to him like that when he was either pissed with him or when Deidara pushed him too far.

Hidan grumbled something but scooted out of the booth to let Deidara out. The blond didn't even say goodbye as he left the restaurant and he just headed to his car in a huff. He wanted to see Sasori and not be ignored. Even if they weren't going to do anything he just wanted to talk. Actually talk and try to figure out what they were going to do about their current situation. His friends were of no use so he really had no idea what to do.

But instead of leaving he sat in his car with his hands gripping the steering wheel, his head resting on the edge of it. But he didn't want to bother Sasori and be ignored even more. Maybe he would realize that their relationship was too dangerous and even though Deidara loved him it wasn't going to change a thing. Maybe he would get tired of it and end it saying that he wasn't going to deal with it anymore.

This wasn't the first time Deidara was having these thoughts and what Itachi said made his fear more real. The next to worst thing besides people finding out about his relationship was actually ending it. Even though this was Deidara's first boyfriend he didn't want another.

Taking a deep breath, he started his car and backed out of his parking space before driving out of the parking lot. Making a snap decision he began heading towards the city of Suna, not caring if it pissed Sasori off, he wanted to see him.

It was only a ten minute drive from where he was already at so he wasn't wasting too much gas to get there. When he arrived in his small neighborhood he parked a block away like usual and walked to his house but when he got there he saw that he wasn't home and swore under his breath. Though he may have just parked in the garage, he didn't know.

Ignoring the possible sign of wanting to be left alone, Deidara still walked up to the door and knocked on the wooden surface, trying to see through the square design of the window. After a minute he saw a redheaded figure walk up to the door and he stepped back incase the teacher had something to throw at him.

When Sasori saw him standing there he narrowed his eyes and he looked more angry than Deidara had seen him in a while. "Uh, hi, un." Deidara said grinning happily and took a step forward. "I-" The door was slammed in his face and he took a step back to prevent from getting hit. Blinking in shock he sighed and raked a hand back through his long locks. "Come on, Sasori, I just want to talk. Please, un?"

"Go away, Deidara," Sasori ordered before locking the door and leaving to go back from where he came from.

"I really just want to talk about this whole thing. Come on, Sasori." He began knocking again but Sasori wasn't responding at all. Even when Deidara had went around to his windows he found all of the blinds closed and his french doors in the back with shutters drawn and handles locked.

After Deidara sat outside for twenty minutes he realized Sasori really wasn't going to let him in and he headed back to his car to go home. "You're just giving up?"

He stiffened up and turned around to see an old woman on the sidewalk a few feet behind him. She was wearing a purple hat with a white flower and a purple sweater but her dress was yellow, making her short silver hair almost shine as he curled at the end making it reflect off the dress. "Yeah…" He said cautiously. "My friend doesn't want to see me now so I'm leaving, un."

The old woman smiled and walked up to him before patting his arm. "He hasn't left his home since yesterday which is a shock. He usually does errands and on his way out I talk to him. Such a nice man," She sighed but then frowned. "He seems upset about something but I when I saw you coming I thought his mood would lighten because he would have company but he must be fairly upset." Shaking her head she looked up at the blond with crystal-like green eyes. "I think I've seen you around but he hasn't talked about you. He must have many friends with the way he is."

Deidara wanted to know if the woman got confused by the houses and he scratched the back of his head. "You're talking about Sasori, right? Mister grumpy, un?"

The woman giggled happily. "Well he's grumpy now but when he talks to me he is usually happy and polite. I think it's because he's lonely." Deidara must have looked confused because the woman sighed, her smile falling once more. "The boy has no family, did you know?"

The blond nodded. "But he has his grandmother and her brother. Even some cousins."

"Yes well he can't visit them often because of work. He took up a teaching job in Konoha for his grandmother's and granduncle's stay in nursing home and has no more time to really see them. That's how I met him, when I was sick but I got better and came back home." She beamed in happiness. "He really is a nice man but he seems to be in fix at the moment. Why don't you try again? He may open up; let you in this time."

Deidara looked over at the house to see nothing had changed. Sighing he nodded. "I have nothing else to do today anyway, un." He walked up to the house, the old woman giving him a small smile of encouragement.

