-Three and a half years ago-

The blond looked at his schedule, confused that all of his classes were all over the school. Back in junior high all of the classes were in halls next to each other. He sighed in annoyance. He might as well get used to this new adjustment now that he was in high school.

He hadn't seen his friends yet but he wondered how they were fairing. None of them had any cell phones like the other kids so he just ended up wandering around until he found one of them.

"Senpai! Tobi found his classes! Does Senpai need help?"

Deidara scowled and turned sharply, his long hair whipping behind him. "No, I don't, un. I'm just looking for the others. Where's Pein, he said he would show us around?" He looked around at of some older students, upset with the fact that he wasn't very tall.

"Mmm, Tobi's doesn't know~" The boy sang before fixing his orange goggles. "Hey, does Senpai want to eat some ice cream? Tobi packed some in his lunch like a good boy!"

Deidara deadpanned and walked away from the idiot in case people thought he was associated with him. "Wait, Senpai!"

The blond ignored him and walked through a maze of complex halls until he finally lost the younger male. He looked behind himself and snickered until he bumped into someone, sending them both to the ground.

He gave a small groan at landing on his ass, his tailbone aching in protest. "Sorry," He muttered to the person in front of him who seemed to be in a state of shock. Deidara looked her over and realized that she went to his middle school. "Uh, here," He said standing and offering a hand to help the girl up.

She gaped and blushed a deep scarlet before taking his hand which Deidara noticed was very sweaty. Once she was up, he picked up her books and handed them to her before slinging his bag over his shoulder. "Are you okay?" He asked cautiously. "You aren't hurt, are you?"

The girl quickly shook her head, her red bow almost coming undone by that point. "N-no, thank you!" She said with a bow before running off.

Deidara frowned and shrugged before continuing his wandering. Strange girl.

-Two months later-

Deidara yawned as he finished his math test which he was sure he bombed. He flipped his paper over and looked around seeing that he was the last one with the test out. Sighing, he stood up and handed it to the teacher who just took it casually.

When he sat back down someone walked through the doorway, obviously late. The teacher didn't notice her so she walked up to her desk and handed her the late slip she received before sitting next to the blond. "Hi, Deidara," She greeted with a large grin.

The blond smiled back. "Hi. Why were you late, un?"

The girl blinked and pouted. "You couldn't tell? I got my braces off," She exclaimed happily. "Don't I look prettier?" She teased and Deidara laughed and nodded. She blushed happily but she didn't seem to noticed the blond's gaze directed to someone else in the classroom. Specifically a boy.

"How did you do on the test?"

The blond tore his eyes away from the attractive male and he raised a brow. "Hm?"

"The test, Dei," She giggled and the blond made an 'o' shape with his mouth once he realized what she was talking about.

"I bombed it," He said with a shrug but a malicious grin came to his lips. "And I would've liked to bomb it as well, un."

"Your a-art right?" She asked and Deidara's grin turned friendlier.

"Yeah, you've seen some before, right?"

She nodded hesitantly. "Y-yes, I think it's nice."

"Thanks, un!"

She repositioned her red-framed glasses on her nose and tried to see what was on the bored but gave a sigh when she couldn't see. She really needed a new prescription and maybe contacts. When she turned back to her desk mate she realized his attention was elsewhere and found it was a bad time to bother him.

-One month later-

"Please go out with me."

Deidara blinked in shock and his eyes widened as he received the very public request. He had just found a note in his locker to meet in front of the Art building when school ended and he found his friend waiting for him.

He was surprised to see her approach like this, thinking that she was always so shy. But she didn't even look like her usual self! Her hair was cut to her shoulders and was layered and she also wasn't wearing any glasses. Her usual bow was discarded and instead two red clips adorned her hair. Besides that she wore a lime green summer dress and a white cardigan. She dressed up. And now she was asking for him to go out with her.

Deidara looked around a bit seeing that people were watching them, a few giggling saying that he was going to accept. Looking back at his friend, he realized she looked very hopeful and that didn't make him feel any better about his answer.

"Oh… uh, I'm gay, un."

Her turquoise eyes widened she could hear laughter around her. Who was laughing. She looked around to see that other students were mocking her. She looked up at the blond who was rubbing the back of his neck in embarrassment.

"But we can still be friends, right, un?"

She shook his head slowly in disbelief and walked away brusquely before tears came to her eyes. She got onto her bus before it left and sat in the back so she could cry. A few of her friends asked her what was wrong but she ignored them.

