Deidara yawned, his hand going up to cover his mouth. He made sure to keep an eye open to continue taking notes as his history teacher talked but it wasn't like he was going to use them anyway. Shivering lightly, he looked at the woman who was pacing slowly in front of the room while she lectured away and the blond's eyes began to droop. It wasn't only that he didn't have a lot of sleep the night before that made him so tired, but also the fact that she was boring as hell.

Luckily the bell rang and the woman huffed abruptly. "Read the next two chapters of the textbook and take notes, test in two days," She said as she walked over to her desk. Deidara put his spiral notebook into his backpack and slung it over his shoulder before going over to his teacher. "Yes, Iwa?"

The blond sighed at yet another old-fashioned teacher. "I was gone yesterday, un," He said, handing in his slip which showed he was excused. "Can you tell me what I've missed?"

The woman sighed and sat down at her desk. "You should have come in before started class to discuss this."

Deidara frowned and shook his head. "I had to work stuff out with my academics counselor because my schedule changed, un."

The history teacher raised a brow. "In the last trimester?"

"Yes," Deidara bit out. "And right now is my study hall period so I was wondering if you could just tell me what I missed right now because I have the time, un."

"But I have another class coming in, Iwa." At that, a few students filed in and the blond suppressed a groan.

"Fine I'll just look on your blog," He muttered as soon as he turned around to leave the classroom. He should have never taken AP history but it was college credit and at a cheap price. Well, in actual prices, it was cheap but the class took most of his time to do homework and he barely had any time to visit-

Deidara bit his lip in self-punishment for thinking about stupid things again. He wasn't even going to think about art if it got him to stop bringing Sasori up again.

He had homework to catch up on but that was on low priority as he pulled out his cellphone to text someone. Sure, he didn't necessarily like Tobi but the idiot was probably the only one who would help him without snooping around for the blond's motives.

As he got to the library he pulled out certain textbooks and got to work on homework he still needed to get done for that day. The library was semi-filled with other students who also had study hall and the supervisor was sitting in a chair near the middle to keep watch on the teens even though he was reading a sports magazine. The only homework he needed done right away was Calculus but if he wasn't paying attention to it completely he usually got all of it wrong.

His phone went off and the teacher scowled at him and told him to turn off his phone and work. Deidara scowled back and was tempted to stick his tongue out but he really didn't want to get a referal. Once the man looked back at his magazine, Deidara took his phone out of his pocket to see Tobi's text. He had just told him that they would meet up at lunch so the blond could give him further instructions.

Deidara didn't really know where Sakura lived or any personal information about her so he was having Tobi find out for him. He was an office assistant luckily and he knew where those kinds of things were kept which was another reason Deidara wanted his help. Even though Hidan was one as well, the zealot would probably bargain for something in return and knowing him, Deidara would probably lose his first-born child.

Though during his study hall, Tobi walked into the library and Deidara scowled, wanting to tell him that right now was not the best time to discuss the plan. But the Uchiha ignored him and walked over to the teacher before handing him a note. Deidara blinked and realized that Tobi was just doing his job even though the idiot was waving at him and calling his name.

Deidara waved his hand as the teacher shooed Tobi away while the librarians scowled at the boy for being so loud.

"Deidara, note for you," The teacher said, waving the piece of paper in the air and the blond sighed before getting up and snatching the note from the man's hand. He walked back over to his table and sat down to read the note but when he saw who it was from he wanted to set the thing on fire.

It was a request from Sasori to see him at lunch with a note at the bottom saying they had to discuss something about their art project.

Deidara scoffed and crumpled the paper up before throwing it in a trash bin near his table. He was not going to talk to the man who insulted him cruelly like he did two days ago. If he was going to apologize Deidara wanted nothing of it. Even if he hadn't had plans with Tobi at the time, he wouldn't see the man.

Deidara bit his lip as his head fell into one hand, elbow resting on the table. He may have not meant it, sure, but that didn't mean that he wouldn't do it again. That was not something that he wanted to go through again. Sighing, he looked over at his textbook but couldn't read any of it with Sasori on his mind.


By the time lunch rolled around Deidara was beyond paranoid. He kept checking his phone, expecting his parents to call about some pictures in the mailbox or some nailed to the door. He was waiting for Tobi in the library and once he saw the boy he waved him over the boy humming as he walked.

"What did you find?" Deidara asked anxiously. Tobi sat down and got out his backpack.

"Just her address like Senpai asked, silly. Are we going to leave art in her room?" He pulled out a spiral notebook and flipped it open with a orange pen.

Deidara shook his head. "No, I just need to get her camera and if she has a computer, that as well, un."

"Hmm? This sounds serious, Senpai," Tobi spoke lowly as he fidgeted in his seat. "What did this girl do to you?"

The blond scowled. "If it makes you shut up, she stalked me and I need to get rid of her shit and burn her things as payback, all right, un?"

"Tobi thought you said no art, Senpai," Tobi said a scolding tone and Deidara growled softly.

"Shut up, I just need to get this done and just…" He groaned and pulled at his hair. "… This isn't going to work," He whispered more to himself than to Tobi. He looked at his friend and shook his head. Tobi ended up doodling as Deidara stared down at the table in thought.

If he broke into Sakura's home and stole her things, what would that accomplish? What's to say that she didn't have backup somewhere else and him taking her stuff just ended up angering her. What if she sent the pictures out after that? He sighed and shook his head again, letting it rest on the tabletop.


"Go away, Tobi, I'll call you back tomorrow if I've figured something out, un. Don't tell anyone about this," He ordered, lifting his head lightly to glare at the younger male in warning.