He knocked on the door again and rang the doorbell. Not a moment later it was flung open and papers were thrown at his face. "You see, brat? You see this?!" Sasori pointed to the papers on the ground and his eyes widened as he realized they were more pictures. "Because of you this freak won't leave me alone, so just go away…" Sasori's voice faded as his eyes traveled to the woman who stood on the sidewalk, glaring at him. "Do you know her?"

Deidara sighed and ran a hand through his hair again before kneeling and picking up the papers, trying to hide his disgust as they were more intimate than the ones from yesterday. "Sorry, un," He muttered before handing the papers over to Sasori roughly with a glare and walking off his porch to go to his car. The old woman was still glaring at the redhead but she followed Deidara in attempt to talk to him but he didn't stop or pause.

He got into his car, ignoring the old woman's protests for him to stop and started the engine before driving away from the curb.

When Deidara had parked in the driveway of his house, he looked at his phone and saw he hadn't received any new messages or calls. He sighed harshly, his hair moving away from his face when doing so. As soon as he got out of his car, he was confronted by his crying brother running out of the house.

Giving a groan, Deidara rubbed his face and closed the door only to have the six-year-old run up to him sobbing. "Onii-san! There's a spider in my room!" He buried his face in his brother's leg and Deidara's eyebrow twitched until he began walking the boy finally letting go. They moved inside the house, but the boy was persistent on following him.

"Go ask mom to kill it, un," He grunted before moving down to his own room but the little boy wouldn't stop pestering him so he ended up looking for the spider and he nearly face-palmed with a frying pan when he saw what it was. "That's a clay spider, Akira. What are you doing with my clay spiders?" He turned around and put his hands on his hips while his little brother stared up at him with teary but blinking eyes.

"I didn't take it," He said softly. "Mommy was cleaning and saw it in the living room so she put it in here."

Deidara glared at him lightly. "Then why are you freaking out if it's not even real?"

The boys eyes up welled with tears and he began to wail again. "Because it's ugly and scary!"

Deidara pursed his lips and he pinched the bridge of his nose to think about what to say next. His whole day wasn't going very well and his idiot little brother wasn't going to make it even worse just because he was being a brat. He walked into the room and grabbed the spider that covered his whole palm. It was one of his smaller ones but it was still something.

Akira was now only sniffling at the door but once his brother was out of his room he ran in, glad that the ugly thing was out. Deidara just rolled his eyes, put the spider in his room, before heading back upstairs in hopes of finding his mother and asking her why she put the spider away when it was still drying out.

He found the blond at the kitchen table writing on some papers but when she heard him enter she looked up with mild surprise. "You're back early. Did you have fun?"

Deidara shrugged and put his hands in his pockets. "Yeah, I guess. Hey, did you put my clay spider in Akira's room?"

The woman puffed out her cheeks and blew the air out as she looked into a corner absently. "Maybe, I mean I've told you before that I told want those things in the living room, Deidara and I just so happened to be cleaning up so put it in a room downstairs."

The blond bit his lip and sighed before running his hands over his face. "I've told you before that it's harder for clay to dry downstairs because it's too humid. We have shelves in the living room that are good enough to let clay dry on them. I even put newspaper on the so nothing actually gets on the shelves, un."

The woman sighed and set down her pen. "Yes, you've told me that you can keep the house clean but I've told you that I don't want clay all over the house. When you buy your own house than you can leave clay wherever you want but not while you live here." Deidara scowled and shook his head before leaving the kitchen. "Don't leave anymore greenware out, Deidara," His mother called from the kitchen but he ignored her and went back to his room to actually do his homework.


Deidara tapped his foot against the floor impatiently as he waited for his first period class to be over. He had tried going to Sasori's art room but it was locked from all three doors and Deidara tried going through his office but the other art teacher said that he wasn't allowed to go in. The office was mostly Sasori's because the woman was only a part-time teacher and only taught three classes in the morning, never the afternoon.

Once he heard the bell ring he was out of his seat, knowing that he would only have half a minute at most to talk to Sasori before students actually began coming to class. But once he got to the classroom he saw his teacher at his desk per usual and just the look he sent Deidara made the blond's skin crawl.

"What?" He asked harshly and the teen nearly flinched if he wasn't so angry.

Deidara went over to the teacher's assistant desk which was completely on the other side of the room and he stood by the chair before glaring at Sasori. "Why move the desk?"

Sasori smiled bitterly, his glasses perched low on his nose. "I wanted a change of scenery."