Even by the time she got home she hadn't stopped crying and her mother was sitting on the edge of her bed, rubbing her back to assuage her. "It's okay sweetie, he's just a jerk."

"You don't get it, Mom," She accused into her pillow before looking up. "He used an excuse, he doesn't like me. He's not really gay, he's just… ugh!" Her face was hidden once more and sniffled. "Now everyone is going to make fun of me because I was rejected by a guy desperate enough to lie."

"Now, honey, you can't go and say what people are and aren't. What if he really is gay and you just had some bad luck? Did you think of that?"

She sniffled once more and looked up at her mother with red-rimmed eyes. "No… But he didn't have to embarrass me like that."

"Well," Her mother sighed. "I think that you may have helped him. He's come out now and he may have not been able to do that without you."

"So he's gets to be happy, but I don't?"

"You're just upset, sweetie," Her mother said before kissing her forehead and standing up. "Give it some time, I'm sure that you two will still be friends."

-Two years later-

Deidara never really did talk to her nor had he seen her around again. He had completely forgotten about the girl who asked him out. He was pretty sure that she had transferred to a different school or something.

But this event didn't affect him in any negative way. He only got teased by a few jocks who were booed at by other people, saying that he was brave for being out in the open. He was rather confused by that. Wasn't he always out? Apparently people needed a verbal confession to be sure.

After that a few other gay guys walked up to him and they would hang out and he even went out with a few but they were all short-lived like Deidara predicted. This was high school, who had a serious relationship? He never counted any of them as a real boyfriend, even though there were only two of them.

But there was someone who currently had his eye, actually scratch that, basically his whole body. Just the thought of him sent chills down his spine in anticipation. The man practically despised him but he was able to break that cold shield and get to the real him and God he loved it.

In at least ten minutes he was already on his desk, the man kissing and bitting down his neck until his shirt got in the way. "This cannot become a regular thing, Iwa," He muttered before pulling at the bottom of his shirt. "Off," He ordered and Deidara cracked a smirk before grabbing the bottom and pulling off the blue shirt, his back arching while doing so. Once the material was off, his bare skin was revealed with plenty of love bites, complimentary of his teacher.

"This if proof enough that this is a regular thing, Danna, un." He snickered when he saw the man scowl and he reached up to pull at his tie. "But that doesn't matter now, hm?" His smirk turned seductive and he pulled him down to take his lips, the redhead responding harshly.

And that was the scene that Sakura Haruno walked in on.

Well, she didn't really walk in, she really just heard something and was curious so she opened the door wide enough for her to see her old crush on his teacher's desk as he began to ravage him.

By that point she was in shock, she really was. She was going to go to his classroom to show the art teacher her new nature shots that he had asked of her and she had only been happy to comply. She did anything to please the teacher and he didn't seem so annoyed when she was around and that seemed like a plus for her. He was always mad.

And this was also her new crush. And he was about to sleep with her old crush.

She had to bite her lip to not scream but it seemed that someone else was already doing that. "Be quiet," Sasori hushed as he kissed the blond's cheek.

Deidara growled and clutched at the redhead's bare back, digging his nails in with a grin, snarling, "Make me, un."

From her position, Sakura couldn't see much, just their torsos because of the door blocking the rest of the view. She was torn from the thought when she heard Deidara moan, his head falling back on the desk. His mouth was agape and her fingers itched to do something.

She couldn't just go in there, they would probably shut her up with some superglue or something. Looking down at her camera, she gave a small smile. She cracked the door open just barely to see them fully, the blond having his legs around Sasori's waist, and she placed her camera lens in before looking in and snapping a picture, Deidara's breathy moans drowning out the sound. After a few more pictures she pulled away and closed the door silently.

She had no idea what she was going to do with this new knowledge, but maybe she could do something about her pride. Deidara had destroyed it the day that he rejected her so maybe she could destroy his and maybe this disgusting relationship with her new crush.

She almost sighed in sadness. Unfortunately she would have to bring him down as well. But in due time.



She panted, wide-eyed and finally pulled out of the blond's grasp. "So what? You're shocked that someone found out your dirty little secret?" Though she looked confident and just dandy at being found out, her voice betrayed her. She was terrified.