"Okay! See you tomorrow!" Tobi closed his book and packed all of his things up before skipping out of the library, leaving his friend alone.

Deidara frowned and sat up to stare at his bag where he shoved Sasori's note inside. He didn't want to go to him for help, that was not a part of his plan. But what else was there? If he tried hard enough he could scare Sakura into leaving but what power did he have? All of his plans were illegal in the case of blowing her shit up but that was all he really had? Could he try talking to her?

The teen tensed up lightly. Would she really listen to him? It sounded like too much to hope for but the last time he saw her was when he left Sasori's classroom, after he was yelled at. She didn't seem like much of a threat until she stuffed his mailbox full of explicit pictures.

But talking couldn't hurt, right? Just a talk, maybe try to reason with her, to if not leave him out of it and just Sasori. He flinched at the thought but he knew that if it came down to it Sasori would be the one taking the bullet, not him. But to get him into trouble would have to bring someone else in, the other person who Sasori was somehow framed with.

Deidara bit his bottom lip and looked away from his bag. If one of them fell the other would go down with them. There was no way preventing that disaster. So his only options were to talk to Sakura, maybe try to convince her to leave the both of them alone, go with his previous plan with Tobi, or the one he really didn't want to do. Go to Sasori and figure out what to do there.

He looked up at the clock in the library and bit his lip in thought. Maybe he could find out where Sakura was at the moment, there was fifteen minutes left of the lunch period anyway so he may be able to catch her. Picking up his bag he went on his small trek though he knew it couldn't have been too hard to find the pinkette.

He ended up walking around some halls until he saw a girl he went to middle school with him and Sakura. "Hey, Hinata, un!" He walked over to the shy girl who blushed darkly and pulled her knees to her chest as she tried to look invisible. She was sitting against the lockers with a friend and they had food out in front of them, normal considering the time.

"Y-y-y-yes, Dei-Deidara-kun?"

The blond smiled gently and he hoped that would be enough to calm her down. "I was wondering if you knew where Sakura Haruno ate lunch, I need to talk to her about an assignment I missed and I need her help on it, un."

"You have a class with Sakura?" Deidara's smile slowly slipped away and he narrowed his eyes at his cousin.

"Well not necessarily," He answered bitterly. "We have the same class but different periods and I can't seem to find anyone in my class period. Anymore questions, un?"

The younger blond just shrugged and crossed her arms. "No."

"Good, now do you know where to find Sakura, or at least someone who knows where to find her?" Deidara asked, trying to pull off a happy countenance but he ended up looking malicious.

"Um… N-no," Hinata whispered and Deidara's face softened and he sighed.

"Do you know where she is, un?" He asked Ino who just scoffed.

"Dude, I stopped talking to her after she became the preppiest bitch at school. She started acting like that after you came out of the closet." Ino scoffed. "It's all thanks to you that she's like this."

Deidara rolled his eyes. "Sorry that my sexual orientation ruined your friendship," He droned out sarcastically.

"And you aren't even a good gay," Ino complained and Hinata quickly babbled something to the other teen about courtesy or whatnot. "You won't even come over and help me plan an outfit. I mean, we used to play dress up when we were younger so why did it change?"

Deidara felt his ears turn red as he pursed his lips. "I remember you forcing me to be your doll or else you would tell on me," He muttered. "Anyway, if you don't know where Sakura is, I'm just going to ask someone else, un. Thanks."

Hinata stammered a goodbye and Ino just stuck her tongue out at her cousin.

Deidara sighed to himself and began his search once more but luckily he didn't have to look far when he bumped into someone as he turned the corner. He was about to apologize until he saw who it was. He opened his mouth to greet them but what do you say to your stalker who blackmails you?

"… Hi, un." He tried to look enthusiastic but gave up instead just grimacing. "I wanted to talk to you for a few minutes, if that's okay with you."

The pinkette looked disgruntled but she told her two friends who were flanking beside her to give her some privacy until lunch was over. After they left, Sakura told Deidara to follow her and the blond did so, wondering where they were headed.

"What do you want?" Sakura was still looking ahead at the hall and Deidara walked beside her so they could talk and walk at the same time.

"You sent my family some photos yesterday and I want to know why." He almost kicked himself for sounded so demanding. Sakura just walked over to a locker before turning the knob to the right, putting in her combination.

"His face wasn't in any of them so don't freak out. Your little lover is safe," She hissed and Deidara glared lightly.

"We aren't together anymore if you didn't realize that two days ago after you came around, un," The blond muttered.

Sakura opened her locker and looked at the blond. "Excuse me? You were the one who was out chasing me and look at what that accomplished." Deidara blushed lightly and she rolled her eyes. "I don't know why you're talking to me but if it's to become my friend or whatever so I don't send out the pictures it's too late for that."

Deidara's eyes widened and he paled. She didn't send out the pictures already, did she? He wasn't so much as concerned for himself, but for Sasori. Before he even knew it he grabbed the pinkette by the shoulders and shoved her against a closed locker, catching the attention of a few nearby students.

"You aren't sending out anything, un," He growled dangerously and tightened his grip as he felt the girl struggle. "I swear that if you do anything with those pictures besides burning them I will–" He shut his mouth and got off the teen. Sakura swore at him and smoothed out her jacket.

"Back off, freak. You're lucky I didn't do it yet but I'm going to," She whispered as some other students were giving them cautious looks. "What you two do is disgusting and I'm just being a good person and reporting it."

Deidara pursed his lips and whispered back to the teen, "What we did is none of your business, un. So I'm giving you a warning," He said lowly, making complete eye contact with her. "Get rid of those pictures, it is a violation of my privacy and I can report," He said mockingly, "you to whatever is in charge of that shit, un."