The blond was being pushed over the edge and he slammed his book bag down on the desk loudly just as a student walked in. "You are being so fucking insufferable, un! When I did absolutely nothing to you, Sasori!"

The teacher was standing by now, yelling as well. "I'm insufferable? You're the one who started this whole damn thing!"

More students began filing in no one going to their desk at all as they watched the student and teacher hash it out, not understanding what they were fighting about one bit. Though once the bell rang four minutes later the shouting stopped with some students from other classes peaking in, wanting to know what the noise was about. But one look from Sasori sent them running back to their teacher.

"Sit down and get to work. Now," Sasori ordered as he went into his shared office, slamming the door behind him.

The students sent Deidara a look and the blond gave them a glare that would even make the redheaded bastard proud. For nearly the whole class period, the teen sat at his desk on the other side of the room, smoldering as he stared at the wall. None of the students tried to walk up to him because once they did ask for help he would criticize nearly everything they did until they felt like garbage.

But afterwards he realized he was behaving just as badly as Sasori and that he needed to calm down. They hadn't had an argument this bad in… Well they never really argued over something like this so it was a first for Sasori to be pissed about this.

After half the class period was done Deidara was helping his peers once more and the art teacher waked out of his office, now composed though every student knew he was pissed beyond belief. The students who were throwing on the wheel had already started so he went to help them, not even bothering to tell Deidara to watch the class, instead completely ignoring him.

Though once the class period was done Deidara was packing up when he heard his art teacher calling for him to stay after for a moment. The blond scowled lightly but stayed after and once all the students were out Sasori sighed and ran a hand through his hair which resembled a bird's nest. For someone so organized you would think that he would at least make his hair.

As soon as the bell rang Deidara walked over to his teacher who was leaning against his desk with his arms crossed. "This is getting us nowhere," The older male admitted and Deidara snorted with an eye roll.

"No, really?" Sarcasm laced his voice and Sasori glared at him to knock it off. "Okay fine, what do you want to do about it then since you care so much now, un?"

The redhead didn't reply at first but he took another breath. "I've been trying to find out where these papers are coming from but even when I found them in my mailbox they were just shoved in with no envelope. Whoever this person is, they don't really care if someone else finds these papers."

Deidara's eyes widened and he swore. "What if my parents get something, un?"

"I doubt that our culprit would go to extremes and just tell someone outright." He sighed and ran a hand over his face before looking at the teen in front of him. "One thing I've noticed is that all of the papers were printed from school because of the code at the bottom. More specifically the printer in the classroom next door."

Deidara raised a brow. "What? The photography class? So Ms. Bem, un?"

Sasori swore under his breath and looked towards the ceiling almost asking God why he was stuck with the blond. "Christ, no, brat. A student of hers, at least I'm guessing that's it but it can be someone else just using her laptops and printer."

The blond nodded once he realized it but became enraged a second later once he realized he may actually know who was spying on him and his teacher. "Well why don't you go and look at her class list and see there is a student who hates-" Sasori glared darkly, "dislikes you enough to try and get blackmail on you."

"What about you, brat? I'm sure there are people who dislike you as well."

Deidara scoffed and rolled his eyes as he crossed his arms. "No one hates me, Danna, un."

"Then don't come crying to me when you get made fun of for looking girly."

"I wasn't crying, I was pissed. Freaking clerk at the store was blind and thought that just because I have long hair automatically means that I don't have a dick, un," He exclaimed and before Sasori could reply a student for his next class walked in.

"Go to class, Deidara. We'll talk at lunch."

The blond frowned very lightly but just walked out before another argument started.


Before the blond could leave his literature class he was automatically dragged away by Hidan who said he wanted to eat lunch in the cafeteria that day.

"Hidan, I have to go and work for Mr. Akasuna or else he is going to drop my grade, un," He growled. He was a teacher assistant yes but they still had grades in the classes they worked in based on participation and he wouldn't be surprised if Sasori actually lowered his grade.

"Bitch, this isn't your pansy art class, he can't do shit."

Deidara groaned and got away from the albino long enough to get outside and the teen just swore at him before walking away.

The blond was walking towards the art center quickly, wanting to know what Sasori was going to do about their little freak.

When he got to the art room it was deserted like usual and he didn't blame the students who left as soon as they had the chance. It seemed that it would be a while until Sasori would calm down and if they resolved this whole issue maybe even sooner.