Deidara was glaring down at the girl. This was the person who was causing him and his lover hell. Just one fucking girl! He balled up his fists and raised one, Sakura flinching and raising her hands to protect herself. Though once she did so she felt her camera being taken out of her hand and looked up shocked. She turned around and saw Deidara running away at full speed with her camera.

"Hey!" She ran after him and the blond just quickened his pace.

He rounded a corner and saw his art teacher just leaving his room while buttoning up his shirt, his eyes wandering around for the blond. Once he spotted him Deidara ran straight into him, nearly toppling the both of them over.

"Deidara, what the-?"

"No time, un!" Deidara pushed Sasori back inside, shoving the camera into his hands. He looked out to see Sakura and he scoffed. "You have to run faster than that!" He called and just as the girl ran into the classroom Deidara closed the door and grabbed her. Sakura growled in frustration and jerked around in his grasp.

"Iwa, who did you infuriate this time? Let her go," Sasori ordered and Deidara rolled his eyes.

"Cut the crap, Danna, this is our little culprit."

"No I'm not," Sakura pleaded with teary eyes. "I was outside waiting for my bus and he started chasing me. Then he grabbed my camera and I need that for my art class," She explained earnestly. Deidara still hadn't let go of her arms and Sasori glared at Deidara.

"Iwa are you just grabbing random people for the hell of it?"

Deidara groaned and let go of the girl who just rubbed her aching arms. "Can I have my camera back, Mr. Akasuna, I'm going to miss my bus soon." She batted her lashes but before Sasori could let the girl go Deidara snatched the camera from the redhead and turned it on.


"For God's sake, un," He muttered as he pushed the button to make the digital pictures show up. Sakura's eyes bugged out and she reached for the camera but the blond just help it above her reach. "Nice try," He teased.

She growled and reached again, now jumping but Sasori took the device away to see what photos were taken on there. "Wait, Mr. Akasuna-" Sakura cut herself off as she saw her old teacher's expression.

Deidara didn't really know what to expect from the redhead. He knew that he would be angry, but to what level he had no clue. He didn't seem like a very violent person, really. Sure he yelled and was strict but violence didn't aquiant itself with him, unless it was sex; that was different.

So when the students saw Sasori throw the camera onto the ground with so much vigor that it broke, it made both teens jump a few inches into the air. Pieces flew into the air and skittered across the floor, startling them further. But that wasn't what scared them the most. The smoldering glare that Sasori sent the both of them made Deidara want to crawl into a hole and die so he wouldn't have to endure the stare any longer.


"If it wasn't for you none of this would be happening," The art teacher hissed and Deidara didn't even bother flinching, already used to hearing that.

"Yes, but we got her and-"

"No, you don't understand, Deidara," Sasori interrupted. "You're the one who had to go behaving like a dog in heat last year and you're the reason I will probably go to prison for life."

Deidara flinched and glared lightly, Sakura just watching in confusion. "What are you saying? That you really didn't mean anything in this relationship, un?"

Sasori's harsh scoff answered the question and Deidara tried to ignore the words that were to come next. "What do you think, brat? You practically threw yourself at me-

"No, I didn't, I-"

"and you didn't even end it there-"

"Stop, un," Deidara's voice was wavering lightly and he wanted to know why Sasori was saying all of this.

"You just acted like a whore after that. Not to mention-"

A sharp crack filled the air and Sakura jumped again slightly, now raising her hands to cover her mouth in shock. Sasori could barely register what happened to him as well. His left cheek stung sharply and his head was jerked to the right. He looked ahead of him to see Deidara's hand in the air but when he looked at his face he was just as shocked.

His cheeks were flushed darkly and even though it looked like he was trying his best to keep them back, tears were forming in his eyes. The blue hues were filled with not only anger but betrayal. He expected that but something else lingered behind that that made Sasori even more uncomfortable. What had he said to make Deidara look so pained?

"You bastard," Deidara rasped after a deep breath, now putting his hand down. "It may have been true but you didn't have to say it to my face like a heartless freak, un." He bit his lip and looked down. Sasori swore that the tears were going to fall and he felt something inside him churn. "Whatever, I'll leave you alone now, so do the same and never talk to me again, un." Deidara quickly grabbed his backpack and left the classroom, leaving Sasori in a daze while Sakura practically grinned at the chaos.

"Mr. Akasuna… I'm not sorry that I did this, but I couldn't let this go on when-"

"Get out."