Sakura sneered. "Yeah, well lets see what they say when those photos are of you having sex with pedophiliac of teacher," She hissed smugly and Deidara moved back so he wasn't as compelled to hit her.

"What did we ever do to you to be terrorized? I rejected you because I am not attracted to women, is that it, un?"

Students began passing by now ignoring them and the blond was thankful for that, but the lunch period was almost over so they would need to wrap things up.

It looked like he pushed a nerve because Sakura bit her bottom lip. "Maybe it does have something to do with that but that was in the past," She answered quietly. "What's important now is stopping your sick relationship. I'm guessing you did it for good grades, right? I saw your marks and they seem a little too good for someone like you."

"I will let you know that I wouldn't sell my body for a fucking grade," Deidara retorted. "I really don't care why you did what you did, but you have to stop, un."

Sakura raised a brow. "Is that a threat? If anything happens to me I know who my first suspect will be," She warned and Deidara opened his mouth to reply but was interrupted by the bell. "Oops, gotta go. Sorry that this didn't work out but at least you tried." She shrugged. "Now everyone will know that you're a whore who sleeps around for good grades." She quickly turned around before Deidara could do anything and the blond just stood there, now seriously contemplating his situation.

He began walking to his next class as he began thinking. So Sakura was really out to get him and Sasori? The reason was still unknown to him. He could go forward with his previous plan and destroy her things but with their little talk it seemed that it would be obvious who vandalized her stuff.

Then there was his last option which he was pushing away at all costs. There had to be another way to fix things without Sasori. But with how things were going Deidara didn't know who else could help him. He couldn't go to the police because what Sasori did was illegal and if they helped they would find out what they had done.

Deidara stopped in the middle of the hall and some students pushed past him telling him to keep on going. He was close to giving up even though he had only been doing this for two days, it just seemed like a lost cause by this point.

His negotiation didn't turn out the way he wanted it to because he had mainly forgotten what he wanted out of Sakura and that was to convince her to not send out the pictures anymore and she took that as a challenge.

Deidara made his feet move and go to his next class, now pushing the thoughts from his mind. At the moment, he didn't know what to do.


"Yo, Deidara." The blond looked over to see Kisame walking up to him but he just brushed it off as he continued to sketch in his math notebook. "Hey, did you hear me?" The shark sat in the seat next to him and looked over his shoulder to see what he was sketching but before he could get a glimpse, Deidara closed the spiral notebook and sent a glare at the teen.

"Yes, what do you need, un?"

Kisame flinched and shrugged. "I was bored–"

"Don't you have homework? Your grade isn't the best this class, you know, un."

The shark narrowed his eyes. "Yes, but then again neither is yours. Maybe you should pay attention in class instead of drawing stick figures."

Deidara scowled. "I do not draw stick figures."

"You want to prove it?" Kisame challenged, trying to get a peek of the blond's notebook.

"No, it doesn't matter. Now is there another reason you came over, un?" Deidara put his sketches away before opening his textbook to go over the recent information and the older teen grinned.

"Tobi told us that you're planning on burning some girl's things and that always makes for an exciting time. So we want in, the reason doesn't even have to matter." Kisame began playing with the blond's spare pen as he waited for a response.

"Well tell Tobi to go stand in the corner for being a bad boy, un," Deidara muttered. "There isn't going to be a burning because my plan won't work out."

"Oh? And why not?" Kisame stopped his fiddling as he placed the pen down.

"I really do not want to get into the details," Deidara replied, "but if anything happens to her, she will know it was me and then she'll have the cops all over my ass, un. So there is no plan."

"I'm sure there is a way to get around that," Kisame retorted with a snort. "Ever heard of an alibi? I'm pretty damn sure your parents would believe you if you said you were going to hang out with friends but really just end up doing something else like visiting your boyfriend," He teased and Deidara frowned deeply, though luckily, it went unnoticed by Kisame. "I mean, you would have all of us for an alibi, plus your parents and that's pretty much all you need," Kisame confirmed and Deidara stopped his frowning to raise a brow.

"You can't just plan something when I've decided not to go through with it, un."

Kisame sighed. "Fine, I'm doing this because this girl pissed me off, all right?"

Deidara scoffed. "You don't even know who it is."

"Sakura Haruno and she stalked you, which is not cool, because I'm guessing she figured out how messed up you are." Deidara sent him another glare and Kisame chuckled, "Just kidding. But seriously, what she did was not cool and whatever she has, it can't be good right?"

The blond groaned loudly and let his head fall on to the table with a thud. "Tobi cannot keep his mouth shut, can he, un?"

Kisame laughed. "Dude, you should know that by now. You must be really stressed and stupid if you went to Tobi for help and expected us to not find out."

"No," Deidara said, lifting his head. "I was desperate for someone who would just go along with a stupid plan."

"Well, you know Tobi would, but what makes you think that he would keep his mouth shut long enough for you to do whatever?"

"I don't know, I was desperate, like I just said, un," Deidara scowled and looked at the clock. "Class is almost over and I'm going home."

"Not to Akasuna's? Don't you have an art project to do?"

Deidara sat up with rigidness and cleared his throat. "I transferred out of his class so there is no art project."

Kisame stared at the blond wide eyed, "Whoa, since when were you one to just give up on something?"

Deidara gaped. "Well sorry I didn't like being insulted on a daily basis, un. Besides, it's none of your business if I give up on something."

"You did not just leave his class because he insulted you, something else happened," Kisame prodded and Deidara took a deep breath, his cheeks turning red.