Deidara looked around and saw the redhead talking to the other art teacher in their shared office, the redhead giving a small laugh and the woman beaming up at him. The blond couldn't understand a word of what they said and he didn't care who his boyfriend talked to, it wasn't his life.

He sat down at his desk and thought about what they were going to do once they fixed this whole mess. Would their relationship go back to normal or would Sasori take the extreme caution and completely break it off with him?

Itachi's words came to his mind. But Sasori wouldn't end the relationship from boredom, he would have to have a better reason to get the blond off his tail.

Deidara's thoughts were interrupted when Sasori opened the door for the other art teacher to walk out. She was an average height for a twenty-three-year-old woman but she seemed much younger with her cheery aura around her. She had olive-tanned skin and chocolate curls that hung around her shoulders, and framed her heart-shaped face nicely.

"Oh, hello, Deidara," She greeted with a grin, her cheeks slightly flushed. She, like many other teachers addressed her students by their first names, but Sasori was very old fashioned. She looked up at her coworker and shrugged on her large bag. "Well I hope you have a good day, Sasori."

The man smiled back kindly and Deidara wanted to know the secret behind his weird mood changes. "You too, Mana."

She nodded and left the classroom to the hall and Deidara sighed before giving a stretch and sauntering up to the redhead who was now rubbing his temples beneath his glasses. Deidara plucked them off his face and the older male glared as the blond held them up to his face, his brows furrowed and eyes squinted. "It's fuzzy."

"No duh, brat, these," He said snatching the black-framed glasses back from the teen, "are for people who need them, but as you know I only need them to read." He crossed his arms and stared down at Deidara who was smirking. "Ready for some snooping?"

"Hell yeah, un."

Sasori nodded and moved to his desk. "I've already talked to Mana about us looking at some nature picture for our pictures and she gave us permission to look through her class-"

"Leave it up to you to make a spy mission boring, un." Deidara sighed and shook his head, moving over the redhead while giving a small grin. "At least you aren't pissed at me anymore."

"As much, brat." Sasori grabbed some keys and walked to his office the blond following. "Now we are just looking around at the laptops and recent prints on the printer as well as some cameras. We only have half an hour so don't waste time."

Deidara snorted. "Me waste time? Have you met me, un?

"Unfortunately," Sasori answered as they both entered the office and Deidara pursed his lips.

"Wouldn't it have been better to have sex in here," He mused quietly and Sasori shot him a glare.

"No, this is place is completely off limits to you in those times. I like this desk far better than the other one and this is also someone else's work space." They exited the small office only to enter the photography class. The teacher also taught a book arts and a graphic design class but those were the only three classes she wanted to teach.

Deidara nearly pouted. "Meanie, un. The desk hurts my back."

Sasori moved to the cabinets by the teacher's desk and got the keys out to unlock them. "Only a few students should have them checked out for a project that she mentioned so we can only look through a few cameras."

The blond nodded and grimaced. "I'm just wondering what sick kid wants to watch two guys fucking?"

Sasori glared wide-eyed and sighed harshly. "Don't say those things lightly, brat, someone could be listening," He scolded.

Deidara shrugged. "We don't even know if it's a student in the first place. What if it's Ms. Bem?" He flipped through a few papers on her desk and set them down before going over to some computer carts.

"Funny because she's trying to hook me up with her friend so maybe she does know." Sasori's monotonous voice broke seemed sharp and Deidara looked over at him with narrowed eyes.

"And what did you say, un?"

Sasori scoffed and turned to face the blond, a black camera bag in his hands. "I told her that I wasn't interested."

"And what of your sexual preference?" Deidara crossed his arms and Sasori rolled his eyes before setting the bag down and opening it up to get the camera out and look at it's memory.

Sasori didn't answer as he scrolled through the pictures. "... She was trying to set me up with her gay friend."

"Hmm," Deidara said while nodding. "And did you accept?"

Sasori looked up from the camera with a raised eyebrow. "Really? You're going to get all jealous now? Look, brat, we really don't have time for this. Like I said before, I told her I wasn't interested." He put down the camera and walked over to the blond with another camera bag. "Get to work while I see who has cameras checked out."

Deidara scowled and took the bag roughly before unzipping it and taking the camera out.

In the end they found nothing. Sasori had even cut the end of one of the photos he received to see that the code on the bottom showed the time, date and printer but it couldn't show what camera.