She stopped, obviously confused and the redhead looked like he was about to snap again. "M-"

"Out!" Sasori pointed to the door with so much force that Sakura almost expected it to explode. Though she didn't think about it anymore as she rushed out of the room, leaving her broken camera behind along with the the distressed teacher. After a moment Sasori walked back to his desk slowly and fell into his chair where just a few minutes before he and Deidara were about to have sex their last time.

Though when he said those things to the blond, he meant it as much as he hated to admit it. That was how he felt the relationship had been going, just intimacy, sex. Deidara had told him before that he had loved him but the redhead saw it as infatuation, not love. He was just a child, what did he know of love?

When they had even been separated over the school break Sasori missed him but he only interpreted it as missing his touch. Deidara had seemed happy when he was with him and Sasori just thought it was him glad to be in someone's company, like friends. But they weren't friends, were they.

Sasori sighed and rubbed his hands over his face in thought. What was he supposed to do about this whole thing? So the culprit was really Sakura Haruno all this time. What did she want from this? What was she to gain? Deidara seemed pretty hyped up about finding her but what did the blond expect him to do? Sure they had been searching for the person this whole time but the art teacher wasn't sure what he was going to do afterwards.

He just knew that he wanted to make the person leave him alone, but was this what he really wanted? To, in the end, make everyone leave him alone?

Sasori groaned and rested his head on his desk as he sat there and thought. This was the outcome he wanted, right?


Deidara had been gripping his steering wheel tightly the whole way home, his knuckles white as he did so. He kept on telling himself to take deep breaths but his breaths still remained shallow. So what, he and Sasori broke up. No big deal, really. Now maybe Deidara would be able to date someone else for a change, someone who he could introduce to his friends and family.

He shook his head. He was just trying to reassure himself, that's not what he really wanted and he knew that. Okay so they broke up, big deal, it was probably going to happen anyway.

By the time Deidara had gotten home he was sure that he was going to burst into tears once he got through the door. He ignored his parents hello as well as his brother's questions. He just walked to his room quickly and closed the door behind him before locking it. After that he couldn't hold on and took a shaky breath before sobbing into his hand. He moved to his bed and sat against the headboard while he tried to calm down.

He pulled his knees towards his chest and cried into them as he tried to sort everything out. He found who was sending them pictures, great? Not so great. Sasori wasn't happy so that was where Deidara had messed up first.

Then Sasori was yelling at him so he questioned him and the redhead went out and said it. He was a whore.

Of course he wasn't, he had only slept with one man and that was him. But the way he described it made Deidara feel just as horrible. He hadn't been behaving like a "whore" had he? He was only showing his interest in him and Sasori had rejected him afterwards.

Deidara gave an even louder sob and clutched at his head as he comprehended what had really happened.

Sasori never meant anything, did he? Well, he never said anything to him so there was nothing to mean. But Deidara meant everything, did that not matter? Well he knew now that it didn't mean anything to his teacher. He was nothing but a "dog in heat", right?

Deidara let out a wail before gasping for breath. His eyes burned from the tears that kept on forming and his cheeks were hot from the fresh liquid.

One of his fears was that Sasori would leave him due to lost interest, but there was a fear that he didn't want to even think of. That he was just a plaything to the redhead, a mere toy for a few months of entertainment. That he could be easily disposed of and he would never see him again.

The blond shook his head at the thought of it being true. He knew it was by what the teacher had said but he didn't want to believe it. He had been playing him the whole time.

After that the blond couldn't comprehend anymore thoughts as he fell onto his bed completely and sobbed into his pillow, completely ignorant to the knocking on his door.

Why would Sasori do that to him? Deidara loved him.


Sakura hummed as she scrolled through her laptop casually, seeing all the pictures on the screen. Most of them were of Sasori and Deidara talking, laughing, just enjoying each others company. Though a few others were of them being intimate in a beastly manner. She could organize her photo album by position, place, even time of day.

Maybe Deidara was feeling what she felt after all those years ago? Hate, sadness, betrayal. She seriously hoped he felt betrayed. It would be even better if he was broken by this. But she doubted that he would be. Sure a little upset that what he had ended but it was for the best, really.

There was never supposed to be this relationship, a teacher and a student. She scoffed as she saw a picture of them kissing sweetly on the couch. It wasn't real and if it was, the only thing that was real was the sex.

But she broke that between them and maybe she could get what she wanted now. She almost gave a giddy giggle at the thought. She could now have Sasori to herself.