"You know, I am really not in the mood to talk about this. Ever, un." Deidara began putting his things away, ignoring Kisame's protests. As he stood up, the bell rang and he booked it out of class before the shark could follow. He rarely left school when it ended so he had to deal with the traffic of all the teens trying to get home as quickly as possible.

Though as he was driving in his street he saw a car by his mailbox and his eyes widened when he realized it wasn't either of his parents' vehicles. He swore as the car drove off and he sped towards the mailbox which was stuffed to the brim with papers. Deidara panicked and quickly put all of the papers into his car, not even bothering to be orderly about it.

Once all of the pictures and mail were in his passenger seat, he quickly picked out the bills and such for his parents and crumpled up the pictures so he could throw them away. He did his best to not look at them and see the contents but it was hard when they were so obvious.

There was one with him on his former teacher's desk, both of them sharing a lust-filled kiss and he gulped before crumpling that one up as well. He checked his surroundings as he shoved the paper into his backpack and checked once more before going outside to throw the paper away in the garbage bin.

Afterwards, he headed into his home not bothering to say hello to his father who was residing in the kitchen. Deidara quickly went to his bedroom and began doing his homework. Anything to get his mind off of Sasori and this whole situation.

When Deidara hadn't gotten any food around dinner time, his mother came down with a plate and drink in her hand. She placed it on his desk and told him gently that he should take a break and eat.

He did just that, but with nothing to occupy his mind, his thoughts began to drift towards Sasori again. He swore as sorrow swept over him and he shook his head. He couldn't feel sorry for himself anymore, it was his own fault for getting involved with a teacher through sex and expect him to like him for his personality.

Once he was done with his dinner he carried both plate and cup up the stairs when there was a knock on the front door. His mother went and got it but when he got to the top, he saw who it was.

The person looked sincere and he seemed to be very upset but once he saw Deidara, his eyes widened slightly. But they widened even more when a plate was thrown at his head, followed by a glass.

Aya screamed and Sasori ducked as the objects hit the wall instead. When he looked up he saw the blond marching over to him and he had never seen such ferocity on those beautiful features.

"Deidara," He said, trying to calm down the blond who just grabbed his arm and nearly flung him out of the door as he followed, the blond's mother and father still trying to piece together what just happened. "Deidara," Sasori tried again as Deidara shoved him to the end of the driveway.

"You think that it's that easy? Hm? You think that just because you try to apologize, that everything you said disappears, un?" Deidara stared at Sasori, his blue eyes burning. "If you think that then you are an ignorant asshole as well as a bastard who has no remorse for hurting someone."

Sasori's countenance was full of regret and even though Deidara could see it in the nighttime he felt nothing. This man had no idea what kind of pain he inflicted on him. "I'm sorry–"

"And I fucking trusted you!" Deidara screamed, shoving at his chest. "But in the end, I am only a fuck-toy for you, as you put it," Deidara explained in a quieter tone. Sasori gaped and he tried talking but Deidara's fierce glare told him to keep his mouth shut. "Now, you go right now or I will tell my parents everything, un." Deidara's tone was soft but very lethal and it held no room for argument.

Deidara saw that the redhead wanted to say something but with the threat he seemed defeated. He nodded and took a step back before turning around completely around as he walked back to his car.

And once he drove away Deidara's parents walked up and demanded to know what was going on. "Nothing, I just told him to leave," Deidara mumbled, now seriously drained from the yelling but from also seeing his former-lover for the first time after their little spat. "I'm going to bed, un." He trudged past the two adults who still demanded to know more but he said nothing else.


Deidara stared at the clock on the wall, just wanting to leave his first period history class as soon as possible but every second seemed to be five.

The teacher called to his attention and he frowned before taking notes again. His parents had grounded him for the way he behaved the night before and he wanted to explain why he was acting like that, but he couldn't, not without Sasori being arrested which seemed rather good at the moment.

Deidara sighed and began doodling in the margins of his notebook paper. Okay, so he wasn't so pissed off that he wanted Sasori to go to jail and Deidara didn't even consider telling his parents either; that was just a lie to get the redhead to leave.

But to where he stood with Sasori, he didn't know. Definitely broken up, but the teacher still seemed to make an effort to talk to him or at least make amends.

But Deidara didn't trust him anymore. What's to say he wouldn't do it again? Surprisingly, the bell rang earlier than expected and the blond packed up his belongings before leaving the class rather rapidly.

Once he left the classroom Tobi spotted him and began following him. "Hi, Senpai! Are we going to plan anything today?"

The blond rolled his eyes. "I've all ready told you, we're not going to do anything, un."

"Oh... Kisame-Senpai said we were, so... We are!" Tobi cheered. "Is Senpai going to use his art and make her go boom?"

Deidara sighed in annoyance as he got to his locker and began entering in his combination. "I'm not doing anything, un. Just leave it alone," He muttered as he entered in the last number and moved the latch up to open the metal door but when he did so an avalanche of papers fell and he blanched.

He knelt quickly and began scooping up papers before anyone noticed, an extremely panicked expression on his face.

"Hm? What's this Senpai?"

Tobi picked up a paper that Deidara didn't manage to get in time and he stood up to stop him. "Don't!" He attracted a few stray student's attention but otherwise they didn't look over.

But as Deidara said that, Tobi looked at the paper, his expression slightly shocked but not to the point of disgust. "Senpai, this is–"

"You keep your mouth shut, Tobi," Deidara said as he shoved all the papers back into his locker and slammed it shut, also making sure to grab the one Tobi had, which was luckily only a picture of him and Sasori kissing. He moved in front of him menacingly. "You better not tell anyone, or I–" Deidara stopped and took a deep breath, the younger male still staring at him. "Please don't tell, un," He whispered and the tears almost gathered in the corners of his eyes.