"Well we know that it was at least someone who stayed after school without my knowing. This classroom is locked off after lunch and only the art teachers are allowed in."

Deidara sighed as he lounged in a nearby desk a camera still in his hand. "Well I can assume that this person used the printer here to mess with us or they really are stupid." He shrugged. "Maybe that's how they found out in the first place... Am I really that loud?"

Sasori rolled his eyes and looked at the clock on the wall. "Lunch is about to end. Let's pack up and try something else later."

The blond nodded and handed the camera in it's bag back to his lover. "And what do you plan to do once you find out who's doing this? It's like they made it this obvious so we would find them and it's easier for them to get what they want, un." He shrugged once more but stretched afterwards. "Why make a note when you can just send pictures which send the people coming after you and then you get what you want."

Sasori was glaring darkly and he ran a hand through his hair. "That would make sense but it almost makes too much sense. Did you hire this person?"

Deidara looked truly offended and he groaned in disgust. "I asked you that and you got pissed, how do you think I feel, un?"

The redhead ran a hand through his hair and sighed. "This just seems too easy. I'm pretty damn sure we're walking into something bad."

Deidara's expression turned amused and he stood in front of the art teacher, his fingers itching for a touch. "I'm sure we can handle it, un." He put his hands on the redhead's hips and had them slide around his waist, Sasori staring down at him stoically.

"I'm surprised you haven't blurted it out already." He gripped the blond's chin with his thumb and forefinger and Deidara smirked lightly, allowing him to do so. "Once this whole thing is settled I'm not sure what I want to do with you."

And that was the blond's fear but Deidara didn't let it show, instead he let his dangerous smirk grow. He pulled the redhead close and leaned up to kiss him, the teacher pulling him up for their lips to meet. They hadn't been intimate since the blowjob, that was considered a lesson, the blond had given him and Deidara was about to burst from sexual tension.

Their lips met roughly and they were hungry, only seeking each other's company making the blond moan and grip the redhead's shirt. He shoved his tongue into his mouth and Sasori practically shoved the blond onto his coworkers desk.

But Deidara was the one who pulled away, his arrogant smirk still painting his lips. "Let's burn that bridge when it comes," He whispered against his teacher's lips before giving another peck and pulling away.

Sasori gave a small hum of discomfort, knowing that they both needed each other. "Come after school, we need to work on the project as well as look around some more."

Deidara nodded and moved back to his teacher's classroom to get his bag, the man following him. The bell rang and Deidara gave him another peck before someone came in. "You are a lot nicer when you actually think about things instead of blaming me," He said, implying the conversation from Saturday and that morning.

Sasori rolled his eyes and put his hand on the teen's lower back, urging him out of the room. "Yes, I needed some time alone to think. Now go before someone comes in."

Giving a nod, Deidara left with a small grin. They may be able to do something afterall.


"So I heard what happened."

Deidara looked over to see Kisame standing by his desk with a small smirk. "What, un?" He asked annoyed. He had been in the middle of doing his homework when the teen interrupted him and he wondered what could be so important to have him start bugging him.

The shark just laughed and sat down in the empty seat next to the blond. "You and Akasuna got into a huge fight!" He exclaimed and made a gesture with his hands to show just how "huge" the argument was.

Deidara stuck out his lips and exhaled, his fringe moving away from his face. "So what," He muttered, now looking away.

Kisame rolled his eyes. "I heard some teachers thinking about calling the police. And I heard that Ms. Bem was freaking out in her classroom when she heard that much yelling. What were you even arguing about? It couldn't have been the usual art spat was it?" He put his head in his hand and Deidara narrowed his eyes before turning back to his textbook.

"None of your business, he was just being an asshole, un." He turned away lightly but the older male kept on prodding.

"Come on, Deidara, this isn't like you. Usually you insult Akasuna whenever you can." He looked up at the ceiling momentarily before looking back at his friend. "You've been in a bad mood for a while now. Is it still your boyfriend?"

The blond tensed up lightly and decided that saying yes would automatically point to Sasori somehow as he had been arguing with him this morning. "No, it's my parents, un," He lied smoothly before brushing his fringe back and tucking it behind his ear. "They're saying I should go to Konoha University and I don't want to go there." He looked at his friend who rose a brow.

"Really? Why not?"

Deidara didn't show any sign of relief, instead just giving a shrug. "My mom's the head of the art department and even though she'll treat me like everyone else she's my mom and not someone I want for a teacher, un."