When Sasori had come to the school at his usual time he was greeted by no one. That was typical but he was almost hoping for Deidara to walk in through the door acting like nothing the day before ever happened. That's what usually went down after they had a fight. Everything would go back to normal, right? Maybe even talk about what to do about this?

He hadn't received anymore photos and he thought it was because the message was finally sent. In the end, he made sure not to do anything, bent on waiting for Deidara so they could talk about this. But when the bell rang his heart nearly sank, but he pushed the feeling aside. They could obviously talk about it when he came to the next period class.

But when the time rolled around no one came but the students. Sasori couldn't pay attention to his students questions, nor his own work. Where was Deidara?

Ten minutes before the third class was about to start, the door opened and he looked up hopeful only to see an office assistant walking in, making sure to show him his pass around his neck.

Sighing, he waved him forward and the teen walked up to his desk before handing him a sheet of paper. Sasori looked it over briefly and his eyes widened before he stopped the assistant. "What's this?"

The boy sighed and turned around, shuffling some other papers in his hands, showing that he had other errands to do. "Deidara Iwa is resigning as your assistant. You need to sign the bottom and turn it in at lunch." The class went silent and the students looked at their teacher, obviously baffled.

"And why couldn't he give this to me personally?" Sasori asked, now getting irritated.

The student yawned his answer, "He didn't even show up for school. His dad filled out the form for him and left."

Sasori's eyes widened and he felt himself going numb. What had happened to Deidara that made him not only resign from his class but not show up to school? He had only spoken his mind, had that affected Deidara that much?

What was happening?


When Deidara had woken up the next morning he had finally opened his door and his parents were swarming over him, wanting to know why he had been crying in his room just a few hours before.

He didn't reply, he just told them that he didn't want to go to school that day. He really didn't want to talk to them considering he felt like shit and looked like it as well. But after much prodding they finally got out of him that he just didn't want to be in Mr. Akasuna's class anymore.

After that his father left home to take Akira to school while his mother watched after him carefully. He knew his parents were going to complain after that and probably do anything in their power to get Sasori fired but he didn't even tell them what he did.

He found himself pathetic for not wanting to face the man who was done with him, but he just needed a day to cope and figure out what to do.

Sasori may not do anything about it because he probably thought that the issue was resolved due to their being no relationship but the blond knew that that was a fool's mistake. Sakura could still easily give the photos to someone and Sasori would be sent to prison and Deidara would probably have to go to therapy from the "trauma."

He knew that he had to stop Sakura from doing that.

He shook his head as he stared down at his breakfast of eggs and toast, still trying to figure out his situation. He hadn't really thought about it, but he had no idea as to why Sakura had even began taking pictures, or how she even found out. Why had she been sending Sasori pictures? What was she trying to accomplish?

"Deidara, please eat something," His mother pleaded and he realized he blanked out again from thinking. Nodding he picked up his toast and began nibbling on it in thought. The woman didn't looked too satisfied by the reaction but it at least her son was listening to her. When she had seen him come home the day before like that and heard him crying in his room she had only assumed the worst.

His mother still didn't leave the kitchen and Deidara scoffed lightly before picking up his fork and eating some salted eggs. His thoughts returned to why Sakura had started taking pictures and stalking them and he guessed it was a fetish.

But can't she just watch some porn on the internet or something? He thought, his brow furrowed ins confusion. Maybe she was a future serial killer and got a sick kick out of stalking people and sending them pictures, but then the question came to why she was stalking him and his lo-

Deidara stopped the thought short. He couldn't think like that anymore. He and Sasori weren't in this together like before, he was going to work alone if he could to get her to leave them alone. Sure the plan was to help both of them but Deidara was only doing it to save his own ass as well.

"Eat, Deidara," Aya ordered as she sat down at the table with her coffee.

The blond scowled and took a bigger bite of his toast before chewing and swallowing. The woman just gave him a look and he took another one before eating some eggs. After that she looked over a book she was reading and Deidara began thinking once more.

Back to the question of Sakura stalking him and Sasori. He really thought that she had left the school after their freshman year together and he began wondering why she would do that. At one point they just stopped hanging out and he seemed to forget what happened to make her leave him alone.

As he thought about it more the memory finally dawned on him. The pretty, but not attractive in his opinion, girl was standing in front of him looking determined and confident. She asked to go out with him but he simply replied saying that he was gay. He honestly thought she knew but when he saw her countenance he was sorely mistaken.