Tobi shook his head. "I won't tell anyone, Senpai, but... Is this why you aren't hanging out with Mr. Akasuna?" He asked, dropping his third-person speaking.

Deidara flinched looked at the boy before sighing. "Kind of. Sakura's been stalking us and she's threatening to send the pictures out and... I don't know what she wants," Deidara admitted and he almost slunk to the ground. "Don't tell anyone," He pleaded once more and Tobi moved closer, frightened to see his senpai so distraught.

"I won't," Tobi confirmed again but Deidara didn't look a bit satisfied. "I promise, not even the others."

"And please... don't ask any questions. I don't think I can handle that, un." Deidara began walking towards study hall, Tobi walking beside him silently.

"M'kay," Tobi replied, as he skidded his converse against the ground, not taking his eyes off his feet. "Do you still want to do anything though? She could do more, you know."

Deidara sighed. "I–I don't know, I'm just really tired right now, un." Deidara's heart was still beating rapidly from Tobi finding out, though the boy seemed eerily calm about it.

"Well I still think you should do something about it, Senpai. Whenever someone usually does something to you, you teach them a lesson, right?"

The blond cast the younger teen a cautious glance, now worried for Tobi for a different reason. "Are you still suggesting I set her house on fire or something, un? I was lucky enough to get my last arson charges dropped because I was still a minor, and that was a month ago, un. The cops will be all over my ass, as well as Sakura with her fucking pictures," He muttered.

"Kisame-Senapi talked to Itachi–"

Deidara scowled darkly and Tobi held up his hands, in hopes to calm down the blond.

"He talked to him yesterday and Itachi-san may have a plan."

Deidara scoffed as he neared the library. "His plan would probably involve me setting myself on fire, un."

"… That may work if you put the fire somewhere else, Senpai."

They both reached the library and Deidara gripped the door handle after he sent a warning glare to Tobi. "At the moment, I don't care what you guys come up with but if I hear you mention what you found out to anyone else, I was personally shove a bomb up your ass, un." His dark-rimmed eyes narrowed dangerously but the boy seemed at ease before he nodded.

"Mhm! Don't worry, Senpai, your secret is safe with me. See you at lunch!"

Deidara watched Tobi's decent to the office where he worked as an assistant and he sighed harshly before pulling the door open to hear the teacher bitch at him for being late. The blond bit his lip when he was reminded of someone else.


Throughout the day, Deidara did he best not to mope because of the sucky situation that he got himself into. At lunch he had no appetite no matter how many glazed, jelly-filled doughnuts Tobi offered him. Kisame didn't pester him about a new plan of action, though he kept on sending him glances and some even to Tobi.

Unfortunately Hidan wouldn't stop bitching about wanting to vandalize shit and it was an obvious attempt to get Deidara interested in blowing things up and setting fires. Though the blond just rolled his eyes at him and told him it was immature to break things for no reason.

Hidan saw his opening to mention Sakura but Kisame kicked him under the table with such an extreme force, it sent Hidan to the floor.

Deidara rolled his eyes and tried his best to ignore Kisame's little glares at Tobi in an attempt to figure out a plan. Itachi on the other hand looked very invested in staring at the wall in front of him and Deidara was almost convinced that he was blind. But with how many fights they had gotten into and how many he had lost (nearly all of them), he doubted that.

"Hey, Deidara do you want to come over to my house after school today? I need help with some Calculus homework," Kisame explained and Deidara repressed a scoffed. The teen was dating one of the smartest students in the school so asking someone else was beyond stupid.

"I am grounded and I'm not allowed to go anywhere besides school, un. Sorry," Deidara said as he gave the older teen a mocking smile that said he wasn't following whatever plan he had.

Kisame laughed at him. "Has that stopped you from sneaking out before? Why don't you meet me at my place around midnight?"

Itachi narrowed his eyes but Kisame gave him a reassuring look. Though Deidara just huffed. "You need help with your homework that much, un?"

"You know it's not fucking homework, blondie." Hidan threw his plastic fork over his shoulder before getting out his pocketknife to eat his lasagna. "We'll all be there," He said, his words muffled over the food.

Deidara scowled at all of his friends. "I've all ready told you, I don't want to do this anymore, un."

"You started it, so we're finishing it," Kisame said quickly. "You're lucky to have such caring friends like us." He grinned much to Deidara's unamused expression.

After a while everything was quiet until Tobi spoke up. "Senpai, why did you parents come to the school and ask for Mr. Akasuna to stay away from you."

Deidara's eyes widened and he nearly raised a fist to pummel the idiot but he held himself back. He wasn't really revealing anything besides the fact that Sasori was trying to see him.

"Whoa, whoa, what blondie? Akasuna's been bothering you? Dude, we could hit him up too after the pink bitch!"

Deidara scowled and tried not to rub his forehead. "No…" He muttered. "My parents requested that he should not have contact with me because the last time he tried talking to me I became somewhat… violent. They're probably doing it for his own safety, un."

Everyone at the table looked at him in shock except for Itachi. "Dude, what did he do to you?"

Deidara just continued to scowl, making sure to ignore the question as he looked over at Tobi. "How did you find out about that, un?"

"I work in the office, Senpai," Tobi said cheerfully and he didn't seem to register why Deidara was so upset.

The blond sighed and did his best to calm down. "Can you guys give me some space, I think my heads going to explode if you keep trying to fix the problem, un." He laid his head on to the tabletop and Kisame shook his head.

"Nope, you're coming over. I'll even come and pick you up. It'll be fine so don't worry about it, okay?"