Kisame sighed. "Well where do you plan on going?"

The blond shrugged once more and turning his attention back to his schoolwork. "Maybe somewhere in Europe or America? Don't know yet."

"But can't you get a better deal if your mom works at a college so you don't have to pay as much?"

"Yes, my parents are very thrifty so of course they want me to go there, un. Are we done?" Deidara began writing down another problem when Kisame began tapping his finger against the desk in thought.

"Are you doing anything after school?"

"Yes, I have my art project to work on."

The teen nodded and waited for a few more seconds before asking another question. "So what were you and Akasuna fighting about?" Deidara gave a harsh sigh and put down his pencil to glare at Kisame who just held up his hands in a small defence, a smirk still painting his features. "Hey just asking a small question here. It has to be good if the cops were going to get called."

The blond just looked at a clock on the wall at the front of the class to see that he still had ten minutes left before school got out. Groaning he let his head fall on to the tabletop and banged it for a few seconds.

"Wow, self destruction, that's new," Kisame muttered and the blond looked up with a dark glare before sitting up and smoothing back his hair.

"How about I hate him because he is an asshole. He was going to mark my grade down because I wasn't making enough progress on my project when it's not even due in two weeks, un."

"Can teachers even do that?"

"He said it falls under class participation but this project shouldn't even be apart of my grade. I am only there to make runs for art supplies but he also makes me help the other kids because he's a lazy ass. Good enough reason, un?" Deidara chirped with a sarcastic smile. None of it was really true except for the fact that he did have a project, it just wasn't bothering him at all, besides the fact that it wasn't getting done.

Kisame sighed and shook his head. "That guy is the Devil. How is he even a teacher?"

"I don't know, un," Deidara huffed. "Went to college, he's good at art even though he's a narrow-minded prick. I think any school would want him for a teacher because of his infinite knowledge and wisdom," He said while wiggling his fingers to add affect.

"If you hate him so much why did you become his T.A.?" Kisame cast the blond a small look and the blond narrowed his eyes.

"I can't re-take anymore art classes and the other teachers already had T.A.'s. Plus he's teaching ceramics, which is my favorite form of art but I guess sculpting is also another favorite," He mused before shaking his head and getting back on topic. "Anyway, I didn't want that class to be major hell for the other students so I decided it would be fun to be in the class again but actually on top, un."

"Wow, power crazy much?"

"Shut up, it's not even how I thought it would turn out. Akasuna even makes me get him coffee, saying that my freaking town pass won't get my into trouble, un." Deidara crossed his arms and looked at the clock, his eye twitched when he saw he only had a few more minutes left.

"Well didn't you have the choice of switching out?"

"Nope, they practically forced me into his care so hopefully more students would take his class and not be so intimidated, un."

"Well it didn't work. People say that he has a slave now," Kisame chuckled.

Deidara rolled his eyes and he closed his textbook and he began to put all of things back into his backpack. "How do you even pass this class if you never do any work, un?"

"I do work," The teen huffed before standing. "I guess I'll see you later since you're so busy with taking care of your stupid master."

Deidara glared and Kisame quickly walked back to his seat before the blond did something. Once the teen was gone, Deidara ran a hand through his hair, pushing it back but it came forward once he was done.

The bell rang a minute later and the blond set out to go to the art classroom before someone else tried bothering him.

When he got there he was confronted by his angry lover who sat at his desk nearly smoldering. "What happened?" Deidara set his bag down on his desk and Sasori pinched the bridge of his nose to prevent himself from doing something darastic.

"Here," He said, handing several sheets of paper to his student, the blond taking them cautiously. He swore when he saw that they were more photos of him and his lover. The first few were of him and Sasori looking through cameras and a few laptops but the last one was of them kissing. By the view of the photo it was taken from outside. "I got a letter from the office. The return address isn't there, but my name sure is."

"God, this freak is really trying to piss us off, un." Deidara dropped the papers on the desk and Sasori took them into his hand before going over to the paper shredder and sticking them in there. Deidara raised a brow. "You aren't going to burn it?"

"I need some shredded paper for a fuel for a future clay project," Sasori explained before going over to the desk, now standing behind it. "Now it seems like this person is just teasing us. We're only getting pictures if we interact with each other so what do you think that means?"