He asked to stay friends and she just ran off. After that Deidara completely forgot about her because he never saw her again.

Deidara shook his head. That couldn't be why she was doing this. There had to be a better reason besides petty revenge. Revenge for what? Rejecting her?

He didn't have any other logical answer he could follow. What else was there? Sighing, Deidara finished his breakfast and went down to his bedroom without another word. He didn't have a laptop or fancy phone to look things up on, instead his parents gave him their old desktop from ten years ago and he was sadly forced to deal with what he had.

He started it up and after a few minutes of tapping his finger against his desk the thing finally loaded with a hum. As soon as the internet was up he went onto a website for people to put all of their personal information up for everyone to see. He had an account as well but only to show his art and give people advice on creating if they needed it.

He typed in the pinkette's name and found several but after a little searching he found the one who went to his school and found the usual thing. Pictures of friends, posts of how bored she was, or what she was doing like, "Going outside to read!"

There were some other things but he was just trying to find specifics. He was just skimming through her posts when one caught his attention.

"Lol, Mr. Akasuna is so funny! He's like my favorite teacher!"

A few people agreed with her and others called her crazy but that wasn't what Deidara payed attention to. Just the fact that she messaged that seemed strangely erie to the blond. He had the urge to ask Sasori if the teen had ever bothered him more than his usual students but he stopped himself. He had to get used to the fact that he was in on this alone.

After a few more minutes of searching he heard a rap on his door and he clicked the page out before answering. "Yes, un?" He asked, allowing a smidgen of annoyance to seep through his voice.

The door opened to reveal his father who seemed rather worn. "I talked to your school's principal today."

Deidara immediately glowered and gave a harsh sigh. "You know that you can't go to the school every time there's a problem, right? And it makes me look bad if my parents are constantly worried about-"

"You're dismissed from Mr. Akasuna's class now."

The blond eyes widened and he got out of his chair faster than he intended on. "What?" He barked quickly. "Why did you do that? I still have stuff to do, un!"

Why was he upset? He shouldn't have been, he had just been telling himself just a minute ago that he was alone and it was fine.

Takao didn't seem to want to fight and his blue eyes hardened before he stepped into his son's room. "Deidara, if you don't remember you came home crying and it was because of him," He said sternly. "Even though you didn't say what he did, it was still something bad to have you behaving like that."

Deidara's cheeks flushed in embarrassment and he shook his head lightly in denial. "No, we just got into a disagreement, that's all."

Just the thought of the redhead's words yesterday still pained the blond and Deidara swore that if he started crying now his father would never believe him.

"Well I'm tired of all these disagreements, Deidara," Takao said, his voice going soft, making Deidara back off as well. "I just don't want you to have to deal with something that you don't have to. Your mother and I can't do anything about having him leave the school because you won't tell us what he did but you don't have to put up with him."

Takao looked very tired at the moment and Deidara wondered why the man was feeling drained from his own distress. It wasn't him that was hurting; it was Deidara so why would it bother him?

After a moment the blond just nodded and sat back down in his chair. "Fine," He mumbled, not feeling well enough to say anything else.

His father nodded and turned to leave the room. "If you're feeling well enough you can go back to school tomorrow but instead of being a T.A. you'll go to study hall in the library, all right? And you won't lose any points or whatever you had in his class, it'll just say that you dropped out."

Deidara nodded and ran a hand over his face. "Okay, thanks, un." He looked up at his father who looked very young at the moment, almost vulnerable.

The man nodded and left his room, closing the door behind him. After that, Deidara got off his computer and moved to his bed to lie down and think.


Sasori hadn't been a good mood after he had received the note of the blond not being in his class anymore. He had already turned in the slip saying that he was excused from class from the rest of the year and he wouldn't be surprised if he never saw the blond again. He had insulted him after all which resulted in him being slapped and alone.

He didn't even teach his classes anything and let them do what they wanted the whole period, wether they wanted to work or not, it was their choice now.

But during the lunch period he was on his laptop looking in his mail to see a confirmation for something. He had opened the letter from the school super attendant and saw that it was after all decided. There was no changing it now even if he wanted to, though he could always quit.

Shaking his head at the thought he closed his laptop and took off his glasses to rub his eyes when the door opened. "If you have a late assignment I won't accept it," He explained monotonously before looking to his side to see who entered the door but when he saw who it was his anger had spiked. "Get out, you are no longer allowed in here," He snapped before sitting up menacingly.