Deidara rubbed his temples and exhaled harshly. "You guys are pissing me off so much," He groaned.

"That's our fuckin' job, blondie. Are you going to eat your yogurt?"

Deidara narrowed his eyes further and threw his yogurt cup at the zealot before he really got mad. Luckily no one deemed him well enough to be talked to through the rest of the lunch and he had some peace and quiet to think until Tobi demanded more sugary food.

At the end of the school day Deidara knew he was going to have to get all of the pictures out of his locker and he hoped there weren't anymore because he didn't know how much he could shove into his backpack. Although Tobi knew of his predicament he was not about to ask for his help and he wanted to avoid the topic with him completely.

Once Deidara's fifth period class ended, he waited a while before all the halls cleared so he could take the pictures out but unfortunately he found a little pest following him.

"You know, you seemed to really like him but now you're having a restraining order be put on him? I didn't know some petty words could hurt you so much."

Deidara balled up his fists so he wouldn't punch that smug face and he just continued to walk. "I don't know what you want, so just go away," He hissed.

"Yeah, you don't know what I want, and I want to keep it that way. Did you like my gift though?" Sakura asked as he walked beside the blond casually. Like usual she was dressed up in skanky clothing, but it was modest enough so the teachers couldn't tell her to put on more clothes.

Deidara rolled his eyes at the irony of her first sentence. "Whatever, just leave me alone, un."

"No can do," She sang. "And I would get home pretty fast, we don't want your parents seeing anything, now do we?"

Deidara had to resist once more resist the urge to hurt the girl and he just continued walking calmly. He didn't know if she was bluffing or not but Deidara knew he couldn't let her see him freak out over it.

"It'd be a shame if they did, hm?" Deidara said back lazily the other teen pouted back with false enthusiasm.

"You're no fun." Deidara didn't reply and she just sighed loudly. "Whatever, I need to go to cheer practice. See ya later, Dei-chan."

The blond scowled at her as she skipped off and he ran a hand through his hair, pulling at a few loose strands. She was really getting on his nerves. He picked up his pace once he saw his locker and he took his book bag off before entering in the combination. The same amount of papers fell out and he quickly caught them with his backpack before any fell to the ground. Casting a cautious glance around the halls, Deidara zipped up his bag and quickly exited the school. If he was as much as five minutes late, his parents were going to be draconian.

When he did arrive home, he was greeted by his mother who was off to an early lecture and his brother who looked up at the blond sheepishly. The young blond was holding his stuffed animal up to his chest when Deidara was about to head to his room but he was stopped rather quickly once their mother was out of the house.

Deidara sighed as he stopped on the first step. "What is it, Akira?"

The six-year-old looked around for their father before moving one hand away from the stuffed elephant to reveal a lighter. "I want to see what would happen if we set Ellie on fire."

Deidara nearly deadpanned and wished his brother didn't have just two moods: extremely wimpy and pyromaniac. "Not today, okay, un? I have a lot of homework." He continued his decent down the stairs before getting to his room and shutting the door. He seriously hopped for a full nights rest.


"I'm going to kill you all," Deidara said to the whole group for the fifth time that night. "Tobi, if you try to fix my hair one more time, I will kill you last and make sure it's the worst experience you have ever had, un."

Hidan rolled his eyes and scoffed at the blond's behavior. "Can we just finish this bitch up so I can go back to bed?"

Deidara rubbed his temples and he had accepted a long time ago that he was going to have to give into planning something. He'd all ready told everyone what they needed to know. The main objective was destroy Sakura's things with the least amount of damage… It made sense at the moment.

"I just told you, she must have a computer and she has like five cameras so get rid of those as well, un," Deidara groaned as he buried his face into the pillow that Kisame had given to him. All of them were on the floor, except for Itachi who refused to participate at the moment and decided on watching from his perch on the bed.

"Okay but you said that she has pictures for blackmail or something, so wouldn't she have a lot?" Kisame asked not tired in the least and Deidara narrowed his baggy eyes at him.

"I know for a fact that she wouldn't have enough to show obviously and they would be hidden well, un. If we can find those too, that would be great." He subconsciously smoothed down his hair, trying to untangle the knots Tobi had been getting at.

"Okay so should we burn stuff or…?" Kisame trailed off and Deidara rubbed his eyes.

"The only thing I've vandalized is landscaping and cars, anything inside could be extremely flammable and we don't want random shit setting on fire, un," Deidara snapped with malice and Itachi narrowed his eyes at the blond.

"You're still going to vandalize things and I don't think it's a good idea to all of us involved. Some of us have things to do in the future that don't include jail," Itachi sneered at Deidara who rolled his eyes.

"I told you that we don't need to do this but since we're this far in I'm not backing out, un." He looked around the group to push his point along. "If you want to back out, say it now."

No one spoke out but Hidan yawned. "I just want to know what I'm breaking."

"Tobi's with you, Senpai!"

Deidara stuck out his arm as the boy flung himself at him with outstretched arms. "Thanks, Tobi, un. Anyone else? Say if you're in or out."

Itachi sniffed and turned away lightly. "I don't want to break into some woman's house, but if you want, I can... help–" His nose scunched up at the strange word, "you find more about her. Sasuke hangs out with her enough."

Kisame grinned up at the Uchiha and nodded his head. "If you guys need anything to help break into her house, I can get it."

Deidara didn't need to see his collection of knives to know that he was lying; though knowing him, he would probably have lock-picking equipment as well.

But the blond was still grateful as he thanked all of them, burying his face in his pillow to rest his eyes.