Deidara pursed his lips and scowled. "No, you're not going to leave me just because we're getting harassed-"

"What else is there?" The teacher hissed harshly, cutting the blond off. "They may just be teasing now but if they get fed up they might actually start to send it to someone else." His countenance looked pained just barely but it was covered up with indifference. "I think… it would be best if we just left each other alone for a while."

Deidara balled his hands into fists and tried to calm down. This wasn't going to be like last year where he had to leave Sasori because he was losing his job. They could still be together if he wasn't teaching, he knew that. But if someone knew, like now, what would they do? Sasori wanted to be separated and the teen didn't want to deal with that emotional break like before. But if it meant that the redhead was going to go to jail that was another thing.

Sighing, Deidara looked up his one eye showing conflicting. "Then can we spend a little time together just once more, un?"

Sasori seemed a little surprised by the blond's request, honestly expecting him to yell at him what a stupid idea that was. He tapped his finger against his desk in thought and the blond sighed once more, not being patient enough to wait. "Fine, that's fine. What did you want to do?"

The answer was obvious, wasn't it? Deidara almost immediately walked around the desk and grabbed the redhead by the back of his neck before pulling him down for a rough kiss. The teacher wrapped his arms around the teen's waist before his hands went up his shirt to touch his lower back gently.

Deidara sighed into the kiss and opened his mouth to play. The redhead kissed back hungrily, growling softly and Deidara backed off to let him do what he wanted. After a moment of kissing, the blond's hands moved down to the redhead's chest to push him back into his chair, their kiss breaking for a moment. Sasori looked confused but Deidara straddled his lap and began kissing him again, unbuttoning his shirt while doing so.

"Brat," Sasori muttered in between kisses. Deidara hummed in response as he began sucking at the teacher's neck and Sasori exhaled sharply. "What are you really planning on doing?"

"What do you think, un?" Deidara looked up from his work and narrowed his eyes at the redhead. "Since you really are dumping me," He muttered, while trailing his fingers down his lover's chest, "I should at the least get one more session with you. For remembrance if not, un." He shrugged and kissed his lips once more but more softly than all the others. "At least this."

Sasori frowned. "So all you wanted from the relationship anyway was sex?"

Deidara rolled his eyes. "No, but not every amazing part of our relationship can be done in this amount of time," He explained. "Sex was just an bonus, un." He smiled fondly. "But I liked being with you the best. Even our fights were fun, un."

Sasori sighed and shook his head. "Fine, let's just get this over with."

Deidara chuckled. "Glad to see that you don't care about this ending. Guess I was the only one thinking that this was real, un."

"Don't you get all pissed off, brat. I am just as upset as you are."

The blond shrugged and moved his hands up to his shoulders. "Sure, I am your first boyfriend after all."

Sasori scowled. "Nice try, brat, you aren't."

Deidara snickered, "Oh yeah, it's the other way around, un. And you wonder as to why I am so upset." He kissed the redhead once more so he couldn't respond. "Too much talking, more action," He muttered. He gripped the teacher's shirt and it seemed that Sasori was fed up with conversing as well, as he began to undo the button on the blond's pants.

He shoved his hand through the opening and rubbed the blond through the thin material of his boxers, Deidara gasping, before bucking his hips lightly into the touch. Sasori pulled away to hear the noises escaping his lips even though he knew someone could walk in at any moment. Deidara hissed and rested his head on the redhead's shoulder so he was facing toward the window.

"Danna~" He moved his hands under Sasori's shirt and began rubbing his slightly toned chest before raking his nails down his ribs. The teacher hissed and rubbed slightly harder, making the blond whine in need.

As soon as his mouth opened he moaned and Sasori was about to claim his lips again but Deidara jumped out of his lap. "There, un!"

He left the classroom, knowing that he saw a flash from the window. Whoever was taking pictures of him and Sasori was there watching and he had to catch them now before they got away even if his zipper was undone and he looked like a mess. He ran outside and went around the building, ignoring Sasori's questioning calls.

He saw a hooded figure running away quickly a black camera in their hands and Deidara swore before running faster to catch up to them. There were still people out waiting for rides but he didn't care about witnesses, he needed to catch this freak.

They only got into the back parking lot behind the art building when Deidara caught up to them. He grabbed their arm, the person yelling for him to let go. Ignoring their plea he turned the shorter person around and pulled the hood off their head, his eyes widening in shock. "You!"

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