Sakura frowned and walked up to her teacher, her replacement camera around her neck. She made sure to stay at least three feet away incase Sasori really didn't like her but this was a teacher, he wouldn't hurt her. "Ms. Bem said that you needed some nature shoots for your painting class."

"I have not requested anything from you," Sasori glowered before standing up and towering over the teen. "Now no student is allowed to be in this building during lunch so please-"

"But Deidara goes in here all the time," She retorted, quirking both eyebrows in challenge.

A dark look came over the teacher's face and he saw the girl cringe lightly but hold her ground. "Iwa has withdrawn from my class so there is no reason for him to prepare for my later classes or work on any projects. Now get out before I give you a referral."

Sakura frowned and sighed softly before pushing a strand of hair behind her ear. "So you need a T.A.? I may be able to help, you know," She offered kindly. "I may be able to help in… other ways to." She looked up at Sasori seriously. "If you need that."

Sasori didn't know what was more outraging. The fact that this teen was the real reason reason he had gotten mad at Deidara or that she was trying to seduce him. Though as much as he'd like to yell at her for ruining his relationship he knew he stood on dangerous ground. She didn't hesitate giving him photos so what would stop her from giving them to someone else? Probably nothing.

"I do not need your help with anything, I am perfectly capable of handling myself. Now it would be best you leave before someone finds you are here without a pass," Sasori said turning to his desk to get something when he heard her step forward and he felt her touch his arm. He had to bite his bottom lip to stop himself from screaming at her; instead he moved his arm away.

"Mr. Akasuna," She said lowly. "I understand that you're sad, sad that things didn't work out with him. But it could be… different. I could be different," She urged. "If it's a student you want I-"

"No, I never wanted a student," Sasori spat now looking at her. "I never saw him as a student."

"But I can be better," She urged once more, now pleading. "I'm better than him, really. Just give me a chance."

Sasori scoffed and smirked bitterly. "I think you specifically would know that I'm gay. Not bi, Haruno, gay. And after what you have done to make my life a hell, the thought of even talking to you repulses me."

A hurt look came over the pinkette's face and she furrowed her brows in anger. "Fine, but you'll see what I'm doing is right," She hissed before leaving the classroom.

Sasori waited for a moment and sighed harshly before falling back into his chair. He put a hand over his eyes in thought, not sure what to do anymore.


"Are you sure you don't want to come to the party, Deidara?"

The blond looked up from his homework to see his mother pulling on a cardigan, her youngest son waiting by her legs quietly. The blond was in the kitchen and his family stood in the doorway. He shook his head and chewed on the top of his pen lightly. "No, I need to finish this for tomorrow, un," He answered around the pen. One of Akira's friends was having a birthday party and the whole family was invited but Deidara still didn't feel like being around anyone.

Aya frowned as her husband came to stand beside her. "Okay, we'll be home in a few hours," Takao said as he touched his wife's arm lightly in assurance. "Can you check the mail today, I'm expecting a letter to come in this afternoon."

Deidara nodded and his family left through the front door. He had been doing as much as he could to keep his mind off of his current situation but nothing was working so far and he doubted that going to a child's birthday party was going to make him happier.

He stared down at his history textbook and frowned before continuing to take notes.

After about an hour he checked the clock on the oven and realized it would be a good time for a break. He stood up from the wooden chair with a stretch and grabbed the mailbox key from the counter before heading towards the door. He didn't even bother to put on any shoes as he walked down the driveway and across the street to get his mail. He stuck the key inside and gave a turn before opening the box.

The moment the door opened a pile of papers fell out and landed on his feet. He gave a gasp as he realized they were more photographs of him and Sasori but with the redhead's face cut out. Giving a small curse, he stacked the papers together and looked around to see if anyone had witnessed anything. Luckily no one was out so he took the papers and mail and hurried back to his home.

He put the three letters on the table for his parents to find before running down to his room to stash the pictures.

He was breathing harshly while pacing his room as he tried to contemplate once more what was going on. Why was Sakura sending him pictures now? Well not him, but his family in general. He was done with Sasori which was what he assumed she wanted, so why was she still bothering him?

Biting his lip, he stopped moving around in his room and looked down at the pictures. The first one was of him on Sasori's couch with the redhead above him. The teacher's face had been cut out so it made Deidara think it was to hurt him, not Sasori. What would his parents think if they saw this? Probably make a dungeon and ground him in it for having sex at such an early age and with someone they didn't even know.