He didn't need Sasori to help him, he had friends who were willing to get him through this fubared situation.

They planned for another half hour before Kisame took him and Itachi home. Deidara's house was the first stop and he assumed that it was because the Uchiha kept on giving his boyfriend sultry looks.

Deidara couldn't get out of the car fast enough. His house was built on the side of a hill like others in his neighborhood so he just walked down the hill to get to his bedroom window, glad he didn't have to turn into a ninja and climb the house.

But when he opened his bedroom window, Deidara noticed someone else occupied his bed. His heart sped up so quickly all he could hear was a hum. It took him a moment to realize it was just Akira and he nearly cursed the child for scaring him. He climbed in and nudged the lump under his blankets.

There was a small whimper and the figure rolled over to face his brother. "Where'd you go, Onii-san?" He mumbled as he rubbed at his eye with one hand, the other one holding a slightly seared teddybear to his chest.

Deidara growled and scooted him over. "I went outside for some fresh air, un. Now go back to your bed, I want to sleep." He sat down and waited for the six-year-old to leave, but the boy stared up at him with blurred hazel eyes.

Akira pulled the blankets up further and he began mumbling again. "I want to sleep here," He stated petulantly and Deidara resisted the urge to kick his brother out of the bed, but that would make him cry and bring their parents scampering down the stairs. "I'll tell on you if you don't let me stay."

Deidara narrowed his eyes at the little monster occupying his bed and scoffed. "Fine, scoot over, you little brat, un." He got under the covers and Akira giggled at finally getting his way.

The blond immediately cuddled up to him and Deidara sneered lightly. "If you get any closer, I'm kicking you," Deidara warned and Akira just hummed with content.

"Okay, Onii-san."

It started out as a stakeout. Hidan and Deidara took the first night of watching Sakura's house, seeing when she fell asleep, using binoculars to see if she got up during the night. They threw pebbles at her window, nearly ten and she didn't seem to notice at all. A heavy sleeper was a good target in Deidara's opinion.

Itachi talked to Sasuke blandly about the girl who loves him and the younger Uchiha wrote it off as a way for his brother to annoy him. He and Tobi found her class schedule and extra curricular activities easily and it was easy to say when she would be home on which days. They obviously couldn't enter her room during the daylight but it made it easier to know what she may be doing later on throughout the day.

They were getting the final details ready on the third night of their planning and Deidara rubbed his eyes with slight ire when Tobi wouldn't stop popping his bubblegum.

"Tobi, I swear to God that if you don't stop right this fucking instant, I will shove the whole pack of gum down your throat, un."

The boy giggled and apologized and decided to close his mouth before chewing. Hidan was telling them how they were going to get up into Sakura's room because it was on a second story and Deidara seriously hoped the ladder wouldn't fall as he climbed up it.

"Hey where were you today at lunch, un?" Deidara gave Tobi a pondering look and the Uchiha just shrugged his shoulders.

"Tobi had to take a test. Listen to Hidan, Senpai."

"Then you have to do a flip off her window to get down."

Itachi just glared at the zealot before explaining the problem with the plan and Deidara found it safer to stay away from this conversation.

The past three days had been nothing but stress for Deidara and he swore that his hair would either start graying or falling out in tuffs. Sakura had been mostly inactive in sending Deidara photos but he still found some every once and a while, wether it be under his car where the wind could blow it away, or shoved into his locker once more.

And he wouldn't admit it, but life without Sasori was really having a tole on his emotional health. Sasori wasn't just a mentor or lover to him and Deidara loved to talk to him just about life, about living and what he was feeling. He found he couldn't do that with anyone else.

But what were you supposed to do when the person who makes you feel like shit is the one that you usually talk to? Ever since this whole thing started, Deidara was only blamed for all of it. Sasori treated him like trash when he realized he would be the one to take the heat of their actions.

Deidara had wanted it to work out, he really did but the redhead had stated how he felt from his reactions and behavior to all of this.

Deidara swallowed heavily and repeated to himself the same line over and over again. I don't need him.

It was like he was a recovering heroin addict and the words in his head was a mantra. But when Deidara saw Sasori at the office, talking about something to the receptionist, Deidara felt his heart speed up and his cheeks fill with life for once. The reaction was unappreciated and Deidara had to scold himself for the reaction. He felt like a fool but when Sasori looked over at him, Deidara just walked away, not wanting to see the look the man would be giving him. After their last encounter, most likely anger, he assumed.

"So it's tonight, un," Deidara confirmed, nodding to himself as he took a deep breath. Kisame looked up from hearing the blond's determination and he nodded.

"It's tonight, blondie. We have everything and it's only midnight. We have her schedule and how to get into her room. We know what to look for… We're the readiest we will ever be."

Deidara nodded and looked around the group. Kisame would be the driver, and Itachi would be on lookout. Deidara and Tobi would have to be in the room to get what they needed and they would toss it down to Hidan who would be at the bottom of the ladder.

Deidara was wrapping his hair in a bun and hid it under a cap so he couldn't be distinguishable by it. Tobi took off his extra accessories and got into similar clothing as Deidara, mostly black to blend in.

The whole car ride there was quiet and the only tension there seemed to be was coming from Deidara who refused to talk, killing all conversation that started.

In no time, they were in front of the pinkette's house and with Itachi looking through binoculars, he nodded. "She's still sleeping, window's open and all lights are out."

"'Kay, thanks, 'Tachi," Kisame smile sweetly at his beau before turning to the trio in the back seat. "Well? Get a move on."

Hidan nearly jumped out of the car with a whoop at the thought of mischief. Deidara rolled his eyes and helped him get the extension ladder out of the shrubs where they placed it before. It wasn't even theirs' and Hidan wouldn't even say where he found it. Something akin to, "Fucker was getting what he deserved anyway."

He and Hidan helped carry it while Tobi kept an ear out for anything to give them away. They had all ready checked if there were automatic lights, and their research held true to none.

Hidan and Deidara propped the ladder against the house quietly and looked back to Itachi for a signal that Sakura was still asleep. There was a small blink of light from a flashlight and Deidara took a deep breath.

It was now or never. Soon, there would be nothing that Sakura could do to blackmail and torment him. And soon, all of his connection to Sasori would be dissolved.

Not rushing, Deidara climbed silently up the sturdy rungs, Tobi following close behind. Deidara knew he could pick the lock of a window if he needed to, due to Kisame's lessons, but Sakura just made it easier for him.

Swallowing heavily, he pushed the window up higher before swinging a leg in, making sure not to step on anything that could cause noise. She had carpet. Perfect.

Biting his lip, Deidara pulled the rest of his body inside before peering at Sakura sleeping noisily in her bed, a sleeping mask covering her eyes. The blankets were thrown everywhere and her room matched the appearance.

There was only one camera and one laptop, was their intel of stakeouts and Tobi sneaking into the photography teacher's room to see if she had checked out a camera. None was taken so she only had her recreational camera.

Deidara had a dim flashlight and he shined it around the room, finding Sakura's laptop quickly where it was located on the desk, blinking lightly as it charged. Taking careful steps to avoid clothes strewn about the ground, Deidara got to the laptop to examine it. He motioned Tobi to come over before pointing at the device.

The plan was simple. Tobi would implant a virus while Deidara found the camera and deleted whatever photos were on there. They had kept track of Sakura's printing habits and so far she hadn't printed anything else in the last three days. The last thing would be to find the rest of the photos and take them before destroying them.

Tobi opened the laptop and it chimed with a loud ding to alert that it was awake and the boy squeaked, causing Sakura to roll over with a snore.

Deidara glared at the younger male and motioned for him to be quiet before he began rifling through drawers to find either the camera or pictures.

Tobi began typing rhythmically and it was irking on Deidara's ears, the ticking sounding like stomps. Tobi nodded to himself and Deidara continued to go through things until he moved to the closet which was kept more organized than the room. Going through several boxes, he found what seemed to be the last of the photos, all but three.

He couldn't stop himself from pausing to look at them. They were probably the most innocent ones he'd seen through all of filthy things he had been sent.

The first one was one of Deidara and Sasori in the redhead's classroom, Deidara at his T.A. desk as Sasori was on his laptop, laughing at something the blond had said and Deidara remembered the moment well, knowing it was probably one of the only times that he had laughed like that. This photo ruined that moment.

The other two were similar but Deidara knew he had no time to look at them, instead just shoving them into his pocket. With some more riffling, he found the camera and realized it was only a digital one, so he shoved it into his pants pocket. When he got to Tobi, the boy was still working, now having his flash drive plugged in to import the virus.

Deidara was moving to the window when Sakura mumbled something and sat up to get into a comfortable position. The blond's eyes went wide and he motioned for Tobi to come back to the window.

"Finish it later," He whispered harshly under his breath and the teen grabbed the computer as Deidara got onto the first rung of the ladder. He didn't expect the laptop to come flying out though and he had to duck to avoid getting hit in the face, nearly losing his balance on the extension ladder. There was a loud crash and Deidara tensed up fearfully just as Tobi jumped out of the window, managing to land in the grass with a strong, "Oomph!"

Deidara practically toppled down the ladder just as he saw Hidan stomping on the remains of the laptop, the hard drive somewhere in the mix. Deidara told him to be quiet as he helped Tobi up, leaving the ladder as he ran to the car, Hidan following shortly. Just as they got into the car, the lights in Sakura's bedroom flickered on and Kisame was speeding away, nearly causing poor Itachi whiplash with their haste.

Deidara was nearly gasping as they drove off and he put his head between his hands in hopes of slowing his breathing. He felt someone put a hand on his shoulder, but he was unsure of who it was, but he didn't care.

He was exhausted, physically, mentally and it was becoming emotional and it took nearly everything to keep the tears at bay. "Take me home, un," He ordered shakily with no conviction in his voice, but Kisame merely nodded and took a different turn to get to the blond's house.

As soon as they got there, Kisame parked and turned off the tiny car. "Did you get everything you needed?"

Deidara looked up and nodded with a gulp. "We couldn't get the virus set up but Hidan and Tobi took care of it anyway."

"I saw," Itachi commented sourly. "Why did you throw it out the widow?" He directed his furious gaze to Tobi who barely withered under the glare.

"Because Tobi wanted it to look cool."

Deidara looked at the raven-haired male without the slightest shock and just rolled his eyes. "Well, I'm going to go home now. Thanks for everything and… Yeah," He mumbled, wanting nothing but to sleep in his bed and forget about this whole escapade.

"We all expect something in return, Deidara," Itachi spoke in warning and the blond nodded.

"Just give me a week before you cash in favors. Bye," He muttered, climbing out of the car, rubbing his sore eyes while doing so. He walked back to his home slowly as Kisame finally pulled away from the curb and Deidara was just climbing into his window when the lights flickered on.

He froze, midstep through the window and looked up at both of his parents in his doorway, twin masks of draconian countenances. He opened his mouth to say something, anything, but this just added to his emotional trauma and he shut his eyes to prevent the tears from coming. He was tired from the past three nights of planning and he tried to think of something to say, doing his best not to have a panic attack. He must have been trying pretty hard, because he fainted and fell through the window.