So she was still after him. He crushed the papers in his hand and threw them into his trashcan before checking his phone. He knew that he really needed to stop her now before she got him into some serious trouble but that may be difficult to do by himself. Sighing, harshly he began going through his contacts and found the right one before pushing the call button. After a few rings he was greeted by a chirpy hello, followed by a rain of questions.

"Shut up, I need your help, un," He growled, hating that he had to ask this idiot for anything.


Deidara hadn't even called his parents to tell them that he was going out because he didn't even plan on being gone that long. He waited at the usual restaurant for his friend to show up and by the time he did, Deidara was bombarded with more questions than he could handle.

"Tobi," He said quickly before his head split open. The Uchiha stopped his talking and ate a fry slowly as he waited for his senpai to continue. "I need your help to break into a girl's house, un." The request wasn't too odd considering he had asked for more illegal things and his friends were almost always there to help but he only needed one this time. One who wouldn't ask so many questions as to why he was doing this and someone who would listen to him.

"Hmm…? Why, Senpai?"

Well just not too many questions. Deidara sighed and shook his head. "I can't tell you, all right, but if you do this for me I'll buy you… a pony, un," Deidara said making a gesture with his hand.

The Uchiha gasped and clasped his hands together. "Oh, my goodness, really? Oh, thank you, Senpai, Thank you!" He began giggling uncontrollably and Deidara shushed him but he still wiggled in his seat from excitement.

"Now I want to do this as soon as possible. Not tonight but tomorrow night, okay, un?" Tobi nodded and Deidara continued. "Okay, I just want to get into her room and take her cameras and maybe her computer, all right?" Hopefully that will be enough, He thought wistfully.

"Mhm," The teen mumbled around more food.

"Okay. Now I'm not going to tell you who it is but I'll pick you up and we'll take her things. Now," He said slowly. "If we can do this with no mistakes or," He stopped himself to think of the proper word, "Casualties I will get you a pony, un." The boy began giggling again and he hugged Deidara, making the blond cringe. "Tobi, off."


"Now what happened with that boy, Sasori? He was so sad when you didn't open up and he didn't visit today either."

The redhead sighed as he poured some tea into a cup for his neighbor. "He's just a friend, Mrs. Kei and- No he's not even a friend anymore," He explained as he set the cup in front of the old frowning woman.

"Well that's not good. Chiyo's told me that you don't have enough friends as it is," Sasori scowled and Kei shook her head. "Well now you have one less of a friend because you've pushed him away." Shaking her head, she sipped her tea. "Milk?"

The redhead nodded and went to the fridge to get the carton out before placing it on the tabletop. "Here."

The woman sighed. "I remember when everyone had full tea sets, not all were the best but they were always complete," She mumbled to herself.

"Mrs. Kei," Sasori drawled out as he crossed his arms and the woman looked up from her tea.

"Oh, thank you, dear." She took the carton and unscrewed the lid with a shaky hand before pouring a few drops in. "As I was saying, you should try to reach out more, especially to the friends you already have. When you have a friend or two, you have to keep in contact to keep them," She said, lifting the teacup up to her lips.

"He was never a friend," Sasori muttered under his breath just aggravating himself further.

Kei raised an eyebrow and a corner of her lip twitched up. "Oh? He wasn't yet he comes over so often?"

The brown hues widened and Sasori shook his head. "No not like that, I mean that we don't like each other to begin with and so of course we aren't friends," Sasori said quickly before rambling on some more.

"So you have him come over so the two of you can argue?" She questioned with a glint in her eyes.

Sasori stopped short and shook his head. "No, we… I'm sorry but is there something that you came over for? I have the package my granny sent to give you if that's what you'd like."

The woman shrugged. "Sure that's why I came over but I also wanted to know how you were doing."

"Well I am… fine but I'll go ahead and get the gift from my granny." He left the kitchen and went to his office where he had put the box. It was rather light and Sasori would have guessed it was a sweater but he didn't dwell on it as he brought it to the woman.

"So how is teaching going?"

Sasori froze momentarily in thought. "It's fine, the school year is almost over but…" He chuckled lightly and shook his head. "I may be in a bit of a problem later on but it's nothing I can't handle."

"Well I'm sorry to hear that," Kei frowned and stood with her box. She sighed softly and pat Sasori's arm. "And try to patch things up with your friend. You may not realize he's important until he's gone."

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